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Thanks for responding to this thread. It's very helpful to me to check in. I agree a discretion here and there won't hurt.

Here's my day so far:

Exercise - extreme classroom set up. Nine hours straight of moving furniture, putting up bulletin boards, passing out materials, etc., etc. I have to pay extra for day care to do this so I try to finish it up as quickly as I can before school starts. Today I did all the heavy lifting/moving work, next time I'll do all the think work/paperwork. Then I'll be set to start at the end of Aug.

Food - breakfast - spinach, potato (not too many pieces), onion frittata made with low fat milk and some cheddar cheese - very yummy. I'd say about 500 calories.
oj - 110

Lunch - four plums - yes four, they were so good! (180 cals), yogurt smooothie - plain yogurt, fresh strawberries and banana and ice (about 300)

so far 1090 (calorie goal for now 1500-2000)

sw210/gw150 (still haven't got to the gym to weigh myself but my pants feel a little loose - perhaps I'll get their tonight. Depends on my husband's schedule)

Good luck everyone!!! Thanks for the support!
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