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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 8/6-8/12

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please visit our LATEST BIO BOARD where you can learn more about everyone who is on this board:

Please make sure you post your BIO on the NEWEST VERSION of our BIO BOARD everyone!!!!

Our AUGUST 2001 RECIPE BOARD can be located at the link below:

We have SEVEN INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often-make sure to visit our newest board, MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS at the link below:





and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

We also now have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on:


VISIT OUR NEW SUGAR BUSTERS 2001 PICTURE GALLERY at the link below. You can upload pictures or post links to pictures on this board

NEWBIES! (aka new members) If you would like to REPLY to any of our threads, please hit NEW REPLY not NEW THREAD, then type your message in and hit SUBMIT REPLY. If you need to edit your reply, just click on edit located in the body of your post and make changes as you need to, then hit SUBMIT NOW.

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Good Monday Morning Everyone!

Sorry to have been MIA most of the weekend! No time to post right now, but promise to get in a long one after I get Michael to school and get in my walk.

IT'S MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY!!!! Here's my contribution for MM:


One of the biggest insults you can perpetrate against yourself is to wish that you could have something for nothing, to wish that you could receive a reward without making the necessary effort.

When you make such a wish, you're slapping yourself in the face. You're insulting your own ability to take disciplined action. You're disparaging your own capacity to achieve the results you desire.

Even if you did get something for nothing, it would be mostly worthless. The value you seek cannot be truly yours without the discipline, the effort, the action and the persistence necessary to achieve and create that value. Something for nothing is mostly a sad illusion.

The more you wish to have something for nothing, the more you are belittling the truly incredible power you have to reach your goals. So stop wishing and start making it happen. The moment you stop dreaming and start doing, your confidence and effectiveness will come to life. There's no need put your hope in getting something for nothing. You can do something much, much better and far more reliable. You can do whatever it takes to achieve whatever you desire.

-- Ralph Marston


Can anyone relate to the above Motivational Monday post???

Will be on later to post.

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Hi, me again!

I got in my walk this morning, no jogs. Really had to push myself to go out this morning, just wasn't in the mood to go, and my hip joint was bothering me a bit, so I just walked, of course, once I was out there, I was glad I pushed myself to go.

BOB escaped out of the DETOX DUNGEON a day early! I think Eli was her accomplice, but he's not talking! Hopefully, the brainwashing will start to take effect as soon as she comes onto the board today! Sort of like hypnosis!!!!

All kidding aside, it was a pleasure having BOB for the weekend! We definitely kept busy, esp. Friday, on the run/road for 12 hours straight! I took her to lots of our favorite places which I think probably became some of her favorites now. She can appreciate my trips to Ole Ole and understand how we "run up to Broward". She can tell you about my chocolate stash that grew a little more while she was here About all the cookbooks I've invested in for the board. How bad my arms and thighs REALLY are! How easy it east to learn to make wonderful hummus!!!! How I look/smell like **** when I get back from my walks/jogs! How Eli showered her with COFFEE! Actually, she can tell you maybe a bit too much-I'll leave that story telling up to her-anything incriminating, I'll deny

Baked a new cake yesterday, I've named it AGAVE CAKE (though it's a HONEY CAKE recipe). I thought it was wonderful, actually, too wonderful, and of course, ate too much. I took it to my cousins house last night (party for my Aunt) and let everyone try some, some thought it was too sweet, some didn't like it, others loved it, so I guess it's just one of those recipes you have to try for yourself. BOB got a piece before she left and liked it. It didn't rise, and so I'm not sure if it's the type of cake to really rise or not, it may of been my pastry flour is a bit old-but either way, it taste delicious, at least to me. I'll get that recipe on the board this week. BOB also got to taste my second batch of OATMEAL COOKIES I made. Different recipe than the first one that everyone loved, but not bad at all.

Before going to my Aunt's party, I stopped at this low-carb store I rarely go into and found 2 cake mixes from FEARNS, one is a CAROB CAKE MIX and the other is a SPICE CAKE MIX-both are made with SGWW flour, among other things-all SB LEGAL. You have to add the sweetener (calls for honey, so agave nectar will be used), and the oil and eggs-they look good. I haven't been able to find a site on the web that carries their products yet, but will let you know when I do.

Scale is up for me today, but that's expected, TOM is due tomorrow or Wednesday-always seems to screw up my WIW's!

I'm sure many of you have noticed the board was VERY QUITE this past week. I see so many of you not posting on the board, and I am of course, worried. I don't know if many of you have dropped off this WOE, are on vacation, or what's going on. What I wanted to say to those of you who are having a hard time and have been MIA but still reading the board is to get a grip on yourselves before things get any worse. You all know this WOE works-if you do!!! And, if you don't get back on track, you'll either be gaining the lbs back, some or all of them, or running to find another diet to try since you feel you've failed on this one. As I told BOB, there is NOT ONE of you out there that can't be where I am today. I am not talking about the weight that I am, but at whatever goal weight you have thought your body would be best at. You can make excuses til your blue in the face, but that surely isn't going to help you lose the weight, quite the opposite. You all know I'm willing to help you out in any way I can, but ultimately, you hold the key in your own hand. Any thoughts? Would love to see replies come out of the woodworks by you all that have been MIA and also for those of you who have stuck with the board relentlessly, even through your hard times!!!!

Okay, enough of my preaching...

Just going to take the time to say a collective HELLO to everyone on the board at this time. I'll be back to posting individually this week. Do have a few to get in though...

FILLISE, pack your bags, you and any of the other gals are welcome to visit the DETOX DUNGEON at any time!!

NANCE, I'm crossing my fingers, toes, and everything else in hopes you get this house. Hope to see it when I get there!! Missed our morning chats

BOB, forgot that half & half in the fridge, along with the cheese cubes-guess they won't keep til the next visit! Ummmm, hey, don't make me out to be sooo bad-I did give you a piece of SB LEGAL CHOCOLATE, okay, it may of been tiny, but hey, what kind of DETOX place would this of been if I'd of given you any more!!!!!

Okay gals, I'm off to the showers. I'll check in and see if anything's going on later today.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.


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Default My internet connection at home is down!

I am posting from work because my internet connection at home is not working. DH to call today to see what the deal is.

Since I am not supposed to do this from work, I should get off ASAP.

Hope all who are receiving rains, etc from TS Barry will be ok!

Later Friends!

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Okay, Deb, I'm responding to your "come out of the woodwork" please, altho I've emailed you directly and we've talked about my issues.

I will NEVER leave this board (as long as Deb is running it, LOL), I just have been having a hard time in many areas of my life and due to that, have been seeking food as gratification. However, the good news is that I've been mostly OP for an entire week, and getting my walks in, and I'm back down to what seems to be my new setpoint of 135. I'm just trying to take it week by week. It's also been difficult to stay totally OP with all the travelling we've done, and with summer events popping up. But I KNOW that I feel better when I am OP - and look better too.

Sometimes I see the long road ahead of me (in my thighs and rear, LOL) , and I get very very discouraged. Having "stuff" happening in my life does NOT make it any easier. The funny thing is, the WEIGHT issue is one of the FEW issues that I can control, so why don't I do it more steadfastly? I bet a lot of you feel the same way.

I also have a difficult time finding time to read all the incredible posts on this board and respond - I don't like to NOT respond to people's posts. So I get overwhelmed with that and just lurk.

Does this sound like a pity party? Hope not, just being honest! Just knowing that the board is here helps!

I've gotta get some work done....

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Coming out of the woodwork too I guess. Been busy and sooo hot that when evening gets here just haven't had the energy to workout or do anything for that matter. Cristina finally got all 4 molars that she's been cutting, but she's still quite grumpy. She's had a bad cold too for a week or so and took her into the doctor and it's just viral thank god!! She's had pnemonia before and that really worried me with all the phlem she was coughing up. Also my dh is still off work, so I'm the only bread maker right now and I know that's stressing me out bigtime. Thank God I make damn good money or we would be in big trouble. They had to take him back off work because of the swelling and pain. He goes to see the knee specialist on friday and they are going to scope his knee.

Been doing good on eating though. Except Saturday we went to the fair for dinner. I go every year just for a corn dog and fries. I always make that exception, but other than that I never eat that crap. Boy did I feel it too because I didn't feel to good about a 1/2 hour later. When your not use to eating greasy food it takes a toll on your digestive system. It seems to me though I workout alot more in the winter time than the summer and I think it's because of how busy I get and how hot it gets. I always lose more weight in the winter than summer and you would think that would be the other way.

Well need to get back to work. Talk to everyone later.
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Hi All!

Melf, Iím sure glad to hear that you are feeling better!

Debelli, I see the weight keeps coming off for you. Are you almost at your new goal? I would really like to try your spinach quiche, but I donít have a muffin pan as you described. Could put the whole batch in a pie pan and cook it for the same length of time? And you mentioned hummus again, where can I find a recipe for that? Sounds like you and Narda are having fun together.

Nance, Iím glad we talked today. I pulling for you, I sent you an email.

I have been out of touch as it seems with life sometimes, too much going on and not enough time to catch up. I quickly read through some of the posts from last week. Lots of rain and storms I see, unfortunately not so here, hot and muggy. I hope it letís up a little on Saturday as we are having an afternoon birthday party for my soon to be 5 year old. Fortunately, we the kids are playing water games, so Iím sure to get wet too J. Iíve stayed on plan fairly well, except at the movies yesterday, although not a major pig out, enough to make my stomach feel yucky. But it was well worth the trip to the movies, just me and my daughters. We saw Princess Diaries and certainly had a fun time.

I hope all is well with everyone. Iíll keep touching base as often as I can. I have my next oral procedure a week from today. This one is suppose to be the easiest and Iím encouraged. I pray that it goes well so maybe my family and I can enjoy a long weekend somewhere cooler.


As I finished my post, I opened todayís thread and discovered a very meaningful post from Deb. Thank you Deb for caring for all of us and always being there no matter what. I certainly can never be away from this group entirely, but it is difficult for me to commit to more than a couple times a week. I donít even get a chance to read my email at home more than that. I absolutely know that sugar free is the life for me and I couldnít in any way shape or form give up the friendships that I have gained. Some days for me itís more important to be with all of you than not eating sugar. Always know that I will return.

Until next time.

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Good afternoon all. Hope those that had to contend with Barry faired okay. Its been hot and humid here. Would like to get some rain. My plants are really starting to show the heat stress.

Im battling another UTI and cant get an appt. with my dr. or get her to return my calls. Ive been trying since Thursday. I leave messages at front desk. Dont know if they are being forwarded or what. Today front desk called and said that the dr. was gone for the day and did I want to come in on Wednesday to which I replied no, that I needed something today, so another message was left and I will wait and see if I get a phone call later. Looks like another dr. will be in my future.

I went out of town on Friday and Saturday to see my stepson and managed to get in 18 holes of golf. Didnt quite stay OP. Blew it on supper, but Sunday I started all over again.

Deb - really liked the motivation. I can identify. I wish there was an easier way to lose the weight, but in reality I know I am the one who has to do it.

Viv - I know what you mean about finding time to read and respond to all the posts. I feel bad about not responding to everyone also. I too can control most aspects of my life, except for the weight. I know I need to stay OP, but having no willpower gets me into trouble when it comes to certain foods.
Ive asked my dh to help me with that and he has agreed to.

Nance - the house sounds nice. Sending luck your way.

Bob - glad you made it back from DETOX safely. Sorry to hear about you still having mouth pain.

Well guesss I will go for now.
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Default Haven't quite jumped ship!!!!!!!!

I don't want to sound like a broken record, BUT sounds like alot of us are on that CRAZY roller coaster ride together No sooner did I get my g'ma home from the hospital, I got my 2 nieces again last Thurs and Fri night. Fri night my bil also came down and spent the night. Along with them, my IL's and my fil's sister from CA - she is here for a visit - came down and we had a low country boil. Sat we TRIED a fun outing on the big boat, ANDDDDDD one of the engines ran hot, and POOR Craig and fil spent most of ride back in the bowels on the boat working on engine and radiator OHHHHH...... early Fri morning, my baby sis's fil passed away. It was expected , but still sad for my bil's family. His father was only 57..... had terminal cancer, and had a history of heart problems. Sooooo..... that incident brought my dad and sm back from mountains, and my bro and sil from AL. We all went to the visitation together last night, and HAD intentions that we ALL would go to the funeral together today too!!!!! WELLLLLLLLL..... this morning when I got offline, I had a message from place my g'ma is, ANDDDDDDD they had to call for an ambulance AGAIN. The overnight nurse that was still on duty claimed gm was having chest pains. Well, my oldest bro and sil volunteered to go up to ER and see about gm, while the rest of us attended the funeral services. We are now being told by gm... we her Nana..... that she did NOT tell nurse she had chest pains and that the nurse just went ahead and gave her a nitroglyercin pill.......WELLLLLLLLLL, that made her bp drop to almost nothing. So now she is in hospital having to be RE-hydrated, and monitored because her bp was TOO LOWWWWWW.....I AM MADDDDD

I share all this to say I am TRYING my best to stay OP. I am happy with this WOE, yet unfortunately, I am a person that reacts weakly when circumstances around you get a little haywire. PLEASE, PLEASE........ don't get on to me that I should still be in control of my eating habits, because I already get on to myself enough about my weaknesses. I am just being dealt another hand of cards reminding me that life is one BIG UNPREDICTABLE ride!!!!!!! ( I don't EVEN like roller coasters!!!!!)
Don't give up on me, DEBBIE, and the rest of this wonderful group of people. You all help me continously with motivation, education, and all kinds of love and support.

I really meant for this to be a quick update Hope that together WE ALL can continue to support each other. If you don't hear from me fro a few days, I may be making a bomb to blow up the hospital AND the place where my gm stays!!!!!!!!!!!! I will keep you all posted........BOB HAVE THE GET AWAY WAGON READY, IF I NEED BUSTING OUT OF JAIL!!!!!

I hope this week is starting out great for all of you......
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Talking Hi.....Newbie here

Hi everyone,

I have been reading the different post and decided I'd just jump in. I have been doing SB for 1 week now. So far I really like it. And like others here I'm sure, I have tried numerous of other diets but have failed at them. In my first week I have lost 6lbs already and of course I'm very excited about that. My DH has also been SB for 1 week as well. Not as faithful as I but never the less he is 6lbs lighter as well.

I have tried to copy and paste some of the links in the first post but am not getting the pages. It keep saying page not found. Does anybody know why it is doing that? Also I was wondering if there were any other web pages set up made by fellow SBer's that I could get the links too.

I have been posting on THAT HOME SITES! diet club and I ran across a SB thread. It had a web page created by this woman who does sugar busters. I felt she had very useful info on the site but now the thread is gone and I can't find the web page anymore. Just wondering if anyone here had any others that might be quite useful. She had different foods and the pictures of the foods that were legal. She also had pictures of her and another woman. I don't know if this little bit of info helps but Thanks in Advance all.

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DEBBIE - Wow! Thanks for the motivational thought and then the encouragement in your personal post! We do have to work for the things we want. AND we can reach our goals - you're living proof of that!

PURPLE - Welcome! If you just click on the links above they will take you there without having to paste the address. I do think I know which site you're talking about and I have it, but it's at work so I'll try to post it tomorrow.

ANN - I hope you get things straightened out with your gm. That must be rough dealing with people who are supposed to be taking care of her and finding out they are not doing their job properly.

CAT - I'm so sorry you are having problems and then having problems with your Dr on top of that. Definitely time for another Dr! Vince and I have decided to change Dr.s after spending 4 hours in a CentraCare to get good drugs for our cold when our regular Dr. told us it was a virus and to "tough it out". He's also lacking in the bedside manner category and the way he talks to me about my weight pisses Vince off - hurts my feelings, but then I just think he's a Dr. he must know what he's talking about. Time to move on - life's too short do put up with these bozos.

I was supposed to work out today, but had a bad headache so decided to come home. And on the way home realized it's been almost a month since I've worked out - between being sick and being out of town I haven't done squat in the physical category. I gotta get back to that do it no matter what attitude. I don't want to go back to being over 200 lbs. and trying to fight - my fights are too tough!! My body does not want to let go of weight so I can not afford to let it start gaining on me!

Since we've had the layoff we're all watching our Ps & Qs at work and that's when I was doing a lot of lurking and reading to stay caught up. I'm going to have to refigure my schedule to allow for posting here and getting my food into FitDay. Bear with me!! I'm thinking of youguys and I've printed out the last few days posts to catch back up.

I've gotta run. Vince will be home soon and I haven't fixed dinner yet either.

Have a good night everyone!!

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Evening All

Just waiting for Eli to come home. Hummus is on the table and gosh knows what else will be for dinne-I just know that I'M NOT COOKING!

Eli's off tomorrow, so off to Broward we go. I'll try to get in a quickie post in the morning, but will be MIA the rest of the day. Can't wait to hit the Carbolite place-they're suppose to have Coconut tomorrow, I'll make mine a double

FROG, I know what it's like being without a computer-like SUGAR DETOX! Hope it gets fixed soon so you don't have more withdrawls-geez, this means you won't be on chat tomorrow night?????

VIV, were your ears burning on Friday? BOB and I were in a store and saw these dresses that screamed VIV! Wish you were with us! I know the board can be overwhelming at times, like anyone needs to be more overwhelmed than they already are-BUT, even if you just come onto the board and check in from time-to-time and give us an update on how things are going for you-that's good enough. It's always been understandable that not everyone has hours of time to sit here and reply to everyone, some of us do, some of us don't. I find the longer I am away from the board the harder it is to get caught up, it takes a long time, so I truly understand how it is for someone who works, like you do. Glad to know though that you are doing well and at 135!

RALY, glad you are checking in as well. I guess the anticipation of the corn dog and the fries weren't all they were cracked up to be once you ate them. But at least you got that out of your system -no pun intended, and had your treat. Glad to hear Cristina is doing better.

LDBLOND, ahh, TOM brings some of that lost weight to be found again, though I know it's just temporary. I was a 1/2lb away from my cushion goal, but now I am on that temporary climb-give me a few weeks, I should be down again-or so I hope. Hmmm, I said something about a muffin pan for my quiche? Nope, you just spray a pie plate with nonstick spray and throw it in there-it's that simple. Hummus, I thought I posted a recipe for it on a past RECIPE BOARD but I guess not-so I just posted the recipe on the AUGUST RECIPE BOARD. How was the Princess Diaries???

CATLOVER, hope you were able to get an appt with the Dr-what kind of crap is that they don't get you in-they obviously MUST realize that this is not a pleasant thing you are dealing with! Hope things are better!

AMSER, wow, things surely have been hectic for you-sorry to hear about all that's happening within your family-and to hear about your GM again-you wonder about these people, don't you! I hope you get everything straightened out before you get any more stressed than you already are. Remember I told you we once went to a plantation in Savannah, but couldn't remember the name of it, it was the MAGNOLIA PLANTATION, which of course isn't in Savannah, but in Charleston, NC-okay, so I was a state away-at least I remembered the name!

PURPLE, WELCOME TO THE BOARDS! Happy to have you join us! Seems you are doing well on your first week on SB, and to have your hubby's support as well as having him doing SB, that's wonderful-makes it loads easier! A 6lb loss in your first week is great-here's to many more You should be able to click on any of the links where they will take you to the other boards-let me know if you continue to have trouble. The site you were asking about is a wonderful site-I refer many people to her site-here's the link, just click on it:

Please, don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have, we're all happy to help you out in any way we can. Again, welcome!!! You're the first person we've had from Toto Country!!!

SOL, glad to see you checking in Why not take a little note book with you so you can jot down what you eat throughout the day, and when you get home, post it into the site. Hope you can get back into the swing of things at the gym, I know how I feel when I miss my walking.

Well, Eli's going to be a bit late-sewer backup AGAIN-seems to happen a lot. Nothing like a stink at Starbucks! I'm gonna go fix myself a chicken salad sandwich from the leftover chicken he made when BOB was here.

Please remember, ]TOMORROW NIGHT IS CHAT AT 9:15PM!


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Good Eveing to everyone

Deb.....How true it is....your motivational though for the day!
I guess we are such an instant society, we say we want to lose weight and think that should be enough to do it. But I really don't mind giving up the sweat for a drop on the scale.

About the poll at the beginning of the thread..... again this week I don't like the choicesam undecided about which one to choose. I need to be able to check two choices. Does that make my life complicated. I weigh on a dial scale at home when I get the urge, but my weigh-in wed is at a scale at work, which is a good doctor's scale in the admitting dept.

I am going to agree with a couple of the others that have said they have been lurking do to being buzy. But I also feel like I get confused in trying to respond to everyone individual posts. I will get there some day.

Purple delight.....welcome to a great support system, and some wonderful gals that will help how ever they can.

Bob....glad that you were able to travel without too much problems. I had been watching the radar, knowing traveling could get bad. Next time you take the wagons out, come get me OK.

Cat ....I think that I would have to agree that maybe it is time for a new doctor, unless this one has dine someting so super special for you or the family. I tell my patients, especially wehn they may not like their doctor, that for the doctor....this is a business, like taking you car to be serviced. We wouldn't put up with that for the car so why should we for our health.

I hope all had a great day tomorrow and another day of heathly eating.
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WHEW!! Am I glad I came back a day early from the DUNGEON! I got up this morning sicker than a dog! I think Sunday was the beginning of todays delima!
Since my mouth surgery, I've been having trouble with my sinus cavity on the right side. As I've said before, I think he really stirred things up in the result...A KING SIZED HEADACHE complete with THROWING UP I got up at 7am and thought about going to work, but couldn't motivate and went back to bed until 8:30 and could only make it for about 15 mnutes until I had to pray to the porcelan god! I broke out in a cold sweat, and it came like the faucet was on...sweat was pouring...I took some medicine and went back to bed. When I finally woke up, IT WAS NOON!!...then I drug myself to the living room to the "recliner" and proceded to go back to sleep again until 3:30pm! Had to make myself get up and go to the grocery...I HAD NO CREAM!! and with no cream, NO STARBUCKS!! ....but you can bet that I brewed up a pot full when I got back!!

DEB be glad I left really wouldn't want to be around me when I'm sick....Thanks again for a wonderful time.
Guess what I had for supper last night??? Yep....HUMMUS my mother doesn't like it, so OH WELL...MORE FOR ME

VIV Don't feel bad about not addressing everyone. We would rather see you posting and know that you're with us. So just a little HOWDY DO is fine with us..

GATOR I'm rocking back with TENNESSEE being chosen as #7 to start with...That way we don't have to prove anything....moving up is easier that way...

FILLISE Get on down to Debbie's Dungeon...she can truley help you get back on track. I'm not so sure that today's episode wasn't from her cleaning me out ...BELIEVE me, I've left a DOOKIE deposit all over the Miami area this weekend!!

ANN Sorry about your troubles...take them in stride.. you can handle them better that way. When it rains, it pours...maybe you'll get all of yours over with at once! We'll be here for you..just
give us a yell....

FROG Sorry you're having trouble...we'll miss you while you're out of commission...

I'm back on track, Debbie has figured out my intake for me and I'll be better managed that way. She thinks I've been eating TOO LITTLE!! and the result was not good...
NANCY Get her to figure yours'll be surprised at what she comes up with...

I'm off to lurk...I'll check in before hitting the big bed

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BOB--I wish the Gators were ranked #7 instead of #1. I've seen too many years when they were just picked off that lofty perch, and know that every team will be gunning for them. UT comes to the Swamp this year. Should be a good game.

Debbie--None of the choices on the poll fit me. I weigh on a smaller version of a doctor's scale that we have in our bathroom. Neither digital or dial, but a balance scale.

Sol--John was asking about you today at workout. They will be glad to see you back. They thought you were SO NICE, and mentioned to me several times how sweet you were. I agreed! I told them that I though you had been sick lately.

Catlover--I'm still trying to learn the game of golf. I definitely am not a natural at it. I'm still trying to learn how to just hit the ball solidly most of the time. Usually I top it or hit behind it, and usually hit it to the right. I'm hoping that it will start to be fun one of these days. I'm hangin' in there with it, but it takes a lot of work just to get not even mediocre. Fortunately, I get to play tennis tomorrow night if it doesn't rain.

Good quote, Debbie.

Take care, all.
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