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everyone had such huge losses on the first week. im stuck losing 2 pounds still
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Tracy, hello and welcome! My daughter did WW with me too years ago and she lost interest and stopped going. I feel badly about that she has a serious weight problem and she refuses to recognize or deal. I'm glad you went with your own daughter and hope you continue to be a good example to her as I am trying to do with my own daughter.
I agree with what you said.
One thing I am noticing is that this was hard. I had all the old plan memorized and was just coasting along with it the last few times I went back and tried.
Right now I am so enthusiastic and hopeful. I have not had such hope of actually reaching goal in a long time. The positive attitude I have about it is giving me such a push to make this thing work.

If you bought the big kit with all the materials in it, as I did, there was a cookbook in there. I tried my first recipe from it last night, Cod Puttanesca. It was just so great and like something I would have in an Italian restaurant instead of here at home. The best part about it was that it was incredibly easy to make as well.
I froze leftovers for my husband, who is away on a business trip this week.
Free fruit is fabulous for me.
I was kind of hungry mid afternoon and had a 1 point WW string cheese (getting a bit of dairy in!) and sliced up an apple and had it with water. It kept me happy and satisfied until dinner. I was not climbing the walls starving and grabbing at snacks as in the past, this was something that kept me at peace.
I'm loving this! When was the last time you heard the words weight loss program and love in the same sentence?
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Peanut, 2 pounds is a very good loss. With the old program, I was losing things like .2 or .4 in a week, or re-gaining the same 2 pounds over and over and then losing them over and over... I would be grateful for anything, but I was re-gaining lost weight and never making headway with it.
Keep trying!
You are doing a fabulous job, keep up the good work.
One woman in my meeting gained last week????? Huh??? She sat there in the meeting looking angry. She glared at me as I did not let her unhappiness ruin my joy about losing this weight.
My perception about her (not you) is that she is fighting the new plan? The week before, she was angry. She got the materials and refused to buy the new calculator. I think she might (who knows?) have tried to use the old slide and kind of combine the old program with the new, and there is no true comparison.
Of course, she could have taken the free fruit thing to extremes and filled herself up with bananas all day every day? Anyone would gain weight by doing that!
I have to travel today about an hour from home for an allergist appointment and will be running a few errands after that and might not get home until well after lunchtime. Bringing a banana and if I get hungry, that banana will save me from fast food or Dunkin Donuts... the evil influences of those places!
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Good morning! Linda, you and I have about the same exact weight and goal!

We had one guy at last weeks meeting who was also very craptastic about the new program. He bought the new materials last night. And seemed to have wrapped his head around the idea that the new program is the way to go.

So far, I like it way better than the old. Down 1.6 the first week and that's with a company party thrown in.

Off to do morning yoga!
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Originally Posted by PeanutM91 View Post
everyone had such huge losses on the first week. im stuck losing 2 pounds still
Two pounds is still two pounds and that would be a huge loss for me. I'm doing good with 1/2-1 pound a week. But I see it as still a loss so it's all good. It's not a race or competition.
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I lost 2.2 lbs for my first week on PP, and had only lost 0.4 the week before. So it kind of evens out and wasn't some tremendous loss or anything, but it still a loss. It's the gains that are so demotivating.
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Originally Posted by derrydaughter View Post
Well, today, after 5 days of sticking with a pre-planned menu and 4 days of exercise, the scale still didn't more. I was so hoping that something would happen today.
I even stripped off (showing dedication on a cold winter morning) my nightgown and bathrobe to hopefully show a scale loss... but nothing.
I shall continue. My motivation is high right now. I know that if I keep sticking with this, there is going to be a breakthrough.
I was so hoping that even .2 would show something, a reward of sorts for this effort. I've gone hungry this week many a time and we all know it's like to want to eat and not allow yourself.
I hate that feeling.
Can any of you suggest some REALLY filling food choices that I might easily incorporate? I'm writing up a menu plan for this upcoming week and I think oatmeal might work for breakfast a few days. I didn't end up having it last night, by the way. Seemed too weird for a dessert item. It wasn't what I wanted. I had chocolate frozen yogurt instead. I felt reasonably satisfied, but was climbing the walls throughout the day feeling hungry....
I've found that low sugar oatmeal and light string cheese are filling. I'm only down 3 in a week and a half but like you said, still going foward and really into this program. I made 2 servings for 6 pts and it did the trick!

p.s. i tried to pm you back but your mailbox is full missy!! the link you sent came to me weird so i still cant find the group

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STOP! Do not post here, I have re-started this thread:

Great job everyone, by the way!
Same thread, same concept, just a fresh beginning that isn't so long for people to read through.
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Default First Day

Hi Everybody,

So I just came across this site on a Google Search on sugar. I think I am addicted to sugar. Something is very wrong since I binge on it almost everyday. I am 5'7, and I have officially got up to 180lbs, and I also think that the way that I am eating affects my moods. I am deployed to Afghanistan right now (office job, don't worry), and I am sure stress has something to do with my moods and weight as well. Plus, I miss my Daughter. I also have a wedding coming up in August, and I really want to be to my goal weight of 140lbs. by then.

Long story short: enough is enough, and I am here to give support and receive support from everybody here!

Take care.
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