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02-01-2012, 07:56 AM
New and shorter month although February always SEEMS long to me. I guess that's because of the cruddy weather and spring seeming so far away.

A shocking 2.5 this morning and I have no idea why. I even went way off program last night and snacked on Honeycomb cereal. Juice and toast should put the reading back up but methinks gym is a no go this morning.

02-01-2012, 10:14 AM
wow ruth, its really up and down isn't it? are you still taking glyburide? YOu so rarely have highs, but lows aren't so uncommon for you.
mine was 5.2 this am but I had my snack at midnight after an evening playing and singing at the pub. kept to perrier to drink and didn't eat there. My chicken pot pie for supper was wonderful and filled the niche I needed filled, but was 10 points even in my homemade slimmed down version. FInished the week with 14 flexpoints left and didn't touch any activity points. Did get my ski in yesterday, but the chinook came in and has taken away most of the snow. SO today I go to hot yoga for an hour. Well, off to the dentist, happy hump day friends

02-01-2012, 10:20 AM
February 1st is my DD birthday. Don't get to see her as she lives in Arkansas. Will call her later. I'm starting today out with a new low finally. FBG is down a little more too. I guess my body has done a big flip flop on me. It seems that the fiber breakfast instead of a low carb/protein breakfast works better for my FBG. Would seem that my body prefers the WW P+ way of eating with more fiber complex carbs to the Atkins way of eating. I don't care as long as it works. I know this can't last forever and somewhere along the way things will slow down, but I'm losing about a pound a day. I will gladly take it for now since I've had such a difficult time losing for so long. I'm only eating my recommended Daily pts most days. Just don't seem to need more. I do eat a lot of veggie soups, salads and fruit.

I was supposed to go to the doctor today, but had to change it to Friday. They change DD days every 5 weeks since they do 5 week semesters at a time. She only has Friday afternoons off for this 5 weeks. I needed the extra time any way. I did some reading in her drugs study book. I wanted to get the doc to change me from Metformin to something else, but I think I've changed my mind. I found that you can get hypoglycemic reactions with Met like I do sometimes because I take CQ 10 and chromium. Although I do want to continue taking it, I won't take them with the Metformin. I also read (and Mad may have told me this) that it depletes B-12. So I took my B-12 last night when I went to bed with the OTC prevention of leg cramps and had no problems with my legs this morning. The doc had given me the option of going to 2000 mg of Met if my body could handle it so he won't be surprised or upset that I've had to lower it back to 1000 mg. I also believe that my WW P+ will eventually help me get the FBG down to normal. I have stopped the fenofibrate and reading the info on it, I'm sure that is what caused DH problems and was the reason my legs ached all the time. That is bad stuff. Even DD teacher at school said it was the worse medicine out there and it never helps but makes things worse. Neither DH or I should have ever been on that medicine plus I learned that it should not be taken with Warfarin which DH is on for lifetime. So I needed these extra days to know what I want to tell doc.

Ruthie These ole bodies sure seem to have minds of their own don't they? About the time we think we know how they work they change on us.:dizzy:

Well, I'm running late. I'm doing Intuitive Eating with my group on WW online and had to read a chapter out of the book we are going to be discussing today.

Fatmad, Rie, Bonnie, Chipper and others hope I didn't miss anyone -:wave:Hi

Have a gread Feb 1st!!!

02-01-2012, 12:40 PM
Just a brief stop by here this morning.

fbs at 80 and I did an hour of walkitout. Today is a long day for me and I am packing salad for my supper at pool league. My scale is still mocking me with unreasonable numbers but I am keeping the faith. It almost feels as if my body is fighting me on my goal of getting out of the 170's. Grrr.

Ruth, shocking low... are you still taking the glyperide? Take care.

Trish, anything that gets the scale dropping is good! Yay!

Mad, I know that you love your yoga, enjoy.

Sorry for those I am missing. Gotta run.


02-01-2012, 09:47 PM
wow ruth, its really up and down isn't it? are you still taking glyburide? YOu so rarely have highs, but lows aren't so uncommon for you.
mine was 5.2 this am but I had my snack at midnight after an evening playing and singing at the pub. kept to perrier to drink and didn't eat there. My chicken pot pie for supper was wonderful and filled the niche I needed filled, but was 10 points even in my homemade slimmed down version. FInished the week with 14 flexpoints left and didn't touch any activity points. Did get my ski in yesterday, but the chinook came in and has taken away most of the snow. SO today I go to hot yoga for an hour. Well, off to the dentist, happy hump day friends

Mad - I would love to have the recipe for the pot pie if you don't mind. That is one of those things DH and I both would enjoy. Good job with the points. You are doing really well.

02-01-2012, 11:44 PM
Hey ladies a quick stop here so we finally were able too get the girls their iPods they wanted for Christmas . Then hubby susprised me the next day with one for me . Things here are going ok still need to get my tail in gear. But all is good. Time to go shopping again . I hope all is doing good I will try to check back soon

02-02-2012, 09:00 AM
Nice to see Bonnie popping in.

BGL fine this morning, in fact a bit high at 6.5. :shrug: Yes, I am still taking glyburide but only half of the 2.5 prescribed. Cutting it out completely does seem to cause a bit of a rise in FBGL. Yesterday's low was nuts given what I'd eaten. I am wondering about my meter.

Off to the city (Brockville) for a haircut this morning and will pick up some produce when I'm there. I am madly in love with roasted Brussels sprouts these days and need to stock up. Cauliflower is good that way too. These are two veggies that I've never liked until I discovered roasting.

I'm hoping Wiarton Willie (and his American cousins) do not see their shadows today as I'm ready for Spring. :encore: :flow1:

02-02-2012, 10:22 AM
Hey BOnnie: hope you are sticking to eating plan even if you can't exercise as much these days. Hellos to Trish and Rie and Ruth.
Had my weigh in last night at ww, was down 2 pounds. DIfferent leader, liked her better, better meeting overall. the first leader is back next week, if I don't like the meeting may go elsewhere. Although I am getting to know and like a couple of women at the meeting, that may keep me there. A few others are from out in the sticks like me.
Have to make and pack food for tomorrow, am working teaching a day long workshop, and they always supply food, but want my mains measured out and will bring my own salad dressing measured out too. I am doing too well to mess up just because I can't control whats for dinner.
So far so good, I could keep this up.
FBS was 4.9 today (hurray). I had one pc blood sugar that was 6.9, so won't repeat that meal, (pea soup with a sandwich, regular ww bread.) so Yes, bread still causes some spikes, not as bad as it used to be, but controllable. I got this bread called p28 that has lots of protein and whole grains, doesn't cause a spike.
see you later ladies

02-02-2012, 11:35 AM
Good Morning Friends!

fbs at 77 this morning after a restful night's sleep. I did my weight lifting routine this morning. I use light weights and do many reps, including lots of core work. I am determined to stay the course with this workout, although I really prefer cardio... But I am strong enough these days to do planks and pushups and I do 100 crunches. Yay. :carrot:

Mad, Yay for you on the 2 pounds! It sounds like you are enjoying the plan. I am so happy for you. What kind of bread are you eating? I just can't eat bread without a spike.

Ruth, we are all ready for spring. "Phil" saw his shadow here in the states. But, our winter has been so weird - who knows?

Bonnie, nice to hear from you. Enjoy your new toy :D

Trish, It sure is hard when we get medicine that seems to cause more problems. :( I hope it gets better for you.

Well, I need to run... Have a great day!


02-02-2012, 03:11 PM
Good Afternoon Chickies,

A quick flyby here as I have to leave in a few minutes to get DGD from school. Didn't have much sleep last night and was really mad when I got up this morning. In fact, I have called a family meeting for this Saturday. I informed DD, DGS, youngest DGD, and hubby that we are having one. I am running over with fed up. I didn't know until 4 am when DH came to bed that the 12 yr old DGD wasn't going to school today. It has obviously been known for some time and I should have been told so I could have gone to the doctor. I think they purposely didn't tell me because she is the one who is lazy and for some reason is allowed to stay up all night and do absolutely "nothing". Everyone of them is going to be at the meeting because I am doing 98% of the work, we are paying all the bills and they couldn't work things out for me to go to the doctor? I couldn't get an appointment until 3 pm tomorrow and I want a morning appointment so won't be going. So wish me luck. I want to be fair, but firm. They are going to have to make some kind of decision. DH admits that this is the reason his stomach is tied up in knots. He wants to sell the house and get a smaller place. We can't do the lawn any more and no one else wants to do it and we don't have the money to have it done any more. Will be interesting to see how things go.

Sorry, just had to get it out of my system.

Otherwise eating is good. Mad I'm finding WW very doable myself.

Y'all have a great day. I'll try to BBL got to run.

02-02-2012, 08:27 PM
Trish: so sorry things are still difficult at home. I suspect things will stay difficult until they go. How long is DD course? You can't keep this up for 2 years.
RIe: You are doing so well, hope things keep going well. You had that stress at the end of last year, but you seem to have gotten back to normal.
DH wanted tacos tonight, and I carefully portioned everything out and could still only have 2 tacos. Not too filling, so will have to use a couple of flex points or will be hungry all night.

02-02-2012, 10:34 PM
Fatmad - Congratulations on the 2 lb loss. So happy for you. DD school is a 14 mos and we still have 11 more before she graduates and then she will have to have time to get a job so they can move. There is no way that we that we can foot all these bills with no help for another year or longer. I just don't see why they don't GET IT!!! DH told her before they moved here that they needed to be sure that they could do their part financially because we get so much money a month and we were bearly making it with just the 2 of us and that there is no way we could let them live here without them doing their part financially. We told her and told her that before they moved here and after. Her school does 5 week semesters and things change every 5 weeks making it very difficult to plan things. Since she and DH never follow rules even in everyday life, I see know way that the kids will ever follow them. Not sure how all this is going to turn out. I told everyone concerned that I did not want to do this when we first started talking about it because I've never known it to work, but we were manipulated into being made to feel like we had no choice. One way or another it will work out... just hope we are still speaking when it does since it is family. The amazing thing is that all the ladies at the church have told me in front of her that they would never do it with their kids. She had an excellent job and fantastic boss in FL and her DH could have had this job he has here in FL, but I think she wanted to go back to school so bad that she didn't care who had to suffer to do it and she still doesn't. DH told me today that "she is going to have to go to work... that's all there is to it".

Mad, I love tacos too. I make them at home for DH when he feels like eating them and I make a taco salad for myself. Been a long time since I made it so not sure what the pts are. Do you use the etools that came with your membership? I've used the recipe builder a few times and will have to use it to build a taco salad recipe and see how many pts it is. I've used it make recipes to only find that I didn't want to spend the pts.

Didn't do well with my eating because I was sick all day. Woke up early with a headache and still haven't gotten rid of it completely. Caught myself emotionally eating because of the emotional feelings, but I think I did stop myself before I did too much damage... I stood in the kitchen starting to grab something else to eat and realized what I was doing and actually talked out loud to myself talking me out of it. I honestly think I could have eat everything in the house. I know it is just the way I felt. I am proud of myself for stopping before it got too bad. I consider that a real accomplishment for me.

Bonnie - So good to hear from you. It sounds like things are looking up for you and your family. I'm so glad for you.

Rie - Good for you with your workout. But I am strong enough these days to do planks and pushups and I do 100 crunches. WOW:carrot: and I have a hard time doing any kind of exercise.

Ruthie - I've never had roasted brussel sprouts. I've been thinking about buying fresh ones instead of frozen asyou can't always get good frozen ones.

Y'all have a good night and I'll catch y'all tomorrow.

02-03-2012, 07:56 AM
HI all: so the 3 point granola bar before bed is the thing. fbs 4.9 today. This is the third time under 5 this week. Unprecedented. Still have to be careful of pc sugars and make sure I am stable there with my higher carb diet. Scale inching down, will soon be true to ticker again. Off to work early today, teaching at a workshop in Kitchener.

02-03-2012, 01:45 PM
Happy Friday!

I woke this morning with an fbs of 87, feeling a little tired and achy. I have some mild cold symptoms - I hope it is not the bug that has been going around my work. Zinc and vitamin c are already on board this morning. I did 75 minutes of walkitout and I am going to make some chicken soup with very low cal veggies to sip throughout the day. I plan to eat very low calorie to cycle for a couple of days. I know that the superbowl party will involve treats so this seems like a good time to go low.

Mad, it sounds like you are really getting the hang of the weight watchers thing. Good for you! I hope that training goes well today.

Trish, most people have to work while they attend college. Just saying.... Good luck. :hug:

Ruth, I told my ds to find some brussels sprouts for roasting. It seems that there are many veggies that I would never touch before but now that I have discovered roasting, I will eat them all!

Off to face the day. Later!


02-03-2012, 09:12 PM
Happy Friday!

I woke this morning with an fbs of 87, feeling a little tired and achy. I have some mild cold symptoms - I hope it is not the bug that has been going around my work. Zinc and vitamin c are already on board this morning. I did 75 minutes of walkitout and I am going to make some chicken soup with very low cal veggies to sip throughout the day. I plan to eat very low calorie to cycle for a couple of days. I know that the superbowl party will involve treats so this seems like a good time to go low.

Mad, it sounds like you are really getting the hang of the weight watchers thing. Good for you! I hope that training goes well today.

Trish, most people have to work while they attend college. Just saying.... Good luck. :hug:

Ruth, I told my ds to find some brussels sprouts for roasting. It seems that there are many veggies that I would never touch before but now that I have discovered roasting, I will eat them all!

Off to face the day. Later!

hope your cold doesn't get too bad. Lots of fluids now!

Yes, I am getting the hang of ww, with some tweaking to make sure I am "lower" carb and low glycemic carbs, which is quite doable in the plan. I couldn't do really low carb (like atkins induction) and stay within my points without getting hungry. But my sugars are doing well. PC sugar this evening was 5.0, so was pleased with that too.

I am also trying to figure out about weekend parties, Groundhog day/bleak midwinter party tmw, and superbowl on Sunday. I am having baby Lilia and her parents over for brunch on Sunday, so THAT I can do quite healthy with fruit and maybe some baked french toast. (splenda sprinkled on top is like icing sugar, no?, will forgo the maple syrup).

If forgot it was Friday and the start of the weekend, have vacation brain, skewed by working one day, so it felt like a monday to me today. :o

Have a good weekend friends

02-04-2012, 07:26 AM
Good morning. 5.7 this morning - probably from Claire's lasagna at the dinner meeting last night. She also had a glorious "trifle cake" which I avoided although I did have to serve it. Weight is still up bit but I'm pretty sure it's water weight. A weekend of clean eating should help although salty corned beef is on the plan for today. :shrug: (Must speak to Cook about her menus.)

Rie, tackle that cold with zinc and Vitamin C - the soup sounds like a great idea. I have frozen stock on hand for emergencies like that. I seem to be able to head off colds before they grow roots that way.

Patty, good for you to recognize emotional eating and stop it. I cannot imagine living under the stress you and your DH have. I keep wanting to slap your kids for you. I always detested Brussels and cauliflower but just love them now that I've discovered roasting. Sometimes I plan that part of the menu before the meat - I come from a long line of carnivores.

Mad, I know what you mean about holidays screwing up your timeline but am sure the holiday was worth it. Yes, it's THAT big Sunday this weekend which seems to be all about food. I don't miss those big parties and will enjoy a quiet afternoon with the dogs and some music of my choice.

Bonnie, so glad Life is settling down a bit for you. Be sure to take some "me" time, OK?

Time for Fibre 1, yogurt and some frozen black caps that "Wild Bill" gave me from his freezer. This is a local guy who constantly supplies me with fresh fish and wild mushrooms - sometimes he gives me morels. :carrot: I pass over the odd pie which he really appreciates.

Have a great weekend.

02-04-2012, 10:37 AM
fbs up to 5.3 today don't know what that is about, but the weight is slipping off, am now true to ticker again, and feeling good about it. WIll have to find some old log books, measured waist today and I think its an inch less.
ok, i resisted the whole ww thing, but am a convert now. Its different than I thought, and I can stay much lower carb than I thought. I am getting about 60-80 g of carbs a day now, up from 30-40 g, but sugars are fine, with the complex carbs. Very happy with the outcomes.

Ruth: looking for you to join me in the 170s and get that water weight off.
hello to everyone, have a good weekend.

02-04-2012, 11:14 AM
Good Morning.

fbs at 81 this morning and my weight is still up a little.:(. Frustrating and mysterious. I will keep on with the plan.

I don't feel well so I am gonna cruise on outa here. Have a good day, everyone.


02-04-2012, 06:54 PM
Rie - Hope you are feeling better soon. Take good care of yourself.

Ruthie - Great job passing up the cake especially since you were serving it, I'm not sure I could do that. I know I would be awfully tempted to eat what my Mama used to call a "sliver" of it. We don't watch the super game either, because we don't care for the teams. However, SIL was born and raised in NYC so he is a giants fan so I know he and the kids will be watching it and we will get periodilcal reports on it.

Mad -I couldn't get blood to check the FBS this morning... gave up after 4 sticks and ruined strips. I know it has been coming down but not as much as I would like but the scales are coming down. Of course your numbers are better than mine. I feel like the FBS will catch up eventually. I am totally enjoying the WW plan. I agree it is very doable with any plan. Glad you worked out the carbs for you.

We all had our meeting, but DH did most of the talking for us. I don't know that it changed a lot of things but it is out there and we laid out where we are financially. I did make the statement that we are paying all the bills and I felt like I was doing 98% of the work around here... that I had gone from taking care of 2 people to taking care of 8 and I didn't understand why I was having to do that since no one seemed to want to clean up after themselves. They didn't want the kids to hear about the money stuff and I said they needed to hear it and understand that I'm not being mean. I told them I couldn't be a grandmother because I felt like I was having to parent them most of the time instead. Of course, I know they think I am the mean one and his DD is mad, but at this point I don't really care. I told her that I was fighting for him because I don't want to bury him. I think she tried to cause trouble between DH and me by saying that I had said something to her when her Daddy was in the hospital that she felt I would not have said if he had been home. When she told me about the incident, I informed her that I not only told her Daddy all about the incident but I also told him knew everything I had said to her. I informed her that we both were very private people and that we repect each other privacy that he has some things I never touch and I have things he never touches and that is the way we like it. He backed me on that and agreed with me that they needed to respect our wishes. Oh her hubby said it wasn't the kids responsibility to worry about their bills etc and I said "Oh and it is ours?" Tony discussed what happened to them and why they were here in front of the kids anyway. So that ended that. I don't think the girls knew that they had lost their house and had no where else to go until Tony told it. They say they still can't pay anything and the company that has the mortgage on her house is sueing them. She got upset that her hubby told that to us in from of the children. She says when they get their income tax return they plan to give us what they can of it but we have heard that song and dance before and they never have followed through with those promises before so????? So we have no reason to believe her. But I am very proud of my DH for taking over the conversation and telling them our position. Found out SIL is off work all next week and I am going to try to get in to see the doctor. Not quite sure why he isn't working. I've heard when the company gets complaints about their imployees that they get suspended so don't know if he is being reprimanded for something or what. She had told us a while back that had happened to him before. Oh at one point I was asked by someone (I think it was the oldest boy) what was going to happen in 2 months. All I said was "We'll be broke". I did tell them that when our money gets low that DH gets sick and then he admitted that this situation was making him sick. She even said that he had always been like that. So that is where we are with everything at this time. We've made it clear that we may come down to us having to sell the house and get a smaller one because we can't take any more money out of DH retirement because that is how we pay taxes etc on the house and we have all these doctor bills. Don't know what happens from here. We will see.

I know y'all have been praying for us and I appreciate you let me rant. Y'all have a great weekend.

02-04-2012, 08:02 PM
RIe, hope you feel better soon.
Trish, wow, that must have been hard, and I am sure you and DH felt stressed leading up to that. Perhaps with the air cleared the kids at least will understand a bit more. Good luck, and stick to plan. This is the longest you have stuck to a plan and its really paying off for you. Keep it up!

02-04-2012, 09:45 PM
RIe, hope you feel better soon.
Trish, wow, that must have been hard, and I am sure you and DH felt stressed leading up to that. Perhaps with the air cleared the kids at least will understand a bit more. Good luck, and stick to plan. This is the longest you have stuck to a plan and its really paying off for you. Keep it up!

Thanks Mad. This is the first plan that I really feel like I can live with for the rest of my life. I eat what I want when I want it and then eat only as much as I want. Stop when I start to feel satisfied. Similar to the old WW Core, but I do watch the pts. I didn't get all my points in today and I won't because I just don't need it. Couldn't check my FBS this morning because I got up late and never could get enough blood and didn't have time to get my hand warm enough. Hope I can do it in the morning.

02-05-2012, 08:20 AM
Reality struck this morning when I realized it's a year since I started Victoza and I am getting into a slippage situation: 202 a year ago, down to 175 mid-July and now 183 again! Time to get really serious or my good HA1C will be gone!

FBGL was 5.4 this morning because I nibbled dried bananas when my company left last night. Note to Self: The dishwasher can run on its own without you munching while you wait to unload it! :doh:

Today will be a better day and I've already started it with Fibre 1, black caps and plain yogurt.

Somebody slap me, OK!

02-05-2012, 08:25 AM
Just read back and am so worried about you, Patty. Glad you and your DH had that "meeting" but it sure must have been difficult. You're a much more patient woman than I am. :hug:

02-05-2012, 10:26 AM
Good morning I am wide awake this am and dont know what to do the whole house is still asleep ( Except for the Hubby). I am pushing that I will be back on track with working out and eating right tomorrow I told my daughter that she will have to help with the baby in the am cause I plan on getting up at 7 and walking and then I will begin my day. Other wise I have very little time to do much . Their is always something to do or some where to go on top of watching a eleven month old who is walking and getting into everything .
Sorry havn't been around here alot I want to check in as much as I can . I have to get back into my good habits and stay on track I need this for me so I have to do it. Right now with 8 people in the house it keeps me busy. Well I guess I better be going I have much to get done.. Hope everyone is doing good and staying on plan.

02-05-2012, 10:27 AM
fbs 5.2 again today, yesterday was a high points day (as expected) but I did better at the party, but was really craving carbs last night. This is one of the reasons I was sticking to atkins, my carb cravings come on when I am eating too many. Today, will stick with getting my carbs mainly from fruits and veggies. I am going to take knitting to the superbowl party to keep my hands busy. I have a new pattern and my SIL will be there, she is a fanatic knitter and will help me through any tricky parts. I always find this annual gathering funny. Most of the guys do no watch football regularly, though they follow it a bit. We have followed it a bit more since DD boyfriend was on the high school team and inner city team, so we got to following a bit more with him around. They are no longer together, by DD still likes football, so will see where that leads. She has announced she is switching majors from Kinesiology to straight biology, so the sports aspect will be downgraded.
The best part of today is that baby LIlia and her parents are coming for brunch, so I will get a good visit in with a fav baby, now really a toddling yearling, and that is always great fun.

02-05-2012, 11:21 AM
good morning.
got taxes back and went on a food shopping spree. spent most of it at sams and commissary. but, shouldn't need anything for awhile. restocked everything, from getting new spices to meat, paper products. freezer and pantry are over flowing. good feeling, but, sure allot of money. i did get my new running shoes. wore them this morning to the gym. feet got a little numb. it's first time wearing them.
well, off to read my book. "the help". took some books into a new resale book store and got $17 in credit. so was able to get that and "the dome" by stephen king. still have .39 on my credit slip.
have a great sunday

02-05-2012, 11:41 AM
Good Morning:carrot:

Back from a wonderful vacation in the Bahamas, up 5 lbs and with a FBG of 8.8 this morning.:(

Time to get back on track.

Will be back later to check on what I missed.

Have a great day.

02-05-2012, 07:40 PM
I jest got back from a walk around the block I must of walked every block in the neighborhood so I must of did about 3 miles. I feel pretty good. So will see how I am doing later . I may be to sore to walk.

02-06-2012, 12:04 AM
WOW, Bonnie, CHipper and Lindyloo all checking in again! SO good to hear from everyone, and BOnnie, great that you got out walking. GOod for you.
Back on call tonight after my 2 week holiday, lets see how I do after that.
ALthough I was high on points again today, as expected with the superbowl party, I did keep my hands busy with knitting and didn't sit in front of the food, so didn't go too far over. HOping to go to yoga in the morning if not at a delivery. Nighty night.

02-06-2012, 01:53 AM
A quick flyby. Sunday was my WI day and I am still where my ticker is. I've lost 3 lbs since I started WW. Will be back later for individuals.

02-06-2012, 11:21 AM
what a great day already. WI for home was a 1.8 loss. WE for WW is wed night. had the best gym workout, i've had in a long time. over an hour there. came home clean house. finishing up the laundry. now to do nothing for the day. dinner is pulled pork from last night. good way to spend a cold rainy (on it's way) day. put on the pedometer this morning. it keeps me aware of how much sitting i am doing. half way to 10,000 already. will have to walk around the house when the rain hits. or i could get on my elliptical.

lindyloo...that will come off before you know it.
bonnie.... have fun walking. i love to walk.
trish...i am really liking the free fruits and veggies. i am teaching myself to grab that when i want to eat for feelings. working well
everyone else....have a great day. need to get going. washer calling

02-06-2012, 11:59 AM
So I got a huge surprise this morning I went to good will yesterday and let the girls find them some jeans and shorts and I ended up picking me up a pair of jeans a pair of shorts and 2 pair of Capri's and I tried them on this morning and every one of them fit me I have a pair of 28 jeans and they have been falling off me so I bought 26 cause I tried on a pair of 24 of mine and they didn't fit yet so I got two pair were 26 and two pair were 24 and It felt so good that I can fit into a 24 again. Sure beats paying that high price at the store I only paid 4 bucks for a pair of jeans Especially when I don't plan to wear them long.

Well I will be back again this afternoon I may go walking then I jest Feel it's too cold right now. woke up to the 40's this morning.

02-06-2012, 12:10 PM
just a quick hello after an all nighter, this will be test week for new eating plan. Having my usual breakfast now before bed. HOpe everyone else has a good Monday, mine is starting out fine. Tired but all well.

02-06-2012, 12:13 PM
Hello All,

fbs at 86 this morning and my weight is up hideously. I am planning to do really low calories and lots of water for a couple of days. I will just eat lots of salads and lean proteins. I had a great time at the superbowl party but I over indulged.

Bonnie, it is so nice to have you back. Good job on the walking :carrot:!

Chipper. What a great start to the day. I sure hope that I can get my scale subdued.

Mad, good plan with the knitting. What are you making?

Ruth, I won't slap you but just tell you to stay out of the banana chips. Eat a fresh banana. :hug:

Trish, good job on being assertive. I worry about your stress level.

Lindy, nice to have you back. The weight and bs will drop quickly.

I am off to a day of work followed by pool league. It will be a long day.


02-06-2012, 09:46 PM
Just a short hello before I go back to bed.
After a bit of sleep, I woke and couldn't get back to sleep, so ate a reasonable meal, and went to yoga! Yes, indeed, I got some exercise. This is such a big thing, when I am tired I avoid exercise even if it might be good for me.
Helped my headache and when I got home, ate another decent meal and showered and now to bed. Feeling good about being able to stick to plan even with my crazy work schedule, (or lack of a schedule).
Hey Rie, hope being on strict plan for a couple of days works and you get back to normal.
personals another time. nighty night

02-06-2012, 11:26 PM
Ruthie - Strange how we can find a food that pulls at us. I agree with Rie ( think it was) that you should switch to the fresh banana. Oh I'm not such a patient woman. I do love my family and want us to get along. I know it wasn't easy for DH and me to talk to them, but Tony's 1st wifes niece was here recently and we learned that her parents had tried to do this with her brother and his wife. She said it didn't work and she thought it was because they never sat down and had the family meeting they kept saying there were going to have. However, it really helped me to hear some of the things DH said. And also it helped clear the air as we all learned what each one was thinking and feeling. We know they can't move they have no where to go and they know we can't carry the load. Not sure what is going to happen but everyone seems to be getting a long better now. They are cleaning up their messes some what, not perfect but better. I can live with it as long as they try and are considerate.

Lindyloo - Sounds like you had a great trip to Bahama. Sorry the weight and FBS is up, but I'm sure you will get it back down.

Chipper - You are doing great and Congratulations on the 1.8 weight loss. I did my laundry this morning too.

Bonnie - Great feeling wearing a size smaller. Congratulations!!

Rie - You do a good job with things. I know you'll get the weight back down very soon.

Mad - I wish I could knit. I used to crotchet but don't any of it any more. I tried knitting a few times but never get my stitching loosened up. I keep the thread so tight that I couldn't get the needle through. So I gave up and have never tried it again. I would love to take a knitting class as you can do so much more than you can with crotchet.

See y'all tomorrow.

02-07-2012, 08:56 AM
I am so far behind that I'll never catch up.

Great to see some of the MIAs back and posting.

:cb: About the bananas, they are all gone now since I gave the last package to a friend. The thing is I absolutely hate fresh bananas but those dried banana pennies call me. I figure a package of the dried is equivalent to about six whole bananas so they are no longer going to happen around here, no matter how cheap they are or how much my dogs love them.

Weight was up above 183 but is on its way down again. FBGL is all over the place. :( Had a "meat" pie from the freezer with salad for dinner last night and my reading was 6.4 this morning. I forgot that the "meat" filling also had carrots, peas and cubed potatoes! I won't do that again.

I HAVE been doing the gym but my knees are really giving me grief. I can only hack ten minutes at a time on the treadmill. My trainer is now putting me on the bike-type machines where I can work the legs without the weight on them. Sure is boring. On the treadmill I can socialize with the other "treaders". I MUST get the legs in shape as I want to go to Scotland in August or September and there will be lots of walking!

I'll try to pop in more often.

02-07-2012, 09:29 AM
Good morning, didn't test this am, but had a good nights sleep and feel on target now. Stuck to my points yesterday and didn't use any flex points after my weekend of using so many of them. I hope to get to yoga again tonight too.
Have a busy day of baby visits ahead of me, so am packing a good lunch.
Trish, if you are interested in knitting, my daughter learned on youtube!
She is a better knitter than I am in fact. I am just going to knit a simple shawl. nothing fancy, just a really nice yarn to work with and will fell elegant. I knit a little sampler at the party to learn the stitch. I am such a simple knitter I had never done yarn overs, and wanted some feedback on the pattern, so my sister-in-law helped with that. I may use it for my outfit at the wedding in June if the colours work together.

Ruth, I hope the knees will do better with the bike, but there is something about treadmills that seems harder on the knees. Maybe the speeds? When you are walking in Britain you wouldn't be going as fast and hard?
Have a good day chickies

02-07-2012, 10:54 AM
Good morning!!

Spent the day yesterday up and down the stairs doing the laundry. That was my exercise for the day.

Thinking about going back to Atkins to lose some more of this weight. I really want to be down by summer.

Everyone have a great day.

02-08-2012, 06:18 AM
Didn't test this morning as the dogs were extremely anxious to get out at 4:30! I think the full moon had something to do with it. However, I feel fine and weight is finally going in the right direction. Yesterday I didn't feel hungry at all but made myself eat on schedule.

Gym this morning, sore knees and all. I took some Tylenol when i got up and am hoping it works before I go there. It'll be treadmill, bike, treadmill, bike for a while. I may also do some work on the total gym thingy as it exercises the legs without putting weight on them. *sigh* Part of me wants to give up and just sit in a rocking chair and watch soaps for the rest of my life!

02-08-2012, 10:40 AM
Didn't test this morning as the dogs were extremely anxious to get out at 4:30! I think the full moon had something to do with it. However, I feel fine and weight is finally going in the right direction. Yesterday I didn't feel hungry at all but made myself eat on schedule.

Gym this morning, sore knees and all. I took some Tylenol when i got up and am hoping it works before I go there. It'll be treadmill, bike, treadmill, bike for a while. I may also do some work on the total gym thingy as it exercises the legs without putting weight on them. *sigh* Part of me wants to give up and just sit in a rocking chair and watch soaps for the rest of my life!

hmm, and inject insulin all day. Sorry, but that would be our reality. I get tempted that way too some days.
Did well with a difficult schedule the last few days. Had a fruit salad for bedtime snack, sugars good this am, and weight going down, so something is right. Weigh in tonight.

02-08-2012, 01:02 PM
Had my doctor's appt this morning. He didn't say much about the fenophibrate I quit taking except that it could cause the problems that I described to him. I told him I had been of the Metformin since the 2nd of Feb, but I'm not ready to give up on it yet. I'm hoping I just can't take 2000 mg. He said for me to stay off of it for 2 more weeks and then go back to 1000 mg and see if the leg cramps come back. Crazy thing is that my blood sugar has been a little better without it. So we will see. I had lost 7 lbs since my last appt so I was pleased with that. My A1c was 6.1 and it has been 6 for the last 2 visits. So he was pleased with that. I told him I was back on WW and doing it with IE. He knew about that way of eating, but not by that name. So overall it was a good visit. Next appt in May will be a physical. DH goes to see him this afternoon.

Ruthie - I know sometimes I would love to give up, but then I think of the things that would happen if I did. So I keep trucking. I told the doc that I had gotten in a mood for a while where I was angry that I even had this problem. Strange thing is that he seemed to understand saying that we all feel that way sometime.

Mad - So glad things are working good for you.

Bonnie, Lindyloo, Chipper, Rie and others :wave:

Y'all have a great day.

02-08-2012, 03:12 PM
driving by :running: for me. i have my 3 month check up in the morning. i don't like getting my blood taken. they have to go to the back of my hand. my veins are that bad. so drinking lots of water tonight and in the morning.
went to gym and when i was almost done with my workout. i went to do dead-lifts. i barely got the barbell off the rack and i couldn't lift it to get it back on. so i knew my workout was over i was that wore out. nothing was going to work anymore. came home showered, ran an errand, son came by to hem his work pants. he wanted to go out and do a little shopping. out we went. i am ready for a nap. have WW weight in tonight. what a day.


02-09-2012, 08:16 AM
NO sooner am I true to ticker again, but I have lost another pound and have moved the ticker for the first time in over a month. Hurray. :carrot:
I am feeling like I am making progress and can look forward to being a better weight for my daughter's wedding in June. In a year I can be at a normal weight. My goal is to be a ww "lifetime" member by Christmas, which means I have hit goal weight. Still haven't chosen my goal weight, may be about 140 or less.
Did yoga and a trail walk yesterday, and was exhausted afterward, so was in bed and asleep by 10. But early rising this am. Kids are all coming for a visit this weekend, though I am on call and working.
WIll be working late again tonight, so no opportunity for exercise except treadmill now, which I will do for a bit.
Hope everyone has a good Thursday.

02-09-2012, 11:46 AM

fbs at 89 this morning. It has been high eighties in the morning for a couple of days. I think this lingering virus. I hope this post makes it - I was here twice yesterday and was unable to post. I did an hour of aerobics yesterday and lifted weights today. I am eating totally on plan. The scale isn't reacting yet but I will remain patient. I am still showing a couple of pounds over my ticker which just doesn't make a lot of sense to me but oh, well.

Mad, so excited for you:carrot: Things are working and you sound renewed. It is really nice.

Chipper, you are doing great on the workouts. Don't forget to make them put a warm towel on your veins before they draw.

Trish, congrats on the good dr appointment. Are things settling down at home? I hope so..... The stress isn't good for you and dh.

Well, I am off to a busy day.... Later


02-09-2012, 04:04 PM
Sorry I didn't get back yesterday. Was going to post, but never had the chance. DH had an afternoon appt. I talked to doc about Hubby getting a prescription for oxygen. He couldn't check if he needed it because DH heart rate was high but it wouldn't be accurate because Tony hadn't taken his meds to slow down his heart. Did CBC blood work and although he has been on iron for a month he was still where he was a month ago. We see blood doc tomorrow and primary says the blood doc needs to find out if Tony's body isn't obsorbing iron. Also says DH may have to up his heart meds to slow the heart down and he thinks he must be leaking blood somewhere although they haven't found where yet. He hopes the digestive doc will be able to tell us something when he does the endoscopy next Wednesday. We go back in a month.

I thought my eating was horrible yesterday, but when I checked my WW points, I had used a lot of Weekly Pts (Mad are they called Flex Pts now?) but not all of them. So I'm good and the nice thing is that what I've been reading in IE, one meal or even one day off isn't going destroy everything. I got up and weighed the same as yesterday. Eating is reall great and on track today.

Mad - I love the new WW plan. I am blessed to love veggies and fruits which makes nice snacks. Seems odd though to plan meals around fruit and veggies instead of around meat. CONGRATULATION!!! On your progress, weight loss and goals.:broc:

Rie - Some things didn't change but they do seem to be more respectful. I think the fact that DH demanded it is what has made the difference. I found a note from oldest DGD with a bowl that said she hadn't had time to wash the bowl and leave it and she would wash it when she got home. Of course, I know that if she had time to write a note that she had time to wash it, but I appreciated the fact that she had taken the time to write it. Also she had not walked the dog and I'm sure that part of the note was for her step-dad. I got home from doc office and he was in the living room and watching our tv which he has done before. However, this time he told me I could change it if I wanted and he later asked if I wanted to watch something else. I didn't and told him he could watch it. So those are major changes. Rie, I sure hope your FBS comes back down. Sorry about the virus.

Ruthie, Bonnie, Chipper, Lindyloo and others reading.:wave:

Y'all have a great evening.

02-09-2012, 08:08 PM
sorry, even though I am new to ww, I am using old terms, I guess because they make sense to me. They are called weekly points now, (as opposed to daily) but flex makes sense to me, since they give me flexibility. Either way, they are nice since they mean I don't cheat, but am being flexible. Just a walk today, but better than nothing.

02-09-2012, 09:34 PM
sorry, even though I am new to ww, I am using old terms, I guess because they make sense to me. They are called weekly points now, (as opposed to daily) but flex makes sense to me, since they give me flexibility. Either way, they are nice since they mean I don't cheat, but am being flexible. Just a walk today, but better than nothing.

That's okay. I actually like the term Flex for those points myself. I just wondered if they had changed the term. I like the Flexibility too. I agree that it is nice to have them so we don't cheat. I've used them more this week than usual and plan to go back to using less although I've heard WW says use them.

02-10-2012, 10:31 AM
trish: I use extra points usually, and losing well. I think the daily points (at least for me, I am at the minimum) don't add up to many calories. Depending on the fruit and veggie intake, I am set up for about 1300 cal/day, and could be losing on 1500-1700, so I am using my points. On the ww thread, some use activity points first, so they have to "earn" them. Not a bad idea either.
I haven't used all my weeklies yet, but 26 seldom leaves me satisfied. I did just stick to 26 on Monday and Tuesday, after the party weekend where I went high on points for 2 days. The good thing was the points were counted, and 2 days of low points DID make up for it, unlike a wild binge where we aren't even noticing or counting what we ate, and go so far over it takes 2 weeks of low cals to be able to make it up.
I can always lower the points if I need to when I stall.
To not starve on 26 points I had lots of wintery veggies so on the old plan, I was probably still getting plenty of points.
this am fbs was 5.8, though it was only 7 hours from my bedtime snack.
Had a late night after a delivery, and out to check on the next mama this morning, and see all this weeks babies too.
Have a good weekend friends, looks like I will be busy. Kids are going to come next weekend for the long weekend instead of this one. great.

02-10-2012, 12:20 PM
Hello all!

fbs at 82 this morning. I am headed to Wyoming for a big pool tournament so I will be offline for a couple of days.

Trish, I hope you get the oxygen situation straightened out with Tony. Good job of eating right while unders stress.

Mad, I am so glad that ww is working for you.

I hope that everyone else is well and happy over the weekend.


02-10-2012, 02:48 PM
Good Morning.

Decided to start my spring cleaning today. We have only been in this house about three months but I brought everything with me from the old house. Time to get rid of it all. Doing one room at a time and staying there until all the clutter is gone.

Congrats Mad on the weight loss. WW seems to be working for you.

Finally got the health region in the northern part of the province where one of my brothers is, to agree to transfer him to where I am. Hoping this will happen soon.

Have a great day all.

02-10-2012, 05:35 PM
Lindyloo - I loved it when we moved into our new house, but it seemed to take forever to get things unpacked and put away. Good luck getting everything put away.

Rie - Have fun at the tournament.

Mad - Before they changed the basic pts to 26 in Dec at WW, I ate the 29 pts. and I have to say that I was more satisfied than with the 26 and I didn't need the Weekly. I've never used the Activity. I like using those for any errors I might have made. I heard on one of the threads, not sure if 3fc or WW, that each pt is equaly to 40 calories. When shopping, I can divide the calories by 40 and figure out how many pts are in the food. So far it has worked. If you take the 40 calories an multiply it by the 26 pts, it's 1040 calories. I get 49 weekly pts so if I used them all that would averaage to an daily average of about 1200 calls with both. So I can see how I would still lose weight. And like you say when you add the fruits and veggies we probably do get around 1500 calories a day.

DH went to the hemotologist. He told us the many different things that could be happening to his blood. He is a blood/cancer doctor and he said that the blood is his the part of his job that he absolutely loves. He loves to take a challenge like Tony's and solve it and that he will get to the bottom of the problem. I asked him if it was fixable and he said he always has good results. I pray that will be true this time. At least we finally have someone who knows how to go about finding the answers. I look forward to my DH feeling good again.

Nothing really special planned for the weekend here. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

02-10-2012, 06:30 PM
Wow! All this WW talk has me reeling and darned glad South Beach is so simple once you get the hang of it.

I'm getting organized for a family weekend in Ottawa which is going to be an eating challenge: brunch with my son and his family tomorrow morning followed by dinner out with my sister and cousin in the evening. Then breakfast in a trendy local restaurant Saturday morning. I really should have been more careful today but did end up at the frassing Chinese Buffet in town when I bumped into old friend Morna whom I've not seen for ages.

I keep telling myself friends and family are more important than weightloss but I really want both! :tantrum:

02-11-2012, 10:10 AM
dropped 2 pounds! Very exciting. heading out the door for work, but had to post.:carrot:

02-11-2012, 04:07 PM
dropped 2 pounds! Very exciting. heading out the door for work, but had to post.:carrot:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Mad on the 2 lb loss.

02-12-2012, 11:55 AM
WI today and it was the same. Only surprise there is that it was the same and not a gain. Whew!!! Thinking I have to go strict WW and not worry about the IE right now although I can use the part of IE that WW suggests such as eat when hungry and stop when satisfied. They also have a lot of other good tips that I plan to implement.

Is anyone else having problems with 3fc? Some places I can't post on and even here the cursor bounces around. Makes it difficult to type. Hope they can correct this. Really wierd.

Have a great Sunday.

02-12-2012, 05:49 PM
Back from a pretty fun and fabulous weekend in the City. I think i may have done OK on food. We'll see when I brave the scale tomorrow morning!

02-13-2012, 06:47 AM
Good morning.

Survived a fairly decadent weekend with no scale change. FBGL 3.4 so things are good. Now to keep the rest of the week in control.

02-13-2012, 09:32 AM
just popping in real quick. endro appt today. me and chicken noodle soup are going to become friends the next few days. haven't been this sick in years. thank you hubby, daughter, granddaughter. lady at goodwill. i wanted a reason to stay in bed and curled up on the couch. but, forgot what it's like to have to sleep with your mouth open because you can't breath. what was i thinking????? off to the long drive to the doctors now. at least 20 miles away.

02-13-2012, 09:34 AM
Ruth: glad you had a fun wkend, and No wt gain, so you stayed on plan and on target. I also had no gains, inspite of all nighters, long days, odd eating times, and no control over what food. I was able to stick to plan by figuring out how much I could eat of what I could get. Managed not to be hungry, and stayed within points allowances.
fbs 5.1 today, so am doing ok.
have a good day, chickies!

02-13-2012, 10:53 AM
A quick good morning. Today is laundry and house cleaning day while babysitting. It's good to busy so no problem there. FBS up a little but not surprised since I took Nyquil last night trying to knock out a cold and cough that's been bugging me. Eating OP and withing pts allowed so all is good there.

Mad and Ruthie - So glad you 2 were able to have a good weekend and food in control. :carrot:

Chipper - Hope you are feeling better soon. 20 miles to the doc is a long trip when you feel good. Hope it doesn't seem too unbearable with the way you are feeling.

Rie, Bonnie, Lindyloo and everyone else :wave:

Have a good Monday!!!

02-13-2012, 11:11 AM
Good Morning Guys , I hope to find everyone doing well so I am getting into a routine today I have so much I want to do the baby is sleeping and I think I am gonna do some wii. Wanting to plan my meals out today so I can be set as to what I am eating even if I have to make some prepared meal for me to get back in the routine I have went up to 263 pounds I have gained like ten pound I am not going to do this I dont want to back slide again it seems like everytime I get going good I end up sliding back and I dont want to go their. I jest hope their is help for me to get back on plan I have even quit checking my sugar and I need to do that too I think I am gonna check it several times a day till I get back in a routine of doing it.
So everyone wish me well I am gonna try to get back on plan......

02-13-2012, 12:34 PM
I jest did a hour and 15 minutes of walk it out Yes And it feels good... Oh did I forget to tell you i had all my hair cut off I will get some good pics and update and profile pic...

02-13-2012, 01:19 PM
Good Morning All

fbs at 87 this morning and my weight is the same as friday. That is a bonus because I didn't eat very well while I was out of town.:( I had a good time and I returned to onplan eating last night. Life happens, right? I did 90 minutes of walkitout this morning. I have an oral surgeon appointment today. Terrifying.

Mad, good for you on maintaining under difficult circumstances. :carrot:

Ruth, so glad that you had fun without the evil scale punishing you.

Chipper, feel better. There are some nasty viruses out there this year.

Trish, have you ever tried theraflu? I get a similar effect but without the sugar and alcohol of nyquil. It tastes yucky, though. Get well.

Bonnie, welcome back. We all do the up and down thing and you have been going through lots of changes. Baby steps, and you will get there again!

Well, off to face the day. Good health to all!


02-13-2012, 09:51 PM
Chipper and Trish, hope those colds get better soon. I don't think I have seen Theraflu but will look for it at the drugstore, good idea. I do avoid cough syrups for that reason, not wanting the sugar and alcohol, although brands I have tried that are alcohol and sugar free don't seem to go down as easy.
BOnnie: I know its worrisome to have gained some weight, but you had some pretty big changes in your life and you are just getting used to those changes. I am sooo proud of you for getting back into routine and back onto plan. The real way to succeed is to start again when we get off track and not let the small gains set us back. GOod for you.
going to bed early to catch up on missed sleep.

02-13-2012, 10:36 PM
Bonnie - Proud of you for getting back OP. I agree with Mad. You've had a lot of big changes and you have really done well.

Rie - My DH#2 used to take theraflu. I never have taken it but picked up a box of it today and read on the box that it might be helpful to diabetics.

Mad - Hi. Thanks.

02-14-2012, 08:07 AM
Happy Valentine's Day

May you feel the joy of the day and avoid the commercial overkill.

02-14-2012, 09:23 AM
good morning friends: yes, Ruth, its Valentine's day, and lets avoid being commercial. DH and I had our first date on Feb 20th, and we usual celebrate then, but we exchanged Valentine's day cards the week before, so that was our first declaration of LIKE. Its the first time in years I am off for both days, and since the kids will be here this weekend for the 20th, we will go out for supper tonight. Unprecedented!
Stuck to points yesterday, and have lots of weeklies lets for tonight, although I am thinking I will not be having dessert, just a nice supper.
I am planning a little walk on the trail. Hope everyone has a lovely day.
Rie: how did you do in the pool tourney?

GOod Tuesday for all.

02-14-2012, 11:11 AM
Hello friends

OM goodness! I actuall forgot to test this morning. I don't believe it! I am sure that I am ok, though, really onplan day yesterday. After a a week of high weights and a questionable weekend, my weight is true to ticker today. Yay! I had the last of my oral surgery follow-up care yesterday so I am done for several months as it heals. Thank goodness!

Mad, have a lovely evening with hubby! I did terrible in the tourney, but it was a really fun weekend with friends.

Ruth, Happy Valentines Day to you darlin!

Trish, I hope you are feeling better and having a stress free week.

Bonnie, Yay ! :carrot: So proud of you. I just finished the walkitiout island for the second time yesterday. I was walking forever, and in the end, I didn't have enough things to buy so I lost a lot of points. Oh, well, it was fun!

Chipper, Lindy, everyone.... Have a good valentines day


02-14-2012, 12:40 PM
A quick flyby as we have a busy day of beat the clock. Primary Doc insists that DH come off coumadin before endoscopy tomorrow although digestive doc had planned on doing it with him on it. DH had to take one Lovanox shot (not sure of spelling) last night. Has to go to primary to have blood flinger stick test and pick up another sample shot to take tonight. DH refused to take a series of these shots which usually runs into hungreds of dollars. However, I did learn that with his insurance that we would only have to pay 33% of the cost, but it has to be pre-authorized by the insurance company. Any way DGS has his regular therapy appt here at the house at 3pm and docs appt is at 1:30 so will be fun to see if we can get co-ordinated and be everywhere on time since DGD has to be picked up around 2:30. Wouldn't normally be a problem since DSIL is home, but he has to take DGD for her 3 pm doctor's appt. So I am hoping it all falls in place. Poor DH has to go through all the preparation for the endoscopy tomorrow and we have to be at the primary docs office for another blood finger stick at 8:30 am before primary doc will give the go ahead to have it done. But he is a good doc and I'm thankful that he does take good care of us.

Rie - I took the Theraflu last night and I slept like a log. I didn't move for hours. I couldn't believe how long I slept. Feel a little groggy today, but may not be from the med. Thanks for recommending it. It has really helped break things up and the cough is more productive and not as bad.

Mad - have a fun celebration with DH. We had planned to get married on valentine's day, but he decided to come to TX in January so we just went ahead and got married then.

Everybody have A HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

02-14-2012, 06:50 PM
Well, the endoscopy/colonoscopy is postponed until March 12th. Turns out that DH has to be off the coumadin for 4 days prior to procedure and DH didn't want to go through all the preparation and then find out that he couldn't have it just before the procedure was to be done because his primary says his pt# isn't low enough. It was 2.8 today and has to 1.1 by tomorrow and DH didn't think it would be down to that by morning. So we went to the digestive docs office and had it changed. Then we found out from the girl at his office that he has to be off his iron pill 4 days before the procedure as well. I think the digestive doc was going to do it with him on the coumadin, but our primary doc said "NO". I wasn't sure about it when he set it up and am thankful for a good caring primary doc. And I think DH needs more time for the iron to take effect and he seems to have some sort of red blood cell problems.

02-14-2012, 10:55 PM
Pattygirl what is WW P+?

02-14-2012, 11:58 PM
Pattygirl what is WW P+?

Weight Watchers Points Plus.

Its the newest plan that WW is doing. (as you may know, they change the name and the plan from time to time.)

02-15-2012, 01:02 AM
Thanks. People seem to be getting fairly good results with WW for their diabetes. I thot low carb was the only way to go. Guess I was wrong. ;)

02-15-2012, 07:34 AM
Company arriving tomorrow so I may be MIA until Tuesday. I will test and weigh so not to worry.

02-15-2012, 09:33 AM
Thanks. People seem to be getting fairly good results with WW for their diabetes. I thot low carb was the only way to go. Guess I was wrong. ;)

I didn't join ww at the beginning, but a week of a ww diet (done up by my neice, who is a member and a doctor) gave me constant high blood glucose levels, and the next week with atkins, I was pretty well controlled. I stuck with atkins for 2 years, but after losing an initial weight, couldn't go lower. I have also been on metformin for a while.
My sugars are stable on ww, but I do a lower carb ww than some, really keeping grains in check. I am enjoying fruit and the broader spectrum of veggies allowed on ww, and that isn't giving me sugar spikes so far.
Overall, losing weight is most important, and transient higher sugars are ok during that time, but guidance from your educator is import.

02-15-2012, 11:55 AM
Hello all! Quick flyby:

fbs at 86 and I had an onplan day yesterday. Busy day with meetings and pool tonight. Weight is bouncing a little but I am not worried.

Have a healthy day!


02-15-2012, 02:23 PM
Good morning. Quick fly by.

Still plugging away @ the spring cleaning.

Nice dinner out with friends last night. Tried to keep it LC, but not good enough because FBS was 8.4 this morning.

Have a great day.

02-15-2012, 04:37 PM
knorris - Welcome to the group.

Since DH didn't have tests run this morning, I spent the morning at 2 stores looking for fruit and veggies to eat OP. Had a great OP day so far.

Have a good day.

02-15-2012, 09:09 PM
Went out for a lovely dinner with DH last night, and used up all my weekly points, but still didn't touch the activity points, but was up 1/2 pound on weigh in this evening, no big surprise. back onto plan today, and since I don't usually have a big supper out on a Tuesday, with Valentine's day being an exception, I doubt that will happen again. No apologies, just back to plan, and counting those points.

02-16-2012, 06:56 AM
Quickie check-in this morning as I have to leave for the airport. BGL OK at 3.3 and weight hanging in. It'll be five days of healthy eating with my friend Linda who is really good cook AND a vegetarian.

02-16-2012, 08:02 AM
feeling much better today. have to go see doctor about the high liver test results today. first i want a retest, than we can go from there. he should have had me do one before today. he just wants his copay. i have been looking already this morning for a new GP. may be switching. he just doesn't play nice with my other doctors on my team. he always says, "who do you want to treat you me or them." darn, i thought you were suppose to be a team. i think i may have found one. have to check with insurance to see if i can have like an interview with them.
i lost 3.2 at WW weigh in last night. i go by my monday morning one.

02-16-2012, 11:07 AM
chipper - CONGRATULiATIONS!!! on the 3.2 lbs gone and hope the new GP works out for you.

My eating has been crazy this week so got to get back OP. DH has docs appt with primary... a physical today. Also I plan to push for the oxygen test today. DH wants to go out to eat today and go to Lowe's. I hope he isn't pushing too hard. We know that he has to move around to keep from forming clots, but I don't want him to overdo and pass out somewhere either. Will have to see how things go. Take it one step at a time.

Not sure what is going on with DSIL. He didn't work all week last week and only worked one day this week. While I do need to be free to go with DH to these docs appts, I sure hope he hasn't lost his job and not telling us. I know he has been sending out applications to go to work for police depts. Will have to see what happens.

Y'all have a great day.

02-16-2012, 12:13 PM
Hello Friends!

fbs at 87 this morning and I did my weight lifting routine. Still not my favorite exercise but I believe in the benefits so I will continue. I have a birthday lunch out with my closest cousin today at a sushi place so I will do the best I can. My scale is teasing me with "bounces" down into the 160's but I will let it stabilize before I change my ticker.

Ds is doing a grocery run today and I left him a list of all my favorite low cal/carb veggies. I have become so fond of a veggie saute with celery, onions, zucchini and mushrooms. A huge bowl for lunch is so few calories and carbs. Yum!

Chipper, I hope you find a good GP. I swear that my caring endo (who takes care of everything) is the reason for my improved health. I actually look forward to seeing him at my appointments.

Trish, hopefully, you sil is just off for a few days. At least it happened at a good time so you can do your appointments.

Mad, I am so impressed with how well you are doing. There is no way that you actually "gained" a half pound last night and it will go away. Good attitude!

Lindy, I sure wish that I felt like doing spring cleaning! I hope to spend some time on my room this weekend. It is awful with all these clothes that I will never wear again!

Ruth, a vegetarian, healthy guest sounds like a wonderful way to spend the week. Enjoy!

Gotta run.

02-17-2012, 09:12 AM
Thanks Rie, I know I didn't suddenly gain this weight, but it is staying up, so will take work to bring it down. DD and SIL are coming tonight, I think so is younger DD, so will plan supper accordingly and not so much to my needs. Will do the fruit and french toast thing tmw am for brunch though. That worked well 2 weeks ago and I really enjoyed it.
I may stay simple tonight and just do meatloaf, as SIL grew up in an ethnic household and LOVES "Canadian" food.
Have a good Friday everyone, looking forward to the weekend.

02-17-2012, 09:35 AM
Yum, meatloaf. I must do one next week when Linda leaves. We had President's Choice Vegetarian Lasagna last night - excellent! - with a spinach salad and the BGL is a nice 4.4 this morning.

I definitely have a cold. Took Cold-FX last night and spent an absolutely sleepless night. :( I'd forgotten what some cold meds do to me. Linda has advised me that I am to have a nap this afternoon before the excitement of my Book Club. Sounds like a good idea to me. This morning we will go down to the Diner for coffee and then come home to prep veggies for refreshments tonight. (Veggies, dip, cheese and crackers - simple refreshments!)

Sounds like the universe is unfolding as it should for the rest of us.

02-17-2012, 12:03 PM
Good Morning Chickies,

Decided that I've taken on too much lately and will have to back of on some. They are all good things but not enough time for all of them. I signed up for the new lessons in small groups at church, but I'm already in another small group. The new one is to get people into studying the Bible on a regular basis and since I already do that, I will back out of that one. I have the book and can do it on my own later if I choose to. Speaking in the morning at women's meeting and that takes a lot of my time as well. When DH can go back to the small group meetings, I'll go with him.

Right now I need to focus on getting myself into regular WW eating and get things under control. I have been eating wild and crazy the past few days, but back OP today. I am learning to eat more fiber and have a greater variety of foods. I also want to start taking time to use my Beck book with the WW. I think this will help me get myself back into OP routine. I notice they have a Beck thread not only on 3fc which I used to part of, but WW has one too.

Rie - It is a blessing that DSIL has been off when I need to be with DH at docs appt. He is working today and all next week. I assume with the economy the way it is that business is just slow. He worked on the washer yesterday and found that the pump is rusted out and he is looking for another one to replace it. He says he can fix it when he gets the part and will save quite a bit of money. So that is a blessing too.

Ruthie - I learned that any cold medicine even the Thera-flu causes my FBGL readings to jump really high as well as makes me have foggy thinking the next day. I haven't found anything I can use except Clairitan D. Doc doesn't like me using the D, but it is what works. Raises FBS, but not as high as others and it doesn't make me tired and foggy thinking the next day or while taking it. You have some really healthy eating plans while your friend Linda is there. Have fun.

Mad - Sounds like a busy week end. Are you working too? I remember saying you saying something about it but can't remember.

Youngest DGD wants to have a sleepover tonight. Haven't heard how that is turning out. They out of school today and Monday for President's Day.

Hope everyone has a nice week end.

02-17-2012, 12:51 PM
Good Morning all!

I hope this Friday morning finds you all well and happy. Fbs at 87 this morning and I did my workout. I also plan to take a walk later this afternoon.

Mad, my weight does the same thing. This morning I am weighing 4 pounds above my ticker and I know that is just a blip - not real weight. Just gotta keep moving. Enjoy the time with the kids.

Trish, it is hard to decide how much we can take on and how much we need to let go. I know that you will find your way. You have a lot on your shoulders.

Ruth, it sounds like you have a great houseguest. That is wonderful. Feel better.

Chipper, great job on the 3#! Yay!

Off to work.....


02-17-2012, 10:38 PM
Kids enjoyed the meatload and so did I, and I am quite full after a good supper, and didn't do too badly on points. Wasn't supposed to work this weekend, but one of my partners has strep throat, so I am on back-up call in case needed.
very tired and will likely go to bed early. So much for a fun Friday.

02-18-2012, 09:49 AM
Quickie once again. FBGL is 4.2 and weight is up a pound or two. :shrug: Could be the cold making me hold water. It really has settled in - I'm afraid it's moving down into my chest. I've not had a bad cold for a couple of years and it would choose now to show up! However, I slept well last night and am ready to tackle the day.

Today Linda and I are going to check out Delta's winter festival - if there is any ice left on the rink. Then we may check out a very upscale store over a village or two and have a light lunch. This afternoon we may stretch and pin a small quilt that I finished three years ago - it's been hanging over the upstairs rail since then.

Have a good weekend.

02-18-2012, 11:44 AM
Good Morning!

fbs at 90 this morning. I ate a handfull of chocolate chips in the middle of the night.:?: Wow, I was half awake and I haven't done that in a long time Grrr.

I worked out this morning and I have a tourney all day today. Good health everyone.


02-18-2012, 01:11 PM
Newbie here. Just started WW Jan 29 as a birthday gift to myself. Bound and determined to lose 120 lbs by the time I"m 55 that gives me 2 yrs. I'm also a Type 2 Diabetic on Lyrica which has made it harder then heck to lose weight but WW seems to have done the trick. I guess my eyes are bigger then the portions should have been. Hope to get to know everyone and swap secrets.

Oh plus, how is everyone putting those little scales on the bottom of your profiles those are so cute. If anyone wants me to make an avatar for them let me know I made mine. Computer graphics is my hobby.

02-18-2012, 03:00 PM
Hi all: Rie: good for you for working out before your tourney, and good luck. Ruth: hope you feel better soon, lots of fluids!
DIva: welcome. YOu can start having a ticker after a month I think, and a few posts, so just keep coming around!
FBS was 5.3 this am, quite high. Am losing that Valentine's day weight nicely, even going about 30 points a day, so am happy with that. Enjoying the visits with the kids, they are all good and we are having fun.

02-19-2012, 12:02 AM
A quick flyby tonight before I go to bed. Been a busy day... a long one. Eating has been off plan although I don't think I over did it too much. Tomorrow is WI so will see. Getting myself seriously back OP tomorrow. No more fooling around. The past week has just been to wild and crazy.

Diva - Welcome to the group. Look forward to getting to know you.

Everybody have a great week end. I'll be back here Monday.

02-19-2012, 11:08 AM
Trish: hope the weigh-in goes well. I have been struggling with points a bit this week, but the weight is dropping back to where it was. fbs 5.5 this am, no clue why so high. PLan for yoga and maybe a trail walk too today. To Toronto overnight.
HOpe everyone has a nice Sunday.

02-19-2012, 12:08 PM
Good morning all.

fbs at 77 this morning, weight is up but my rings are tight. Too much salt yesterday as I munched on popcorn at the tourney. We won the tourney.

Mad, enjoy the trip tonight.

Trish, I hope the weigh in goes well!

Diva, welcome to the group. We have a couple WW folks here and at least one southbeacher. I follow a carb controlled low calorie diet of my own. You get a "ticker" at the bottom of the page after 20 days and 20 posts.

Off to face the day.


02-19-2012, 10:19 PM
Well, my WI was up a couple of lbs, but I'm sure it is more from all the salty foods and eating out this past week. I've been back on track today and drank loads of water. I'm sure it will come back off by next WI.

Mad - Have a good and safe trip.

Rie - Congratulations on winning the tourney.

Ruthie, Bonnie, Chipper, Lindyloo, Diva and others:wave:


02-20-2012, 10:39 AM
Good Monday Morning Chickies,

Up this morning and on day 2 back OP and the few lbs I gained from last week is almost gone. So it was a temporary gain from a combination of things... too much salt in some foods and probably not drinking enough water and fluids. I have got to continue drinking the fluids and especially water this week. I do believe that is key to this whole thing. WW will work for me if I will work WW. As a lady at church said to me one day, "it is the easiest diet I've ever done". I just need to get more freeby veggies into my eating plan. Probably need to be more organized. FBS is still high but the same for 2 days so maybe that is a good sign because maybe it will start coming back down. I think if I can get the eating right and the stress down maybe it will get better. I started the Metformin again, but I think the FBS was lower without it. But my 3 month A1c is always the same regardless of what my daily FBS reads. So I can't really say whether the Met helps or not.

Kids home today, but they kind of entertain themselves. Oldest DGD sleeps most of the day, youngest one stays upstairs watching tv and playing xbox except when she comes down to get something to eat, oldest DGD spends lots of time reading, walking the dog and still helps me a lot with the younger ones. And baby does his regular thing. And me besides regular thing I normally do, I've got laundry to do, run and empty dishwasher and do some other housework which WW lets me count as exercise.:dizzy: Does get me moving more. Who would have thought that sweeping, mopping, waxing furniture etc could be counted as exercise.:carrot:

I am easing up some of the pressure/stress on myself. Deciding what I can and cannot do or maybe what I'm willing to and not willing to do. Just too much going on at home and with the added responsibilities with DH health and his DD and her family living here. Even have decided to change some of the rules so I can live with what goes on and lift the pressure off of me. I've decided some of the things in my home are not going to change until they move and that is going to be at least another year at best. My home is going to be a mess when they leave and will have to have a lot of repairs, but I can't change things at this time so I have to find a way that I can live with it. Kind of like the Serenity Prayer says "God help me to change the things I can, accept the things I can't and Help me to know the difference." I have to do what I can to get "Peace" back in my home. So I've decided to give up the Thursday night Bible study group and go to one on Wednesday night at the church office. I just think that I do need a break during the week and this will take care of 2 things for me. I'll be on the same page with my church as we all grow together studying the Bible and I'll still be able to get out during the week. I have found 2 tv programs that teach the same thing I've been studying on Thursday night, so I'll still get that and DH and I watch those 2 programs together which I think is good for the 2 of us. So I think making these changes will be win win decisions for me and those around me and hopefully bring peace into my life and home. Might even help me as I get back OP with my eating too. If stress is keeping my FBS up, that should get better as well.

Guess I better get busy. Clothes in washer are ready to go in the and the last load ready to go into washer.

Y'all have a great day.

02-20-2012, 02:16 PM
Hello Friends!

fbs at 84 today and I did 2 hours of walkitout. It was fun. I am off work for presidents day today but I have some work to do :?: Go figure. Last night I went to the movies and ate way too much popcorn. I tested when I got home and I was pleased that my bs was only 112. Pretty good. Not a reason to go crazy but I can probably afford those occasional treats without too much bs consequences...

Trish, I hope for you that you can find some peace. I was interested in your statement that they will be there for at least a year? I thought your sil is working now? Just wondering....

Mad, I hope you had an easy weekend filled with fun with the kids.

Ruth, do you still have your houseguest?

Chipper, Lindy, Diva and others.... Have a great day!


02-20-2012, 02:43 PM
Hello Friends!
Trish, I hope for you that you can find some peace. I was interested in your statement that they will be there for at least a year? I thought your sil is working now? Just wondering....

Supposedly they are taking out almost a thousand dollars a month out of his pay check so he can't do anything without DD working. So as far as we can tell they will be living here until she graduates and gets a job and they have the money to move. So it would appear that we are stuck in this situation for another year if not more. We don't know how to put them out with a baby and the children. His mother is supposed to come here to visit next month and I intend to let it be known what is going on. Not that they will help, but at least they will know what is going on.

02-20-2012, 03:38 PM
HI everyone!! welcome Diva. I know haven't been on much here this last week but things aren't going so good now. My little sister was jest diagnosed with stage one uterine cancer and she has to have a hysterectomy she is several years younger then me.

Other then that the good eating is out the window I always have to worry about someone or something I never can get some time to myself So I will have to see what I can do Cause boy I do need to so get back on plan I dont want to gain the almost 50 pounds back I have to do something. Never seem like their is enough time around here for me to do much....

Well I guess I better be going have so much to do yet... Hope all is well

02-20-2012, 03:41 PM
Quick fly by.

Welcome Diva.

Will be away for a while. My DB is back in the hospital (Actually he has been there for three weeks) but he had to have another operation and has taken a turn for the worse a few days ago. Hopefully it will get better.

Anyway, will try to keep with the LC as much as possible.

Be good everyone while I'm gone.


02-20-2012, 05:37 PM
fbs was just 5.1 today, so is coming down.
Trish, Just make sure you have a small carby snack before bed and see if that helps. I am eating a small Kashi bar, its a nice treat, (covered w a bit of chocolate) and is only 3 points. I have a cup of tea about 9 pm and the bar. Has brought mine down to 4's 3 times in the last month, when they were scarce as hen's teeth for a long time.
HOpe I am going back there and that it was from that big meal last week that it has been higher this week.

Had a good sleep in Toronto and went to a Bris this morning for a baby I delivered just over a week ago. Interesting cultural experience. I ate a good breakfast before and only tasted the goodies, including a delicious noodle kugel. (Never had it before). Yum. Lovely ceremony.

HOme and back on call. Hoping for some good busyness.
Bonnie, you just get back to healthy eating. DON't worry about exercise too much, but go shopping for good food and get rid of junk and start back on your plan. YOu can do it, and it will help your stress to eat well.
Happy Monday, hope everyone will have a good week. I guess you had a holiday today in the US, it is for us too in Ontario, its our Family Day.

02-21-2012, 07:06 AM
Spent Family Day in recovery mode after my friend's visit. We had a lovely and relaxing time but I'm back to "normal" today. BGL was weird yesterday: a 2.5 which soared to 12.6 after breakfast but seemed to level off later. Strange. This morning it's the usual 4.4.

Clean food day ahead as I really need to ditch this cold - five days is enough!

02-21-2012, 09:41 AM
rushing by...have a sales meeting for avon this morning...
waiting on tests of my liver. my 3 month check up my liver came in high. so he retested and said he was testing me for lupus and some other not so common problems. he looked back to 06 and i have never even been close to a high. so that is why he thinks it's a not so common problem. had blood drawn last thurs. so waiting. i try not to think about it. if it's still high and the other tests are normal he's sending me for an ultrasound so see what's going on. i will let you know when i know. gotta get going.

02-21-2012, 09:53 AM
short hello, as I go to bed. Will be interesting how my points will play out today. I had a granola bar with my tea on the way to working at 4 am, and then breakfast of yogurt and milk and cereal when I got home, and will have a morning nap. SO my breakfast is quite a few more points than usual.

I am hoping the higher carbs will help me sleep. But will be going low carb rest of the day I think.

02-21-2012, 04:07 PM
call came in. my blood work came back normal. he said my liver enzines were back down to where they should be. ***sigh***

02-21-2012, 05:11 PM
Well, weight is back down to where it was the week before so only up by half a lb now. Very happy about that one. My FBS was up 2 pts from yesterday, but I still feel the weight loss is the most important thing. So I'm pleased with how things are going with the weight.

DSIL is home today and will be home the next 2 days on suspension. He is off more than he is working. So I took the opportunity to go window shopping and got in about 2 hours of walking and bought some more fruit and foods for diet. It really felt good to get out. I felt like I was headed for depression and getting out solved that problem.

chipper So glad you got good news about the liver test and all is normal. What a relief.

Lindyloo :hug:Sorry to hear that your brother is back in the hospital. Hope he is better soon. Be sure to take care of yourself.

Bonnie :hug:So sorry to hear about you sister. Prayers and good vibes coming your way hoping all will go well. You have made such good progress and I hope that you will be able to remember that your health is so important and don't lose any more ground than you have too. I know it is hard but you can do it.

Mad Thanks for the suggestion about eating the bar. Never thought about the carbs at night helping me sleep. I've started taking Valerian Root to help me sleep. Any I have some Fiber Plus bars I bought so I can get enough fiber. After I read your post, I decided to eat one last night before I went to bed with my Metformin. Still had a charlie horse this morning and I'm not sure the Metformin is even helping me, but I will continue using it a little longer and see if it stops. I'm taking a super B-Complex and doc told me that CoQ10 is good for that and I'm taking double what I was taking for a while because I got the wrong one last month. I also found a cross the counter natural med to stop leg cramps, but I know sometimes it take a while for natural to start working. It is the 1st one in a while, but I just don't think that I should be having them at this point, but I could be wrong. DH thinks it means I'm not getting enough potassium. Will continue taking and see what happens.

Ruthie, Rie and others reading :wave:

Y'all have a good evening.

02-21-2012, 08:24 PM
Trish, funny about DSIL and suspension. DOn't know what he does for work, or why this happens, but I have a dear friend whose husband gets fired after a couple of months of work, and this has been happening for 25 years. I just can't imagine someone who doesn't learn from this, but more than anything else, this may be DD reason for needing her own better career, so she can make sure that her family is fed and cared for. Hope you can make it through supporting them for this time.

GOt some sleep but not until afternoon for some reason, hope for a quiet nite to get some more. DH made me a nice supper, and must resist treats tonight, tomorrow eve is weigh in.

02-22-2012, 08:17 AM
fbs 5.2 today, I didn't have my carby snack, went to be shortly after supper and slept until 630 am. Needed the rest for sure. Having steel cut oats for breakfast, cooked in milk, with berries.
Must get on the treadmill, have been too tired to get much exercise the last couple of days.
SO this is Wednesday, hump day. I have a dinner out for a friend's birthday this evening, but the good news is, is that the dinner will be AFTER my weigh in. So I will feel a bit freer to enjoy some of my weekly points.
Hope everyone has a good day and gets some activity in.

02-22-2012, 09:16 AM
Good morning. Still suffering from this blasted heavy cold but I think things are a bit better this morning. I've canceled commitments fro the rest of the week and am going to rest and sip green tea. Weight still the same and FBGL 4.2.

Reading back ... Patty, it may be time to remove the "D" from DSIL! You are such a patient woman. By now I'd have them on the street but I guess you "have to be there". Hugs and strength to you.

Chipper, isn't it good that the liver tests are OK. Why the ** sigh **? Relief?

Mad, when I did WW, I loved it when weigh-in was before an evening event. Actually our group used to go out for Chinese after the meeting.

Bonnie, have we seen a pic of the new short hair? A change always feels good. So sorry about your baby sister's diagnosis.

:welcome: Diva.

Lindyloo, sorry about your DB and wish him a good recovery this time.

Rie, I must try walk-it-out. Popcorn is one of my addictions too. I can convince myself that the low fat is OK and then put butter on it. :shrug:

02-22-2012, 10:37 AM
Hello all!

Somehow my post from yesterday disappeared? :?: Well, it wasn't terribly exciting so no real loss. ;)Fbs at 74 this morning. I am taking a day off from working out because my knees are really barking at me. They ached all day yesterday. Not sure why but I am thinking it is because I have been jumping out of the rental truck that I am driving- it doesn't have running boards. Also, I have played a lot of pool the last few days.

Mad, good luck on the weigh in! How are the wedding plans comming along?

Trish, :hug: I don't know what else to say. I think the carb+protein snack at bed time is important for me. I also agree about the potassium. When I stopped eating bananas all the time I had to supplement.

Bonnie, sorry about your sister but so glad that it is stage one and uterine, rather than some other types of cancer.

Ruth. Rest well and get better. There is a whole discussion group on WalkitOut on Amazon. I really enjoy it. But then, I like games and walking so it is a win.

Chipper, glad that the liver test was positive.

Sorry to anyone that I missed. Have a great day!


02-22-2012, 11:27 AM
A quick flyby this morning. DH has to go for a PT blood draw this morning. He is getting frustrated with our doctor. He hasn't like him for a long time, but we go because I like him. We are back to him wanting a blood stick 4 days before endoscopy which isn't bad and wants him on Lovanox which is too expensive to start with, but I understand that. But he wants him to come in and have it done again the morning of the procedure. Tony doesn't want to drink all that yucky stuff and then be told he can't have it done because the primary says no. The indegestion doc was going to do it anyway, but the primary says no. It is too expensive to take the shots for 4 days (hubby does them himself) and then be told no. So he says he isn't going to have it done. We think we need to see what the hemotologest learns first and then go from there. So may end up going to someone else. A friend at church told me that the Cardiologist that DH saw the first time when his urologist wanted the okay for his prostate surgery is a general practitioner now. Her husband goes to him. We wondered why we never saw him again and got someone new when he had asked if he would take DH as a cardiology patient. So may end up going to him.

I think we are eating at Pizza Hut today and I've already got 2 slices of cheese pizza counted on the WW etools. Got my food planned for the day.


02-22-2012, 11:49 PM
did well with supper out, was careful with the food, since we went back to someone's house for cake and ice cream. Yum. COunted the points, and overall had a good day. Also got to yoga this afternoon. Weigh in was fine, continuing downward, but was really hoping to be under 170 for the end of the month. Thats still 3 pounds away, so not too likely, but will keep trucking as it goes.

02-23-2012, 02:10 AM
Didn't realize it is so late. I'm headed to bed and will probably sleep in tomorrow. I have to get up very early Friday as DSIL works and the other kid's Dad is coming to get them tomorrow night and keep them till Sunday. DGD usually gets the baby up when he gets up, but won't be here.

We ended up not going to Pizza Hut. Went to Huddle House and sorry but I love Country Fried Steak. Not exactly like I used to make when DH#2 was living, but it works and I always eat it when I go there. Watched my pts for the rest of the day and my pts and didn't even have to use and of the other pts. In fact, I still had 2 pts left. That is where WW really helps me.

Mad - There is still one more Wednesday this month so maybe you will be really close to your goal. I think I have to keep closer to the regular pts and not use so many WW or AP. I'm trying using the AP daily instead of my WP this week to see how that works for me. I've read that some people do that so will see how it works out.

Going to bed. BBL

02-23-2012, 09:02 AM
Patty, you are up too late! Hope you have a good lie-in.

Rie, jumping out of the truck could be the cause of the knee problem. A few weeks ago when mine were so bad, I did the same thing getting out of friend Doug's truck. It didn't hurt at the time but Ouch the next morning.

BGL 3.7 and the ticker is not lying this morning. I've been resting and drinking lots of water this week and seem to have shaken this lousy cold. I've not had this kind of cold for three years and it usually lasts for weeks. I'm hoping rest, water and Vit C have chased it away. Canceling everything this week has really helped, I think. I've not even gone for the mail!

Happy Thursday.

02-23-2012, 10:47 AM
Just a quick flyby this morning.

Fbs at 79 this morning. I managed 7 hours of sleep after a late night at pool league so I missed my workout this morning. I got my own pickup back from repair last night. It is so much more comfortable and it has running boards so my short little legs can step into it easily.

Sorry no time this morning.... I will try to get back later.


02-24-2012, 08:35 AM
morning ladies....
i am in a slump. the darn scale is moving the wrong way. i know that it happens sometimes. i know all that. it's just a bummer when it happens. i have been faithful with diet/exercise. drinking my water. i have some really sore legs muscles for some reason. i know they will hold water while they repair themselves. i know all this. it's just so frustrating. reread my past weeks of food intake and nothng different. it seems to be after i was sick. which i knew it would happen. you don't eat while sick. than back at it and the pounds find you again. just have to keep plugging away. tried to eat a little more yesterday just to see what happens.
sorry to vent. need to get the housework done and laundry going. i like doing laundry. just the putting away i don't like. everything is so clean. it's already 70* here and suppose to go higher and storms. i think i might open the windows and let some stink out and fresh rain air in.
have a good one.

02-24-2012, 10:05 AM
I tried several times to get on here yesterday and couldn't. I think 3fc must be having some problems. My enternet worked and I could get to 3fc main page but couldn't open the forum for some reason.

Well I had a binge last night which I haven't had in years. Don't have any idea :shrug: what was going on. But not :nono: going to let that happen again. Too many things going on I guess. I've just got to get a grip so to speak. I may not can control everything, but I sure can control me in the situations. Don't know what to do about the Metformin. Took the whole 1,000 mg at night and FBS was down. This morning was different with the children gone with their Dad this weekend and I forgot to take FBS. But after binge last night maybe I didn't want to. Still had a muscle spasm yesterday but I remember doc saying CoQ10 is supposed to help with that too. So I switched it to take at night so will see how it goes.

chipper Go do something for yourself. Monday night DD came in and told us her hubby was suspended from his job T-W-Th. Although I have experience depression, I don't think I thought of myself as being a depressed person. I felt like I was too overwhelmed and you might say in a slump. So Tuesday I got up dressed and left house. I did this for 2 reasons. 1. I needed to get out because I felt like I just wanted to run away from everything because it was all closing in on me. 2. I want DD and DSIL to know that when they are home they are responsible for the baby. I even used an incident the other day to drop the idea in to DSIL that as a student DD can get child care really cheap, because there are too many doc appts etc that we cannot take him with DH and me. Any way, Tuesday I made it "MY DAY". I just went to Dollar Tree and Walmart and walked around (exercise) and it was good for me. I've done that 2 times this week while he is home because I need to get out. I don't know what you need, but ask yourself and just DO IT. "A THIS IS FOR ME KIND OF THING"

Ruthie - I don't know if I'm a patient woman or not. I just don't want to let him get to me. He gets upset about being Daddy to DD children and how their Daddy pops in and he is the best. But he doesn't really understand that he doesn't act like a daddy with them. I'm a step-mom myself and raised 3 step-children. I spent A LOT of quality time with them everyday. I made sure they never felt like a step-child. These kids spend time with their mother when they can. Example, when she is home, they may spend the whole day with her and as soon as he comes home they have to leave the room and come downstairs. It appears to me that when he is home he doesn't want them around unless it is a planned hour at the table or a couple of hours watching a movie on tv. That is not building a daddy relationship with them. My problem was the opposite with my kids because I loved having them around me all the time. I know I was wierd.:dizzy:

Rie, Mad, Lindyloo, Bonnie, Diva and all:wave: Everyone have a great day.

02-24-2012, 11:51 AM
Hello all.

fbs at 80 this morning. I am frustrated with the scale because it is not moving! GRRR. There is a little girl inside me that says that "If I do what I am supposed to, the scale should reward me!" LOL Oh well.

Trish, hang in there. I am glad that you can come here and vent about your situation. Remember that if you parent while either adult is home, they will let you.

Ruth, I hope that you are feeling better. I am in another round of this darn cold. I haven't been able to totally shake it since the holidays. A few days of feeling better, then sick, repeat. Many of my friends are in the same boat.

Chipper. I think the smell of rain-freshened air is a good cure for many things. I hope things get better.

Mad, you are sure doing well with the WW. It is tough to manage everything and keep up with responsibilities, don't you think?

Off to work.


02-25-2012, 09:39 AM
Just a quick hello, off to work and see all the new babies born this week. It has been a little birth storm along with a snow storm! Hopefully, today's busyness will just be visits and a skills teaching.
I am doing well with ww, but I would like the scale to move a little faster myself. I will be on clinic duties for 11 days starting tomorrow night, so will try to take advantage of the regular schedule to kick start March for weightloss and get under 170.
WIll do personals later.

02-25-2012, 01:39 PM
Mad - I know Mothers really appreciate you as you have so much info to help them. I don't know about you, but I've been eating too much carby processed foods this past week or 2. I didn't go over my points even when I had the binge, but it was just too much carb as too much salt. I just hope I can at least stay the same weight for my WI tomorrow. I'm sre you will probably do better good when you get on your other schedule and will see a drop and maybe even see your goal of being under 170.

Well, after acting like a crazy woman for the past week or so, I think I have my head on straight this today. Plan this week week is to make my food plan in advance each day. Also I'm going back to trying to use only my daily pts; not going to use the Activity pts and try to save the Weekly pts for when eating out or for those days I seem to need a little more. I also plan to eat less carby processed foods. I think making a plan, writing it down in advance and following it will help to me do better.

Hope everyone has a great week end.

02-26-2012, 07:02 AM
Weight and BGL up a tiny bit this morning but I know why. I made a meatloaf last night and threw in a bunch of BBQ spice. Checked this morning and first ingredient is salt. Sure tasted good though.

Still struggling my way through the remains of this cold but I think I'm winning. Canceling stuff last week sure helped but I'm afraid I can't manage that this week. I plan to get back to the gym tomorrow if I'm not coughing.

We had an " dump of snow on Friday so I got my exercise shoveling yesterday! Now to get back into a scheduled routine.

02-26-2012, 12:23 PM

fbs at 86 this morning. I played in a pool tourney all weekend. I ate supper really late last night and I was so hungry.... Not good. Too many calories and fat, even controlling carbs. My cold is worse today, too little rest.... I am going to rest and give my ugly winter feet a pedicure. Mad, after I get back from my trip this week, I will join you in the attempt to get below 170!

Sorry, no energy today. Later!


02-26-2012, 02:58 PM
Ruthie and Rie - Sorry to hear you are struggling with colds. May have been why I was so way off the pas.t 2 weeks. Still have a lingering cough especially bad at night. Sure hope you get over y'alls really fast.

I'm back OP today. I think I'm rid of most of the tempting junk. Getting back to more lower carbs and see how I feel and how FBS does. Eating more like the old Carbohyrate Addict's way of eating by eating the starchy type veggies and fruit earlier in the day and only once a day and see how I do. I'm trying to cut back on salt too.

Ended up with a 3 lb loss, but that is just part of the weight I gained the last 2 weeks. Sure hope I can get rid of those lbs and head to my first 5% weight loss on WW.

Hey EVERYBODY have a really great Sunday.

02-26-2012, 08:06 PM
Hi everyone:
So last night I had a bit of a binge, we were at a friend's party and there was homemade crackers and brie, so used up most of the rest of my weekly points enjoying that. I am hopeless at parties. Told DH I don't want to go to anymore parties that don't involve playing music or playing games or dancing to keep me occupied.
DId get out for a trail walk today, first exercise in days, have been so busy with work. Planning for hot yoga tomorrow evening, when I am off call.

SO today I am eating tons of veggies and fruit, as I find it hard to fill up on my daily points.
I also have to keep a couple of points for snacks watching the Oscars tonite!

Trish: I am glad that the weigh in went ok after the binge. I seem to go right up on the scale and have problems getting it back down. Hope that I will be down again for weigh in on Wednesday evening.
Ruth: glad you know why the scale is up a bit, but meatloaf is yummy!

Have a happy Sunday evening friends.

02-28-2012, 09:03 AM
Where did yesterday go? Did we lose some posts?

FBGL a tad low this morning at 3.3 but that's from only a few carbs with dinner. I had a huge serving of roasted broccoli, cauliflower and peppers. I do love roasted veggies. Weight is still true to my ticker.

My cold is slowly departing and I slept right through the night with no coughing. I did not get to the gym yesterday but did tread the mill a bit in the morning. Hoping to get to the gym tomorrow morning. I have a 9 a.m. meeting in that town so there's an incentive.

I'm still wondering what happened to Monday. Did anyone post?

02-28-2012, 09:48 AM
Ruthie Glad the cold is going away. I didn't realize until you mentioned the cough that I didn't cough during the night either.

02-28-2012, 09:53 AM
Took DH to the hemotologist and primary doc yesterday and his blood count is up to 11. Hemotologist has ruled out any blood diseases. He did give us a copy of the results of tests with what he wants the Digestive to check for in the endoscopy he is having the 12th of March. He thinks that Tony had cardiovasular infection and it is beginning to heal. He said that he was very pleased with the results although he is kind of concerned about the liver which he wants the digestive doc to check. Primary wants him to keep doubling his iron until his blood count reaches 12. So we're still working on recovery. Since he will only eat 1 meal a day (then munches the rest of the day), I make sure that one meal is a really good healthy meal as I really think that he got malnutritioned more than anything.

Me? I'm working on getting my carbs lower again. Not Atkins low but eat healthier myself. Getting back on the Metformin. Moved all my vitamins etc that are supposed to keep the leg cramps away to night time when I take the last Met hoping that will keep them away. Making healthier carby choises like fruits, veggies and a few whole grains. I've been going into my weekly points too much and want to get back to using less of those and save them for special times. Guess I'm kind of backing into that.

Got to get busy. Monday's laundry moved to today and the therapist comes today for Jaxxon. DSIL, who is working all week this week, took Jaxx to doc last week and she thinks he is a little autistic (?) and wants him to have speech therapy. His other Grandmother who works with Special needs children told DD that they have schools he can get into and it is free to help him. So they are talking about putting him in a special eds day care which will help me since DH has all these doc appts. We would probably try to put him in as a drop in. He will get to play with other kids which would be good for him to learn social skills.
Y'all have a great day

02-28-2012, 10:19 AM

fbs at 86 this morning. I am tired and still fighting this lingering cold.

Ruth, I posted yesterday but it isn't here. The site was acting weird.

Trish, specialized day care for the little guy, even a couple days a week would be great for you.

Mad, I hope you enjoyed the yoga.

Gotta run. Busy day.


02-28-2012, 01:31 PM
Hi Everyone Its been a while have been very busy here. My son is having a hard tie cause they had to take him off enbrel cause it dont work for him anymore and now they are trying to get him on Humaria . Thanks for all the kind words for my sister she had her Hysterectomy on wed and she jest got home sunday they said all is expected to be well..

When I get a little time I will check back in with you guys and write something. Hey I changed my Pic I need to get a better one this is from my phone... will be back soon..

02-28-2012, 04:12 PM
Hi Everyone Its been a while have been very busy here. My son is having a hard tie cause they had to take him off enbrel cause it dont work for him anymore and now they are trying to get him on Humaria . Thanks for all the kind words for my sister she had her Hysterectomy on wed and she jest got home sunday they said all is expected to be well..

When I get a little time I will check back in with you guys and write something. Hey I changed my Pic I need to get a better one this is from my phone... will be back soon..

So glad your sister is going to be okay. Love the pic and the hair color. You look good. Hope the new medicine works for your son.

02-29-2012, 08:32 AM
Whew! I'm glad some other posts disappeared Monday. Thanks for clearing my confusion, Rie. Suzanne spent a lot of time with the techies and got things working properly again. Sometimes she's sorry she sold the site to Internet Brands.

Patty, that's good news about your wee grandboy. It would be good for him and take some pressure off you. I am sure you are still worried about your DH though.

Bonnie, glad that you sister is home and recovering well. Sorry about your son and hope they get the med problems resolved soon.

Mad, I'd find homemade crackers hard to resist but brie would be impossible, especially baked. I must confess I scarfed down a donut (Timmy's) the other day and found the guilt overwhelming. We do the best we can.

Well, my damned cold has decided to just start over. Today I have sneezing and a runny nose. :shrug: I'll make some hot and sour soup which may burn it out of me. Weight blipped up two pounds overnight - corned beef! - but BGL is a decent 4.3. 4.0 to 4.9 is normal people range according to my doc.

Last day of February. New March thread starts tomorrow. First one in gets the privilege.

02-29-2012, 10:52 AM
Morning everyone. Wow Feb is almost over! My first full month on WW. Hoping to hit 5% weight loss by the end of the month. Only 2 lbs to go by Sunday. Going in for my Dr. appt. Mar 12 to see how my A1C is. Can't wait. It was 8.5 I believe.Hoping for a 7 at least.

02-29-2012, 11:07 AM
Good Morning friends!

Happy Hump day! fbs at 85 this morning. It has been up for a couple days, probably a combination of this lingering cold and lack of exercise. My body and joints ache so much I just don't feel like working out. Must get back on track because the scale is not dropping.

Early tomorrow morning I will fly to Grand Forks ND to visit my son, dil and gs. I am excited. Although, I understand that there is a brutal winter storm there right now.

I will try to get back later for personals.


02-29-2012, 11:41 AM
A quick flyby this morning to say :wave: Hi. Another docs appt for DH. Regular visit with cardiologist. New experience cause couldn't get it changed to Friday cause doc won't be there Friday so we are taking DGS with us. I'll BBL to do individuals.

Have a great dat.

02-29-2012, 10:42 PM
I got woken up this morning at my son screaming and we went running into his room and he is screaming that he couldnt breath. Hubby called 911 they rushed him to the hospital. They did cat scan on him . They wanted to make sure that he didnt have any blood clots that would make him do this. All come out ok they said they think that him using crutches and him straining has made him pull a muscle or cart ledge That made the pain shoot around to his chest and when he breathed in made him freak cause it hurt so bad that he started to hyperventilate, Sothey gave him some pain meds for a few days and told him to check back with his dr.

Than I had to come home and take my two daughters to mental health for their appointment . I totally lost it in their when I was in for my one daughter I have a 17 year old who thinks my house is hers and theirare no rules for her..

Well I think I rambled enough so I will be going and Will talk to you later.
Thanks on the compliments on my hair I like it so much better too.

03-01-2012, 10:19 AM

just skimmed through the posts. i have been to so many doctors in the last two weeks, i lost count. let's see i have had.
~retested for the liver. came back normal. good news
~bone density test done. normal
~pap. good bladder still in place. (had to have it tacked 2xs)
~eyes. slight change in glasses. otherwise he said the diabetes hasn't done any damage.
~ortho for shoulder. now, i have bursitis and he said the bones are pretty beaten up. funny i am right handed and this is my left. so gave me a large dose of cortisone. now sugars were 170 this morning. now 115. so going down. today now i have to go to PT for the shoulder. just one time for her to show me some exercises. asking her about strength training. since i can't build my routine on strength training i decided to get back into more running. did a nice C25K day 1 wk 1. it was sprinkling when i started and a light rain when i ended. felt so dam good. a nice 55* outside.
~still yet to get mammogram done. will make that appt. today.
then done until check up on shoulder and my 3month check ups. everything else good for another year, some 2 years.

need to get some thing done around here.

have a great day.