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Hey girls! I'll have to start by admitting...whoa have I had a couple of off-days. With the end of school year I've been physically and emotionally drained. And TOM today, so that really doesn't help anything! I've eaten poorly, but doing that makes me feel HORRIBLE, so I don't think I've eaten enough to put on any "real" weight. Plus, I've been hauling crap up and down stairs for the better part of 7 hrs, so you know. I burned a few calories. I bet I'll be up a few lbs, but hopefully it's just water weight that will go away soon. I'm trying my best to think positively, but I'm still pretty frustrated with myself.

sotypical... all I can say is that I hope your shopping sprees are done for a while because we're never going to get summer ! Those pants just better be worth it...

rockstar, I've never done crossfit, but 2 of my good friends do. One of my friends started last year because her co-workers were doing it. I don't think she was really trying to lose weight (nor did she need to), but she dropped about 10lbs and looks AMAZING! They love it- I'm thinking of doing it when I get back in September. Although, I think martial arts would be cool too. I've always wanted to do something like that, just to feel like a badass once and a while! Anyway, I agree that it's frustrating not burning as many calories because we're smaller. I love going on walks and this used to be a great calorie-burner for me. Obviously not anymore. Now, I can schlep boxes all over the place and not even break a sweat! Ridiculous!

fashin!!!! So glad to see you back!!! Should I add more exclamation marks?!!! Wherever you are at, just jump back in. You'll get back to 156 before you know it. Also, I haven't seen anything from stargzr for a week or so. Maybe longer. She was having a bit of a hard time I think... I was thinking about her too. Hopefully she'll pop back in soon!
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rockstar, I do not do crossfit but my bf does. He loves it! He is always browsing their local website and bought everything to do the workouts at home in case he had to miss one. He just finished a "look better naked" challenge, and he lost about 20 lbs. I wish I could join him, but I work 8-5 and then have to come home and make dinner, take care of the little one, etc and he doesn't have to be at work until 4 (he's a police officer and works 4am-2pm, 8 days on 6 days off). I'm pretty sure he would highly reccommend it!

tuende, thank you I have totally missed being a part of this thread you girls are so awesome! Don't worry about your off plan days, it happens! At least you recognize that it makes you feel crappy and are doing something about it now instead of two weeks (and 4 lbs) later, like me! You're doing great! And, I hope stargzr pops in soon too, or that she's doing ok at least!

My work is having breakfast and lunch bought for us today- donuts for breakfast and BBQ for lunch. I've looked up all the calorie counts and plan to have a light dinner (taco salad w/ grilled chicken and no beans or shell) when we go eat tonight, so I'm going to go ahead and enjoy today and not stress out! Yay! I hope everyone is having a good Friday!

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Hey ladies!
As we discussed, I threw together an "adios to the 150s and 140s" thread so when some of the ladies who are pretty close drop into the 140s, they're not saying goodbye to all of the awesome ladies here... and dropping into a basically UNPOPULATED thread!

Also, I know many ladies aren't trying to get out of the 140s, so. I figured it was about time for a combo, and it looks like everyone who threw in an opinion from here agreed!

See you all in the new thread!
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