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rainbowstripe 11-05-2012 05:26 PM

SoMuchFattitude Looking good! Awesome work with the 10k, that is so cool. Sounds like you had a pretty action packed and fun weekend!

Phae Sweet deal on the trainers, I would be pretty happy! I know how you feel about being hungry...I'm feeling that right now.

I'm having problems with undereating this week to be honest. I know, it's only Tuesday (here in New Zealand) but I only ate 1100 yesterday and I've just put in all the food I know I'm eating today, including dinner and I'm below 900 calories. It's ridiculous. I know it's great to be eating healthily and low cal, but there's such a thing as too low!

I'm pretty amped up at the moment - I'm going to see Radiohead tonight!

sun 11-05-2012 05:56 PM

quiet ballerina you can lose those pounds before xmas! keep going!

fattitude congrats on the 10k. So impressive. you look great by the way.

phae I friggin love your dialogue with your stomach. I have to same one. haha I love the trainers I bought and how much easier it was to walk and run in them. enjoy them!

rainbow I wish I had your problem I am still struggling on keeping in my calorie allotment. have fun at the concert! Stay healthy love.

So today is a maintenance day as I threw my back out transfering my daughter from the carseat to the wheelchair. it hurts like you wouldn;t believe. I NEED to do more yoga and stay fit for this life God gave me. Whew also I NEEDED chocolate so that is why I only have a 100 calorie deficit today. Have a great night ladies!

beahawkins 11-05-2012 07:21 PM

RainbowStripe: I understand about having a calorie deficit. It's horrible. I accidentally left my myfitnesspal up the other day and he was like uhhhh... this isn't healthy.
Anyways, I think my lack of calories is hindering my weight loss. But I try really hard to eat but how can you eat if you aren't hungry. blah. I am super tired.

penmage 11-05-2012 10:27 PM

Wow! I'm gone for a few days, and BAM! Lots of new faces! :welcome2:!

SoMuchFattitude- Congrats on the 10K! That's awesome. And you look terrific in your picture.

rainbowstripe- So jealous. Enjoy the concert, and be safe!

sun- *gentle hugs* Oh no! I'm sorry about your back. Hopefully it will feel better in the morning. Taking care of your daughter is important, but don't forget to take care of you too!

beahawkins- I wish I had your problem some nights! :p Swap with me? lol. I hope you get it sorted out so you can lose weight healthily (is that a word?)

As for me.... SUPER EXCITED TODAYYY! I had been eyeing a recumbent bicycle at Sears for a few weeks now, but it was never ever ever in stock, even online. So I poked around on the website some more and found another bike that's cheaper AND newer, and it IS in stock! It will be delivered next Tuesday. I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine!

No, I haven't watched Finding Nemo lately... *ahem*

In other news, I've been slowly converting this week to a more vegetarian lifestyle, based on the recommendation from various books regarding my particular medical conditions. I've cut out all meat and dairy (somewhat lactose intolerant anyway), but not broths or bouillon cubes, etc. Working on it! There's a huge health food/supplement store that I have discovered near my house, and they have a ginormous selection of vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free/animal friendly/etc foods and products. Heaven!

Hope everyone has a good week!

rainbowstripe 11-06-2012 12:48 AM

sun Sorry to hear about your back, I hope it feels better soon!

beahawkins My bf just doesn't understand how I can eat so little sometimes. I must admit I do get pretty hungry, but not starving.

penmage Thanks! It should be good. I just had to google recumbent bicycle haha. Sounds like maybe you're finding something new that might be good in the food department? Awesome on discovering the new store near you - I love discovering new stuff!

Right, just checking in before I head off to this concert. I've got a terrible feeling I'm coming down with a cold or something - I have a tickle in my throat and my nose is a little drippy. Hurgh. I hope it's nothing, because I need to get back into my exercise routine tomorrow!

beahawkins 11-06-2012 09:32 AM

Well today is just going down the drain. I woke up over an hour early because my step sister and a bunch of her friends are watching t.v. at a ridiculous level and I can hear everything. I go to check my weight and I'm up 3 pounds. I know fluctuations and everything but still, I worked my butt off yesterday. And now my brother wants to go tour colleges. Which is fine, because either way my Tuesday routine is gone because I can't consentrate with the the 5 teenage girls chanting their cheerleader cheers and doing crap. My patience is gone. So, I guess my workout will be walking around the campuses but zero homeworks will be done today. I must leave soon or I will seriously punch a middleschooler or two. And what kills me is they seriously think I am sitting in my room all day watching t.v. Except the fact that I have homework up to my chin and I am stressed. I can't expess how much giggling is killing me right now. Nothing is that funny. Erg. Why is a freaking school a polling place?!!!! How is that legal?! I NEED MY TUESDAY ROUTINE. It keeps me sane. I am not feeling sane.

CakeBatter 11-06-2012 11:02 AM

Hey guys I am back from home!! How is everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend and the fact that i am up a couple pounds is okay...it was worth it. I got in yesterday and eating in on track and I ran 5 miles last night. YAY! I will lift tonight...I go up to 95 on my squats tonight

Bea - I am sorry to hear all the BS going on today. Just breathe and relax it will make your day smoother. Do what you can.
Pen - Yay for your new equipment!! I am always super stoked to get new exercise stuff
Sun - Awww I am sorry to hear about your back...make sure you take it easy, hurts backs are no joke!
Fattitude Congrats on your 10K!!!!
Rainbow Have a blast at the concert! That should be awesome

sun 11-06-2012 11:22 AM

Hey ladies. Am on my phone so will do personals later but just wanted to pop in to say that I am down2 lbs a already for this week! Thanks got all the love. I have a bulging disc and need to rest and not lift anything heavy until it returns. Went to a chiropractor and am getting a massage soon. Good luck everyone!

lisa34t 11-06-2012 01:01 PM

1 Attachment(s)
First off, I had a hard time getting to here; luckily I have this chat saved to my favorites because the page kept stalling.

Anywhoooo, I feel good. I slept well last night. The LO is with my granny until I miss him so much I can’t stand it.....that won’t be too much longer though. Went over in calories yesterday, had chicken quesadillas and chili dogs yesterday :devil: It was good. :devil: Back on track today, Turbo Fire is a must, I’m still a little sore from the last one EZ Fire 45. I uploaded my Fitbit stats for last week ( ending on Sunday). I met all the goals. :carrot: But I didn’t meet all my personal goals.

Las weeks Goals
Turbo Fire 4x (2x)
No Red Meat ( failed)
No Sodas (passed)
10k steps 7days (6days)
Lose 3lbs ( lost 1.8)

Same goals this week. I plan to make broccoli cheddar soup today. The turkey chili and chicken salad is gone. So I plan to do soup and salad the next few days

Cake- Glad you had a good time!
Bea- Sorry about the day, but I cracked up when you said pinch a middleschooler! HA
Rainbow- Hope you feel better soon!
Sun- Have you tried the Skinny Cow candy? I really like it! Satisfies my sweet tooth!

Phae 11-06-2012 02:12 PM

Rainbow - I think I am also coming down with a cold, I feel the same way.... and if I do, it will be my third cold in less than two months! Damn it! The English are having a go at my immune system...

sun - Hope your back is feeling better soon! Rest up!


I had work today, which is good for the bank account! I taught a Year 4 class and they were surprisingly good! I say surprisingly because I spent a few weeks at a really horrid school so now my expectations of "good" behaviour are much lower... as long as I don't have to scream all day, it's a success in my books. No work pre-booked for tomorrow, so we'll have to see what the morning brings...

I did a Walk at Home work out tonight which is going to leave me sore because I haven't done "proper" exercise in a very long time. Hopefully the pain is worth the gain! (Or loss as it may be!)

I also am at "that time of the month" so I'm feeling really gross and uncomfortable.. yuck!

rainbowstripe 11-06-2012 03:45 PM

beahawkins Sorry to hear that your routine is getting jiggled around - sounds annoying, but hang in there, I'm sure things will get back to normal soon enough!

CakeBatter A couple of pounds is all good if you had a great weekend and you're back on track now, so that's all that matters!

sun Oh man, a bulging disc doesn't sound good! I hope it's a speedy recovery. Congrats on the 2 pounds this week!

lisa34t Oh man, quesadillas sound good right about now! How do you find Turbo Fire?

Phae Walk at Home workout sounds good, is it a dvd one? Sorry about TOM (time of month) - I HATE my period with a passion haha, it always leaves me wanting to eat rubbish and not exercise. Hope you aren't getting a cold! Mine is here now -_-

Concert last night was... a little bit disappointing? I dunno. There were a lot of people around me smoking weed, and as I didn't feel great when we left home, the smell of that just made me feel kind of worse. I got kicked in the head by some idiot who tried to crowd surf as well and I just feel like for a band that has a huge following here and hasn't been here in 15 years, they didn't really play for the crowd. So many songs I would have loved to have heard weren't played. And now I have a bit of memory loss around the whole thing! I can't remember a lot of the show. Which is very strange.

I am sick and at work and it sucks. After work I will not be exercising, which is annoying, but I will have to make dinner, take it to my boyfriend at his other job and then I think I'll most likely go to bed.

I resisted McDonalds after the concert last night! I didn't order anything! Go me :)

sun 11-06-2012 06:58 PM

lisa way to go on making your goals! Haven't tried skinny cow, will have to do it.

phae good on the walk and icky on the tom

rainbow good job on turning down the fast food.

Did so good today and am so happy to have lost 2 lbs this week, potential for 3 lbs this week. Anyhow all together down 10lbs so far. so great.

rinsmommy 11-06-2012 08:18 PM

I have such a bad headache tonight. The only exercise I got was from cleaning the house and I am so disappointed in myself over it. My toddler is sick so I am exhausted and have no real help because my Asperger's boyfriend doesnt understand how to take care of our son. I realize he cant necessarily help that, but then he wants to talk.down to me and act like an ***(pardon my french). I feel drained and I have barely done anything today. Grr ...

1yr2mkovr 11-07-2012 12:31 AM

When you have bad days like this, you just need to roll with it, and accept that you were limited in what you could do. Adding to the frustration by wishing you could have demanded more of yourself in an already difficult situation won't be helpful. :) Be patient with yourself.

rainbowstripe 11-07-2012 12:48 AM

sun I am jealous of your loss! I'm just holding steady, hopefully see a drop towards the end of the week...

rinsmommy Sorry to hear you're in a tough position - I hope things improve for you. Hang in there!

Right, well weirdly, it's before 7pm, I've eaten, taken my boyfriend his dinner, showered and now I'm in bed. I'm going to watch a show or something and then get a super early night and try to kick this damn cold.

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