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Default 1st week, how much weight?

How much weight is it normal to loose the first week, I have lost 8 lbs and still have 2 days to go until my weigh in. Do you weigh with clothes on or off?

I need help attaching my weight tracker to my posts and profile, can someone help me please?

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Originally Posted by MikesBabyDoll View Post
How much weight is it normal to loose the first week, I have lost 8 lbs and still have 2 days to go until my weigh in. Do you weigh with clothes on or off?

I need help attaching my weight tracker to my posts and profile, can someone help me please?
Actually, the first week can be anywhere from 1 to over 10 lb. Just be aware that most of it is water weight and your body needs to adjust to the new way of eating so you may lose nothing in the next week or two. It takes about 3 to 4 weeks for all of the big adjustments to happen so be patient.

I weigh with clothes off, first thing in the morning. I try really hard to only weigh in on my official weigh in day, otherwise I will start to get obsessed with the scale.

As far as your tracker, this forum has instituted a policy where you can't do a tracker or any kind of signature until you have been here for a couple of weeks to weed out any who join just to promote something.
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Most weigh with clothes off at the same time everyday.
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I weigh with my clothes off first thing Monday morning...and if I weigh during the week those don't 'count' since I can be up and down all week LOL

Sounds like you are doing everything right
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I weigh in with my clothes on, since I weigh in at the meeting and it would be a little awkward to get naked
The first week was a 5 pd loss, and week 2 was only 2 pds. I've heard that it's easy to lose weight the first week and after that most people lose 1-3 pds a week. I guess I would be ok with maintaining a 2 pd loss every week, although of course more is better
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I weigh in the afternoons on Wednesdays no clothes.
What is so funny about that question is one time at our meeting we actually had a woman who was like .08 of a pound off from goal and she made everyone leave the room and had someone from our group hold a towel behind her so no one passing by could see and she stripped off all her clothes to get to goal. PRICELESS. It's really your preference. However, if you're wearing jeans they can weigh you down!
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Do meetings allow you to weigh with clothes off? All the scales I saw were at the receptionist desks and everyone weighed with clothes. I figured I'd just wear the same clothes every weigh in - work out pants that are spandexy and a tshirt. Then weigh in at home and calculate the difference so I can weigh in at home if I want too.
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I lost two way different weights on momentum and then points plus when I first started. It really depends on the program and how much weight you have to lose.
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first thing in the morning, clothes off!!
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I try to wear the same thing like stretchy pants and a light tunic, use the same scale, at the same time every week. I'm not going to meetings so that's a little difficult since I go to my mom's to do it. I refuse to buy a scale of my own so I'm not tempted to get on every single time I see it.
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I also weigh first thing on Wed morning with no clothes and I do my measurements once a month on Wed.
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First thing in the morning - after peeing - naked. For a "lightest weight".

Only if you were weighing in for a meeting would you want to wear clothes and if you need to do that, try to wear the same thing every day, but also realize that every day you gain weight - differently. It depends on how much you eat, the sodium, the heat of the day etc. So don't freak out if you stand on the scale in the evening and weigh 4 pounds more.

First week or two seems to be the big drops in weight as the body flushes out the water. Don't expect to continue such losses, but yes, it's fairly normal.
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OP has not been here since December 10 so I will close this thread.
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