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Great encouragement from all. Thanks! I like the weekly reward idea. I think I'll do that too.

last night dinner - pasta/stewed tomatoes (700) daily total (about 2,000) stewed tomatoes are really good and really low cal/healthy - about 100 cals for the whole can!

breakfast cereal/milk (300)
lunch - veggie omelete, 4 pieces of bacon (not good, but I passed up the toast and potatoes), one plum (about 700 - a big omelete)
lots of water
plan for dinner - broiled bass and some veggies (I'll have to stop at the farm stand and buy something healthy probably zuchini and summer squash) (about 500-1000 left for dinner)

exercise - one hour of kayaking, low key not too strenuous but I got out there with my son. I hope to go for a swim too. I was taking a long ride to p/u my son. I was passing fast food restaurant after restaurant. I'm used to stopping and getting a diet coke and perhaps a treat. Instead we stopped at the state park and went kayaking for an hour for about the same cost (perhaps a little more).

Keep it up everyone. We're on a path to a better future!!!!

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