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Default How can people be so cruel?

So I was at work the other day and was cashiering and a customer came through my line and to make a long story short an item rang up for more than she thought it was and she ended up becoming irate and called me a fat *****! In front of dozens of other customers and my coworkers. I just stood there stunned. I mean, we're talking about a $2 discrepancy. Then she went to my manager and called me a f***ing fat ***** and stormed out. I just started crying and was really upset. I mean, I know I'm big, but I've never encountered anything like that. I've had little kids stare at me and I've heard people whisper as they walk by, but this was nothing I have ever encountered. I know that her anger had nothing to do with me, but the way she reacted was just insanity!
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I am so sorry that happened to you.

You're right. Her reaction was more than rude, and uncalled for. I don't blame you for crying or being upset. I would imagine others observing it didn't either.

You may have a weight issue, that lady has personality issues-- most folks don't think or act like that. I would have been stunned too. What a jerk.
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my dad always said to me "i may be fat, but i can lose weight, you cant lose ugly"

always the comeback if someone calls me fat.

ever since elementary school, ive been made fun of. ill always remember this one girl was mad at me for something and she said "if you stepped on a scale you would break it"

i was 9. so thats when it really started and i really had to learn to deal with horrible people ever since i was first aware of my body being big, err bigger than it should have been while growing up
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That's awful. I'm sorry that happened to you. I have no idea why some people are so mean. I've seen stuff like that before. The only thing I can think is, she attacked you for what you look like on the outside, but she's ugly as sin on the inside and everyone that was in there witnessing that knows that now. She should be ashamed.
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I am so sorry that happened to you!! Clearly that lady was the ***** and not you! She had NO reason to call you that whatsoever, especially over 2 freakin' dollars!! Ugh! Some people just need a personality makeover
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I am so sorry that happened.

Sometimes people are insensitive and thoughtless and cruel unfortunately. That was uncalled for and inappropriate and wrong. And it must have put you into an especially difficult spot since she treated you that way where you work and you may have felt like you didn't have the freedom to defend yourself, though you would have been well within your rights to do so. I hope that your manager let her know that her behavior would not be tolerated.

People sometimes go for the thing that they think will be the most hurtful to the other person when they feel unhappy and out of control and they want to try to throw their own misery onto someone else. It's totally about her own issues, though it can be hard to remember that in the moment, and is totally hurtful.

Hang in there.
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People are nuts now a days........

That's not even a HALF normal reaction!

I'm about the same weight as you, and like you said, i've had people stare, and snicker and whatever, but NOTHING like that. Hopefully it'll never happen to you again!!

Just remember, people do things like point out your weight, or tease you, to make themselves feel better about something............so obviously, that was a very miserable, possibly lonely, and un-confident individual....pity their misery, don't get angry.

It's a shame so many people choose to lash out at others like that.......you should never put down others, to make yourself feel bigger or better.

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I'm so sorry that happened to you! I really
do hope that lady gets a reality check. One
day she's going to come across the wrong
person, say the wrong thing, and get what's
coming to her.

You've lost so much weight and you've come
so far! Be proud of yourself!

We're all here at 3FC supporting you.
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Omg, that is horrible! It sucks that you had to deal with someone like her. Skygirl is right, clearly she has a lot of issues and was projecting them onto you. Don't let someone that moronic get you down
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Just remember that she has to spend every day around herself. Think how miserable that would be--to live in a world where you get furious like that on a daily basis, and where you see everyone around you as a terrible person who is out to get you. Anyone like you described isn't just mean, they are mentally ill.
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"God is Great, Beer is Good and People are Crazy" How terrible her world must be to have that type of anger?
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I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. The thing I always try to remember when encountering someone who feels the need to insult someone else's weight is that they are fighting dirty. Women call eachother fat as an insult because they know that, to most women, that's their biggest insecurity, regardless of their size, and so, they go for the kill shot, so to speak. It wasn't easy, but I've gotten to a point where someone can call me fat and I can give them the look that says "so?" or, if I'm in a feisty mood "Yeah, but I can lose weight. You can't lose b****y!" with a big fat smile, of course. Hold your head high, people like that are too shallow to form real relationships, too ignorant to be nice, and frankly, too stupid to come up with anything more intelligent than a 4th grade insult.

And, by the way, lookign at your profile pic- you're not fat! You're adorable in that bright eyed joyful kind of way that must have made her resent you because she is a miserable, rotten, lady.
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Just awful. I'm sorry!! My brother used to call me 'eat, sleep, watch tv girl' when I was little because I have always been pudgy as a child after hitting puberty. It really hurt my feelings and I would cry everyday because he stayed skinny as a bean pole. I never understood why people have to be so mean just to keep themselves looking good. That is not how people are supposed to be treated. I too work in retail and when someone gets upset with me, I just let it roll and say 'they are fighting with their ex-SO' and I keep going about my business. I hope your manager consoled you at least because that was totally uncalled for.
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That's terrible that it happened to you. I've never had to go through this while working in retail. Now I work in an office doing collection and handling complaints, and I get called a "fat [insert any insult that seems appropriate]" all the time. People don't even KNOW I'm fat. It's just such a big, powerful adjective to add to any insult you direct towards someone, especially a woman because we all know most women have body image issues, even those who look stunning.

I still think it's ridiculous that people get away with that though. How is that not assault? It's verbal, yes, but it's serious nonetheless. If she would've been screaming insults at a cashier a physical disability she probably would've been escorted out the store. But "fat" isn't counted as such. Because you know, "fat people are fat because they're lazy, not because they can't help it."
I call BS.
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People never cease to amaze me ! SHE is the one with the problem, not you. You are a beautiful looking woman- this is NOT dependent on size. People who use weight as an insult are bullies, and often terrified of the situations they find themselves in. Anger is a terrible emotion as it makes us say and do things we normally wouldn't. Forget her and her slewed view on life. Focus on what is important, and remember no-one has the right to abuse you!!
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