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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 1/14-1/20

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please visit our NEW 2002 BIO BOARD where you can learn more about everyone who is on this board:

Please make sure you post your BIO on the LATEST VERSION of our BIO BOARD everyone!!!!

Our JANAURY/FEBRUARY/MARCH 2002-FIRST QUARTER RECIPE BOARD can be located at the link below:

We have NINE INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often!!!





and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

Want to post your weigh in results, we have a MONTHLY WEIGH IN BOARD at the link below:

We also now have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on:

DO YOU HAVE A MONTHLY GOAL? Post your End of Month Goal on our new GOAL BOARD at the link below:

VISIT OUR NEW SUGAR BUSTERS 2001 PICTURE GALLERY at the link below. You can upload pictures or post links to pictures on this board

NEWBIES! (aka new members) If you would like to REPLY to any of our threads, please hit NEW REPLY not NEW THREAD, then type your message in and hit SUBMIT REPLY. If you need to edit your reply, just click on edit located in the body of your post and make changes as you need to, then hit SUBMIT NOW.

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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM:


What some people consider unpleasant, others consider enjoyable. The difference is not really in the activity itself. It's strictly a difference of opinion. Think about that and consider the implications. You have the power to decide what is enjoyable for you and what is unpleasant.

Now, let's suppose you set a goal for yourself, something you've always wanted to achieve. What's going to happen if you decide that the actions and efforts necessary to reach that goal are unpleasant? If that's your attitude, you're either going to avoid taking those actions or you're going to make yourself miserable while taking them. Either way, you'll end up being quite ineffective and it's very unlikely that you'll ever reach the goal you've set.

But it doesn't have to be that way. You can just as easily decide to enjoy the efforts necessary for achievement of your goal. Do that, and you'll actually look forward to taking the needed actions. Plus, you'll be infinitely more effective when you do act. That's a powerful combination, and it all results from a simple change in attitude.

The way to enjoy being successful is to enjoy becoming successful. And you can do that any time you choose.

-- Ralph Marston
Have a wonderful day, a fabulous week!!!!!

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Good Tuesday Morning

Seems the board are back up, but in the interm, we lost all the posts that were posted on Monday-which of course, included the new threads for the week. They're back up, but gawd knows what else has been lost.

I have part of my post that I wrote yesterday morning that got lost:

Good Monday Morning Everyone!

Got in my walk, feet hurt, but still managed to get those 4.5 miles in in a decent time of 45:48, my third best time ever! I have 2 lovely blisters and a sore spot on my toe that is wrecking havoc on my feet. I need to get them taken care of before it gets worse.

I am EXTREMELY EXCITED to share some GREAT NEWS!!!! I was in touch with SUZANNE from the 3FC'S FAME and she will be JOINING US IN OCTOBER IN NORTH CAROLINA FOR OUR GET TOGETHER!!!! I personally am very excited about this. We'll get the skinny behind the 3FC'S SITE as well as meeting and thanking her. Without her, none of us would know each other, or have this wonderful site to meet on. She will be our "GUEST OF HONOR!" Nothing has been finalized, and we'll keep you abreast of the latest happenings. FROG is going to contact the gal who owns the place and see if early OCT. is available, so you will ALL have time to plan well in advance to be there

ALSO, I wanted to share with you the latest e-mails I got from the gal from the agave syrup in regards to this supposed "new agave syrup." I've compiled bits and pieces from each one I've received with all the important things I thought you too should read:

Personally, I would never buy this new agave syrup. The rumors have been flying around for 3 weeks now that something is amiss--might be more corn syrup and invert sugar, than from agaves now.

Don't you think it's odd that they are now using better quality agaves, yet the price is not that much higher? I mean, it would have been 4 times higher, if they used blue agaves, and it is only double. And then miraculously, they have managed to find a new type of agave plant--in just 2 weeks---when they have been making syrup for 12 years, 2 and a half years, with the wild agaves? I think the last 2 1/2 years, things have been a little muddled, the line blurred, from what I have learned.

Anyway, you will probably never get to purchase a bottle of this new stuff, whatever it is, due to costs. If any company buys the new agave in drums at $1.60 per/lb--when it use to be 0.80 p/lb. that would make your bottle 8 oz. syrup in the stores at retail price of $4.99 to $5.39. Liquid gold! I really don't think people will pay that, which is why they had to get rid of the retail products I had--could not afford to do it any longer.

St. Pats--I was at our old distributor, Western Commerce, the other day with the owner when he got a call from them. They are out of product. They had the old blue agave and it was over 2 and a half yrs old! Now they are out and was looking for supply.

Western Commerce is not doing agave anymore due to costs. They are selling some really neat stuff-like one liquid sweetener called Chicory Sweet. It is very much like the old blue agave, comes from chicory in Belgium. It has the low glycemic index of 15, minimum 83% fructose, is almost clear, neutral flavor, and is GMO-Free, natural and Kosher. It has no calories, too! Best of all it is 30% sweeter, and costs on the industrial market, only 0.52 per lb. I have been trying to get them to bottle it--maybe eventually they will.

At any rate, keep hoarding the blue agave syrup from SCF as the owner, Donna, will soon be out as well!

As for the agave syrup from Mexico, it is heavily rumored that it contains high fructose corn syrup and with all the goings on lately, I wouldn't be surprised as I cannot fathom that they reformulated and renegotiated within 2 weeks with these growers, to this new stuff so easily. If it was that easy, why didn't they do that before, back when the naturel owner was there with the growers 2 months ago? Why did they shut down, only to reopen in 2 weeks with a new product?

Too weird for me to trust them now.

So, that's what I've gotten, thus far. I guess it's a good thing I've bought the cases I did, as well as 2 more cases on order (though it seems, they didn't come in Have to order my sister another case a well.


SLAPHAPPY (love that name) is ANOTHER FLORIDIAN!!!!!! and joins us from CENTRAL FLORIDA about an hour from ORLANDO. She posted but it got on the general board, so I wanted to post a copy here, so you could all see it:


Hi, I'm new to this board and SB. I live in Central Florida. I am a carboholic (love chocolate and bread). I have about 40lbs to lose and think with SB if I stay focused, I can do it. I did Atkins last year, lost 10 lbs and eventually gained it all back +. I'm not sure how this board works so any help is appreciated. Looking forward to interacting with all of you!

Does anyone know if Atkins Shakes are Legal? They are very good and would like to be able to drink them. I was thinking since Atkins is less carbs than SB, that they should be ok. Fat grams are kind of high though.


and also joining us is HEALTHY GIRL who hails from MARYLAND She has her BIO on the BIO BOARD, though her post also got on the main board, so here it is:

I just joined today. Have been reading about Sugar Busters for a month or two and I'm ready to go for it. Needs lots of support thought so I am thrilled I found this site.

I hope someone out there is aware of books on tape that are inspirational on healthy eating, fitness, exercise, etc. I have a long commute and I think listening to tapes for two hours a day while I sit in traffic would be a good way to spend the time.
Any suggestions? thanks. How about the Body for Life book? Anyone read it?

Joined 1/13/02
following SB

I know you all join me in welcoming them to the board!!!

REMINDER: If you have NOT posted your BIO on the NEW 2002 BIO BOARD, please try to do so ASAP so I can get you on my mailing list


And from here, I guess we start anew with hopes this won't happen again to us. I feel sorry for Suzanne from 3FC'S, this happening makes it hard on her. Anyhow, it's a new day in more ways than one!

Have to run, will be back on later!!!

Please remember CHAT TONIGHT AT 9:15PM EST I have a meeting at school but home to be home in time


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Default Tuesday Morning

Well, it's early Tuesday and I see only Deb's motivational post from yesterday. Not a good sign. I'm sure some of you got on yesterday and I really want to know what you said!!!!! Oh well . . . no use crying over spilt chocolate milk.

Just wanted to say that I really missed you all last evening. My eating is doing pretty well. My goal for this week is to eliminate the unhealthy snacking and grazing that has become such a MAJOR part of my daily living. Wish me luck. Once I get that tackled, I will move onto something else. I feel like I've been out of control for such a long time, I'd better take care of one problem at a time.

Sorry this is so short just felt the need to touch base before I jump in the shower and start the daily grind. I'll "get personal" later on this evening. I HOPE EVERYBODY HAS A FABULOUS DAY!!!!! It's a brand new start. Let's make it a great one. Hey, I just had an idea. Anytime we're tempted today, let's just imagine one or more of our SB board buddies (depending on the strength of the temptation) standing right beside us. I know I sure would put down an illegal temptation if OUR LEADER (QUEEN OF THE DETOX DUNGEON) was standing right beside me. LOL. Love ya, DEB!!! I think I shall carry DEB and NARDA with me all day today and see how that goes. If it works, I'll probably carry VIV and SEF with me tomorrow. SOL and FROGGIE, what are you two doing on Wednesday????? They also may be pouring water in my bottle all day long too. (Okay, I admit it . . . I'm weird and I live in a fantasy land!!! But you should see how I look in KimmyLand in my size eight jeans!!!) :-)

Gotta go, gals.
Take care.
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Default Tues AM


I tried to get onto the board last night after work and the server wasn't up.. Must have been a bad internet day - some other boards I visit were down too.

What is agave? Is it a juice or a sweetener? I feel so out of it - have a lot of catching up to do.

This is day three for me - so far, so good. I feel SOOOOO much better eating this away - have tons of energy. Feel so dumb to have stopped for so long.

Kim - great idea about a "guardian SB angel"!! Yesterday - I was at a meeting at work and they served muffins (full of sugar ) - I just took a bottle of water - but in a week or so - I know it won't be as easy to resist.

Deb - tell me more about North Carolina in Oct. It has been so long since I've taken a "me" vacation and not just visited family, I have a bunch of frequent flyer miles so I may be able to make it! And take care of those blisters. Ouch.

Welcome Slaphappy and Sue!! You will love this WOE and this board. Tons of information and support.

Here is my tip for Tuesday: Keep "legal" food wherever you go. At
work - I have a big jar of Adams Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter and whole grain wheat crackers. It REALLY comes in handy during the day when I get those cravings and everyone else at work is eating candy bars. Much better in my mind.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone. Sorry I can't make the chat. I have to get up at 3AM to beat rush hour now so I'm asleep by 7PM.

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Cool Lost posts from Mon

Just wanted to repost that I made a long post Sunday night, on the last page of the week. I hope it's still there!

Hope to see you all at chat tonight!

Thought for today: The person interested in success has to learn to view failure as a healthy, inevitable part of the process of getting to the top. - Joyce Brothers

This is true of our weight losses and life style changes too. We're not perfect creatures and we never will be. So take some of the pressure of yourself!


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Is everyones post BIG???? I was having my withdrawals last night again! I was reading another board and boom the site went down hmmmmm....I am sure stuff got lost sorry i missed all your motivation! By the way i had NONE!
Yesterday i skipped excersising and went with a friend shopping Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do! Granted I have NO money but went along for the ride and was there for a freind to talk to. My neck is very tense latly- I wanna blame it on excersise but its not I think its stress. I think i am going to try and go for a walk today if its not to slippery. If not i am going to do a short tape. I have no OOMPH so a little will be better than none right????? I guess that could be a tip! Even if you don't get in the WHOLE work out MOVE IT some how! I know that with out excersise i would not be the size i WAS
I havew NOT been on the scale all week. I also do not think its moving anyway! Hubby got back on his little program and dropped 7.5 lbs in a week!!! MEN!!!! I forgot to tell you all that! He has also gained some and is eager to get to his goal again! Good for him i guess! (so suportive i know!) I just can't figure out how he can have a bit of a treat and thats it-NOT me i have to have the whole bag! Those red light foods errrrrrrrrr.
Enough blabbing! I have my last baby shower to go to tonight. I am going to briing something legal ----I think. Should be fun i am closer to this girl than the one on Sunday so i really want to be there!

Quilter------ I have been using the visualizing thing these past few weeks- thinking how i would look at goal and so on! Keep thinking of those size 8's and how you'll look! Good luck on the grazing! Thats a great goal. I have 3 kids and grazing is just soooo easy. You can do it.

rlsimon-You sound like you are doing great with this WOE! Wooooo hooooo on passing on the muffins! Water is much better-right? Looks better on you anyway!!!!!

HI DEb!!!! welcome newbies! Hope we are suportive and informative!! I know our fearless leader always is! Gotta go and feel the little one and get my walking stuff on!!!!!

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Default Rainy days and Mondays

Rainy days and Mondays must get the server down, too! I wonder if it's located in my area. We were rainy all day yesterday BUT it didn't stop me from kicking bu** out on the road last night!!

My goal last night was to walk 2 miles for speed. I had hoped to increase my speed to 18:30 minute mile and I made it in 16:32!!! I won't get to do anything tonight because of meetings, but will be in the gym on Wednesday and "strolling" for a walking break on Thursday. I'm ready to sign up for the WDW Marathon. I figure if I pay my money then, on top of having told y'all and my family that I'm going to be in the 1/2 Marathon, I'll have no choice but to follow through!

Last night I wanted soup really bad and, y'all probably know the choices for us along the line of "canned" soup are pretty nill we took a can of cream of mushroom, can of cream of chicken, skim milk, little frozen shrimp and whatever frozen veggies we had and mixed them all together. I toasted a piece of Monk's bread SGWW and put it in the bottom of the bowl, poured the soup on top and it hit the spot!

I have to get busy, but wanted to check in. QUILTER I'm watching you!! and you KNOW DEBBIE not only has eyes in the back of her head - she can see when we're cheating even when we're miles away! I have the picture of us with our milk moustaches up on the mirror in the bathroom so I see the SB gals every morning to remind me to be good. I can't wait to see the other pictures DEBBIE took and I'm going to bug her to send me doubles so I have a picture of the whole gang from the marathon week-end.

MELIRIS I told Meister about your DH hiding the scales from you and now I think he's thinking of following suit. Shoulda kept my mouth shut!

Have a good day, everyone!!!
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Morning Ladies!
Glad to see the board is back up! I have been real sick with a sinus infection! So nothing seems to taste at all! I am having problems being creative with foods and getting board. I'm picky with veggies and I desperately need to lose some weight but for the most part I want to feel better and eat healthy. I'm trying to have a baby and doing the Leupron shots so energy is low! I can't go to sleep at night and then I'm so tired the next day! I know I need to get back on the tread mill. I am out of control and need help!!! I'm not pigging out just not motivated! So restarting today. The positive note is that I am lighter this January than I was last year so that is a plus! I had my special k cereal and doing ok. I am going to try and get on that treadmill this evening when I get home from work.
Ok enough of my pitty party! Hope everyone has a great week!
Welcome to all the newbies!!
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Thumbs down Good Tueaday Morning!

AARRGGHH! All of yesterday's posts gone--including my brilliant contribution!

Oh well. It was a simple motivational thought. Instead of making new years's resolutions (are they starting to wear thin yet)? Make a new day's resolution. I find it impossible to be eat pefrfectly healthy for an entire year--but I can handle a day. Make the resolution anew each morning to eat OP for that day and chances are you will have many more resolutions fulfilled than failed.

Happy news to report--down another pound this morning--to 240. Now only 3 pounds from my low so getting closer and closer and ready to move back into positive (or is that negative) territory! For all of you struggling to get back on track after the holidays--it really took about a week of healthy OP eating for it to kick in--but now it has and I'm down 4 lbs in the past week. I'm sure most of that is water weight--but that has to come off first before the added fat starts to go!

NASCAR--I hope you get to feeling better soon. Glad to hear you are getting back on track and focusing on the positives! It stinks though when you feel bad physically--it is hard to get motivated about anything.

Sol--your soup sounds delicious! My quick soup staple is a cup of cooked rice (brown or Uncle Ben's), a can of chicken broth,and a can of creme of chicken soup and a can of chicken meat. It makes a think hearty soup that is perfect for cold days.

Rhonda--you go girl! Who says you need money to go shopping--I think it is fun just to play!

Frog--Loved hearing about your WDW marathon experience, especially about the SB meeting. Glad you are recovering from the after effects.

rlsimon--welcome! agave syrup is a sweetner that is very low on the glycemic index. Folks use it much like they would honey. I've never tried it, and from the looks of things now, I never may!

Kimmy--I'm good for Friday if you need an "angel."

Deb--sigh, I hope they can get the board stabalized soon. I need to come here every morning--I do so much better when I do!
Have you gotten any information on the SB/Southern heritage cookies I saw them talking about on the other board?

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

July 10, 2000
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Morning Again

UGJ!!! Just lost the beginning of a post, enough that it pisses me off! Here I go again!

I had no desire or willpower to go and walk today, but finally pushed myself into a slow 3.5 mile walk, which took me longer than my 4.5 mile jog yesterday. At least I got out, guess that's the important part. Feet still hurt and had to pad up the sore spots before hitting the pavement. They were so bad last night, just the sheet being on them bothered me to where I didn't sleep well It also didn't help that it was foggy, the threat of rain was apparent and the humidity was 94%, as well as a temp in the upper 70's!

Went to 4 shoe stores that I normally wouldn't of gone into, but figured I should try to see what's out there as far as sneaks go. I found some interesting info. First, I have wide feet (geez, I always thought my feet were the only small thing about me, with everything else on my body being wide, but not my feet). I also found out that the sneaks I've been not only walking in for the past year, but running in as well for the last 6 or so months are AEROBIC SHOES! No wonder my feet are so bad! Well, I didn't find anything I liked. Try finding a black running shoe for women, about impossible, it seems. I guess I'm going to have to just bite the bullet and find something that I can try to live with and change my thinking a wee bit (not easy for me to do). I guess I'll have to think of the shoes I get as something I only will wear for an hour a day, and also to remember, NOT TO LOOK DOWN!!!

Also, I ate like a PIG yesterday! Nothing would fill me up or satisfy me. It was all SB LEGAL, but I probably ate a good 3000 calories. Lots of junk as well, like SB LEGAL CHOCOLATE, 2 CRANBERRY SCONES, 1 piece of CAROB CAKE, too much fruit, CARBOLITE-I won't continue even though there's more-I'm sure you get the point how glutunous I was yesterday. AND this morning, I woke up hungry again. TRYING to stay within my limits today, but the way I feel right now-RAVENOUS-I don't know if I'll be able to contain myself!!!

I had one more option on the poll, but darned if I can remember what the line said-does anyone remember?? Oye, the age!!!!!

FYI, I am going with the kids and my Mom to NC on March 29th and will be there for the week, returning on Sunday, April 7th, I believe that is. If anyone is within a short driving distance of Hendersonville area, would love to meet up with you somehow. I'm excited that FROG is coming over for a day or two!!!!!

QUILTER, now THAT'S the QUILTER I know and love! That positive outlook and your peppy posts make me smile. You're headed on the right track again, and I know I can say in all sincerity, that we really are glad you're back!!

RSIMON, agave is an organic sweetener from the agave plant, grown in Mexico. It's low GI too, which makes it wonderful for us to use as a sweetener in baked goods, as well as other applications. Unfortunately, it seems once the current supply is gone from the shelves, it's going to be history-the reason I'm hoarding! Will be posting the info on NC soon-we are awaiting to see if there are any dates available for early Oct. to meet up-that would be great if you could come-the more, the merrier!!!!

FROG, I have sooo much to learn from you regarding "running!" Hey, we can go jog together in NC when you come See you tonight at chat!

RHROO, I have to say, your posts always make me laugh!

SOL, you rock girl! That's great you beat your intended time by so much. You'll be jogging before you know it!!! You didn't know, I have a satellite in space, so I can see if you're all being naughty or nice, or should I say, good! I promise copies of pics when I get the rolls developed. I should have the one the guy gave me finished this weekend, it's Lauren's so I'll be playing paparazzi. Then I'll get them done and put on-line and you can tell me which ones you want copies of, I guess you, FROG, BIGK, SZU & GATOR can look at them and tell me if anyone wants copies.

NASCAR, sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. I know that motivation, esp. after the holidays can be hard for many, but coming on the board more often will surely get you back on track and filled with motivation!!!

FILLISE, good for you on another pound down, CONGRATS! You'll see those other 3lbs gone soon I too hope the board is okay from now on-unusual to see these problems, but I guess they happen once in a great while.

I must run and get in the shower, lots of things to do before I get Michael, which is too soon!!

Please remember, TOMORROW IS WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY!!! Unfortunately, it's not going to be good for me, TOM is due in the next day or so, so I'm really up! 4lbs from my all time low! I wish you all much better luck than I'm bound to have.

Hope you will all join us in the CHAT ROOM TONIGHT AT 9:15PM EST If I'm not there on time, should be shortly after, so start without me-hopefully, Michael won't be on the computer doing homework!!

Have a great day!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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Talking From Work Quick Post

Because I haven't been able to weigh since 1/2/02, I weighed at work this morning.

And the scale said [SIZE=huge]148.5!!![/SIZE] I am 1.5 from my all time low which was back in July! I feel a happy dance coming on!

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Good Morning Everyone!

When I first got on board, I thought I had been in the Land of Nod. But it turns out I'm OK. All the posts from yesterday have just disappeared

Well, I have been feeling terrible this past few days with headaches and a little bit of nausa. I was feeling depressed and thinking about giving up and going back to the old ways and my Mother (who is living with me) said to get on the scales. So I did and I am happy to report that I am down 5 pounds from last WIW. I'm at 281.5. Heres hoping that it'll hold for tomorrow. I am going to concentrate on drinking the water today. I have been really slack about that. Also, going to try one of the recipies from the board, "White Bean and Chicken Chili".

Kim: I love your tip about visualization. I'm so far from a size 8 that, well, I surely can't see the end of that tunnel yet But I especially like the part about our fellow SB angels watching over us. I think I'll have Debbie sit on my right shoulder today.

Filese and Sol: Your soups sound really good. I've been wondering if we can have Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Chicken soups.

Rhoo: Sometimes just getting out with a friend for a nice chat will do wonders for you. And SHOPPING, well, I can do that anytime Even just looking around is great.

Nascar Girl: I sure hope that you feel better soon. I know how that Sinus thing is. Hang in there, we are all here for you.

Sol: Congratulations on your speed. Seems that you are so motivated. I have to drag my big behind outside and get going. Even if it's just around the block. Ok, I'm going to imagine that you are behind me all the way kicking my butt whenever I slow down

Frog: I never congratulated you on your Marathon. It is just awsome.

Ricki: It sounds like you are doing great. I don't keep anything in the house that I am not allowed to eat. It would be calling to me in less than two minutes. I just bought some Natural Peanut Butter and crackers for just the same reason. It perks me right up.

Debbie: Sorry to hear about the Agave Nectar. It sounded like a really good thing. I looked at the HFS here (there is only one) and they didn't have any. Oh, and as for North Carolina, I have always wanted to go there. Maybe, I'll be able to meet everyone then. It sounds great.

Welcome Slaphappy and Sue: I have only been on this program for about a week. Everyone here is just awsome. If you have any questions, help is right here on this board.

Well, I'll be back this evening. Everyone have a wonderful SB day.

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Hooray! The board is back! I was definitely going thru withdrawal last night. I don't post much, but I lurk lots. I am not a happy camper about the scales tho.I said I wasn't going to weigh till WIW but I couldn't help myself Now I wish I hadn't.I've been soooo good and the scale is up a pound from last week. Gloom, despair....Yeah, I know, keep it up and it will come down. I know all the right answers, but....Come on, guys, cheer me up! On a lighter note...I did pass up the chocolate cake in the workroom this morning. I need to get my rear in gear and walk or something, but I never can fit it in my day. Something to work toward.

Fillise: WTG on the pound down. Your post inspires me. Maybe I do just need to stick with it a few more days to see results.

Nascar: Know what you mean about sinus infections. I always want something really spicey in hopes that I can actually taste it. How long have you been TTC? Nosey I know, but we went thru all that too.

Quilter: Really like the idea of carrying around our SB buddies to keep us legal. The PE teacher and I have vowed to keep an eye on each other.

Guess that's it for now. Must be off to plan for my first grade program. That's one group of teachers that do not work and play well together, so I'm on my own with this one. Hope everybody has a great day.
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Default Morning!

All yesterday's posts gone! Oh well.

Finally got some snow here. Sloppy snow. Yuck! At the rate it's going, it'll be melted by tomorrow. It's been so warm here, that this will be the only year on record that Lake Simcoe (about 1 1/2-2 hour drive north or Toronto) will NOT have frozen over.

I'm brain dead again! DS woke up with a high fever and a bad stomach. Poor kid. Needless to say, I was up most of the night checking on him. He's in great spirits but still kept him home from school.

Quilter Love your idea about picturing a SB buddy standing beside you. I've been using that this morning while the shortbread cookies call to me. If I can't remember the face from the photo page, I'm remembering the avitar or this guy Hey, it's working and that's what counts.

RLSimon WTG for passing up the muffin. Glad to hear you're feeling good with this WOE

Rhroo Good tip that doing some exercise is better than doing none. It helps to keep you in the habit. Hope your shopping trip helped to relieve some of your stress.

Sol WTG with your walking time.

NascarGirl I can sympathize with you about not sleeping at night. And having no energy. Not for the same reason, but I understand how you feel. That's great that you're lighter than a year ago and you've started today great. One thing at a time.

Fillise Reading what you said makes so much sense. Making daily resolutions sounds like the better way to go. When people make a New Year's resolution and then break it, they're probably more likely to not try to tackle it again cause a whole year looks like such a big hurdle. Daily resolutions that are broken are like little bumps and much easier to get over.

Deb Sorry to hear your feet are so sore. WTG on braving it out and getting in a walk. now take care of the tootsies.

I'm falling asleep here and need to do some chores. Hope everyone has a great day.
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