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Hi Dee and Tori!

We had such a fun night at the ball park last night. We went to the Cincinnati Reds game with friends and we were in the club house section where all the food is FREE! I was very careful with my food.

Tonight we are going with some friends to Octoberfest in Newport KY. It's nice to get out and about...some walking will be involved tonight and that's good!

Tori: we all have bumps in the road and I'm sure you will get that 2 lb back off..try to get it off in a week with another .25 or .50 or even 1 lb off and you will feel like you are moving forward again. Let me know if you get on My Fitness Pal.

Dee: I will check out the website. The probiotic that P&G has is called Align.
Thanks for all the websites and their info! I will be checking them out.
I thought Nashville was pretty good but not the best. I think the season will be good. I will be glued to the season opener of Revenge on Sunday night.
Have fun with your grandbabies this weekend!

My food yesterday:

Chobani - Peach Non-Fat Greek Yogurt, Hostess - Mini Blue Berry Muffins, 1 package
Bob Evans - Veggie Omlet Without Toast, 1 serving
Larosa's Pizzeria - Pizza - Cheese, Large, Traditional Crust, 2 slice (80g)
Mcdonald's - Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait (With Everything) Granola,blueberries,strawberries,low Fat Yogurt, 1 Container (5.2oz)
TOTAL: 1,079

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