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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 1/6-1/13

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please visit our NEW 2002 BIO BOARD where you can learn more about everyone who is on this board:

Please make sure you post your BIO on the LATEST VERSION of our BIO BOARD everyone!!!!

Our JANAURY/FEBRUARY/MARCH 2002-FIRST QUARTER RECIPE BOARD can be located at the link below:

We have NINE INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often!!!





and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

We also now have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on:

Want to post your weigh in results, we have a MONTHLY WEIGH IN BOARD at the link below:

DO YOU HAVE A MONTHLY GOAL? Post your End of Month Goal on our new GOAL BOARD at the link below:

VISIT OUR NEW SUGAR BUSTERS 2001 PICTURE GALLERY at the link below. You can upload pictures or post links to pictures on this board

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Will post my morning post sometime later, it's bound to be a biggie!!! Just wanted to make sure I got our MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM:


There's a simple thing you can do that will dramatically improve the results of your actions. And that is to consider their consequences.

Everything you do is going to produce some specific consequence. Even the thoughts you think have their consequences. All those consequences are in the future. Yet all too often you base your thoughts and actions primarily on what has happened in the past. Does that really make sense?

Your thoughts and actions will have no effect whatsoever on the past. Their consequences will be in the future. So when you take action, take it with an eye toward the future, not the past. You cannot change the past, and you cannot avoid changing the future. The question is, what's that future going to look like?

That depends on how carefully you consider the future consequences of your actions. You have the power to choose the very best of those consequences by virtue of the way you think and act right now.

Decide to actively choose your consequences every chance you get. The next time you feel compelled to take some particular action, stop and ask yourself what the consequences will be. That brief moment of consideration can make a world of difference in the kind of future you create for yourself.

-- Ralph Marston
Have a wonderful day, a fabulous week!!!!!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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To better help you answer this weeks poll, here's a link to the week we asked the question.
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Default Morning!

Well, we finally got some snow! After coming home from the folks place last night, DH, DS and I had a wee snowball fight when we got out of the car. DS is 4, and thought this was the greatest thing. We'll see how long it lasts. The last forcast I heard said it may get over 34 degrees today--all the white stuff may melt!

Well, I think I'm gonna jump in and take the Body For Life (BFL) challenge. What the heck. I've got nothing to lose except inches! A couple of the weight moves use machines, so I had to search out moves that worked the same muscle groups using dumbbells. It's only for 12 weeks and would finish up right around my birthday, so good health and fitness would be a great present to myself. I will still do SB WOE.

Sounds like all who went to WDW had a wonderful time and way too much food. Some really yummy sounding food! Can you post some recipes, PLEASE??? Hope y'all didn't end up catching anything from being out in the cold rain.

FROG Was thinking of you and Mr. Frog yesterday. Kept lurking on the board for updates. How did you do? As long as you did the best you could, that's what counts. And you didn't have the greatest of weather. Not very nice to run in cold rain. Hope you've been pampering yourself and keeping nice and cozy. Looking forward to you telling us all about it.

BOB Glad you're home safe and sound.

ROSALIE I don't like yogurt either, but when blended with everything else, I couldn't taste the yogurt.

MELIRIS Are you starting BFL today??

HELLO to all I've missed. I'm afraid to try to peek at the old board to review the posts in case I lose all that I've already typed.

Talk to y'all later.
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Default Monday

Real quickie, will post more later but wanted to replay to Zanne:
Yes, I did my first BFL upper body workout today, and am also staying SB WOE. That free day thing scares me silly. I'll keep it legal!!!
I had a hard time figuring out a workout too, the "customized program" the site gave be included several machines and I refuse to budge out of my own free weight room at home. I have barbells, dumbells and a bench with leg extensions, but no decline bench. May have to get one for Mother's Day! I miss my usual full body workout- don't feel like I quite did it all if I don't get lower body too! Also I don't think I quite got the amount of weights right, cause it wasn't all that difficult. But I have tennis this afternoon, so I'll see if I can lift my arms by then. Do you want to compare workouts and see if that helps us? The site and book are pretty vague about actual #'s. email me if you want.

Hello everybody else. Hope Orlando was ablast for all- You still alive and kicking FROG?

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Talking HAPPY MONDAY!!!!


Susanne – I think almost ALL the recipes from the brunch came from the board! And, you’re abolutely right – it was all VERY YUMMY!! Not one person went home hungry and the host and hostess have lunches for a MONTH! (Thanks to everyone for leaving us the leftovers! ) I had crustless spinach quiche for breakfast, hummus for mid morning snack and pasta for lunch – ALL leftovers!

FROG AND MR. FROG Kicked Boooo-teeeeee in the marathon!! They finished in 6:06 – official results from the Disney website. They averaged a 14 minute mile – pretty darn good pace for 26.5 miles! BTW, THAT’S IN THE TOP ½ OF ALL THE MARATHONERS ON SUNDAY!! THOSE MEDALS ARE BIG!!! I’m sooo proud of them! I can’t tell you how cold and wet it was while DEBBIE and ELI and I were waiting to cheer them on at the 20 mile mark! I think that rain would’ve been enough to make me want to quit – but throw in freezing cold and fierce winds - Y’all would have been so inspired to see them! They didn’t even look tired – DEBBIE took lots of pictures and got them smiling and still bouncing at the 20 mile mark. How FROG managed to still look so good at that point I’ll never understand.

Debbie and I got up dark and early at some ungodly hour to wave our flourescent batons in the dark along the starting line. We were rewarded by getting to snap a fresh picture of FROG and MR. FROG as they began their daunting task. Then we picked up Eli for breakfast and another trek out to see our favorite marathoners. The race seemed to be going smoother than the spectator traffic as we tried to get to the finish line. We were turned away from Epcot and had to go to the Magic Kingdom to catch the monorail to the finish line. We missed seeing them cross the finish line, but they said they were so tired that it might have been a good thing that we missed them so that they could scoot quickly to the hotel for a well-earned hot shower and nap. Debbie and Eli got to see them later in the evening and I hope to see them again at least once before they leave town.

I’m so inspired! If you want to find that motivation for working out – adopt a marathoner. FROG has been filling us in all year on her preparations and training and we’ve been able to encourage and rejoice with her on her successes. Seeing her and all the other people you know have been planning and working all year for this one day – this one challenge (ALL KINDS, SIZES, SHAPES, AGES OF PEOPLE) and the family and friends there to cheer them on is thrilling! I got choked up seeing people crying as they crossed the finish line and their co-horts hugging them and the pride as they exited the runners area with those huge gold medals around their necks. They set a daunting goal, worked toward it and reaped the rewards for their efforts. Amazing! Amazing goal!

I’ll warn you now that our fearless leader is speaking of a challenge for all of us for next year. Everyone of us should plan to meet in O-Town next year to participate in the marathon, the half-marathon or the full cheering section! We could plan a little better for the spectator areas to spread people out so that at every other viewing area we would have someone cheering the participants on. We have some good ideas for our garb and how to find each other. So just to encourage you and get you thinking and planning………….

Registration for the 2003 Walt Disney World Marathon and Half Marathon, scheduled for Jan. 12, 2003, will begin on March 1, 2002. Information will be available on line at Special 2003 Walt Disney World Resort Marathon Packages will be available by calling 407/939-7810.

If money is an issue we have plenty of floor space at Chez SolShine for one loaf of Zucchini Bread or Starbucks Coffee.


The Ninth Running of the Walt Disney World Marathon & Half Marathon
2002 Marathon Season Off to a Good Start!

by Larry Eder
January 6, 2002
Lake Buena Vista, FLA
California Track & Running News/For the Running Network
The 2002 Marathon season is off to a great start with the ninth running of the Walt Disney Marathon & Half-Marathon. Over 13,500 marathoners and 5,000 half-marathoners toed the starting line of this, the ninth running of the Walt Disney World Marathon & Half Marathon.

The Fourth Wave of Running
Lake Buena Vista, FLA
As we watched the entire field run though the Epcot Center, first the runners, then the run/walkers, then the walkers, we marvelled at how the sport has changed in just the past nine years. And in many ways, the Walt Disney World Marathon has forcasted and reacted well to the changes in the sport and the world of running.
The sport of running is in what I would call the fourth wave, and it is a good, healthy place for our sport to be. The first wave was pretty male dominated, and 'more miles the better', never walk, go as fast as you can, and anything else be damned. Runners in the early and mid seventies were always trying to convert someone else to the sport. No pain, no gain.
The problem was, lots were hurt, and by the mid eighties, the press was giving running a real wacking. What many runners had missed was that the second wave, or the aerobic and walking scene was about to give running a second life. Women came into the sport, but, with a higher level of fitness and came from aerobics to walking to running, and guess, what? They stayed with the sport.
The third wave was what scared the running community. Guys like Jeff Galloway, a 1972 Olympian must have felt like a lone voice in the wind. He suggested walking breaks in your runs. I remember being with him in 1986 at the Charleston 15 miler, where he ran 1:26, and he confided in me that he was running four days a week. That was heresy! He and guys like Joe Henderson were the whipping boys of the purists.
Well, Galloway was right. Walking can enhance running. Don't get me wrong. Guys traiing for 27 minutes 10ks don't use walking much in their workouts, but masters can sure us it in long runs and break three hours, or whatever their goals are. Galloway and Bingham, and the training groups have demystified the sport, and it is better for it.
Guys like John Bingham, aka the Penguin, have taken Walt Stack, an early running stalwart from the San Francisco Bay Area, whose famous line was'-Start Slow and Taper Off' would have loved the Disney Marathon this year-because people are encouraged to break three hours, run five hours, run/walk seven hours, whatever they want, as long as they MOVE. You can be a racer, a jogger, a run/walker, a hiker, or just a moving human being.
This is the fourth wave, and it is getting guys like me to return to the sport. I started walking two months ago after promising to run/walk Columbus next year, and realized quickly what I was missing. The hour that I take at ten at night is mine, and I sometimes share it with my son, Adam, but it shows me that if I take my time, loose the weight I want to do, I will become active again.
The walkers, runner/walkers-running fusionists?-are active and that is what Disney is about. The truth of the matter is that marathoning has come of age. Yes, Boston, Chicago, New York need fast times, and quality supporting events, but at Walt Disney World Marathon & Half Marathon, a 2:32:38 by Dai Roberts, or the return win of 2:48:38 of Ilda Santos is seen for what it is by the 18,500 starters and the thousands of fans-performances by humans that are pretty darn impressive!
After having had cold weather, warm weather and everything in between, the rain and wind gusts started about three hours into the Marathon( remember, average field time here is about 5:25), yet, they kept coming, and coming...
I will end with the category winners, and part two will be on the rest of the story (sorry Paul Harvey)...
Half Marathon-Men Gabriel Rodriguiez-1:09:97
Half Marathon-Women Monica Hostetler-1:17:34
Marathon-Men Dai Roberts, Scotland, age 40-2:32:38
Marathon-Women Ilda Santos, Brazil, age 20-2:48:38

Okay, I have to really get back to work, but I just had to weigh in on the fun and great fellowship we had this week-end. If you ever have the opportunity to get together with some of the wonderful women on this board I highly recommend it! It’s like seeing long lost cousins – you don’t have to “get to know” each other at all – you just pick up in person where you left off in cyberspace.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good Monday Morning. A New Day a new week! Well yesterday started the week-that was a blow out for me! LOL I didn't feel well most of the day and when i was ready to eat i was starving-first to the store! Man i hate those days! Hubby didn't feel well and must have beathed all over me! HOw rude! I guess i will just have to see what damage was done on WEnds. Not much i am sure just being tough on myself----Its funny how much we think about what we put in our traps when we want to be on program! Anyway my week end was not to exciting. Not as exciting as the FLA. groups was! Sounds like you all had a great time. I will be looking for the pics. Meal sounded awsome too!
We got some snow the A.M and the kids had a delay from school 2 hrs!! I got some extra sleep and my little one has NO school so i have to get motivated to move my butt!
I have to go to my job tonight for a "back to duty" training! how fun 5:00 till 1:30 I don't know if i will survive! I am dreading going back to working nights M-F, but dread starving too!

Zanne- I did give you a link to a womans site who just finished the BFL she has lost alot of weight before she did this challange maybe that would be of intrest to you. here is the site. just go to the current journal and click to see her pics its a good site she cracks me up.
I myself am sticking to my little weights and my new ankle weights i got for xmas! I can hardly handle the SB plan never mind Bill Phillips!!! there are alot of amazing storys in his book (which i read) and on his site.

well gotta goooo and get motivated. Be good !!!!

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Thumbs down Better get in my replies while I can

Good Morning again! Sun is shining brightly now. Supposed to be about 20 degrees (a little lower than I thought!!!) but with the wind supposed to feel like ZERO!!! May venture out in the backyard anyway.

Rhroo Thanks! I did look up that link. She is a hoot! I have it bookmarked to go back to.

SolShine I'll have to study the recipe boards more closely. I made the hummus last week. Yum-my! The quiche sounds good too. Oh heck, everything sounded sooooo good! I'll have to start a binder to put all the recipes in. Sounds like you guys had a great time and how wonderful you were for staying out in the cold rain! Frog and the Mr. had a great finish time. Don't think I could do that.

Meliris I haven't peeked at the LBWO yet. I don't have the book, I'm getting stuff off the site. I better look at it today cause I might have to pick up a few more weights. We only have dumbbells, so I probably have to get some plates to throw on for the leg curls. DH doesn't do lower body, so we took that part off the bench. I better finish cleaning out the basement and then check out the LBWO. I'd love to compare workouts. I'm pretty much a beginner at weights, so I don't know how much I could help you, but I'd appreciate your expert help. I'll email you when I get it done--may not be till much later today.

Well, better finish cleaning up the basement. I've got snow to play in and a workout to do!
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Talking WEEKEND!!!!

Good Morning Again!

WARNING!This is going to be a mightly long post!!!!

Just got in from my walk/jog. I have a NEW, UNBELIEVALBE, BEST TIME!!!!I did my 4.5 miles in 44:20!!! This is almost 2 minutes faster than my previous best time. I couldn't believe it and wonder if somehow I didn't do my timer right, but all seems perfectly okay with it and I had checked it as I went along the way. This weekend really psyched me up, it seems!!!!


There has NEVER been any doubt in my mind what a wonderful group of women we have on this board, and this weekend just confirmed this fact that much more-it was wonderful and I truly wish you could of all been there to enjoy it with us.

Eli, I and the kids did get a late start Saturday morning (BOB, you do know me well!). With Eli coming home at 2am and getting only a half-hour sleep and me getting about 3 1/2 hours sleep, trying to get the kids ready to go, packing a few items, baking the quiche and making the hummus, we didn't get out of the house until 6am, instead of 5am. We made pretty good time once we got on the turnpike, but getting off and having to go through Kissimmee slows you down. Dropped the kids off at my cousins and we headed to SOLSHINES house, got there about 10:45am, I believe. Her directions were great!

We were greeted by SOL, her DH VINCE, FROG & DH BILL. FROG & DH had gotten there about 15 minutes before we did. We walked in and I felt like we were old friends who hadn't seen each other in a while, not people who were meeting for the first time! SOL is absolutely the sweetest person-fun to be with, feel like you can talk about anything with her, a person you KNOW that if you lived closer to you'd know you'd love to hang around with and do stuff with her. VINCE is a doll. I didn't know what to expect as SOL had never posted a picture of him. Under that definite "I can be stern if I have to" look, there's a great person, easy to talk to and very personable. You can tell the two of them are DEFINITELY in love!!!! They make a great couple and I truly wish we lived closer!!!!

What can I say about FROG!?! She is just as outgoing in person as she is on the board, moreso even. You can see where she too would be a blast to be around, it would never be a dull moment hanging with her. I, as many of you, have seen pictures of her on the board-trust me, she's more beautiful in person! DH BILL is a dear too. A definite carrot-top. He and FROG compliment each other so nicely and make a great looking couple.

So, in we brought all the stuff we had in the car. I felt like I was moving in! Besides the food, I had the shirts FRED had sent me, brought my Powerbelt to show the others, pictures, cookbooks, Starbucks Espresso machine, a hostess gift, tahini and falafel mixes for SOL, pita bread for SOL & CHRIS, just a bunch of stuff!

SOL had her dining room table set up and already ready with some food, so we added our stuff to it. (I'm sure I'll be reiterating some of what others have already said, so please, bear with me). I brought HUMMUS & PITA BREAD (of course), the CRUSTLESS SPINACH QUICHE that I had popped in the oven at 4am, 2 ZUCCHINI LOAF CAKES as I didn't know if the first one was going to be good, so wanted to have a back-up, and the CRUSTLESS CHEESECAKE which I was hoping would come out as good as the first one, and it did! SOL had made a dip made with cheese and Rotel tomatoes, I believe, served with Triscuits, a roast (sorry SOL, forgot what it was called exactly) in the crock pot, had SB LEGAL BREADS and she too made a CHEESECAKE (can you tell we weren't laking dessert!). She had the table nicely made with all the fixins, drinks, etc.

GATOR arrived next and adorned the table with the most interesting dish I had ever seen, a VEGETABLE TUREEN It looked wonderful! It tasted even better! Eli loved it too and was wondering how the heck she was able to keep it all together. She also made a bean dish that was interesting. It was nice to see her as well. I've met GATOR about a year ago at our first SB get together.

Last to arrives was BIGK & ZSU who drove together. Both of them are fairly new on the board, and they fit right on in with us "oldies". I can see where the two of them working together and being on SB together can provide not only a great friendship, but wonderful support. Being able to have the opportunity to get to know them better in person made me feel like they too had been around the board longer than they have. Both brought pictures of the family. BIGK'S son, well, if you saw his pic, you'd know why she has that screen name, he is a big boy, that's for sure! Her daughter is a blond cutie! ZSU also brought a couple pics of her and DH-what a difference in her since she took those pictures and lost so much weight. They both were such dolls!
Back to the food...BIGK brought a great veggie arrangement with a dip, and some delicious strawberries-she sure picked some winners, they were wonderful! ZSU made a really great dish with WW pasta, sausage and lots of other goodies in it. She'll have to post the recipe for you all.

Well, as SOL had mentioned, the table could easily of been a advertisement for our WOE. It looked great, and everything looked and WAS delicious (yes, I took pictures of the food! I know you would be asking this). We all dug in and everthing was fabulous. I personally ate way too much. We definitely could of fed an Army it seemed, lots of leftovers-SOL & VINCE won't have to cook for a few days, at least. Afterwards, Eli went to work and made cappucino's for all-not to mention, washing dishes-what a guy!!!!

We sat and talked while we ate and afterwards. FROG was a such a sweetie and brought us all insulated water bottle holders-I guess all this talk of late of us not drinking enough water maybe enticed her to make this selection??

After lunch and clean up we all headed over to WDW to the EXPO and to p/u FROG & BILLS racing stuff. We caravaned down the interestate and luckily, no one got lost. The EXPO wasn't as big as I thought, but that was fine, it was still nice. While FROG & BILL went to get their things, the rest of us walked around. We found FRED at his booth and thanked him for the wonderful shirts he sent us. He said he was having a good show, which made me feel good. Next to him was a "GOT MILK" booth and they were making milk shakes and having everyone take pictures with the classic GOT MILK MUSTACHE They could only get in 6 people at a time, so we 6 that were together at the time got the pics done, and FROG & BILL went on later and did theres. We all got a copy. Needless to say, I tried to make sure no one swallowed the shake and spit it out! There was also a booth from TANITA who makes the body fat scales. Never before would of I thought, in a public place, that I'd be getting on any type of scale! But I wanted to know what my BF was, so I hopped on. I must of broken the darn scale because it said my BF was 14.2%. Not knowing anything about BF and what numbers are good/bad, I asked the gal if that was good-and I got a YES! Seems for my age, a healthy range is 10.2-22.9. She put me as being athletic, I think better would be moderately active, so maybe the number would be up a bit more, but probably still within a good range. Anyhow, that was a real surprise. It also gave the BMI which was 23.3, It also did say my BRM would be 1302 calories, so without exercise, that's the caloric intake I would need to keep at my current weight. Since I do exercise, it's usually around 1400 (but lately, it's been up, up and away!).

After we got through there we went on to have an early dinner, as FROG & BILL had to get up and be at the race site at 4am We hit OUTBACK and thank goodness, with GATORS brains, she had called ahead to reserve seating for us, so we didn't even have to wait 2 minutes for a table. GATORS DH joined us for dinner, so we had a table of 10. Of course, we all know dinner at Outback is always good, but being with such wonderful company made it even better!!!

After dinner, we all disbursed and went our seperate ways. BIGK & ZSU headed back home, so we said our goodbyes in the parking lot. SOL & I planned to meet at 4am the next morning to head to the race site. Our hotel was great, very nice. Luckily, our hotel was just 5 minutes from Outback, so we had the least amont to drive after dinner.

I was worried and didn't think I was going to be able to go with SOL so early to the race site as at the time we got back to the hotel it seemed we'd have to go get the kids stuff in the morning so my cousins wouldn't have to cut their vacation day short (I don't like putting people out). Anyhow, I told SOL I'd plan to see her a bit later, but if anything changed, I'd let her know. Cousins called at almost midnight and though I don't remember much of anything, I did remember them saying if we could come get the kids later than what I had wanted that they would just come back at that time, which was great (and I prayed I wasn't dreaming this, cause I had been in a deep sleep). Luckily, I didn't sleep too soundly afterwards and 4:15am, I found myself grogy but up and called SOL on her cell phone asking her "where are you????" Luckily, she was just getting on the highway and was about 20 minutes away-enough time for me to hit the shower and throw on clothes and get down stairs, which is what I did. There wasn't enough time for Eli and I both to get ready, so I told him what I was doing and let him go back to sleep, he sure did need it anyhow.

SOL picked me up and off we went to the race site. We got there a couple minutes after 5am. There were so many people there! Runners were getting ready and there were so many spectators lining the route. We were lucky to get a great spot to view and cheer. At 6am the fireworks went off and a portion of the race began. First they had the wheelchair bound racers start-it brought tears to my eyes to see people who could easily let a disability like this ruin their lives if they wanted, but instead seem to turn negatives into positives! Then the half-marathon people started. Then the full. It was SO inspiring! You see so many different kinds of people, it's unbelievable! Old, fat, skinny, young, you name it! There was a man on crutches! There were people with funny hats, people dressed up as Minnie, Goofy, fairies, guy running with an American flag atop a fishing pole-it was just amazing!!!!!!! Got that camera ready, took a couple candid shots to finnish the role so if we were lucky to find FROG & BILL among the masses, I'd have some new film. Go in my purse to get the film and uh oh, no film! I had grabbed the film container with my Stevia in it instead of film!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's a guy staning behind SOL & I that says " you need some feel, here!" I said, "how much?" He tells me nothing, I'm a photographer, I have extra! What a guy!!!!! Anyhow, previously, FROG had given SOL some of those GLOW STICKS for us to wave so she could see us easier, so we're standing there waving these glow sticks and getting our arm exercises while cheering on the runners and looking for FROG & BILL and WE SEE THEM!!! Take a quick pic, wish them luck and off they go. The next viewing wasn't for quite a while, so SOL & I went back to the car, told ELI to get ready and we headed back to the hotel, had some breakfast, packed up and checked out and headed back to WDW to the site that FROG had told us was the hardest for them, which was mile 20, where it looped and came back to hit mile 21 (so we would get to see them twice after they looped). We got there around 9am and it started to pour. I felt so bad for the runners, it's cold and now raining! Not good. ELI ran back to the car for the umbrella and a rain poncho, he stayed for a bit then went back to the car to change his wet shirt and put on a sweater, and SOL & I kept looking for FROG & BILL while cheering on the runners (they really appreciate it). We finally got to see them around 10:45am, and they were looking good, but drenched. After they faded away into the distance we hopped in the car, we knew we had at least an hour before they would hit the finish line, so we headed to Starbucks which is fairly close. On the way back we went to EPCOT where the finish line was and a security guy was at the exit to get in,turning cars away, saying there was no room We didn't know what to do, so headed to WDW, we figured we'd have to take the monorail over to EPCOT and then see the finish of the race. Luckily, the guy didn't charge us the usual $6 to park there, but by the time we got the tram to the WDW gates, waited for the monorail, took it over to Epcot, so on and so forth, FROG & BILL were already done and gone We didn't know that and looked all over the REUNION AREA for them, until they called from the hotel to tell us they were there. I felt awful! If the guy had let us in we would of been there in more than enough time (like at least 20 minutes to spare). When we got to Epcot, it wasn't packed like he said-and we were not only disappointed, but pissed off as well. Anyhow, can't cry over spilled milk, doesn't help the situation, she knew we were there in spirit! Even GATOR tried to come and cheer her on, but my cell phone died and they couldn't reach us, and it was raining, so they left-can't blame them.

Anyhow, from there, SOL, ELI & I went out to lunch-to Italianni's. We use to have one close to home, but they closed it about a year ago, and I really miss it! I think the Orlando location is the only one open anymore, not that they had that many to start with. So we went there and I got what I usually get which is EGGPLANT PARM, so the breading was about the only no-no on the dish, but it was oh, so good! SOL had the same and enjoyed it. ANYHOW, I was going to do a major, horrific cheat-at least I thought so. I had told ELI, should we ever get to Italianni's, I wanted a piece of their TIRAMISU, which, the one down here had the best I could ever find. SO, here we are, in Italianni's and I've got the good/bad conscience going back and forth on whether to get this Tiramisu and finally decide to get it and have just a little. They bring it and right away, I knew it wasn't the same, looked different. Stuck my fork in it, put it on my tongue, did it again, knew it wasn't the same and said "forget it". So I guess, not even a tsp. going in my mouth would constitute it to be a cheat. I guess G-D was trying to keep me legal!!! LOL!!!

We took SOL back to our hotel where we had left her car and said our goodbyes as she needed to get home and get some rest, it had been a long weekend for her as well. After she left ELI & I went to FROG & BILLS hotel to see them before we left. SOL & I, when we went to STARBUCKS had seen a pair of FROG SLIIPERS at the store next to it and bought them for FROG. Our intentions to give them to her at the finnish line were thwarted, so I presented them to her at the hotel-I hope she found some comfort in them because her and BILL'S feet were killing them. Her poor tootsies are really bad! Both her and BILL were limping! They looked good and were enjoying some R&R in the lobby in front of the big screen tv with some wine and beer. We got to congratulate them for doing a great job in the race and FROG showed off her beautiful MM MEDAL that she so rightfully earned! We sat and chatted for a while before taking a few pictures and having to leave.

Off to get the kids, later than I had wanted, got them, had to stop and get them some food for dinner and started to head home. Made it in the door at 11pm, very tired. Didn't sleep well for some reason, so a bit pooped today, esp. after the run.

So there you have it, my best recollection of this weekend! It was truly wonderful and I wish it didn't have to end so quickly. Again, I wish you would of all been able to join us. SOL & I decided that NEXT YEAR, WE TOO ARE GOING TO BE IN THE WDW MARATHON WITH FROG and we want as many of you on the board to either join us in the race, or at least come and cheer us on!!

ALSO, we want you all to SERIOUSLY think about joining us for a big SB GET TOGETHER in OCTOBER 2002 in NORTH CAROLINA at the beachfront property that FROG can get us for dirt cheap! Don't miss out on this opportunity-we are giving you more than enough notice to make plans. We don't have an exact date yet, but just tell your bosses and DH's that you know you'll need a day or two off in early October and will let them know the exact dates in the next couple months. Probably Thursday-Sunday, as Friday-Sunday just seems too short-even Thursday-Sunday is short, but more is hard for many. KEEP IT IN MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhow, I'm going to work on PART 2 of my post now...
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Thumbs down SB meeting in orlando

good morrning everybody,

the weekend was wonderful and the meeting in orlando was awesome! i was a little nervous driving over to sonya's to meet the sugarbuster gang on saturday but once i walked through that door i felt that i had hooked up with friends i have known forever!
i had a great time, the food was wonderful and everything was SB legal. when i told my husband everything we had he was surprised we had room for the dinner at the outback, a photo of the spread would be a good advertisement for convincing people to go on SB. especially the CHEESECAKE!(please post the recipe debbie ASAP) solshine and gatorgal did an excellent job reporting the events of the day, i just wanted to reconfirm how wonderful it was getting to meet everyone! the care and support that comes across the board is amazing but these women walk the talk so to speak. what a warm caring group of women and i just want to thank you all for the great time.

frog-remember what i said about spewer, YOU ARE THE WOMAN! i am so glad i got to meet you, what an inspiration you are to all of us! hope you had a great time and please stay warm and dry, sorry about the florida rains

solshine-thanks so much for opening your house to all of us, you were an excellent hostess (and vince was a great host) we only live about an hour from you, keep in touch, maybe we will see you again on any of our many treks to UCF to see my big knight!

gatorgal- enjoyed our visit with you and mr. gator. i enjoyed our football talk. i am confident that the gators will do well in their coach search, i gather that BOB has a little ribbing for you!

zsuzsu- thanks for going with me to the get-to-gether. you are not half bad to travel with (LOL) seriously you are an inspiration with your 50lb. loss and the reason i found this WOE.

and last but not least debbie-you are truly a wonderful caring person and like i have said before thank you for finding this fl. gal on the cold sugarbuster message board and showing the way to these caring and inspiring women on this message board. it was a pleasure to meet you and eli(what a sweetie) you are to be congratulated on pulling this weekend together! seeing your photos and talking to you has put everything in line for me and has given me that extra boost i need to start the new year with this WOE. i had been a litle discouraged with the last six weeks of slow little losses but i am confident that i can do it ! thanks for the coffee, shirt and pita, but most of all thanks for the opportunity to meet all of you wonderful folks!

and to all of you other sugarbustin ladies if you are able try to meet up with us at a get-to-gether in the future, it was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!

your friend,

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Morning SB-ers!

Well, I can’t add much to the board today after reading all the wonderful descriptions of the Marathon Marathon (lol) at WDW. I am so jealous about everything!!! Hanging with the SB crowd, watching the marathon, being at WDW --- while up here we have 6 inches of new snow….I could kick myself for not having made my FLA reservations final last year!

DEB – I’m, glad you had such a great time with the gang. And good for you on that tiramisu! I don’t know that I would have had the willpower to not eat it. Congrats on the bodyfat info as well – excellent results! Imagine what they would have been two years ago!

FROG – Congrats on finishing! I can imagine the sense of satisfaction you must have. You go girl!

SOL, GATOR, and the rest of the FLA gang – happy you all had such a fun and productive time. Wish we were FLA bound soon, but no plans at the moment. We watched our 3/01 Disney vacation video this weekend and I was losing my mind – wanted to go back so badly! Ah, it will have to wait till the new roof, new paint on the house, etc. etc….

I’ve been 98% OP since last Wednesday and do feel better. Won’t weigh for a while….the remaining 2% is from an occasional taste of someone elses’ food….nothing serious. Did have some pretzels yesterday but managed to get the the market last night and stock up on SB legal stuff.

QUESTION for Deb – the spareribs recipe posted on the recipe thread calls for ketchup – is the sugar in ketchup not to be concerned with? Have looked for SF ketchup to no avail. Let me know as I bought ribs last nite – a good,family friendly meal!

Well, this weekend consisted of a total of 5 hockey games/practices, skiing for big DS and DH, and stocking up at BJs on FRUIT 2-0!! For those of you who get sick of water, try getting some of this stuff – no sugar, no calories, no chemicals – it goes down WAY easier than water sometimes does – I bought it for the kids, because after hockey they always want a powerade or something, full of sugar, and found that I really like it myself. Give it a try, may help with water consumption!

Back to my (boring, boring, boring) work…..Everyone stay warm!

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Thumbs down Interesting Site

Hi - Forgot to mention in looking for recipes I found this interesting Lo Carb, low glycemic site
Has lots of recipes!

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Default Happy Monday!

Well, here we are at the beginning of a new week. So far I am off to a pretty good start. My DH and I went to the hockey game last night where I was pretty good considering. I didn't have my normal hockey game food and had a diet soda and water to drink. I know it doesn't sound like much, but for me it is big.

Today so far I have had 1 cup of green tea and water with my lunch, which was a chicken breast with provolone cheese and a salad.

I didn't work out or strecth this morning becuase I can't seem to get over this creeping crud that I have had since Christmas. I'm really hoping that it goes away soon so that I can add some movement to my life.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Sounds like the ladies at WDW had a blast.

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I figured I better do this post in 2 parts, just in case I lost 1, or it was too big to do the entire thing.

Was happy to find the scale down again, not to my all time low, but down from the other day. Back down to 121.5. After this weekend, I felt a renewed feeling and finding myself wanting to get back to journaling and drinking my water, so I am resigned to do the best ever today! Just being with the gals makes you feel like that, at least it did for me

I was happy to hear the board was hopping when SOL told me she saw the great activing on the board when she went to post on Saturday-you all make me proud I'm going to do my darndest to reply to everyone that I can-I figured I'd be at this computer until I had to go get Michael at school.

BOB, were your ears a'burning this weekend? We really missed your presence and truly wished you'd of been able to join us-for sure, next time! We discussed Thursday night's SURVIVOR and all seem to think it will be ETHAN who takes the money home, 2nd in line is TOM. You do know ELI well, he definintely wondered this weekend-luckily, between my *****in under my breath, I was able to find her rather easily Did you have a good trip?? Really good BBQ, okay, how was the sauce, compared to SHORTY'S?? Glad to see you're back, safe and sound!

MELF, you make me blush with such kind words. As important as I must seem to you and the rest of the board, you are ten fold more important to me!!! Your ears burning this weekend too-we talked about the time you got to meet SOL & GATOR! Choc. Cheesecake, tell me more!! I know the feeling about the scale and the yo-yo, but it happens and it's been happening to me as well, so just know, you aren't alone!

TV, terribly guilty with the water intake over the past weekend and last week. I don't think I drank even 2 cups of water this entire weekend! BUT, with a renewal today, I'm sitting here with a 1.5 liter bottle of water, vowing to drink it all before I finish this post

SHEANN, hope you are doing well as you get into following the SB WOE. You really won't miss the potatoes, just give your self a little time, it's all mental. You are so right, there are so many other things you can have, focus on that, vs the ones you can't. The BROWN RICE CEREAL, not sure how SB LEGAL it is, esp. if it's ground small. Just remember, if you see that it bothers you, you can always give it up. One thing about SB is, it seems to be a very forgiving WOE. What may bother you may not bother another. BEACHFAN who just hasn't had any time to post on our board in recent months, met her goal weight last year and the entire time on SB she ate bananas. So where that didn't bother her, it may bother me (though I don't know, haven't had one in almost 2 years!). Did you get to make the hummus??

MEL, sounds like you had a good food day on Friday-congrats! Hmm, addicted to exercise, you sound like SPARKLE, please be careful with that-at least you have recognized this may be a problem. I do give you a lot of credit in varying your exercise regime though, but try not to over due it The cheesecake, to die for! But DANGEROUS for me to have it around, addicted to exercise? I'm addicted to this cheesecake!

TREE, so good to see your post! We've missed you! Was wondering what happened to you! Loved the info on the wrinkles-wonder if you stop eating the sugar/crap, do the wrinkles disappear-wishful thinking, I guess! Well, maybe now that we are all following SB, we'll all stay youthful looking! LOL!! CONGRATS on the new job! Glad to hear it's in the same field. Life's too short to be in a job you aren't happy in-and what perfect timing to have someone offer you a new job!! Will check your recipe out later, interesting name!


ZANNE, glad the smoothie recipe was a hit! BUT, do be careful with using the grape juice, it's really a no-no, too much sugar in it. Hope you got rid of the berrie pits, they can hurt if you get stuck in a gum!!! I read most of the BFL book, but knew it wasn't something I would commit myself to doing. Would love to see your pics that you DH took of you before!! HINT, HINT! Good luck with BFL! The recipes, the ones I made are on the board, well, all except the cheesecake one, which I'll get on this week.

SOL, you did a good job with posting the events of the weekend. I'm sure they're going to get sick of us telling them what a great weekend we had! THANK YOU AGAIN! I miss you already!!!! You did a great job on reviewing the weekends events for everyone (hey, I got you on the board twice this weekend!!!) Thanks for posting all the info for next years WDW MARATHON. I know you will be starting your training well in time and will be very prepared to run with me and others next year Loved reading the article from the news. Did you get to see any of it on the news?? It's amazing the times the winners finished the marathon in-like they flew! I wish we had more time together, we could of spent some serious time getting into trouble together. I guess we'll just have to plan another time to get together in the near future. Remember, you and VINCE have an open invitation to come down and stay with us for a long weekend visit. Hey, I bet I could even get BOB to come at the same time-that would be a hoot!! Did you get some good sleep before work today? Did you get my e-mail with the guy who's face I surely can't recall?? LOL!!!!

ROSALIE, we thought about everyone on the board during our time together, and we surely felt the vibes you were all sending down to us!

JRED, just a quick HELLO!!! How's the weather out there in the Lonestar State?

GATOR, it was good to see you again. Once again, sorry about the cell phone trouble and not being able to get with you too. As you probably read from my first post, we didn't get to see FROG & BILL finish the race either. We all were upset. Anyhow, I have said it before, and I'll say it again, you missed your calling, you should of been a gourmet cook-I loved the tureen, and I swear, I know if I ever even attempted to make one, it would be a flop-you do have a way of making things not only delicious, but choosing foods that are so beautiful to look at! Between you and SOL rubbing salt in the wound of BOB and getting her coffe, she may be in tears by now!

CAT, hope you got a whirl on the treadmill! SOL asked me about the same question on exercise and the motivation of doing it. It's hard to do it, esp at the beginning, but once you get into the routine, you miss it if you don't do it. I think what motivated me most at the beginning was seeing the scale move down faster as I made exercise more of a daily event in my life. Then it just became second nature. I find I'm cranky and more hungry during the day if I don't do it, and with a day like I had today and having a new best time, it's like a natural high-such a wonderful feeling!!! If you're able, when the weather is good, walk outside-I had a TM and gave it away, I hated it!

NANCE, trust me, we took pictures!! NOW, have to get one roll developed and the other one done, will finish that one probably at Lauren's bday in a couple weeks. A date with DAN, no kids-WOW! What did you see at the movies? Yum, that recipe sounds great-def. post it, as I'm SURE it must be SB LEGAL if you are making it

NOMORESUGAR, WELCOME TO THE BOARD! Glad you have decided to join us. You're definitely a seasoned SB MEMBER, not to mention ANOTHER FLORIDIAN!!!!! As you can see, we have a slew of Floridians on this board, the more, the merrier! That's so cool you have a SB SUPPORT GROUP, how many women are there in the group? How are they doing with this WOE? I'm sure you are an inspiration to them. TOFU, there's a brand that I use that I think is calledSO-LOW SOY BOY, not sure as I don't really pay attention to the name, but just know the product and grab it at the store. That I get at the HFS, Wild Oats. I know some Publix carries it, so keep an eye out if you want to find some there. There are hundreds of thousands of recipes using soy. Actually, you can use tofu in just about any recipe, if it calls for chicken, or meat, you can substitute tofu for these foods. Here's a good site for tofu info, just click on the link: There are also lots of great books in the libraries and many sites on the web as well-if I can help you find something in particular, just let me know-would be happy to help. Again, WELCOME!

WAFRA, glad to hear you're converting the troops without having too much resitance! Glad to hear you were able to get the agave-you should try to stock up on it while you can. Let us know what you make with it.

SEF, funny you should mention Olive Garden, one of the few places I really don't like, one due to there being very little choice for one on SB to choose from, not to mention, I really don't care for the food. BUT, the last time I was there, at the beginning of SB, I had them bring a bowl of plain salad and had to resort to squeezing lemon juice and shaking salt on it-wasn't too bad. Also, had them make some fish, plain. Oh yes, the food was SB LEGAL and there was way too much of it-wish you were there!!!!

RHROO, when the kids go to school late due to snow, do they have to stay later? Heck, I don't like going out when it's in the 50-60 degrees here! Eli was laughing at me in the car on the way up to Orlando, as I was freezing-he says " And you want to move North???" I may have to rethink this idea!!!

BIGK, again, it was such a pleasure to meet you! I'm thrilled you came and joined us, and as I poste earlier, as well as your confirmation in your post, it was like we were all old friends! There is NOTHING like getting together with other SB friends to feel a renewal of excitement and support. I know we will be getting together more times in the future and I hope both you and ZSU will always find a way to join us!!!!

VIV, you should be able to find SF ketchup at the HFS if not elsewhere, or you can be adventurous, and make your own. Definitely don't want regular ketchup, with it's corn syrup among gawd knows what else in it. I bought some WESTBRAE SF KETCHUP, but haven't tried it yet-not a big ketchup lover.

JMUIR, hope you can rid yourself from that crud, hanging around too long. Congrats on holding strong with not eating the hockey food! Lunch sounds yummy, think I'll got make some chicken salad!!!

Was on the phone with my Dad a went to read him the results of the BODY FAT thing I mentioned in my first post, and realized that the range of numbers I had quoted before were incorrect, that was for MALES! Not sure how good this is, but for my age the FEMALE RANGE IS 21.3%-35.8%! Anyone know if it's bad to have lower? Not that it's going to make a differnce, sure as heck know that I'm not gaining any fat to bring those numbers up-really, I must of broke the darn scale!!!!

Suppose to have another cold front coming through tomorrow-would you Northern gals stop sending this frigid air down here, please!!!!

WOW, I've been at this computer for HOURS! Finally finished-WHEW! Guess I should go see what I con conjure up for lunch, take a shower and get ready to go get Michael. I'm sure I must of missed telling you all SOMETHING, but the brain is tired now, so I'll have to post whatever I forgot later, as I'm almost done with this water and I HAVE to hit the potty!!!

Have a wonderful week! Please remember, TOMORROW NIGHT IS CHAT AT 9:15PM EST!!! Hope you all can make it!!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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Happy New Year. It's been awhile since I've visited a SB board, but glad to be back. Everyone sounds energized, by the Florida trip, by exercise, by the support. Great to read about you all.

I have now lost 14 pounds on the SB WOE. Did well through the holidays, have been consistent with my exercise program, feel good!

I am planning to go to Central America in a few weeks to Spanish language school, and to volunteer in an orphanage. May be gone for two months. Somewhat worried about the eating part. Will not be able to stay legal, but hope I am able to make mostly healthy choices, and continue to lose weight. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

I will check in again before I leave, and when I return.
Until then, have a wonderful week.
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