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Default Daily Check-In

Anyone interested in a daily check-in. The focus would be to email one, two or three times a day to check in on the following:

exercise yes/no - if so, what kind?
Food not eaten - the food you passed up to lose weight even thought you wanted it.
healthy eating report and/or calories consumed.

Also, thoughts, feelings, etc.

I know this would really help me lose weight. I also know it would fit my busy lifestyle to be able to check in at any time.

I'll start. Mom's birthday party - difficult.

exercise - lots of heavy cleaning
food not eaten - alcohol, ice cream, kids' cake, sweet bagel, cream cheese
healthy eating - lots of fruit instead of ice cream, lots of water
calories - 2200 (daily calorie goal - 1500-2000 to start)

I made a plan before the party and pretty much stuck with it. I still ate a lot, but a lot less than I would usually have eaten.

sw 210/gw 150
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