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Default Week 1 is done!

Hi all, I have completed 7 days! On to week 2, day 8! I'm so proud that I was able to keep it up even during the weekend! Usually that is where I lose track of everything.

Welcome 1nceagain, Carla, & mommapossium! Good luck!

Caro - good luck with your new challenge - that is a good one! May have to consider that one down the road - I tend to step on the scale way too much too. Need to get out of that habit.

Hi gray-eyed-girl - welcome to the challenge! Good luck!

red - I'm here, just been crazy busy lately, but still getting my water in!! So all is good.

Hotcupofjava - don't be so down - look at all the progress you have made so far - keep moving forward!!
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Ok... I want in..
Goals under 1500 calories per day
at least 1/2 hour of intentional excercize per day..
already have 1/2 hour eliptical this morning and 10 minutes resistance bands before work.. now.. if I just keep my calories under wraps I'll be ready for day 2 !
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S/C/G: 78 kg/71/65?

Height: 5'1.5"

Smile In for another round! Day 1!!

Good morning, all! Wow, more newcomers! Okay, let's keep this thread alive and strong. Well, starting out again today, though I haven't yet decided just what that may be. I may do a challenge not directly related to dieting but one that still affects my dieting, like cleaning out and organizing my room, which is a disaster area. Hmmm. Don't know yet. Will get back to you all.....

dona -- Welcome! Calories and exercise. Classic. Good luck!

dkkrf -- Glad to see you're still with us! Congrats on getting the first 7 days of your challenge down and done!

mscat -- Congratulations!! You did it!!! So happy for you!! That was tough too. And thank you for giving us all a tip of the hat of recognition. Glad to be of help! But, mostly, it was YOU!! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Wonder what happened to your post the other day. Hmmm. Hope the virus doesn't do any more damage. Well, good luck on your WW points! Are you starting up right away again?

carla -- Okay, thanks for clearing up chocolate bars and Karla. Jeez, can't believe that fiend is out on the streets again. Well, I'd never confuse the two of you! Good luck on your challenge. Keep us posted on the days.

Java -- Come on! What's this?!?! I don't like hearing about you being down and discouraged. You have been our inspiration. Of course, you're not physically well and that has a huge effect on your emotions. It's all connected. But, that's no excuse to just up and do nothing! Come on, don't sabotage yourself. Ease off a bit on the exercise. Go for a walk that you wouldn't have. When you're physically ill, lower the bar a bit, but don't throw in the towel. And eating salty stuff isn't a prob. Stay OFF the scale! And, yes, I think you should take a free day. What are you saying you'll do if you don't, just give up, just beat yourself up all day? That's what the free day is there for, to give you a helping hand over a rough spot. Come on, quit hiding in your shell, Turtle! Get out and crawl if you have to, but don't give up! Listen to Caro, "a slipup isn't a reason to give up!" And what about your own signature quote! Kick at that darkness! In any case, get in here and tell us you're back in the ring. We need your humor and lovely colorful, long, flowing posts! How's Squeak?

jkg -- Okay, silent one! Glad to hear you're still with us, even if it is behind the scenes. Congrats on getting through Day 11! You are over the halfway mark. It's all downhill from here!!

mommapossum -- Welcome! Another classic, exercise and water! Good luck!

curly -- Our rower! Thanks for the congrats. I am feeling better today. Got tons of sleep. Rained out of riding. Typhoon on the way and it looks like it'll be a very wet and windy day. It's supposed to be a direct hit in Tokyo. Hope things won't get too messy. Better get a shower before the hot water heater gets waterlogged and switches off! How are you doing? Still moving right along? I hope so!

Caro -- Wow, our megaposter! Love it! Thanks for being so supportive of everyone. It really helps keep the thread together and I know it takes a lot of work to comment on so many people individually. Well, I'm sure you'll make it through to the end too. And I see your next challenge is a big one! 40 minutes of exercise a day! Wow! Good luck! STAY AWAY from the scale! The scale is really next-to meaningless. I am rarely getting on myself. Get the skinfold calipers! I am going to order. I've been just using my hand (what a handful!) but I like an actual measure (I think).

You've got to take it slow with the weight loss. I know, I know it's maddening and we want it off as fast as possible. But, the more I read about it, the scarier it looks. Anything faster than 1 percent of your bodyweight is sure to have lean muscle mass in it (except in the beginning when there is a lot of water lost) and if you lose muscle mass you are affecting your metabolism, which means, you're going to make it easier for your body to rebound and hold on to fat with greater tenacity. I should know. I used to lose easily. Not any more. All the times I really lost, I was in a nosedive, emotionally denying myself food and usually feeling horrible, but happy the weight was dropping off. Then...bang, motivation (usually in the form of disappearing boyfriend) would disappear and the weight would come back on with alarming speed. Ok, off my soapbox. Well, good luck!

OK, later, all! Hope to hear lots from you!

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I CAN do this!
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I wanna join

My goals are :::
to stay under 1600 Calories per day
to get at least 30 minute of intentional exercise (every day!)
to drink at least 80oz of water a day!
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The one called Physh
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Thumbs up 1 Down. . .20 to go!

First, let me say. . .after scrolling through and looking at how awesom everyone is doing/ have done, I am so encouraged. Some times getting through 1 day is a challenge yet alone 21. You all are awesome.

Java-Aren't do-overs a blessing? Get right back on girl-Im right here with you.

Red, Caro & Mscat-WoW! 21 days done! You are my heros. I know you must be beaming.

Jackay, Curly & Kelly-Well on your way. Keep it up!

Momma, gray, legally brunette & Dona-Great to have so many to start with!

I am in to my second day. I did good yesterday in the fact that I didn't eat anything that I wasn't supposed to, but I didn't eat all I was supposed to either. I know to keep my energy level up that is just as important. So I am going to focus on that as well. I already have my lemon water for the day chillin in the fridge, my sugar free jello firming up, and dinner thawing. Today will be a piece of cake! oops, did I say cake?. . .no cake. Today will be a bowl of sugar free jello with 2Tbs of whipped topping! Yummmmmmmm.

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Staying in 1derland!
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Height: 5'5"


HI to all the new 21 dayers!!!!

Miss turtle i bet u walked for 20 min or more in super walmart... thats exercise!!

"dont think about yesterday... and dont worry about tomorrow... live in the moment and take each day as they come!!!!"

and get back to doing whats good for the turtle ... or i swear i'll come up to WV and kick ur butt!! lmao (just kidding)

"some tuff love"

and a new 21 for everyone making 21 days!!!

oh duh... day 15 done

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Red- Yes I can write a long post I guess, lol. Once I get going it`s hard to stop. Having this site, especially chatting with you all, keeps it interesting and fun in a way. Instead of feeling "bored" with what I`ve been doing and lose interest in my plan, I remember I have you guys rooting for me and checking up, all it takes is reading posts or writing what I`m feeling and I feel better, that I can keep doing this. Doing it on your own can get very lonely and boring!

Well I made it! DAY 21! I met my challenge! A great way to end it too, 49 min elliptical and 40 minutes of Fit to Strip, 10 minutes arms. Also spent 2 hours going through and cleaning the girls`room, then some mopping (I can exercise for an hour but mopping still sucks!) So, I get 2 free days this time around, is that right? Two days of peaking at the scale! haha, No I`m really going to do it. And great job on your part, as well, Red! Are you still planning to start a new thread?

Turtle- I know what you`re going through...I know it was all the sodium and processed crap I had Friday night, Sat morning I was up 4 pounds! Yesterday was up still only by one, now this morning I`m back to 209. Tomorrow is my weigh in and I have to stay off for a week, but at least I was able to see what all that crap did to me, even though I didn`t eat over 2000 it took a toll on my body! Just everything I ate Friday was bad, I still exercised but only my bare minimum and not good on water, so the combination hit me hard! 4 pounds!! lol No pms either, that`ll be next weeks battle!
I would say its the salty stuff, I see it each time I cheat with it I go up a little. It`s worse for me than sugar!

I hope you feel better, I know I felt like crap all weekend thinking I gained back 4 pounds. Drink tons of water to flush that stuff out of you, I really pushed my water the last 2 days and maybe it helped, it sure didn`t hurt. I`m sorry you`re feeling so down. Those pounds won`t stay, I guarantee you if you get back on the ball they`ll be gone before you know it.

Keep your head up Turtle... you have so much support (sis and your officer buddies!) and us here. You`re not perfect, none of us are... but you`re doing a great thing just realizing what`s going on and how to fix it!

Gray- So glad you made it!

Jacque- You too! Welcome and lots of luck, you`ve really done well. Just keep up the great work!

dkk- Getting on the scale every morning does nothing but play mind games with me! I`m glad I put it in my challenge. I admit it`s going to be tough!

mscat- Congrats!!!

Ok, wow theres a lot of new joiners! Dona...Carla (I heard about her, couldn`t believe the girl on tv was the one they were talking about!)... mommapossum, Welcome and good luck to you all!

Ok long enough post, see ya on Day 1
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S/C/G: 78 kg/71/65?

Height: 5'1.5"

Exclamation New thread up....DO NOT POST HERE!!!

Okay, everyone, I've started a new thread. Please read the latest posts (we have a lot of newcomers) then hit the link below and jump over to the new thread! See you there!!

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