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Hi everyone,

I'm Tracy and very excited to have found this group. I just started the WW at Work Program at our Center and looking forward to success! I have tried WW many times before BUT wanted to adjust it to my way instead of doing it the way the plan is intended. I am going to really try this time.

It's nice to meet everyone and thanks for letting me join.

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I am Bex, from New Zealand! This is my 3rd time on WW in my short 21 years. This time however has been the most successful. I have lost 6.1kg (13lbs) in 6 weeks and am still really motivated to do well. My ultimate goal is to loose about 100 pounds.

I am in my 4th year of studying psychology, live with my boyfriend of almost 2 years and 2 other guys and my beautiful kitten Dizzee. I also work part time in a knife shop.

Looking forward to getting to know some of you and hearing your stories.
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Hi everyone, my name is Angela and I live in Michigan. I'm 27 and starting W2 for the second time. The first time I lost 80 lbs but in the year that I've stopped I've gained about 30 of those back. Hoping to lose 100 this time!
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Default NEED support Please :)

Hello. I'm new here. Just joined the forum today. Going to try to make this as short as possible.

I have three kids. The youngest one is four. After I had him I joined WW and lost all baby weight. Was size 6. Woo Hoo. Then I decided to go back to school to be a nurse. It's been about a year and a half in school so far and I've gained 40 pounds.

School is VERY stressful, but I cannot take weighing this much. I feel out of control and helpless. Last night my husband and I went to the movies. I went into the ladies room and saw myself in the mirror and was horrified.

I need to lose this weight before I lose MYSELF. I'm going to start Weight Watchers at home. I have all the books. I could use a buddy. I'm going to try to post every day.

Thanks for listening. Pray for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Losing It In Colorado
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Hi All!

I joined WW last week, and am really enjoying it! I have tried almost every diet under the sun, and needed more accountability and support than most offered.

A little about me: I am a mom to an energetic toddler, married to the love of my life, work full time as a government contractor, and am busy, busy, busy! After my son was born, I stopped making myself a priority, and gained 50 lbs by his first birthday I have since been trying to find a program that fits my lifestyle, offers support, and most importantly, is a permanent change.

It's very exciting and motivational to see how great everyone is doing on WW! I am really looking forward to getting to know you all and losing this weight!

Best of luck,
Losing It In Colorado

PS- This is my first post with my tracker, YAY!
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My name is Leona, I am 27 and have been part of weight watchers for about a month now. I am down from 300 to 289. My goal weight is 200. I will set a new goal from there.
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Hey everyone! My name is Shannon, I am a 25 year old female from New York. This is my 4th or so (can't remember LOL) doing weight watchers. This time I hope to lose about 80-90 lbs.
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I am 26 years old, married for 3.5 years, gained 40 lbs since then.
I had success as a 14-15 year old with a local diet program and went from 180 to 150 over several months. I gave it up, because I didn't like feeling that they were treating me like a "child," which is what i was...
so, now... i'm starting over again... for the first time on weightwatchers. i welcome any advice or encouragement anyone has! thanks
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Your body is your temple.
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Hey all. I'm Jane 25 from Indiana. I've been on weight watchers before in the past and have lost some weight. I got married a year and a half ago and since the time I've been with my husband (4 1/2 years) I've gained 25 lbs. SO!, I am wanting to get in pre-pregnancy weight so it's easier to come off when I do gain weight while I'm pregnant (not for a year or so!). I know weight watchers has worked for me in the past. My mother is on weight watchers and has lost 50lbs in a year!
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Hello!!! I am new to weight watchers...I am single mother of 2...I am doing weight watchers on-line. I am excited, I love it.
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Default Here we go...

Hi there. My name is Jess, i'm 36, i'm brand new to this Forum, and will start my WW journey today. I've counted WW points before and had very good results, fast. I didn't last very long on it, as one thing or another got me side tracked. I'm at a point in my life where I want to lose the weight and i'm making it a goal of mine. I will be doing it on my own again (no meetings and no online membership). I've got myself a bunch of go-to lists for points and some low point recipies to try. Browzing through this site, I like it so far and hope to keep up to date with posts. My goal is to lose 43lbs. I can do it!
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almost halfway to goal!
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Hello everyone!
I just started WW about a week and a half ago, officially a week now! My mom lost 90 lbs on the program a couple years ago, so I finally decided to get my health on track and follow her example. My goal is to lose 20-30lbs and just generally feel way better about what Im putting into my body.

My first weigh in is in... about an hour. Im feeling really nervous about how it's going to go. My boyfriend happened to have thrown out my weight tracker/point slider this week, so im also looking forward to explaining that one, teehee!

These forums look like they're going to be really useful, and Im looking forward to getting to know all of you!
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Hi all!
My name is Susie, and I am married with 2 kids, ages 5 and 6. I started WW again in March of this year, and I am now only .6 away from my goal weight of 145. I became Lifetime in 2006 and kept it off for 2 years before slowly letting 25 of my original 55lb loss come back and find me!

My husband is doing the plan on his own, and has lost 40 lbs since March. Having him on board makes it much easier--we both are counting points and making some great lifestyle changes that we will stick with.

I found this site by googling recipes, etc, so thought I'd join to see what great ideas others have and to help me stay on plan! Hope everyone has a good day today!
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Good morning. I am a 24 year old who isn't married and doesn't have any kids. I just signed up for WW last Thursday. My first weigh in was yesterday and I lost 6.6lbs. I am very proud of myself! I had my boyfriend take pictures of me.. It is definitely a motivation to see myself as an overweight person in the pictures. I look so different compared to what I see in the mirror! I am going to the meetings with his Mom and Sister. They have been going to WW meetings for 2 years now so they answer any questions I have.
I need to start doing more exercise too! As of right now I want to lose 50 lbs but I would love to lose 92 lbs to get to the healthy height/age weight! I never tried any diets before - but WW seems to be so different from a diet. I like how they explain what I should be eating and what I shouldn't be eating. I can also eat what I want but it will cut into my other points for the day!
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Hi everyone I joined weight watchers for the third time recently on June 24, 2010. My name is Christy and I'm 21 years old. I go to college full time (Junior - yeah!) and I also work full time for a law firm (CrAzY, BuSy ScHeDuLe!). I have been in denial for a long long time about my weight, constantly "giving up" on diets, etc. I have struggled with my weight for the past 5 years~now I'm officially 100 lbs overweight. But I not giving up this time..reading everyone's posts has been so inspirational so I thought maybe it would be more helpful if I joined and participated in all the luck to everyone! I know I'm going to need it as well.
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