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Default Fantastic Friday!!

Wakie, Wakie Everybody!!

Well it is blinkiní cold here again! Move over, you Florida peoples, I want in! Got a big pot of coffee brewing and does it smell wunderbar! I see a supermarket womenís tabloid is asking ďIs Coffee making you fat?Ē Well, phooey,
It will take a small army to pry the cup out of my hand!

Lets be inspired today! Sounds like many of us here experiencing ďbumpsĒ in on the road to total babedom, well fear not! Lets climb out of those ruts and level those bumps Ďcause we can do this!

I got on the scales this am and I am up a lb as well. Donít know how that happened, must be the coffee! More likely some bizarre planetary alignment! LOL.
But seriously, I have had a good week, great exercise and proper eating so this is just a bump. Unbelievably my abs are emerging, I do own a rib cage and my back is awesome. Look at yourselves and find something awesome, I know you can do it!

Had a great day yesterday, took a trip to the city with a friend and we had a grand old time. Got home, made supper and took off for Aquafit. Came home, lay out on the bed and snoozed like a newborn.

I am glad you are streamlining your life, you have so many other things that are a priority that I applaud your decision. You have a brain, a scale and a bike, and hopefully a little more free time for yourself. Donít let anybody be an anchor to your little boat, Ďcause I am willing to bet you are never an anchor to anyone elseís.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Vibes}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} }}

PS I have lost 81.5 lbs since joining TOPS last July.

I donít know if it was SB or just ending a plateau that is responsible for that big loss, but I have to give SB credit because that is my LARGEST LOSS ever. Right at the start I had a couple 5lbers and along the way I had a few 4 lbers but never 6. Usually 1.5 to 2.5. This week I have stuck completely to the plan, so we shall see.

Congrats on having your cake and eating it too! (Metaphorically of course) You boss is a smart man to try and keep you around and your new employers are lucky indeed. Good things come to those who wait!


You would know the answer to this, when does a club know itís average loss/gain for a year? Our club has not announced it yet and I would really like to know our status. Thank you for your encouragement as well, I want my KOPS status more than anything and I am getting so close! 22 more pounds. I canít believe it. It seemed unimaginable last summer. How is your member who had the surgery doing?
The screening reminder is absolutely the best, I always book mine on my birthday. Everyone, take our Mother Henís advise and get yourselves in!


I canít believe you have actually gained 6 lbs. There are several factors that may play into this, are you close to your period? Prior to starting did you drink a lot of water? (you may have been dehydrated and are now re-hydrated) Do you weigh yourself only first thing in the morning after you pee? Your body has many weight fluctuations during the day, so I only weigh first thing in morning.
My basic advice on the scale is to trust yourself. You know you are a very smart person, give yourself some credit and trust yourself to make the right decisions. Donít weigh every day, your weight will vary throughout the week, it is NORMAL! The scale is a guideline only, how do your clothes fit? How do you feel?
Your basic diet looks fine, I am not a dietician, nor do I know anything about WW but here is my two cents worth. I suspect the lo mien was loaded with unnecessary fat, and your basic diet is OK but in my opinion you need to really up your veggie and fiber intake. High fiber foods fill your stomach and help clean out fats and other undesirables from your digestive system. Look at your nutrient values as well, could you handle the bagel with turkey breast and an apple rather than FF cream cheese? Oatmeal and whole grain cereal are other good filling alternatives. Once cup of macaroni combined with spaghetti sauce and 2 cups of veggies (mushrooms, celery onion, shallots what ever cranks you up) If you used hamburger in the spaghetti sauce you cranked your fat intake way up as well. Try Ĺ hamburger half ground turkey breast (breast only otherwise you might as well eat the hamburger.) Try to find a nutritious alternative to those Snackwells, they are just empty calories that will contribute nothing to your beautiful bodyís wellbeing, how about a big bowl of Special K and skim or 1% milk? Turkey sandwich? Popcorn? Fruit and yogurt?
That said, I donít see a six pound gain your eating at all . 3500 excess calories is supposed to equal a pound and to gain 6 you would have to eat 21,000 extra calories above your basal needs. No way did you do that ! If you want to track your food intake register at and use their food tracker. It is incomplete but you can customize it using the nutrition info on the package.

Relax and good luck!

Quilt Lover
Welcome aboard! Excellent loss!

Donna re:

Protein requirements 80kg x 2g = 160g of protein per day
Carb requirements 80kg x 3g = 240g of carbs per day

This is your weight in kg. (lbs divided by 2.2) x 2 = the amount of protein in grams you should consume in a day
This is your weight in kg. (lbs divided by 2.2) x 3 = the amount of carbs in grams you should consume in a day

If both carbs and proteins have a caloric value of 3 per gram this would equal 1200 calories of pure food for an 80kg bodybuilder. Of course fats and total calories have not been calculated into this.

I am 170lbs so
170lbs divided by 2.2 = 77 kg
77 x 2 = 154 g of protien

So now you need a nutrient calculator or careful label reading. Turkey breast (skinless) is about 35 g of protien per 100 g serving, so 400 grams of turkey would cover my protein requirements for the day. (if I were a bodybuilder)
77 x 3 = 231 g of carbs, now track carb intake the same way.

This was a loose analogy as I am not a bodybuilder but liked the 2:3 ratio and thought it might be a correct model. SB is not really clear as to how food choices are divided up.

I have followed this model but am using it a little differently. If I have 1 gm of protien, I must balance it with 1.5g of low glycemic index carbs. That would be eg turkey on rye sandwich,
turkey, 33 g protien ,
rye bread 25 g carbs per slice, 50g total.
2:3 ratio.

Now do you see why I say it is so hard? LOL

Christie will tell you it is not this difficult, but what can I say, I am an unemployed techie, science must (and can) be applied to everything!

Well everyone have a Great Day! I have posted a novella here. Whew!



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Hi CC,

You are doing great. You are doing so much exercise. Where do you get the energy for that?
I have worked out my schedule for working and I think that it will work great and not be too stressful for me. Also I get to spend time with megan also which is great. I am going to work for the older couple on mon - thursday mornings. Then on tuesday and thursday megan will go to school and to the sitters like she has been doing. On tues after I finish with the couple I will go to the gym and come home and work for the phone company until my family gets home. Then on thursday I will work for the phone company after I get home from the couples house. That way I will only be working for the phone company 2 afternoons a week. Then I will have mon, wed and fri afternoons to myself and with megan. Plus megan can come with me. We clean house for a good friend (megan's godmother) on friday mornings. So I think that will work out great.
I am going to have a great loss this week also.


Hey guess what? I am starting this week to save for our florida trip. That way we will be able to go. I can't wait to see you again. We will both be thinner for sure. We will probably be coming down the last week in aug this year. That is what I am planning for. So we will see. John wants to drive not fly this year. So that is going to make it difficult as far as time goes. We can only rent the condo from sat to sat.
How did you do last night at weigh in? Are you back on plan? I know you can do this.


Hey thanks girl. You should have warned me earlier about the wheat thins. I thought they were legal because of the name. I won't be eating them anymore now. But I am still going to stay away from the triscuits are at least cut back on how much I was having.

Everyone else. How is your day going?

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Lightbulb HI

Is everyone getting ready for the weekend? I am suppose to be nice. No snow or rain.

I stuck to my meal plan today. Had a cup of mararoni with spaghetti sauce (meatless and leftover from last night) for lunch.
For supper a nice chicken salad. I have drank so much water today I feel like a water fountain. But now that I drank all that water I cant get warm. I am getting ready to go ride my stationary bike.

I was wondering if I am getting too much salt. With the lo-mein and the olives and cheese. I am going to try and cut back on that and see what happens.

It is wonderful that you are getting closer to goal. Hopefully one day I will be able to say that. Keep up the good work.

My son got his report card today 3.5 grade point average. Proud of him.

Well get off here for now. Sorry that I posted twice today. Just needed to vent. Thanks for listening.
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CC Will answer your question first. Your weight recorder should already know as she has probably sent her resume in and is waiting for it to be returned to her. I just got mine back today. Either this coming Thursday or the next I will have everything ready for leader to reward division winners. As much as you have lost you must be division winner in your division. You might even be state division winner. Has anyone lost as much as you in your chapter???? But you will soon find out and also find out your clubs average lose. The bad thing about doing the average for the chapter is you have to count eeryone that weighed in . We always get several that come once or twice and leave but they have to be added in.
Sorry you guys are cold. I am using my air conditioner again.
Sherri that is a long drive. But it will be good to see you anyway you get here.
Coco Congrats on your son doing so good in school. And you keep up the good work.
I had a turtle last nght which is better than a gain but I will have to try harder this week.
I have talked my assistant into taking the weight recorders job . But only if I will do the paper work. I should never have said I would be leader. Now I will be doing more than I was. Oh well Someone has to do it.
Gotta go. Hope everyone has a good weekend I am going to try to be good
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Good evening ladies,

Finally able to catch up. It always nice to see how everyone is doing.

Eleni - CC and I just might storm your door one day if things don't warm up soon. It was -22 the night before last and last night was a balmy -8!!! Break out the bathing suits!! I'm happy that you turtled and not gained....but encourage the lady, after she takes the wt recorder job, to learn the paper work. You and I know it is not hard and I think with your guidance and walking her through it, she hopefully will be happy that she has learned how to do it. Some need the extra helping hand and the extra time on our part might be worth it in the long run. Hope it works out so you won't be too swamped.

Coco - Glad you stuck to your meal plan today. Congrats to your son on his GPA. He and my college daughter are about the same. We are proud of them, eh? How old is he?

Sherri - Sounds like by the fit of your pants, the losses should start appearing on that 'metal monster' soon. I am proud of you for doing well!!! You sound like your work scheduale is organized, but still busy. The main thing is that Megan and you are enjoying her 'young innocence' before heading off to school and 'picking' up the others kids way of life. There was a big change when Heather started Kindergarten....even though she did do preschool. Give her a hug for me.

CC - Oh, what can I say. All of us on this board has a beautiful light that we emit to others......but girl....yours is blinding bright!!!! You know, that Heavenly kind that beacons others to join you in the weight loss quest. What an inspirtation!! I secretly wish that you had joined TOPS earlier last year.....cause you might have had a great chance at being an International Division Winner for 2001....and that would have given me a chance to meet you at IRD here in Colorado Springs in July. Winners at PRD or SRD are usually asked to write a 'success' story and with your writing style, I would loovvvveeeee to hear yours. Just reading about the 'prying the coffee cup', 'bumps on the way to babedom', 'snoozing like a newborn' should have been a writer. THANK YOU for the 'anchor' comments. I try not to be. I'm sure you will get that pound off by your next weigh had such a large loss, that even if you stayed the same, that should be OK. I'd be thrilled.

I've been doing well with the bike, just missing yesterday and there was no time so I don't feel guilty. Have had good days OP and then others have been stress eating and not realizing it until after the fact, then I get upset, grab more, get more upset......we all know that viscious circle. My weekend walking partner is sick, so I don't think I will be going out. Hopefully do more time on the bike. Personally, I like being on my feet more than my butt!!

Have a great weekend and YES.....WE ALL CAN DO THIS! As someone told me, 'IF YOU PUT IT IN, YOU PUT IT ON'. So true, so true...............{{{{{{{{VIBES}}}}}}}}}

TOPS Hugs,
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