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Originally Posted by aviatrixrn View Post
Hi everyone! I'm staring IP on the 4th and am very excited about finally shedding the extra insulation! I recently found out that I'm diabetic...what a shocker that it's time to get serious. My only concern is that my husband is a junk food junkie, and is definitely not on the same page where getting healthy is concerned. I'm hoping that by leading by example he will follow me down the path to good health. Now if I could just get him to stop bringing junk into the house in the meantime!!!
Challenges aside, I'm so happy to find this group. I need all the help I can get!

I found it very simple to stay on the diet while everyone else had their food, its like "Well, im eating healthy and the junk isnt doing anyones body any good." It makes you feel good when you are eating healthy that you dont even want the bad stuff anymore, sure you might want peanut butter or chocolate or something like that one day, but it wont be gone for long, this is like prescribed medicine for losing weight.
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