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if it moves, you win. Great going Jackie.
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Hello All!

Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself. I'm Debbie and I love, love, love WW. I've been going since May of 2010 and have lost 63.4 pounds so far. Still have a ways to go and I'm discovering the last 20 or so pounds is by far the hardest to lose. This is a great site!
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Default Introducing myself!

Hello! My name is Carrie and I'm a newbie to this forum. I have done Weight Watchers and am currently on South Beach (just started Phase 2, have dropped about 7 pounds in less than 3 weeks).

I did WW in college, and did great. I didn't have THAT much to lose then. Fast forward to my late 20's, and the birth of my first child. I did South Beach and lost 20 pounds of baby weight. I was within 5 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight and happy!

But...then I had another child...and all that goes with getting older, and here I am, almost 34 and 50 pounds overweight! BAH!

Before the holidays last year I swore to myself that come January I was going to get serious and go back on South Beach. And here I am. But I am not enjoying myself in the slightest. Every meal is a chore, and I honestly can't get away from the Weight Watchers Points idea. So I'm doing a combination of things...I'm avoiding carbs and sugars, though I'm not cutting them out completely. A sandwich isn't a sandwich without bread, after all.

Last night I was sitting at home, miserable and hungry and wanting to puke at the idea of eating another can of green beans as a snack (and having had my fill of salad and edamame and broccoli throughout the day) and I decided "This is stupid. If you were on Weight Watchers you could have light popcorn and be happy."

But I know how much BETTER I do feel when I'm watching the carbs and the sugars. So I'm combining things. Watching my Points as I try to continue to eat SBD friendly foods. At least now I might not be totally miserable!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to hopefully finding a home here, as I can't do this alone, and I sometimes just need to vent and crab to people who are going through it with me and understand. (and who can talk me off ledges when I need it!)


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Hi everyone! I am kinda new to 3FC and kinda new to WW too. Well especially WW online. I did WW meetings about 3 years ago and now I'm gonna try and do WW online. Just joined today so this will be my first week.

I am so over the way I look...I have got to do something about my weight. I want to look cute in all the cute clothes I see and I don't want to shop in the big girl section! Most of all I want to be healthy for my 3 daughters and I need to set a good example of how they need to lead their life.

So with that said...I am going to do it this time!
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Default Hey there!

Originally Posted by kcchubbygirl View Post
...and it will stick?

I've tried SBD - great success, but I felt too restricted....well now that I gained all the weight and then some, I'm back to where I started...Weight Watchers.

Is this where I need to be? I hate being in limbo with what diet to stick with. Need some positive vibes! :-)

I'm 32, married working mother of 2 kids (3 if you count my hubby) :-)

Just looking to get this darn weight off and have no will power (at the moment!)


Haven't officially joined, still teetering on doing it at home or actually go to a center...any ideas??
Hey KCgirl...just wanted to say hello, and maybe we can be buddies. I'm 33, almost 34, outside of St. Louis, married working mother of 2. I need all the help I can get!!

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foodie on a diet!
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Hi all! I read through the 3FC WW forum this weekend and you all motivated me to join WW online! I joined yesterday and i'm really excited! I am, as of my first WI this morning, at 180.2lbs and am hoping to be at my goal weight of 145-150 by this summer!

Have a good day!
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Hello everyone. I joined back in 2009, but never really posted much. I find many stories of inspiration here, and have also noticed the immense support in this community.

Let me formally introduce myself. I am a mother to 3 wonderful children and am currently attending college, as a full-time student. I'm an education major and a future teacher.

I never had a problem with my weight back in high school, it only became a real issue after having my twins (I was 19). I eventually lost the 50 of the 70+ pounds I gained during that pregnancy. But, as I aged it seems the weight crept back on. It wasn't just age of course. It was eating too much as well =p

Fast forward to before my recent pregnancy (2 yrs ago). I was about 200 before the pregnancy, and a whopping 245 after (at my highest weight). Seeing a picture of how heavy I had become startled me. =( I wanted my life and my figure back!

I joined Weight Watchers and lost about 50 pounds, but as the weight loss did my ambition. I stayed at around that (due to gaining and losing the same 5 lbs.) for a long time. Around the holidays of 2010, I put on about 10 pounds. Since then, I made it my duty (and resolution) to live healthier mind, body, and soul.

I am still on WW, but also watching my carbs. I am not low-carb, but I am not eating nearly the amount that I was before the New Year. I am eating maybe 1/3 of what I was. I also continue to exercise about 5 times per week (jogging and various aerobics). So, now I am finally back down to my pre-holiday weight and in need of support. I am part of a daily thread on WW (that I love), but I am looking to branch out as well. Thanks for listening (er reading). I'm sorry this is so long!
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Default Hello to all

Just introducing myself to everyone.I am new here but have been doing ww for a year now. Looking for inspiration to get me through this plateau that I have been on for months and months. It gets pretty discouraging at times. I am still on the fence with the new points plus program, so any input and inspiration is welcome
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Hi all,
My name is Julie and I live in Massachusetts. I am an engaged woman with 3 wonderful kids. I just joined 3FC and rejoined(for the last time) WW this January. It has been a slow process. I am down four. I guess four is better than nothing. Looking forward to 3FC helping to keep me motivated and inspired.
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Hi, my name is Josi and I just joined 3FC. I have been doing WW on line for exactly a month and have lost 8 lbs. so far. This is my second time, as I lost 50 lbs in 2002 for my 50th birthday. Of course, I gained back 20, so I am going back to what works for me. Namely, journaling and being very focused on what I put into my mouth and planning everything for the day.
I am married, retired and moved last year to Arizona. Love it here!
I hope to get lots of motivation from reading the posts here.
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On my way...
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Talking Hi!!!!

Hi, Im Daphne. I am 33 and I have been married to my best friend for 10 years. We have two daughters... 15 (16 in 10 days) and 9. I am in the process of getting my R.N. I love my family, my best friends are my cousins, I love family game night. I love ANYTHING Disney, especially Disney World. I hope to move to Florida after I graduate.

I have been overweigt since I was 13. I have been on a diet since I was 23.
I joined weight watchers, lost 20 pounds after 6 weeks. Then I found out that I was pregnant. I gained 60 pounds, and only lost 20 after my younger daughter was born. I have gained and lost the same 30 pounds 20 times. I have done Weight Watchers 5 times, I have counted calories 4 times, and I did Atkins 3 times. I am currently at my hightest AGAIN, which is 255. I am joining WW again this weekend, because it was the most helpful. All the other times I did weight watchers, I would go to meetings for a while, do really well, and then think that I didnt have to go to meetings anymore. I think that I need to go to meetings for accountability and support. Weight watchers meetings are like my A.A.

I look forward to getting to know everyone.
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Hey everyone, my name is Nicole, I'm a 22 year old college student. I'm not new to the site, just returning. About a year and a half ago i lost 50 pounds on jenny craig, i used this site then and it really helped me, but going away to school and trying to eat on a budget and in the dining halls.... not so easy. I've put back 20 pounds, and I really need to get myself in a healthy routine again. I thought weight watchers might be the way to go this time! I just can't afford jenny craig right now.
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Nine years to go!
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Default Back for Round Two... this is it!

Hello WW forum! This is round two for me. I lost 30 pounds last year and I am still facing the fact that I gained it all back. I lost it by doing a restrictive diet that wasn't sustainable. It was a diet, not a change in my lifestyle.

I am determined there will NOT need to be a round three. I check out Weight Watchers and honestly was so impressed by how simple and logical the whole thing was. I took the plunge and paid for a three month subscription to the website. The meeting times won't work for me, so it's just me, my bestie (who chose Atkins) and 3FC.

My first weigh in was this morning and I was 270 on the dot. I am 130 pounds away from my goal weight. I am going to lose half of my body weight! I'm ready!
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Default New WW Member

Hi, I am Lorrie and joing WW today. I am really excited about losing this weight and am starting at 36 Plus points daily. My husband wants to follow it with me. How many points would a 250 lb male have daily? I am trying to figure out how to work the plus points now and hope to post about my progress in the following days.
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Hello, I'm Emma and I am new to 3fc. I started WW at work in Jan. In the past I've lost weight with WW, but I quit and gain it all back and then some.
So here I am again, 10 years later and 50lbs heavier. So I think I need even more support than ever.
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