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Hey everyone,

Ive done WW a few times after each of my children and susscesfully lost 50lbs each time Seems when I hit that 50lb mark we get pregnant, lol so this time around its not melting off me so I also go to Curves. Today is my seriously getting started day and I'm excited. I have 3 young children that I need to keep active for and HAPPY I'm married to a wonderful man who is dying for me to be back in shape again.
Looking forward to getting to know you all!!
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Hi guys! I'm Natalie. So I originally came on here because I started the South Beach diet. It ended up not working for me... I was too cranky all the time, it was hard eating enough to not feel bad with limited choices I guess. I lost weight with it, and managed to keep it off. I joined WW with my cousin (for my second time in my weight loss journey, started at 260 about 3 years ago) at 204, and got down to 198.

I started dating my boyfriend and... well I gained loads of weight. Like 30 pounds a lot. I weighed in at WW, after rejoining for my third and FINAL TIME, at 227. It sucked to see that number, but I'm here to finally get this weight off, and I'm motivated. My boyfriend is behind me, my family is behind me, this is it. I just started college I'm ready to finally like what I see in the mirror!

Sorry for the novel. I hope I get to know at least one of you guys. =]
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HI..My name is Chris..I am a SAHM to four kids..14,9,4 and 2.. I am always stressed so losing weight is veyr hard for me...
i am wanting to lose 25-30 pounds for ME...I want to feel good about me...
I am in Michigan

I am trying WW on my own at home.I cannot afford meetings or online..So here I am... I have been looking up different foods and such...

I love pasta,mexican..CHOCOLATE..This is going to be a challenge for me...
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Hi everyone! I am new here, and started WW online yesterday. For the 2nd time! Last time I joined WW was about 5 years ago, I lost 22 lbs and kept it off for about 3 years. Now, the weight has slowly crept back on and I have 25-27 lbs to lose this time around. I am really motivated, but I know that I'll need some support along the way.

I'm 50+ and my background is healthcare (non-clinical). My passion is fitness DVDs and I've consistently exercised with them since the early '80s. In fact, I have now close to 400 workout DVDs, because I never part with any of them!

So, you ask why I've gained 25 lbs? I simply eat too much, even though my diet is pretty good - it's just portions are out of control. I also like, within reason, "adult beverages" and nothing piles the weight on like alcoholic beverages. So, I started with WWonline yesterday and am determined to drop the weight, just like I did 5 years ago.

Nice to be on this forum, and I'll do more reading here after work today.
Wishing everyone a great day.
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Hi! I'm in WW for about the 4th time. I have successfully lost weight but I did keep it off. This time I'm doing it for good.

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Hi! My name is Stephanie. I joined WW online today. I was always skinny growing up. When I got married and went on birth control I gained some weight. Then my husband and I had infertility issues and I gained more weight during treatment. My weight is now 175 and is the highest it has ever been. We have a son that we adopted 4 years ago and I want to get healthy so I can be the mom that he deserves. My goal is to lose 45 pounds.
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Default Back again!


I'm Brittney. I'm 20yr old Junior at Texas A&M University. I did weight watchers about 3 years ago and lost 25 pounds. I maintained for over 1 year and then when I went to school I gradually gained my weight back. Ever since I saw the scale moving up I tried to lose the weight but it just kept catching up with me and here I am now 10 pounds heavier than I was the first time I did weight watchers. I am determined to get the Weight off. I can't afford to go to the meetings but I know the program pretty well. I really like the support I get from forums , I love talking to people that I can relate to . Everyone is always so supportive, i think it is very heart warming. I'm very happy to become a part of this forum and look forward to working my way towards my goal with you all !!!
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Hello, I'm an older lady, married and live in MI. I'm on my 6th week of WW and I go to meetings on Tuesday nights.
To date I've lost 11.8 lbs.
I been on every diet out there and just wanted the structure of WW. I have about 50 more pounds to lose.

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This isn't much of a meet and
I've noticed noone is here to greet or even acknowledge newcomers...
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Hi there,
Sorry for the lack of responses here.
My best to all on your journey!
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Default Trying WW once again

Hi my name is Missy. I did weight watchers many moons ago when I was in high school and did very well then after marriage and kids have tried it at meetings (hubby and little ones at home caused me to miss meetings) then at home ( I have little will power when left to myself) so this time my babies are a little older (11, 8, and 7) and my husband has joined with me. After our first meeting, my mom, who was going to watch the kids, decided to join too. I am thrilled she joined because she is a 1 yr cancer survivor (double mastectomy no chemo) and really needs to take care of herself. So it is a family effort and my kids have been wonderful during the meetings.

So.... I am married with 3 daughters. I am a registered nurse and work Thurs, Fri, Sat night (12 hr shifts) at a local hospital. My problem is that I have a hard time adjusting my points when I switch from day schedule to my night shifts. (I go back to my family's schedule when I am off work).

Anyone else flip back and forth from day and nights?
I am looking for a group that posts regularly that are counting points and maybe posts regularly their results so we can cheer each other on....

I am excited about losing this weight and finally looking the way that I feel on the inside.

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I'm Sharon. This is my third time on WW and the program worked for me each time. For some weird reason I just never hung around long enough to become a Lifetime member and that's my goal this time around.

First time I lost 20 pounds and found a lump in my breast. Weight loss went on the backburner while I went through surgery, chemo, recovery and all that good stuff. That was seven years ago. I never did gain back those 2o pounds.

After that I had gall bladder problems and then surgery. Went back on and lost the weight but once again didn't wait around for lifetime.

This last time was also surgery related. Had a hysterectomy. The old fashioned kind where you lay around for six weeks and do nothing. My friends 'in the know' said to not even think about getting back into shape before six months because it would just lead to frustration. The time is up and I want to get rid of this stomach! This time however I will try and stick around long enough to get a lifetime membership.

I just started last Monday night and am trying hard to squeeze my eating habits into 19 points a day. I've also joined a gym and have started working out (very slowly!) three times a week. The other days I ride a stationary bike that I have here at the house. I also walk quite a bit.

I'm not expecting to have lost any weight by tomorrow night but that's ok. For right now its a learning experience for me. I only have 18 pounds to loose this time so its not the desperate situation that it was that time when I had over sixty!

Looking forward to sharing.
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Hello everyone.My name's Cailyn and I'm 19 years old.I recently joined WW
Online just this past Sunday.I've tried many diets in the past, but I would always reach a plateau and then give up.My goal is to reach 120 lbs in time for my brother's wedding next summer.I'm going to be a bridesmaid and want to look pretty.Plus, I'm just tired of being fat and wearing plus-sized clothing!I already lost 13 lbs before I started WW, but I still need to lose 109 lbs.I really hope this works and I'm going to keep trying and not give up.
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Default Hello Everyone! Newbie to Weight Watchers :)

I'm a 30 y/o female from NY. I started Weight Watchers in January of this year so I've only been on the plan for a couple months and am still trying to get a hang of things. I initially lost 50 lbs on my own, but then faced a plateau that lasted for about a year! I couldn't take it anymore, and decided to join this program. So far, I was able to bust the plateau and hopefully will keep losing weight. I reached my 10% last week, so the plan has been working for me so far!!

Looking forward to reading everyone's post as well as posting some of my own.
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Default WW Meet & Greet

Hi I am Kristy. I'm from Texas. I am 23, happily married and I have 2 spoiled rotten PomPoms, a border collie & the most beautiful cat in the world.
(Our children. Ha)
I am in school full time getting my accounting degree &
I own my own business selling Pure Romance & I LOVE IT!!!
Over the last 5 years I have really packed on the pounds. I tried SlimXtreme...really messed me up!
Then I spend hundreds of $$$ on Metabolic & lost 13 pounds and put 17 pounds BACK ON! Bummer!
Today marks 1 week with Weight Watchers. Here I go!!! Want to lose 55 pounds and I need all the support I can get! Thanks, Kristy
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