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Default How many calories a day, how often do you cheat and how much weight are you losing?

I am only at the start of week 3 on my diet journey, but I would love to know from you all:
How often you have cheat days/meals?
How many average calories do you take in daily?
How much weight do you lose per week doing this?

I just think it would help me adapt my own weight loss plan for when I get stuck at a weight and I can see what is working for you!
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I don't cheat. Honest! I've come to realize it only sabotages all my efforts. The most I've had all May is a handful of non-buttered popcorn and a few tiny sips of wine when we went to a tasting. Otherwise, on plan all the time.

I try to consume less than 950 calories a day (Monday 930, Tuesday 744, Wednesday 926, Thursday 827). I also try to work out every day.

Since the beginning of May, I've lost just over 10 pounds. Daily I'm usually down between .4 and .8 lbs, which means I'm losing a bit over 3 lbs a week.

And the amazing things is, I'm rarely hungry on this diet! I eat a lot of mini-meals throughout the day, chock full of protein while keeping my carbs low. So far, it's been working pretty well. I'm off to see my nutritionist about my progress in an hour -- hopefully she'll agree.
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In March I didn't have any cheat days. I ate between 1200-1600 calories a day. I lost 14.4lbs that month. I can't tell you what it was per week because I committed to staying off the scale the whole month.

Fell off track and was on vacation in April and gained 2.2

May 1st to 14th I didn't cheat. Eating 1200-1600 calories per day. I weighed on the 15th and was down 6.4. I had a cheat day on the 15th and I wont have another one until after my June 1st weighin.
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How often you have cheat days/meals?
I don't usually have "cheat days" - what I do is work my "treats" into my regular diet plan. So if I want a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, it's OK to have one.

How many average calories do you take in daily?
Right now I'm averaging 1400-1550 per day.

How much weight do you lose per week doing this?

.5 to .8 yeah, I'm a slow loser, but a happy one.
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I try to stay at 1300 calories right now, and trying to keep under 100g of carbs. About once or twice a week I have a low day and only consume 900-1000 calories.

I have only cheated once since starting this, I had a few shots of tequila rose-which I planned for in my calorie allotment-but then that led to me binge-ing at taco bell with everyone afterwards-NOT planned.

It's been 3 months and I've lost 30 pounds. It is by no means a steady loss. Some weeks I have lost none, some weeks I'm down 4 pounds.
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I have a very loose plan, so I don't have cheat meals or days. Some days are higher calorie days than others. Some are healthier than others. Like Beach Patrol, if I'm allowed a treat, it's not a cheat. Overall, I'm averaging 1450 calories/day and that ranges from about 1200 calorie days to 1800 calorie days, with the lower ones more frequent. Nearly 10 weeks in and my average is 1.7 lbs./week.
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I don't do cheat days either. I will have something 'good' within my calorie allowance though. Last weekend I ate 2 red potatoes... first potato I'd eaten in 2 months.

I stay around 1300 - 1400 cals a day and I do cardio 3X a week. (Once or twice a week I do strength circuit) I'v lost over 25lbs in about 3 months. But, it's definitely slowed down now.
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1300-1500 cal/day, at least 90 min cardio per week. I also work treats into my plan, and I have had a few special occasion dinners where I have been over by 4-500 cals for the day. My average is 2 lbs per week but it isn't continuous. I will hover around the same number for 8-10 days then drop several lbs at once.
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I am losing about 1-1.5 pounds a week eating at an average 750 a day calorie deficit. Monday - Friday I stay on plan with a 1000 calorie deficit but Saturday I usually eat at maintence and about 500 calorie defict on Sunday. That should give about a 4-5000 calorie deficit a week which translates into what the scale shows me over time. Therefore I don't have 'cheat' days. I sacrafice on the weekdays so I can indulge on weekends. On holidays and birthdays, I eat cupcakes, steak with loaded bake potatos and mexican food (not all on the same day, lol). But on the weekdays it is oatmeal, salads & chicken. Works for me as you can see by my avatar, I have dropped 9 pounds in the last 6 weeks.
I think a better way to look at things is by deficit. YMMV.

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How often you have cheat days/meals?
ANSWER: 1-2 times a month for days. Maybe a few times a month for meals.

How many average calories do you take in daily? 2000 - 2100 but burn off 1200-1400 a day

How much weight do you lose per week doing this? Used to loose 2-3 lbs a week about 10 - 11 total for the month but its since slowed down as I get closer to my goal. This worked for me close to a year. I just make sure I log everything I eat even if its a packet of ketchup and I work out everyday regardless if its a cheat day or not.
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I've eaten 1400-1500 calories a day every day since October 19 with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas, both of which were planned "splurges" of 2100 calories. I've never "cheated" because my calorie-counting plan is flexible enough to allow a Skinny Cow ice cream cone here or some gourmet cheeses there. I even ate some Thin Mints--but I counted 'em all.

My only deviation from the plan came from dipping down to 600-900 calories a day for four or five days due to stress. That was a couple of months ago, though.

I have lost an average of a pound a week. That may be slightly lower now because I've stalled out for a couple of weeks, but the stall is likely period-related and will be followed by a nice drop that will, I hope, bring me into the 180s.

If it helps to know, I'm 41 years old and have a desk job, so I'm fairly sedentary aside from four to five hours of moderate exercise (yoga, brisk walking, lifting weights) a week.
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How often you have cheat days/meals?
I do not cheat. Experience taught me that cheating is a slippery slope for me and I do not want to go there.

How many average calories do you take in daily?
I started on the 6th of January with 1500 as my goal. Looking back over my daily records shows my actual daily calorie intake has averaged 1100.

How much weight do you lose per week doing this?
Since the 6th of January my weekly weight loss average is 4.2 pounds.


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My "plan" is a little different this time around. I've lost and gained over and over throughout the past 15 years. Counting calories doesn't work for me right now.(as I get closer to goal it might be needed) Neither does cutting out all treats. In the past this has lead me down a road of extreme dieting and restricting, starving myself for weeks even months (like 300 cals a day) then binging. Not pretty.

Now I eat whole, nutrient packed foods. I eat "normal" portions. I prepare good meals, I don't snack inbetween meals. But when I want, I mean really want a treat, I have one.
I still tend to binge around TOM. Though I only did once this month, and it was more controled, so I feel like I'm winning the battle!
I run anywhere from 2-5 times a week. I do weight training the same. (Depends on how busy the week is) I just started doing yoga at home after the kids go to bed. (Looove it!)

My weightloss varies from as much as 3 lbs in a week to as little as ZERO pounds a week. But I'm not gaining. And this time I am making a life sytle change that I can maintain for the rest of my life.
I will not go the rest of my life without eating pizza or cheesecake!! Yum! In previous diets these foods were off limits, but for me, that's not something I can maintain for the rest of my life. But I will learn to eat them as treats on special occasions.

I don't know exactly how many calories I'm eating, BUT I should admit that I have spent the past decade reading, reading, reading about nutrition, calories, diet, exercise. I mean I researched, took out books from the library, if there was a magazine article I read it! I'm a nurse and I've had college level nutrition and I've learned about diet in relation to diabetes, kindey disease, heart disease, high blood pressure ect. And I'm considered qualified to do patient teaching on diet and nutrition for basic stuff with these diseases. I've been on weight watchers several times, and I even started out this time on it, but I realized this time needed to be different. No more calories or WW thingies*! But I could also probably look at any given food and tell you the calories or ww thingies in it, what its a good source of (vitamins, minerals, protien ect) what the correct serving is, and anything else about that particular food!

I suspect on a non treat day, I take in about 1200- 1500 calories. Some days I know I'm taking in less if I'm out and skip lunch or have a late lunch and end up just eating something very light for dinner. But there are days (like tomorow, b/c its my son's bday) where I'm going to have a (small) slice a chocolate cake. And if we make home made pizza (as we might be doing) I'm going to eat pizza too! But I'll keep that in the back of my mind for the rest of the week and make choices accordingly. Also, I will make an effort to get the gym closer the the 5 times mark rather than only going 2 times. And if I don't lose this week or I only lose like 0.2 lbs, fine. Because I don't want to spend the rest of my life turning down pizza and cake.
However, when we go out to eat, I no longer consider that special, and I do order healthy.
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How often you have cheat days/meals? Once in awhile. I don't really plan them.

How many average calories do you take in daily? 1400-1550

How much weight do you lose per week doing this? about 1-1.5 pounds
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Since I am changing my life, and not going on a simple diet, I try to get treats every now and then, but I count them in with my calories. They're not extra food, and I do always do a count. I prefer not to think of it as cheating, but enjoying myself. I might eat less of a treat, but enjoy it more, and baby I get the good stuff.

I try to stick with about 1400, sometimes go as high as 1600 on regular day, but I try and keep that to a minimum. If I find I haven't lost in a few weeks, I calorie cycle for about a week. One day I'll eat 1700 calories, the next 1100-then 1400 for a few days, and then back 1200 and then 1600 until I lose a bit and try to go back to 1400 firm.

It's hard to say per week-Since March 7th, I have lost 27 pounds. I guess that averages out to about 2.4 pounds per week. I also exercise 6-7 days a week at anywhere from 20 mins of intense exercise to an hour of moderate/intense workout. I'd like to be able to lose more, and maybe I should be even more strict, but I have done really well and I am not stopping. There is no hurry. As long as I am doing better than when I started (and I sooo am), I am happy with my success.
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