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Hi all!! My name is Melissa. I did WW in 2009 and lost 90lbs...in the last year I have gained 50 of it back (my own fault...red velvet cake is not a good dinner!). I haven't officially rejoined WW, but am starting to count points again. I figured joining a site would be a great way to get support and motivation (I love looking at the starting/current/goal numbers!!!) since all I hear my friends say is "I should do something"...I've decided to start doing and stop talking!
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Hi everyone. I'm a WW'er (online program, but considering possibly getting back to meetings too). I had some success almost 2 years ago, but wasn't willing to make the right commitment. After a HUGE shocker on the scale at the doctor's office in June, I joined again and so far have lost 13.5 pounds.

About me...I'm Helena (Huh-Lee-Nuh), 26, and live in East Texas. I'm an engineer for an oil and gas company, and at home it's just me and my big fat black cat.

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My name is Rebecca and I am from new jersey. I am returning yet again to ww. I have tried to use other weight loss programs with success but felt that it was unrealistic to maintain. Ww is a change of lifestyle! I have two children 11 and 8 years old. I am a special educator who specializes in children and families who have been affected by autism.
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Hello all! I live in the Metro Detroit Michigan area. I have a job in the environmental field that I love. I also have four nephews/nieces that are the center of my world, so a lot of spare time involves spending time with them. I travel a lot for work, which challenges me to stay on plan.

I have joined WW too many times to count over the last 10-12 years..... I joined again last Fall and made a go at it. Lost about 25 pounds, but have "fallen off the wagon" as they say......and am trying hard to get back on. I have had good success with the WW plan - but as with all things in life, it only works if you work it right?

I have always gone to the WW meetings, but am starting to think about trying the on-line option. While I am fearful that I will not stay commited if I don't go to meetings, I haven't been good about going anyway. I was wondering if anyone out there had an opinion about meeting vs. on-line - especially if you have tried both?

Thanks so much!
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Hi Missy! Welcome!!
I have done both meetings and online WW (more times than I care to count for both). I am currently doing online and find its really working for me. The new program (points plus) is awesome! I used to avoid fruits/veggies b/c I didn't want to spend my points on them, but now, they are an integral part of my diet....I'm never (or rarely) hungry and know that I can always have some strawberries if I'm out of points but still want/need something.
For me, I find online WW is the best. In the past, when I thought or knew I was going to stay the same or post a gain, I would skip my meeting. I wouldn't want to go back until I was lower than my last weigh in, which of course, would set me down the path back to old habits and regaining the weight I lost. I think I was afraid of the disapproving looks I'd get if I didn't post a loss (though I never actually experienced that with a WW group). Online, I don't have to worry about the disapproving look, which encourages me to face my stay the same/gain and keep going. I've stayed the same a few times and only gained once since I joined in March, so its not as common as my post may make it seem.
I think this is the longest I've stayed on WW and had success.
If you need that in-person accountability, the meetings are probably for you. But for me, online is the best.
Good luck with your choice and congrats on your decision to get healthier.

Mini goal #1: 280.8 (5% and prepregnancy #2 weight)
Mini goal #2: 270 (prepregnancy #1 weight)
Mini goal #2: 266 (10%)
Mini goal #3: 255.6 (-40lbs)

Restarted WW and 3FC 7/30/13 after having my second child on 6/18/13. Highest pregnancy weight: 315lbs, prepregnancy weight 280
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Erin27 -
Thank you for your thoughts! I seem to fall into the same trap. I find the meetings interesting, but I will skip a meeting if my weight is up, so then I eat more because I am depressed/annoyed, so it stays up, and next thing you know I have missed 3-4 meetings! I have been hesitant to try the on-line, thinking I will just not track. But I think your point about only having to face yourself is a good way for me to think about it.

Thanks again!
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Default I'm Baaack..

I joined 3FC years ago but haven't visited for a while. After hitting my highest non-pregnant weight ever last year, I joined Jenny Craig and lost 20 pounds. However, I grew bored with the program and got tired of eating out of boxes, missed cooking for myself! I'd been a WW member in the past so when I heard about the new POINTS+ program (free fruit? yay!) I decided to give it a go. I still have 20 pounds to lose, could certainly use all the help I can get!
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*Amat Victoria Curam*
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I'm new to the site (loving it here) and am researching WW options in my area and deciding between them, my goal being to join in the next two weeks. There are things I can do from home in the meantime...I've lost weight on my own in the past following some of the WW tools...and I've been a member before.

I just bought the WW scale from Target that has several options on it, but I really like it because it's lit up and shows ounces!

I have some other beginner prep things to do meanwhile, today I'm going to get a food scale. It's a good thing I'm on summer vacation (teacher), so I can get organized! That's such a good feeling though, to have plans ready and support yourself.

I'm so beginner level that it was just today I cleaned out the kitchen and donated a lot of items so I'm set up for success!
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Hi everybody, My name is Annie, I'm 48 years old and i started 2 weeks ago with sbd, I lost 7.5 the first 10 days and now i am using ww pp to track my eating,
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Hi Singe!, Hi Abue 1!

I'm new too. Actually, been lurking for awhile but new to WW PP. Excited to get more active with the boards!
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Hello all!! WTG's for everyone who has lost and any nsv's :0 Good job!

I've been doing WW for 6 weeks and lost 16.8lbs. It helps to have a ww-buddy I think. I never like doing things on my own. My buddy has done ww before and was happy to join again for me. I had some knee problems and swelling in my legs that I couldn't get to go down..dr was concerned..so I got off my butt and got moving. I already feel alot better..I can't wait to feel even MORE better! (is that even grammatically correct? lol)

Anywhoo...nice to see everyone here!
Feel free to add me to your buddy list! I love to chat..sometimes I ramble but hey take the good w/the bad!

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Resisting the Urge
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Hey Everyone!

Well I am new to all this and I just attended my first meeting this morning!! I have always wanted to join WW but never had an opportunity to get going with it. Myself, my grandmother, my mother, sister, best friend and her mother are all doing it together, so luckily I have a support system already built in!

I had lost lots of weight in college but have gained it all back plus more so I am very excited to get healthy and look my best again!

I am open to any advice and look forward to mingling with everyone in the forums!!

The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!

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Hi everyone~
I am looking forward to getting to know everyone. I have done ww in the past and did ok, recently started and lost 30lbs. I have since started gaining it back and hoping this site 3fc will help me get my mojo back and start losing again. Looking forward to losing again

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hey all,
My name s Rebeccca and I am returning to WW in order to get rid of my college 30-40 I put on. I used the program back in high school and lost 20 lbs, but the stress and eating of college has just gotten to me. I'm excited to get back to feeling good about myself and excited about the help and support this forum will hopefully give me.
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Hello everyone! My name is Stephanie and rejoined Weight Watchers yesterday for the LAST TIME. I have 150 pounds to lose, so I'm in this for the long haul, but I'm ready to get it done, once and for all. I look forward to getting to know all of you!
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