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Default How much weight have YOU lost?

Good Friday morning everyone!!~

Let's be inspired!
Tell everyone how much weight you personally have lost!
I'm very curious to find out who has lost the most weight and how they did it!
Don't be shy.........share!

I have lost 50 pounds and am doing Weight Watchers!
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43- woohoo! I'm doing Weight Watchers too. I started the first week of March. (Too bad I didn't start earlier- it would have been nice to have felt confident at the beach this summer!) :-)
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I am doing it!
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Default So far

I've lost 26 counting calories and working out... and coming online for support and turning to all my friends... I have nine to go to reach the driver's license weight!

Adding on (8/10/01) - now it's 27 pounds with EIGHT to go to the drivers license weight and THREE to my shopping spree... I so desperately need new clothes - haven't really gotten any since I weigh 180!!! They don't fit anymore.

Adding on (8/24/01) - now we're at 28 pounds, whew that was a tough one! (But I went to Vegas last weekend and that MIGHT have had something to do with it!)

Adding on (8/28/01) - now it's 30!!!! Having the period weight magically disappear with a couple more pounds is GREAT! This is the goal weight where I get to SHOP!!!

Adding on (9/21/01) - 33!! I weighed 147 this morning. Under the halfway mark - which I dictated to myself I would never be over when I was 14. Little did I know... Wow. Feels good

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I have lost 55 so far by counting calories, and have 16 to go.
Sounds like everyone is doing great!

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Happy Friday!

I've lost 62 pounds so far (from 188-126) with 11 to go! I've done it by counting calories, eating a balanced diet, and exercising.

Congratulations and good luck to everyone on their weight loss journeys!

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Default Just noticed this thread...

Okay, so it's taken me over ten years but -

In 1990, I weighed 265 pounds and was a size 3X.

Last time I weighed myself (I usually go by the "Pants-O-Meter" and bodyfat testing now) I weighed 152.

Currently I am a loose size 8 - hoping to get into a size 6 by October!

Body for Life Rules!!!
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I've lost 65 pounds so far (250 to 185) following the weight watchers 123 plan, regular exercise and with the support and encouragement of the amazing friends I've met on this board. 55 pounds to go and for the first time in my life I am confident of success

Congratulations on all of your achievements and thank you all for your support and inspiration.

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I started December 29, 2000 and have lost 86 lbs. I count calories and exercise and play ladies team tennis. My tennis coach and all of the ladies on my team have been a wonderful support group and have given me loads of encouragement.

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Eight Years ago I lost 100 pounds at weight watchers. I have
gained 36 pounds back however, I have kept off 64!!!
My goal is to lose about another 65 pounds. At 44 its
going to be tough but anything worth doing .........
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Determined to succeed.
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S/C/G: 230/ticker/130

Height: 5' 3"


In November 2000, I weighed about 230 and lost 10 pounds...then I gave up. I maintained that 220 until March 2001 and since then I have been diligent about exercising and have lost 20 pounds and I am now under the 200 mark!

So altogether I lost 30 pounds!

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I have lost 173.4 lbs so far with Weight Watchers. I started WW 8/98 weighing 325.6 lbs and now I weigh 152.2!!! In the beginning I did as much excercise as I could, now I jog 3 miles 6 days a week and strength train 3 days a week. Plus any additional excercise ie, tennis, rollerblading. My life has totally changed, I'm finally enjoying life. My journey was not as difficult as I always thought it would be and I thank God everyday for Weight Watchers and the support of my husband, family and close friends. ANYTHING is possible if you want it bad enough. Good luck to everyone and I wish everyone SUCCESS!!!

325.6/152.2/140 (12.2 lbs. to goal, Yipee)
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I started out weighing 203 lbs. I joined TOPS and got down to 175. I joined Weight Watchers and am now down to 166.2 lbs. My goal weight is 130-135. God please give me strength!
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S/C/G: 306highest/281/265.5/180

Height: 5' 5"


I have lost 85 lbs so far in the last 3 yrs. I am on WW also. I have another 60 to go. Sis
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wow way to go everyone i joined ww in june of 2000 got rid of 123 got 45 to go love ww and all the motivation i get coming to these boards
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Thumbs down BIG loser

I have lost 112 on Weight Watchers since May 31, 2000 - my birthday. I can't say enough about the WW program - it has changed my life for good. I walk most everyday and work out to videos when I can. I TRY to eat to the low end of my points but that gets harder and harder. I have a nickname at work - BIG LOSER! You are all a bunch of big losers too!!

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