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cheeriloos 09-25-2013 08:57 AM

The Onederland Express-Hop on Here!! #9 All Aboard!
:welcome3: to the Onederland Express! Everyone welcome to join. Let's go!

cheeriloos 09-25-2013 09:02 AM

I'm in!

10% will be 23.8 so say 24lbs, but i wanna hit 199 by Christmas so I am pushing for 36 lbs!

:tree: Christmas Challenge!! :tree:
S tart Sept 01-235.2
Week 01 09/09-234.4 down (-.8) 35.4lbs left
Week 02 09/16-229.0 down (-6.2) 30lbs left
Week 03 09/23-225.8 down (-9.4) 26.8lbs left
Week 04 09/30-
Week 05 10/07-
Week 06 10/14-
Week 07 10/21-
Week 08 10/28-
Week 09 11/04-
Week 10 11/11-
Week 11 11/18-
Week 12 11/25-
Week 13 12/02-
Week 14 12/09-
Week 15 12/16-
Week 16 12/23-
:tree: Merry Christmas:tree: My present :gift2:to myself will be a healthier body!! Yay!!


miniDoodles 09-25-2013 02:43 PM

Hey Tori :hug: TY for starting our new thread.

I'm down 3# this week :D The only thing different I've done is I've taken 5 Probiotic tablets. I watched a PBS show about how: stress, belly-aches, constipation, heart-burn, RX & antibiotics can affect our GI tract. I was @ Kroger & saw the same person that had the same PBS seminar on a bottle of pills on sale thru October 30/$14. I bought them because I've had all those symptoms this year. Those pills have helped me in several ways including more energy :smug: So while they r on sale I'll buy several more bottles & I'll take them daily for another week; then I'll take 3 tablets weekly to keep my GI tract healthy; the 3# weight loss was a happy bonus. My dh's cancer tumor was attached to his colon & his oncologist recommends probiotics along w eating healthy & assumes that Everyone that has the symptoms discussed on the PBS seminar knows about the importance of a healthy GI tract & mortality. Here is a link to read more about the person I watched on PBS ww.brendawatson.com if anyone is interested.

Tori & Susie ;) I'm sooo proud of U for sticking to your Christmas goals :carrot:

About the 'work-out goal' I'm in; I'll just Pledge to do 250 minutes=35 minutes daily. My upper body, abs & back r very strong; but my quads r not as strong so I'll focus on that area, prob w lunges, walking & light weights so I won't re-injure my knee.

Susie, my 2 fav cats that I've taken care of r 2 girls; a beautiful big~sweet Rag-doll & a Persian w the personality of Miss Piggy from the Muppets :queen:

Today is dh & my 'fast day' (for Jesus) w eating light. Breakfast was a cup of milk w protein powder & lunch was a pear w a cup of milk. Supper will b a cup of milk & a cup of steamed broccoli sprinkled w parmesan cheese. If I'm hungry later I'll have a glass of water flavored w cucumber slices & a cup of hot tomato juice w chili powder. If I don't have a protein 3x day I have 'no energy' to function at all. On our 'fast days' I stay under 700 calories & because dh needs muscle energy, he eats 1,000 cals. Our other 'fast day' is on Mondays, some ppl call Mondays meatless & we always have a healthy veggie soup @ lunch & supper.

Anybody watching the Voice, wow such awesome talent this season! Nashville returns tonight, I'll b watching it :cool:

cheeriloos 09-25-2013 02:56 PM

Dee~ yw :D

Thats really interesting, there are so many different links to our health and many disease through our gi tract ,i believe my vitiligo is related to that and I do have yeast overgrowth again is recommended that I take probiotics, i havent yet, maybe I'll try some .

I will commit to 3 hours per week, its doable and for me to commit thats what I need, doable. Im still losing but, today is such a frustrating day im feeling super impatient...

MyChoice2bfit 09-25-2013 10:49 PM

Hi! I found you all! Thanks Tori for starting the new thread.

Thanks for starting the new thread. I'm not getting my workouts in but I am logging my food on "My Fitness Pal".

Dee: Glad to see you are 3 lbs.

I have never tried probitics but I know a lot about them (P&G has a line of them and I worked in that business unit for almost 2 years). I might try them.

I'm watching Nashville...let me know what you think of the opener?

MyChoice2bfit 09-27-2013 10:02 AM

A loss!
Hi! I am happy to report a 3.25 lb loss at TOPS weigh-in last night.:carrot::carrot::carrot:

It felt great to see that on the scale and it made me want to do it all again next week.

I feel that logging my food on My Fitness Pal was very helpful. We all know that seeing where we are with our calories is key.

Tori and Dee: Would you guys consider joining MyFitnessPal and trying it. We could be "friends" on there and you can set your profile that only your "friends" can see your profile. If you do join, let me know and I will send you my profile name.

I took a vacation day from work today to try and get somethings done around this house. I will most likely work for a couple of hours to get a report done but that is all I am planning to work on.

We are going to a Reds game tonight with some friends. I'm looking forward to it.

I have a question about the Probiotic tablets. Are you taking them with food or without? The directions don't say which to do.

Have a great ON PLAN day ladies!

cheeriloos 09-27-2013 01:18 PM

I had two Binge days, gained 2 lbs..I'm back on track and things will be fine!

Susie! That's great!! 3.25lbs ba-boom!! :carrot:I'll look into the fitnesspal I think I have one that I never use.

miniDoodles 09-27-2013 08:48 PM

Susie, I found no pills @ stores of equal quality as hers; so I was happy to see them on sale now @ Kroger through Oct.30 for -$4 less than the website. I bought the 'daily maintenance' to not shock my GI tract w being a beginner on probiotics. This is what is helping me: Ultimate Flora RTS Daily Probiotic 15 Billion the label reads ~ {Once-Daily Maintenance Probiotic Supports Digestive and Immune Health with 15 Billion Live Cultures/contains 10 beneficial Bifido and Lacto probiotic strains working differently to optimize digestive health/With many different strains of probiotics in our intestinal tract, more strains are better/As we age, our level of Bifidobacteria declines. Ultimate Flora Daily Probiotic contains 50% Bifido to help maintain a healthy digestive environment.} The directions say to take 1 capsule daily w a light meal. Click on your needs/concerns @ her website ww.brendawatson.com it has health info about several things besides the GI & also see 'her pic' Susie she looks like she could b your older sister/mom :) If P&G has a probiotic w the same contents as hers, Please post the name here for us so I can see if it is locally sold & it's price. TY
That is soo interesting that U were working in the dept. @ P&G, U r so fortunate to work in the probiotic unit for 2 years.
I don't like the previews for next week on Nashville, I want Rena & Deacon to stay in Luv & b together by the end of this season. The new show was ok, not as exciting as I thought it would b, I did like seeing their beginning Luv story. Teddy was a *** about the new baby & I want Scarlett & her 1st boyfriend back together because he deserves another chance; not her song-partner jerk that she sang with @ the bar/he's kinda weird. I can barely wait to see Revenge next Sunday night, I love that show & seeing Emily shot falling into the water!!! How can she survive that??? Do U have any New fav tv shows yet?

Tori, U said U had >> (2 binge days & gained 2 lbs) << We all fall down & U got back up & on track :D, It's prob mostly water & you'll dance-off those 2# ;) in a flash. I shopped & timed my walking/steps/pedometer for over 3 1/2 hrs today & my legs were achy, I'm counting that as my exercise today. I was exhausted & got deli food for supper. So shopping w my pedometer on me will count towards my daily-challenge-time, I also had on my wrist-pulse heart rate monitor on & I was burning fat :carrot: U mentioned a yeast prob here is a link to it, U prob already know this info, but I didn't know anything about it till I clicked on digestive conditions. I read she has a formula to help ppl w your condition. ww.brendawatson.com/digestive-conditions/candida

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend, we're taking the 4 grandbabes to supper/a pizza buffet & Saturday @ 7pm see the movie: Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2, this will b the first time our 2 1/2 yr. has been @ a movie theater & we know he'll giggle loudly. We're keeping the kids overnight & mommy & dad r going to a annual adults-only hayride party.

ps: We r not supposed to post links on 3FC, so that's why I omit the first w on websites, we all know there r 3 w's on all the sites, so just add a w to my links:). Brenda W. also has a free: Daily Health Journal to log-on that has things listed I've never seen before, so here it is & I'm probably printing it out to use & also send it to my KindleFire tablet to use. She also has a healthy, good diet book w the focus on total health, go take a peek. A few of my tops friends use her Fiber diet book. ww.brendawatson.com/diet/daily-health-journal/ ww.brendawatson.com/diet/daily-health-journal/Daily-Health-Journal.pdf

:wave: :beach:

MyChoice2bfit 09-28-2013 10:37 AM

Hi Dee and Tori!

We had such a fun night at the ball park last night. We went to the Cincinnati Reds game with friends and we were in the club house section where all the food is FREE! I was very careful with my food.

Tonight we are going with some friends to Octoberfest in Newport KY. It's nice to get out and about...some walking will be involved tonight and that's good!

Tori: we all have bumps in the road and I'm sure you will get that 2 lb back off..try to get it off in a week with another .25 or .50 or even 1 lb off and you will feel like you are moving forward again. Let me know if you get on My Fitness Pal.

Dee: I will check out the website. The probiotic that P&G has is called Align.
Thanks for all the websites and their info! I will be checking them out.
I thought Nashville was pretty good but not the best. I think the season will be good. I will be glued to the season opener of Revenge on Sunday night.
Have fun with your grandbabies this weekend!

My food yesterday:

Chobani - Peach Non-Fat Greek Yogurt, Hostess - Mini Blue Berry Muffins, 1 package
Bob Evans - Veggie Omlet Without Toast, 1 serving
Larosa's Pizzeria - Pizza - Cheese, Large, Traditional Crust, 2 slice (80g)
Mcdonald's - Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait (With Everything) Granola,blueberries,strawberries,low Fat Yogurt, 1 Container (5.2oz)
TOTAL: 1,079

mandydawn77 09-28-2013 11:14 AM

I haven't posted in any of the onederland threads yet, but that is definitely a big goal of mine. I honestly don't remember the last time I weighed under 200 pounds. I was a kid, that's how long it has been. I still have 50 pounds to go, but I really want to stay on track and live a healthier life. This year I've done so well at staying active. I started zumba classes the end of january and I LOVE it! I try to go all 4 days each week and I truly hate it when I have to miss a class or if they don't have it due to a holiday. I've never had an exercise routine that I truly enjoyed. It's hard, especially in the beginning, I sweat my butt off for an hour. It's so worth it though. It has really helped me get more active. I have more energy and I don't mind taking the stairs anymore :) I'm a stronger and happier person. Unfortunately doing zumba alone didn't cause weight loss. I did it for months and actually just gained weight. I started dieting again mid June and I lost all the weight I had gained back since I gave up during the holidays last year. Now I've reached a new low and I'm back on track. 14 more pounds and I'll reach the 100 pound lost and then my next goal is onederland!

I also use my fitness pal and I think it really helps. I'm actually doing weight watchers again, so I also have a points tracker on my phone as well, but I like the features of mfp and I like to see the calories as well as the points.

miniDoodles 10-01-2013 06:00 PM

Hi Girls I hope your week is going Well :smug:
mandydawn77 :welcome2: to this thread! Please feel @ home here w whatever U want to say-share.

Susie, U always have such wonderful weekends w your friends :D Being in the club house section @ the Cincinnati Reds; I would've made myself b your 'Royal food taster' :queen: & had 2 bites tasting everything there w U :p :p :p
Then to go eat/drink German @ Oktoberfest; I'd have to wear my dancing shoes to Polka dance-off my food/drinks...
U just have to share those 2 days w me :hug: so I can re-live your special moments & what yummy foods U ate & what U bought ;)

Tori, even though U r visiting other threads, I miss U here :hug: Please come back to post... Did U ever get a sewing machine like U wanted to sew new & re-style clothing? Amazon has wonderful buys, I bought a very good Brother machine [I paid $169] w many good features last year for the kids to learn-on & my 8 & 10 yr. olds made: pillowcases/pillows, pajama tops-pants, summer shorts, skirts & used the decorative stitches on clothes. We use new fabric & I also had some clothes w cute prints that I no-longer wear & we re-cut those & recycled that fabric into some cute shorts & skirts :cool: for them. If U r unsure about a pattern's fit, sew it first on muslin or larger recycled clothing fabric before using your favorite fabric. ww.amazon.com/Brother-Feature-Rich-Built-In-Auto-Size-Buttonholes/dp/B000JQM1DE It's extremely-Inexpensive @ 69% off :o $139 for a new machine w great reviews, it won't last long @ this new lower price & Free shipping. My other 4 machines each cost from $200 - $4,000 {my HV embroidery} that I use for personal & my business, plus I have my 2 sergers & a felting machine. I don't quilt, I don't have the time.

We had a fun weekend w the kids & it was 78* so we went to the lake Sunday & swam. Saturday night the baby stayed awake for the entire movie [7pm-8:30pm], he was fascinated :cool: w the huge indoor movie screen & all kids there. Well I lost another 3 lbs. without trying, I'm 138 lbs. & I don't want to lose anymore because my clothes will b baggy :( So I ate a bag of peanut-butter M&M's on Sunday & my weight is stable today. If I loses lbs. again this week I'll eat my snack later @ 8-9pm to gain weight; we all know that we don't eat 3 hours before bedtime or otherwise that snack turns directly into :( Fat. I'm storing my summer clothes this week, our temps r going into the 60's next week. I pack 7 summer 'clothing sets' w sandals in a garment-bag just in case a unexpected warm trip pops-up :cool: for us; I hated looking through all my summer clothing when that happened one winter to us.

Breakfast= chopped apple/brown-sugar topped oatmeal.
Lunch= tortilla chips w fresh diced veggies & peach & pineapple chipotle salsa, topped w spicy Mexican cheeses, no meat.
Snack= 2 oz. walnuts & 1 T. chocolate chips.
Supper= peach & pineapple chipotle salsa on brown rice, topped w bacon (oven-baked, not fried); plus a cucumber salad.
Snack= 2 glasses chocolate milk.

PS: I'm changing my work-out pledge to 20 minutes 6 days, because I don't want to lose more weight. I just want to build my upper-body muscle strength :workout: When I gain 5 lbs. I'll add more time.

cheeriloos 10-01-2013 09:10 PM

I'm in!

10% will be 23.8 so say 24lbs, but i wanna hit 199 by Christmas so I am pushing for 36 lbs!

:tree: Christmas Challenge!! :tree:
S tart Sept 01-235.2
Week 01 09/09-234.4 down (-.8) 35.4lbs left
Week 02 09/16-229.0 down (-6.2) 30lbs left
Week 03 09/23-225.8 down (-9.4) 26.8lbs left
Week 04 09/30-226.6 went off the rails a tad, today is my baby's 3 year birthday.. cake..
Week 05 10/07-
Week 06 10/14-
Week 07 10/21-
Week 08 10/28-
Week 09 11/04-
Week 10 11/11-
Week 11 11/18-
Week 12 11/25-
Week 13 12/02-
Week 14 12/09-
Week 15 12/16-
Week 16 12/23-
:tree: Merry Christmas:tree: My present :gift2:to myself will be a healthier body!! Yay!!


MyChoice2bfit 10-01-2013 10:09 PM


I have worked out two days in a row! :carrot:

It's amazing how much better I feel when I move.

I am staying just a little under my calorie allowance and so I feel good about that.

Dee: The weight is just falling off you. I'm glad you have a plan in place to not lose anymore but rather be healthy and build upper body strength.

Tori: Thanks fo coming and posting. Birthday cake....BIG weakness of mine. Have you been going to your dance workouts to get it back off?

Hi ManyDawn77: Thanks for sharing a bit of your journey with us. I am just starting to use My Fitness Pal and I find it VERY helpful

cheeriloos 10-02-2013 09:34 AM

Hey guys, longer post tomorrow, I have been off everything, 228 today, wake-up call!! Today is Monday to me and I'm starting fresh,, I know it Wednesday to you..it's Monday for me.

miniDoodles 10-04-2013 06:56 PM

Hello, pretty quiet here the last month :o
Susie :smug: Working-out 2 days in a row IS great :carrot: About the calorie thing; several factors w that like: health RX, allergies, sex, jobs, metabolisms, age, bone size. Like I'm average bone frame; but the same height as TV's Kelly Ripa who wears a size 0 who has a petite bone frame & looks very good @ her weight & she prob weighs under 100# & she's 43 yr. She works-out 3 days wkly. w a trainer she says & she runs the other 4 days.
Sooo we all gotta keep trying things to find our 'Happy Place' for our bodies to b Healthy & our Self-esteem. I'm Extremely Proud of everyone Everywhere who takes action to b Healthy, but not of those who r simply vain & do idiot things to their bodies causing More health probs :( The Probiotic did cause me to lose those 6 lbs. during 2 weeks, because I've noticed good changes w my body; so I'm taking 1 capsule 3 days wkly. to keep my body balanced. When these r gone I'll do a comparison w the P&G Probiotics.
Today was my shopping day again over 4 hours & then the 25 minute drive back home, my day was terrible w so many lines waiting. Then it turned-around when I was leaving town & stopped @ Subway for my fav egg-white breakfast sandwich loaded w veggies, a cookie & a ice tea @ 1:30 for lunch. A very cute guy about 40 yr. stood ahead of me & chatted & asked what I was having. He smiled & winked as he left the store as I tried to pay for my lunch, He had Paid for my lunch. I've done that also for ppl but its been awhile. I've also put a $5 bill into the finger of a pair of gloves during the winter @ a store & $10 inside the thumb of mittens on the 'mitten tree's' for kids that r in need. Anyways, that guy today uplifted me ;) chatting w him made me relax... Its a very nice world we live-in when kind strangers meet like that.

Anybody watching: MC w the children on Friday night now or The Voice or X-Factor, last night I got chills from 2 girl singers & I cried when the 13 yr. w the backward hands sang, she inspires everyone.

Tori, I'm not concerned about U getting Back on-track, because Everyday IS Monday for women :dizzy: U celebrated w your family & That is soo Much more Important than gaining a pound :cool: U will b Below your Christmas goal ;) I just KNow U will....

Have a Wonderful Weekend girls, we're supposed to get rained on :^: Badddd for the football games & tail-gating....

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