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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 5/6-5/12

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


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We have NINE INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often!!!





and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM, I think it says a lot:


Extraordinary achievements come from the consistent application of very ordinary and available qualities. Success is within the reach of anyone who can find sufficient desire to succeed. The fundamental tools of success and achievement are not locked away in secret, or hidden in some unattainable place. Those tools are readily available to all who wish to use them.

What does it take to be disciplined and focused, persistent and committed to making whatever effort may be required? It takes nothing more than a strong, compelling and meaningful reason. When the reason is there, when the desire is strong, the qualities necessary for achievement will be ready for work. You are just as capable and deserving of success as anyone who has ever lived.

So make use of the powerful tools which you've been given. Tap into the ordinary qualities of discipline, of commitment, of sincerity, humility, integrity and effort. They are yours to use, yours with which to build, to achieve, to excel, and to fulfill the special purpose with which you've been blessed.

-- Ralph Marston


Have a wonderful day, a fabulous week!!!!!

SB since 3/22/00
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Default Brand New Week!

Clean slate, new week.... Gonna start over. Last week wasn't BAD, mind you, just kind of fell apart at the end.

My daughter's bridal shower was yesterday. Since it was Cinco de Mayo, the theme was Mexican. There were taquitos, which are just flautas, and hot wings, as well as tortilla chips and salsa and cheese dip, and cake. I concentrated on the strawberries, but succumbed to a small piece of cake, and a few taquitas. Had a few wings too. Then when I got home, since the day was blown already, I decided to indulge in Moose Trax ice cream. I don't think I will step on the metal monster until Wednesday! (I am just saying that...I KNOW I will, probably the next time I walk in the bathroom!)

Saturday, I did a wedding cake and groom's cake. The groom's cake was a 3-d pig dressed like a policeman with a donut in his hand. The groom loved it, so I was happy. That is, until I tried to download the digital pictures off my camera onto the computer. For some reason, they are mad at each other, and won't connect properly. My son, the computer help desk guy, is supposed to come over and look at it today. It will cost me though...he wants to borrow the camera! If I ever get the camera working properly, I will post the picture of the groom's cake.

I got up at 5 this hour early...since my arthritis in my knees was bothering me so much I could not sleep. That happens when I get cold at night. I had all my morning chores done before the time I usually get up. After I get everyone out the door, I am going back to bed!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Default Monday Morning

Good morning to Monet said, it is a new week! I had blown dinner on Friday night at our friends house and the scale showed 3 lbs up on Saturday morning...bummer! Saturday night dinner at some other friends was SB friendly. We had salad, BBQ'd steaks, fried mushrooms and onions, broccoli, carrots and cake & ice cream for dessert which I passed on. All in all, a delicious and legal dinner. I am down 2 of the pounds today and hopefully the next one will follow suit tomorrow. I know I didn't drink my water like I should over the weekend, so that is also a factor.

Sheann- I am so sorry to hear about the events Jason has been going through since your last report. The stress level in your home must indeed be high. Taking care of little kids on top of it all doesn't help either and I also wonder if anyone could help out on that front. Don't you worry about having negative posts, we want to know so we can pray for your family..that is not negative, it is sharing with friends who care. Lots of us are sending prayers up and will keep doing so.

BOB- I can't remember if I already posted my congratulations to you or not so I will say it again...Congratulations on being an Auntie to a brand new bouncing baby boy!

I am starving this morning and want to inhale some serious food...weird. I was even tempted to have an Atkins week...I guess it is because of still having that extra weight from my Friday Night Faux Pas. See Debelli..I guess that is when I think about Atkins again. I won't though because I already had a 1/2 starchy carb at breakfast and that right there killed the chance for Atkins today!

Okay..I will stop babbling.
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Well heres ole zippy bananabuns checking in. I'm up at the crack of dawn. We had rain all night.. I woke up every hour I think. AND on top of every thing else had my first night sweats!! Yuck. I really don't want to repeat that..... DH and I took a couple of steaks and some stuff to a campground yesterday and barbequed. It was so fun. We set up our relaxing lounge chairs and he cooked. I had the best baked sweet potato I think I've ever had. I'd sliced fresh mushrooms in foil and they turned out good to. We love to do that. And are so lucky we live in an area where theres beautiful campgrounds all around us and its free. I was able to take a good walk around the grounds on a path that went all around the campground so got my walk in to. I bid and won a pedometer off e-bay yesterday. I'll be glad to get that and see how much I'm walking when I'm out. Well today is a new week. Ready to start...

Monet-The shower sounded wonderful. And oh how I love mexican food... The cake for the groom sounded wonderful. I would love to see it. My niece is Chief of Police in the next town. Sorry about your knees. Probably doing to much huh!!!

Debili-Love your message... You your self are great motivation.

Guess I'm really early. Have to go out of town this morning so wanted to get on and not get behind. Have a wonderful day everyone... Till later........ Zippy banana buns signing off.

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Thumbs down Good Monday morning!

Oh my--well the recovery has begun! Derby Day was a rousing success--the mint juleps were mighty tasty this year and I had the number 1 and 2 horses in the race! I had a house full and the party went from about 4 in the afternoon until a little before midnight. In addition to the mint juleps, someone brought jello shooters, and then there were the harbor lights in the evening. I tell you it was nothing but sugar and alcohol all day long! I bought a horse piniata (SP?) that we nicknamed "Paco" (OK it was really a donkey, but it was the closest thing they had to a horse) and who became the star of the party. I wore my rose tiara as my hat--pictures may be posted on the internet this week--if they are I'll provide you the link, providing they aren't too embarrassing! Poor Belle hid under the bed all day. She isn't used to so many people in the house.

Given all the cleaning and everything I do to get ready--it made for quite a long day. And of course most of yesterday was spent cleaning again--but very slowly this time! I didn't feel too bad, just tired. I slept until noon, watched the race and then scrubbed the house down. It looks pretty good now. I'm not getting on the scale again until at least wednesday--maybe not until next Wednesday! I've gotten most of the bad food out of the house now--except for the cheesecake--which I am going to take to some friends this afternoon! I will go grocery shopping this afternoon to restock the house with good food and be back on track! Knowing that Saturday was a free day--I was bad but I don't have the feeling of failure today because I planned for it and have also planned for getting back on track.

BOB--cogratulations on the sweet little nephew! Jay is very luck in that his auntie Narda is going to spoil him rotten! So have you gotten him the little orange and white football yet???????

Sheann--My goodness, it soulds like you still have your hands full--worrying about and trying to help your son in addition to trying to keep everyone happy. My hear goes out to you. I'm still praying they find out what is wrong so that they can figure out how to STOP the siezures!

Monet--You've been busy this morning! I finally had my knee surgery last summer because it got to where I couldn't sleep because of the pain in my knees. You have my heartfelt sympathy on that one!

Toni--nightsweats bad--steaks good! It sounds like you had a good time at the campground!

Deb--good motivational post--as usual!

Jack-K--it sounds like you had a good time--I'm going to get there one of these days--but I'd have to miss my party to come and I'd hate to do that!

Ok got to go to work now. Have a great week everyone!

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Wink Good Morning Everyone!!

Aaahhhh......a new week. Mondays always come so fast. This weekend was really beautiful weather wise! I went to Kings Island w/ my neighbor on Saturday and then went out to dinner and a movie w/ my DH. We ate was GREAT!!! No popcorn at the movies either! We saw the Panic Room......which was pretty good. We had a nice time w/o the kids....

So at Jungle Jims, I bought what I think everyone is talking about as far as pretzles. They are organic oat bran...right? Is there another type? I also got the SF pb filled ones. I should have looked for sweet pot. chips...but forgot.
Is there anyohter pre-made snack stuff that I can have...not like nuts, but like chips and stuff like that.

I did.....get this.....5.2 miles on my bike last night! That is really good for me! I was about to die doing 3...last night I was going for thing led to another and I pulled out 5.2!

So I have a new and sit-ups on Sun., Tues., and Thrs. Arms and 2 other leg machines on Mon., Wed., and Fri. Leaving Saturday off. To those who workout, how does this sound?

Don't worry about those 3 pounds..or now 1. When they come on that easy, they come off just as easy! It is hard when there is so many tempting foods to eat! WIW will be kind if you get back on the right path

Toni...thank you. I am glad to have made it to my goal. My first goal was 130...but changed my goal when I was losing pretty easy. So I set myself up for 125. I just need to stay here! BTW....I have no job....that may be Beth you are thinking of. I know it is hard to keep track!!!

Yes....Deb is picking on me! I am almost 5'7" and am weighing about 122-123. I am so flabby though. So 125 or so on me is good, where as someone who is more muscular, they would be too small. After 5 kids, I am flabby. I have not exercised in YEARS!!! Even if I am running after 5, it is not muscle producing.

My prayers are with you and your whole family! I just can't believe that they do not know what is wrong! I am so very sad for you and I really do pray that the doctors and all of our technology will be able to help you. I can only imagine what it must be like for you right now. How is your relationship w/ his wife? It is times like this that it can bring out the worst in us. Good job on keeping your weight down....not that that is nearly as important.

I am w/ everyone else here......$33!!! My goodness! I guess that is the price of living in paradise....right

Yellow...thank you as well on congratsing me....Like I have said, if I can just stay here!

Auntie BOB!!!
Congrats on your new nephew!!!! I bet you will eat him up. I just love how newborns smell and fell! Never miss an oppertunity to spoil him. Little "jay" is very lucky! I hope mom is doing well. Can't wait to see the not so wee one!

It is over...and you came out ahead! Good for you. I know what the weather was like here...hope it was good there!

What a great idea for a bridal shower! When is the big day? I bet you are excited....but are you sad at all? How old is your daughter?

To everyone else....HI!!!!
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Good Monday Morning Everyone

Woke up tired along with my feet hurting. They started to hurt yesterday, after I walked, sorta feels like an achey feeling, like when you use to have growing pains. Between the two, I didn't go walk today, though I was dressed and ready to go. For me not going out on Monday to exercise is a big deal for me, so you know I'm feeling funky!

Like GRACIOUS, I woke up ravenous as well-and not walking doesn't help this either. But now, I'm feeling a bit barfy, so I'm hoping this will pass and I'll be able to hold out eating anything until lunch. I'm not hungry at all, just something compeling me to eat. TOM isn't due for another week. Will have to look at past entries in my daily diary on WC to see if this is how I've felt before. Scale is also up a pound from yesterday - seems I just can't win today!

ROSE, I highly doubt CABOT has discontinued their 50% cheese and I hope they aren't going to stop making their 75%! They have been voted the #1 Cheese in the US once again-so I'm sure there's some mistake there. You can always call their 800 number and ask

MONET, sounds like you had a good time at the shower-hope your DD got a lot of the things she was hoping for. Can't wait til you post those pics of the cake you made.

GRACIOUS, like you, I am starving today. Had a lapse last night and wanted to eat and eat and eat-stayed legal, but too much legal stuff. Hope whatever "this" is it will wear off, and quick at that!

TONI, thanks for that little boost today, though today, I don't think I feel motivating enough for anything

FILLISE, sounds like you had a wonderful time at your party!!! I hope you took some pictures YOU COULD POST!!!!!

KIMMY, I'd never pick on you!!! Just can't imagine someone of your height weighing what I weigh-and if you want to talk about flab, I'm the expert!!!! I bet no one else could honestly say when they stamp their foot their thighs keep wiggling 6 times after they've stopped! I'd love to go to JJ! At long as those pretzels are the SNYDER BRAND, you've got the right ones!!! Is that store big???

Okay, I'm going back to bed-hoping this funk will just leave the body while I lounge in bed. I know, this wasn't an exciting post from me-hope to be more energetic later

Will check back later.

Have a great week!

SB since 3/22/00
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Happy Monday, everyone. *groan*

Things are off to an OK start for me. It’s that TOM, so my weight’s unchanged. *ugh* BUT I did manage to get my fiancé eating Whole Oat cereal (like cheerios but Whole Foods brand, and made from whole oats). I am taking things one step at a time with him. LOL!

I have planned for today breakfast of sourdough bread (2 small slices towards the end of the loaf). Snack will be an apple. Lunch is a peanut butter sandwich on WW bread. Afternoon snack will probably be a little bit of cheese. Dinner will be chicken cooked in Healthy Choice Cream of Mushroom soup, over Wheat Semolina pasta-thingys for DF, and plain for me, along with some steamed veggies. I’m still struggling with eating enough, and trying to balance carbs – I’ve spent so long eliminating them that it feels weird to work them back in!

Now I have to start working exercise into my weeks, too. That’s the biggest factor for me, but the hardest to make myself act upon. Any suggestions???

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Hi everybody. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers for my mom. Keep 'em comin'. She meets with the oncologist today, so I'm anxious to hear how that goes. They're going to start her on liquids today to see if her stomach is working yet. Mine has been working overtime. I've given in big time to stress eating. Right now, I'm not going to worry too much about it, but I don't want things to get out of hand. I'm up a couple of pounds this morning, but TOM is here too. We'll see what things look like on WIW.

I'll try to check in again later.
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S/C/G: 257/169/155

Height: 5'6"


Happy Monday Everyone!

Glad to be back in routine. Already pounding the water down . Trying to flush any "impurities" out of my system before WIW. It is raining here and more expected for the next 4 days. YUK. Oh well, we had great weather for the weekend and now I am sunburned from working out in the yard yesterday.

Monet, That cake sounds adorable. Hope you can get the computer to accept the pictures. Would love to see it. Wish you lived closer, I would hire you to do my DD's cake.

Gracious, Don't beat yourself up too much, that extra pound will come off soon. It's a new week, time to get back into routine which really helps alot.

Toni, sounds like your day at the campground was very nice. You are lucky to have one so close, especially with hiking trails. YHou get 2 for 1.

Fillise, Sounds like your part was great. Did you “pick” those horses or draw them out of a hat. If you picked them you must know a lot about horses. Good for you getting back on track today. By the way, what’s in those Harbor Lights?

Kimmy, Way to ride that bike. I’m impressed. Your weekend sounds fun. Glad you had a good time with DH. Your routine sounds fine, but after 6 weeks, you need to change it. Your muscles get used to what you are doing. Yes, the weather Sat & Sun was beautiful. Friday was a little cool until late afternoon. Now we have 4 days of rain coming our way. Unfortunately, you will probably get it soon.

Deb, Sorry your are having such a yucky morning. Nothing worse than achy feet. I have RA in mine and I wonder if my feet will ever feel right again. I see all kinds of cute shoes and it kills me to think I will never get to wear them. Hang in there, maybe it’s just a funky Monday. Loved your MM post. Funny thing, on the way to church yesterday I saw a sign on another church that said “Ordinary can become extraordinary with just a little “extra”. Great minds…. Hope your day improves.

Jenn, IMHO, just looking over your menu for today, you are eating 4 carbs (2 at breakfast and 2 at lunch) and if you eat pasta for dinner, that would be 5. You only get 3. Try to get some veggies in with your sandwich. Others may have different opinions.

Music, Still sending prayers for your mom. Hang in there.

Sheann, Hope you find something out about your DS soon. Prayers for him too.

Hope everyone has a great day.

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Good Monday Morning everyone! I hope everyone is well. I am still getting in my exercise, I can't believe I have already been doing it almost 2 weeks! I have a confession to make. My scale went up a LOT from the last time I had weighed 254.5 :::sigh:::: I really have got to get back in the swing of things! I was hoping that the exercise would boost me to eat a little better and I dont *think* I am doing that bad but I still don't lose. I am beyond frustrated. Maybe I need to post a sample menu from to see where I am going wrong. I do have a hard time getting in enough calories WITHOUT adding in so much fat and carbs Here is an example of what I eat on any given day. 2 cups of coffee with splenda and half & half. Eggbeaters with 2 % cheese ( about 1/'4 cup.1 slice sourdough bread and polaners fruit spread ( no butter ) . Morning snack : 5 triscuits ,1 can of sardines drained. Apple and orange or grapefruit. LUNCH:Huge salad with cucumbers,radishes,avocado,onion,cauliflower and broccoli. Some type of low sugar dressing about 1 tbs. Leftover protein ( either chicken or fish ). Afternoon snack : Only if I feel hungry. I cup FF yogurt plain with stevia and frozen blueberries. Dinner: Lean cut of meat,2 servings of vegetables. No carbs at dinner. I do not drink diet coke,mostly just water. Some days I drink green tea but I don't put anything in it. Am I eating enough??? I feel like I eat all day long! But I know calorie wise it may not be enough for my weight. I would love to hear everyone's ideas on this, thanks! Liz
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Default Happy ? Monday!

Hi All: I have read to catch up, but cannot take the time to respond....but well wishes and good thoughts to Sheann and Music!!!

I am up a pound too - after a weekend spent in the blistering sun and heat this weekend. It was really difficult to stay outside walking in the heat, but I persevered and kept up - both Saturday and Sunday - we walked the parks - went to both Epcot and MGM.... French dinner for birthday was too wonderful for words - exquisite!!!!! Have a bit of a bug, so not very hungry yesterday or today... a lot of casualties at work out with stomach virus...

Just finished a small plain lunch of stone ground wheat bread, sliced turkey and mustard....with a pickle.... and don't know yet if it liked me....

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Default Wet Kitty Kat

That looks just like my Crabigail in the sink!!! hahaha - thanks Liz for sharing....

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Default Good afternoon!

Howdy all! Thought I would pop in before I work out. I love having the accountabilty from this support group. Makes me get my hinny in gear. Trying really hard to get back to working out four times a week and walking about 5 or 6. So far so good.

Deb ---I sure hope you start feeling better soon. I think sometimes when we get the munchies when we are sick it's because our bodies are needing something. As soon as you feel better I bet the muchies leave.

Gracious --Steak and shrooms...YUMMY! My mouth is watering just reading your post. I think as a special treat when I reach my next mini goal I'm gonna have a nice juicy rib eye.

Toni --What kind of pedometer did you get? I never thought to check on ebay. Might have to do that later. Any excuse to look around ebay at bit.

Fillise --Sounds like your party was a blast.

Kimmy --Hey you! *smile* At 5' 7" even flabby that's on the low end of the weight charts. You may find as you get more and more tone that you can even gain a little. With all the work you are doing you will start toning up in no time. You should be proud of all your hard work.

Jeena --It is so cool that your fiance' is eating this way with you. It's so much easier when you dont' have to do it alone. My family doesn't eat this way but they are slowly coming around. I made a mock stroganoff with WW pasta the other night....they loved it.

Music --Still praying for your family. (((hugzz)))

Jack-K --could you send some of that rain this way? We had a little sprinkle the other day but it wasn't enough to dampen the dust.

Tranquil ---WTG walking in this heat. Keep up the good work.

Well guess I need to get my lazy hinny in gear. See ya'll this evening. Have a super afternoon.


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