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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 1/21-1/27

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM:


There is a road that leads from where you are this very moment all the way to the best life you can possibly imagine. There is a road that leads from this very place where you find yourself today, all the way to your most treasured dreams.

Though it will sometimes be rocky and it will often be a steep climb, it's a road that you're free to take whenever you decide you're ready. As you travel the road you will learn, you will grow, you will achieve, you will bring about the very best of your possibilities.

Though it might seem nice to just skip the road and to arrive instantly at your dreams, doing so would drain all the value from those dreams. Because what makes those dreams meaningful to you in the first place is the person you'll become in reaching them.

The road ahead is difficult and it is wonderful. What a grand opportunity you have to travel it! Enjoy and get the most from every step, for that is where you'll find the richness of your life.

-- Ralph Marston

Have a wonderful day, a fabulous week!!!!!

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Rainy Monday here in Georgia. Just wanted to make a quick post, guess I'm the first this AM! Hope everyone had a great wekend. I did walk a mile yesterday around my block so I'm still going strong! Will try to check the board later on today, MSN is down and of course Juno is to aggravating to stay on long!

Great Motivation Monday post Debelli!

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Red face Monday morning post

Ol sleepy head here. Got to sleep a little late this morning and it was nice.

Going to one of those pottery painting places today with my co-worker bud Kara. She is so down to Earth and makes me laugh! She is a good person. She has never met Spewer but is dying to gouge her eyes out. I think Kara will get the chance this spring, as I have invited her to a Keeno that I'm hosting and to the beach weekend in April. It'll be interesting to see someone who is TRULY funny steal Spewer's limelight.

ANYWAY, I think I'm gonna paint a funny plate or bowl for the kitchen that says "The chef is not responsible for pet hair in the food." I bought a painted tile for MIL a long time ago that said that and when their dog died she took it down. It hung over their dog's bowl for years.

I'm a little sore from the gym yesterday. Ran only a mile on the TM (Still hated it, even at that short distance) and lifted weights. Had trouble with this cough while running and I'm sure the lady on the TM next to me thought I was gonna cough all over her. Gonna do my exercise ball ab workout today. For those of you who have one of those (exercise ball) they have good ab exercises in this month's Runner's World.

Both of my teams lost yesterday. I don't know who I will chear for in the Super Bowl.

Anyone watch the Golden Globes other then BOB? I watched the arrival show so I could see the clothes. Always interesting.

DEB - The quiche came out pretty good. When I was ready to bake it I couldn't find the quiche pan! I had moved it, of course I found it last night when I was cooking something else. Anyway, I baked it in a deep-dish pie plate. The center was a little runny, I think it was not squeezing the spinach as mush as I needed to. But other than that it was good, though not as good as yours. I plan on eating some for lunch today. Happy Birthday to Lauren. Hope she had a great party and a fun day.

QUILTER - I watch TLC's TS too. I haven't seen the one your are talking about but boy do I wiish I had of! Who was teh decorator? I've only seen one that the people really didn't like and that lady is no longer a designer on the show. She was the blonde lady that wore the weird hats at the end of the show. On that show they redid the living room and it looked like the set of the dating game and the decorator was sick for most of the 2 days. Alex was still the host of the show then. Did you see that one? I like Frank because he cares what they home owners' want but I don't always like what he does. I like the red head chick and the man of Asian descent. Both of them seem like nice people too and their ideas are great. The others can get a bit wacko with what they want and don't always care what the people who have to live with it want/don't want. I love it when TLC has TS marathon weekends! Do you know why Alex left? Hmmm...

Well, time to go clean the messy kitchen AGAIN! That room never seems as though it gets 100% clean before it gets messy again! Too bad my magic wand is still at the shop! Have a great day all!

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Good morning everyone! Not much news from last night. I decided to stay home today. My boss said the office would be open, but if we wanted not to come in, that would be okay. DH has day off and I think weíre headed for a movie and a bit of shopping this afternoon. I just love spending the day with my honey.

MEL---Sorry to say that I had to chuckle at your ďone with natureĒ snowshovelling story. I could picture the ds thinking heís so funny. BTW, I think men have a sixth sense about that sort of thing. The last big snow we had my dh was in St. Louis. There was nobody but me to take care of it. Ugh!! Letís work those upper arms, okay??? Hope you had a nice and rest of the day.

FROGGIE---My thoughts are with you, hon, as you have to endure another Spewer session. Make it a game and see how many times you can avoid contact. And remember the age-old adage, ďIím rubber and youíre glue. What bounces of me sticks to you.Ē LOL. Keep cool, but then again . . . you are the coolest already!!! Oooooo, I canít wait to hear about your day painting. That sounds like so much fun. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that quote. How wonderful. Being the mommy to a German Shepherd, you can imagine the dog hair situation in this house. My vacuum has a permanent place of residence in the living room. I should use it for an ottoman when itís not running. Your story of the your MILís dog reminded me that when I go to my bossí house, she still has Maggieís collar and leash hanging by the back door. She lost Maggie over a year ago, and I think itís such a fitting tribute/memorial to still have her favorite thing out. I get a tear everytime Iím over there and see her leash. The designer for that episode was Doug, and you know how he can get. Icall him the male Hilda because I think they are both way too into what they want. Yes, I saw the show you are talking about. Werenít the walls sort of lilac in a harliquin pattern of enormous diamonds and she had those white hand casts on the mantel against that deep purple wall. Her name was Dez and she was odd. She always made those stupid lamps out of all kinds of things. I think that room had a silver metal garbage can for the base of a lamp. Yes, she is goneville. I donít know why Alex left. I wasnít crazy about her. I tired of her whining. Plus Iíll bet thatís a grueling two days. Theyíve been to Cinti a couple of times and one of my girlfriends knows one set of people. She said its a tremendous amount of work for the homeowners and everybody involved. Perhaps Alex just got tired.

BOB---You are so funny. No speed for this chicky. Just a whole lot of opinions and some very fast typing fingers. You make me so hungry with your Sunday cooking reports. Wish I could be that organized. Tell Skeeter to hang in there and hope he gets better really soon. I think I missed something. Is the prednisone for his skin condition? Hope you had fun at the Golden Globes. Meet anybody interesting?????

ROSALIE---Thanks for answering about the granola. Iíll have to do a search for one that DEB posted. I think you and I have very similar tastes in movies. Today we are either going to see A Beautiful Mind, Harry Potter, or Fellowship of the Rings. Canít decide. Probably depends on what time we get to the cinema.

FILLISE---What a good idea to buy supplies ahead of time. If Iíd just finish the projects I have started, Iíd have a lot of projects lined up. Iím so awful about starting a craft and then losing interest or getting stuck and stopping. Whatís your favorite craft? Mine, of course, is quilting, but I would also like to do some mosaic work. Miss Belle must be a frustrated crafter. What do you think?

WAFRA---Isnít it great to feel really good about what youíre eating? Iíve spent so many months berating myself for every mouthful. And I think that adds to the problem, at least for me. Keep up the good work. I am a little worried about going to the movies this afternoon. I love popcorn. Yikes!!! Inner conflict and struggle. And I donít think Iíd be as good as you by stopping with one handful.

CAT---Glad to see you back. I missed you. Good luck with the BFL. I donít know exactly what that is, but Iím guessing some specific program for healthy eating and living. Hope it works for ya. Glad that you are a TS fan as well. I agree that sometimes the results are way out there. I do love Frank and how he adds all his finishing hand-done artwork. He seems to be about what the homeowners want. Some of the designers are more about their ďvisionĒ blah, blah, blah. Iím the same as you. Wouldnít want to trust my neighbors. But also wouldnít want to work on their homes. That woman was such a b**** yesterday at the end of the show. And her husband was complaining because nothing was the same. Hello, could somebody read him the definition of redecorating??? The key word is CHANGE. LOL

DEB---I love Sean Penn, so I know we will try to see I Am Sam. We donít go to movies very much at all. Last one we saw at the theatre was Crouching Tiger. So you see how long it is for us between movies. We watched an old Sean Penn this weekend called Sweet and Lowdown. He played this terribly egocentric, horrible little man who was a fabulous jazz guitarist during the depression. The movie was odd (Woody Allen), but Penn was so good in it. So was his co-star.

KAREN---So sorry that Bret and the gang fell short. We were on our way to dinner so had to listen on the radio. I canít believe it went that badly for you all. I really dig the Pack. Bret is the man. It just wasnít his day. Hope the loss didnít affect your party too much. Now will you be a love and cheer for my team whoís still in it? Iím a big Steeler fan. Having grown up over in the neck of the woods during their fabulous 70ís era, I still have a very large soft spot for them. If you canít, Iíll understand. (Many people loathe them.) Just know thatís where my heart will rest next weekend.

Well, girls, I think I will take my book and go soak in the tub for a while. Paulís enjoying an extra long snooze. The house is nice and quiet. So this is a perfect time to soak the bod. Hope each of you have a splendid day. Letís be good today. If we succeed during Monday, the rest of the week will go smoother and easier.

Take care.
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Good Monday Morning

I was up bright and early this morning and had my house vacuumed by 8 o'clock - a rare event. Had tidied up and dusted before going to bed last night. Just can't stand to spend too much time during the day housecleaning when I have other more interesting things to do Have to do a bit of shopping this morning then have two sessions of badminton, one this afternoon and another one this evening. Just remembered I have to throw in a load of laundry before I head out.

I guess I will have to forget about ordering agave from the Canadian site I found. On checking it out again this morning it appears that they only sell wholesale to stores and businesses. So I will be picking some up when I go down to Florida in March.

Quilter - The Almond Granola recipe is on the latest recipe board. I'd like to see A Beautiful Mind, maybe next week if I can't fit it in this week. On Thursday I am planning on going to see Gosport Park. It's supposed to be a good movie. Another good movie I saw a couple of months ago was Captain Corellis Mandolin. It should be out on video by now. I did see Harry Potter but wasn't too impressed with it. I thought there were some nasty scenes in it. Certainly not suitable for young kids. And it is supposed to be a kids movie.

Frog - Hope you enjoy your day at the pottery. It's too bad you have to spend so much time in Spewer's company when she is such a bore. Hope your friend is able to get one up on her when they meet.

Bye for now.

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Thumbs down Good Monday Morning

It's a rainly morning here is Auburn, and not really a day off either because there is so much to do around the house. Oh well, I'll do what I can and not sweat the rest!

I just took a cake out of the oven. Relax, it's not for me and thus far I have not sampled anything. A couple in my SS class had a death in the family, so we are taking food and I drew dessert. I had a cake mix in the house and decided this would be a good excuse to get rid of it. I wanted to make it a little more special so I took a bar of my good Valhrona chocolate and busted it into small pieces and mixed it into the batter. I hope it tastes ok--but it came out looking very pretty. I'll ice it and get it out of the house ASAP!

Other than that I had a good day yesterday food-wise. Last night I baked a pork chop for dinner, steamed some spinach and made some baked sweet potato fries. I saw this on a show on the food network last week (the eating healthy show on Sat mornings). You cut a sweet potato (actually I do 1/2 at a time and it makes plenty) into sticks and put then in a bowl of cold water for a few hours. Then you spray a baking pan with PAM (or whaterver. Put the "fries" on the pan and give them a little spritz. Season to taste (I use Jane's carzy salt mixture) and back for about 20-30minutes. Turn them over 1/2 way through cooking. They are really yummy! I've seen folks on this board talk about variations on this, but the soaking them in water in the fridge seems to crisp them up a little bit.

Motivational tidbit for the day--The food you put in your mouth today is precious fuel for your body. When the owner's manual on our cars says "unleaded gas only" we would never dream of putting the wrong kind of gas in our cars. Well, the owner's manual for your body says "sugar-free" only. When we put the right kind of fuel in our bodies they will run more efficiently, burn fat, and give us the energy we need to accomplish our goals!

Kim--I'm fond of needlepoint and x-stitch. I have a scrapbooking project to do this week too. Other than that I just have a box of stuff that comes in handy when I get a notion to play with glue and paint! I two CHristmas wreaths this year (one to keep and one to give away). The wreath I made Sat was out of stuff left over from that project. It is pretty on my door. I've never tried quilting, but I want to someday!

Frog--Have fun tonight--spewer or not! I've heard about those Keeno parties, but have never been to one.

Got to go--I have two meetings this morning (since it is a holiday, two civic organizations I'm in have decided to have meetings today--sheesh). One is for a banquet that is next Monday night and I'm on the planning committee--so I guess it really needs to be done.

Have a great day everyone!

JUly 10, 2000
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Good morning! It took me forever to catch up from the weekend!

I didnít do much at all this weekend. It was rainy and cold and just a good time to stay in. I even took a Sunday afternoon nap yesterday!! I paid for it last night though, I couldnít sleep!

I donít know what it is, but I just canít keep my water intake up over the weekends! I could just kick myself every Mon morn!!

Tomorrow is my big day for the PAP re-do Ė I am so looking forward to that, yeah right! It is also the day I get my hair highlighted for the first time ever! Iím real exited about it, canít wait to see how it turns out!

Mel Ė Iím a hypo Ė YUCK! I know what you mean about the snow predictions and people rushing to the stores for bread (and milk)! Iím in N.AL and the few times I can remember being actually being unable to get anywhere, it doesnít last long at all Ė but you couldnít guess that if you looked around the grocery stores after the first weatherman says "SNOW" outloud.

Deb Ė canít believe you passed on that chair! Glad to see you are on your way back down (told ya so)!

Not much time right now Ė will get back with you gals later!
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My, it sounds like everybody is up and running already this morning! Makes me feel a little lazy!!!!
My crew is off work today and out of school, we slept in and I had to go to work. I didnt even get up and fix DH and DS breakfast! What bad wife and mother I am!!! They didnt seem to mind too much.
This weekend was tough, I was grouchy all weekend and tired. I slept till 11am on both Saturday and Sunday! I didnt even go to church! Unlike me. So I think that I am reaching that TOM. My PCOS keeps me guessing.

I have 2 doctors appt on Wednesday, so I am hoping that they have good news for me, I am hoping that my blood work is going to shock them with great numbers!!!!! I have lost a few lbs too, so I am hoping that they are shocked about that too. So I will know more later.

It is motivational Monday, so I thought I would add a thought.........You are the only one that can control what goes into you mouth, what you do in your spare time, and how much excersice you do. It was taken me a long time for that to sink into my thick skull, so I thought I would share.

Well, I am at work, so I will go for now
Jan 4th 2002
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COLOR=deeppink]HiedieHo All!!!!

I have been trying to get caught up just lurking and reading all your posts, But just can't do it!! I think the exercise on Friday turned Mt. Everest into a mountain range.


Spent last two days medicating and trying to sit or lie on side. Last night was some better. Today went to NH but dang that chair was hard!!!! Was disappointed in myself but could not even try exercise. And to you doubting Thomases, THAT IS NOT AN EXCUSE!!!!!

All right, control yourselves!! This is no laughing matter! You try sitting on top of a mountain range and see how it feels!!! I don't imagine the scenery is very pretty either!!

QUILTER _ My kids had an eerie car like you described, called it "Christine".

I know you all can be butt kicking friends, but I beg of you all to have pity!!!!

Take care all, sef[/COLOR]
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I'm tickled to hear so many of you are considering the WDW HALF MARATHON TEAM STARBUCKS or WDW TEAM STARBUCKS CHEERING SQUAD!!!!

Here's a plan for those of you who just aren't sure you can do itÖ.. 1/4 mile per week - that's all you have to do is start with 1/4 mile and add another 1/4 mile each week until January and then you'll be so close to 13.2 miles that it will be nothing! FROG and DEBBIE and others have said if we work on the distance - the speed will come. And, really, we don't have to be fast to be in the HALF MARATHON. (FROG, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! See what you've done to me?!?!)

I tried on about 50 pair of shoes at the Track Shack and settled on New Balance 879 - which is too funny because 879 is part of one of my passwords at work. Then, I went to Just 4 Feet and got New Balance 729 for my everyday shoes. The 879's will be ONLY for marathon training. Meister was off today and had to go to St. Petersburg to pick up a rifle for them to 'audition' for their SWAT team and he got to take the Captain's car so I took the day off to ride with him. It was fun watching everyone move out of our way on the interstate. Then we checked out a few bicycle shops since he's still searching for a nice road bike that we can afford. I never realized how expensive those bikes are!

Saturday I walked 2 miles in my new shoes and made it in 34:08 (17.04 min mile) I wasn't sure I had gotten the right shoes as my feet were hurting, but they were sore to begin with and yesterday I did my weight training and walked another 2 miles and this time it was more comfortable, but still different from my Saucony shoes. I made it in 32:38 (16:19 min mile). Tonight I'm gonna give my feet a break and go do some rows and ride the 'big butt bike' down at the gym, I think. Although, I could easily just curl up in bed.

Let's see my journal for today (I dn't have the nutrients, but will tomorrow): 4 egg whites, 1 oz. swiss cheese, 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup blueberries, 1 tbsp butter at 6:30 am. 2 oz. pistachios around 11:00 am, some more pistachios around noon, Wendy's Chicken BLT Salad, Diet coke and blue cheese dressing around 1:00 pm (finally!), 2 pieces of Debbie's cheesecake around 3:30pm and tonight we'll be grilling steaks and steaming broccoli and I'll most likely have another piece of Debbie's cheesecake.

FROG What color Honda?? Did you go for the gold? LOL! When Spewer gets back you can say something like, "Wow! I thought they could make anyone look good!" and just shake your head in amazement. Then ask if she got a refund. OR if she does indeed look good - just say, "Wow! They really can make anyone look good!" Ö."work miracles!" Whatever fitsÖ. I love the idea for your pottery! It made me laugh out loud! I'd love to be a fly on the wall at Kara and Spewer meeting. Seeing Quilter's post made me think of putting on your "teflon coated stupid suit" for Spewer meetings.

FILLISE I will certainly be informing everyone of the countdown to register for the WDW HALF MARATHON! I'm so glad you're considering it - if for no other reason than, selfishly, I get to meet you in person. Vince is the Shred-meister in our house. He shreds EVERYTHING! I never realized how much stuff comes in with our names on itÖ.and how many freaking credit card applications we get. Count me in on those that want to know that fajita recipe!

QUILTER - I had to laugh at your too tight jean analogy. Yeppers! It defnitely goes on slow - seeming to creep up on you until BAM! one day nothing fits. Sad thing is it creeps off even slower. You and Paul most definitely need to come down here for the week-end!! You can do this! FROG said she was about where I am now when she started training to RUN the WHOLE MARATHON. I'm just talking about WALKING HALF OF IT! We can do this! I'd say don't throw that turtleneck out too quickly since it was effen freezing down here when they were running, but I really don't want to be seen with someone wearing a turtleneck. Just kidding! Did you warn Paul about the wrath of Debbie?? We need to keep you "up" and motivating us all like you do so well!

MARIE - I will DEFINITELY make time to come see my tag team partner! I wouldn't worry about us being reluctant to hang out at the hotel. You get a group of us together and we could be in the middle of nowhere and have a blast. I just know that you'll have so much fun in March that you will want to come back in January! Eli would probably welcome some loud mouth SB'ers to help him cheer on those of us in the Half Marathon. (He has connections on the best blends at a nearby StarBucks, too!) The only problem I have with the board is that it's so huge. I can't even see a whole post on the screen almost. I think it's 70's to 80's in March. When I first moved down here that was the month that it rained every afternoon for about 10 - 15 mins, just enough to cool things down, but that month seems to move and disappear altogether these days. I'd say it's still very pleasant here then - much better than the sweltering July - September.

SHEANN Keep thinking about the marathon! I think part of what's been good for me is it's taken the focus off ME and put it on what I need to do to reach my goal. I'm not obsessing about what I put in my mouth, but when tempted I think - "Is this going to slow me down on the road and will it make it harder for me to walk that half marathon in January?" I'm logging my activity including where I walk and how I feel so that I have my times, distances and everything to look back on when I'm not as motivated as I am now. Although FROG pretty much kicked butt all year planning and training for her whole marathon - hopefully, I can be as good as she is/was. There weren't any carrots or potatoes in that vegetable beef soup, was there? I wonder if you're getting enough proteinÖ. It sounds like you could use a few more calories, too. (doncha hate hearing that one?!? ) Be very careful around Debbie! She'll get you hooked on all kinds of new, yummy, legal things!! Falafels are a regular occurrence at our house these days. Publix has a brand that's good, it's over by the tahini and kosher foods. I can't remember the name off the top of my head, though.

DEBBIE - I want to see pictures of this dog. It sounds very interesting. How big is it? I got the Taste of Lebanon book and I guess we'll be buying lamb next week to try out some of the recipes in there. Vince is excited as he really likes lamb. Yesterday that song came on the radio, I THINK I'M TURNING JAPANESE. I THINK I'M TURNING JAPANESE, I REALLY THINK SO I changed the words to, I THINK I'M TURNING LEBANESE. I THINK I'M TURNING LEBANESE, I REALLY THINK SOÖ.. I have to be careful with that farty stuffÖ..working in a cube farm, noises aren't the only things that carry! LOL! We are committed to going whitewater rafting this summer with the P's, Texas for Thanksgiving, Mississippi for Christmas and then registering for the marathonÖÖ I just don't know if I'm going to be able to make it to NCÖ..time off work and/or moneyÖ.but I'm certainly going to try. You know I wouldn't miss the opportunity to meet everyone unless there was no way around itÖbut I'm counting on you to be leading the pack at the marathon regardless!

BOB I couldn't find the Bistro pizzas at my Publix. I did see the Amy's pizza that looked good, but the flour just says "Organic Wheat" and not SGWW so I just don't know how legal that would be. Instead I bought some pizza sauce and fixin's to make mini pita pizzas. Now, I don't do avacados but Vince does so I bought him some avacados and limes so he can try what you and Fillise have been raving about. Aren't I the good little wifey? How's the gym coming? I'm getting into the swing of things there and not as intimidated by the beautiful people. I just keep thinking that by next year I'm going to be one of the beautiful people and I can be sure to go out of my way to be nice to people who look as bad as I do right now. Okay, what did Dr. Atkins say? I wish I had taped that.

RICKI Glad you liked the oatmeal! Looks like you're doing really well - a good role model for me to follow. Thanks for letting me tag along. When I read your line about "sewers" I was thinking about the place where Dookie Houser hangs outÖ. LOLÖ.I'm slow. I don't sew, but would love to. I was on the hunt for a sewing machine a while back, but have pretty much given up since I don't want to spend a bunch of money on something I'm going to be learning on. I hear it isn't any cheaper to sew these days, just the benefit of everything being custom made for you. Would you agree? Pistachios is my salty munchy, but, like Marie, I have to be very careful or I can eat a 5 lb. bag in one sitting. I don't share my pistachios, just about anything else, but not those!

NASCAR We would LOVE to go to the 500! Put us down for first runner up on your list! Vince is also into drag racing and we went to the GatorNationals last year and I think that's where the budget money is planning to go this year, too. BRING IT ON TO THE MARATHON!!! There won't be any racing going on in January, so you have no excuse to not come! Heck, you drive right past the Richard Petty Driving Experience for part of it!

ZSUZSU Poor DH! Gotta give him points for trying, huh? What a dear! Sounds like he's very adaptable and will get the changes back to SB down when the time is right. Too funny!

Most all of this is from the week-end posts - If I missed anyone, I'm sorry! have a great evening!!
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"I'm working on it!"
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Default Good Afternoon

Just checking in. Haven't been able to keep up with reading the board, been busy.

After a bad couple days eating, I've, so far , had a perfect OP day. Making jambalaya for dinner. Smells good. If it tastes good, I'll post the recipe.

We got a little more snow today. DS and I made a wee snowman. I've been busy de-piling my house. Can't believe how much junk was piled on my cookbood shelves. Nice and clean now--only cookbooks.

I'm waiting on another reply about the shipping charge for agave. The place is in B.C. Still all the way across the country, but no duty or exchange to pay. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it's not too much.

Sorry I can't remember who asked if I had a legal recipe for perogies. I wish! But that would be a challenge to develop one using WW flour. I've only had potato filling, but I have a Polish cookbook, so I'm sure I can find a legal filling. I'm pretty sure I've seen a recipe for sauerkraut filling.

QUILTER, I think it was you---I enjoyed them when I ate them, but I do NOT want them again any time soon--unless I can come up with a legal recipe.

Sorry, that's about all I remember (probably cause I felt so bad from the perogies ) I've been in a cleaning mood and not near the computer too much. 10 pages was too much for me to keep up with.

Hope everyone is doing good.

Talk to you soon.
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Fillise - Your Sweet Potato Fries sound yummy. That was a good motivational piece. A good one to print and put on the fridge as a reminder.

Tv - I wish you luck at the doctors tomorrow. At least you have the hair appointment to look forward to and take your mind off the other thing.

Pravda - Hope you enjoyed your day off. It'll probably do the guys good to have to get their own breakfast for a change. Hope you get good results from your bloodtests. That was a good MM piece. So very true.

Sef - Sorry to hear you have a sore butt. You have my sympathy. I won't do any butt kicking to-day. What the heck is Mt. Everest? I must have missed one of your previous posts.

Sol - Hope you are happy with you new shoes. I bought a pair of New Balance recently and they are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I have had in a long time. I look forward to meeting my SB buddy. Who knows, maybe I will come back in January. If my ds and his family decide to go at that time I might decide to join them.

I guess I messed up when I commented on the agave company I had emailed only supplying businesses. I found out from Zanne to-day that I was on the wrong website

Here's what I had to eat yesterday:

B - Oatmeal - made with 1/4 cup oatmeal, water. Topped with 1 oz 10% cream and 1/2 tspn agave.
Coffee with 1 oz 10% cream.

L - Open sandwich with three thin slices Black Forest deli ham, 1 oz gouda cheese, lettuce, 1 tspn Kraft cole slaw dressing on 1 slice 9 grain bread. A few sticks of raw carrot.

Sn.1 - 2 Clementines, 2 dried apricots.

Sn.2 - 1/2 cup Almond Granola. 6 oz 2% milk - heated and instant coffee added.

D - Basmati Rice - 1 cup. Home made chili - about 1 1/2 cups. Green salad.
1/2 canned pears in juice, 1 oz. cheddar cheese.

6 oz. 2% milk with 2 tspn ovaltine.

Water, water, water. Haven't counted the glasses but have had quite a few to-day.

Have to scoot. Time to have supper and out again to badminton.

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Angry Hello Everyone!

Hello all How is everyone doing? I am doing pretty good. By staying OP I lost 10 lbs in one week!! WOW! Now if I can just keep going. Today is also day one of my workout routine and I am going to really try and keep up here as it makes me more motivated. Talk to you all very soon!

Goal Weight
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Thumbs down

hi everybody,

just wanted you all to know i am feeling better and not so down about the numbers on the scale. it helped talking to sol (sonya) over the weekend. i missed seeing her on saturday when we were in orlando, instead we chatted on the phone. i had a very legal weekend in spite of the fact that i almost had a breakdown at the movies friday. we saw kate and leopold (cute movie but meg really get a body wave or a new stylist) and i was bound and determined i was going to eat popcorn. whoever ended up on my shoulder to keep an eye on me won out and i drank a smuggled in bottle of water! i think i was more concerned about what popcorn would do to my g.i. tract after not having any since september, anyway i was good. yeah!!!!

deb count me in for the meeting in march, can not wait to see you all again. it will be fun to see my sugarbuster buddies. keep me up to date about times and plans please.

frog- remember what i said about that spewer wench! you are above all she has to say, i hope your friend kara keeps you ready for all the comments, GIVE THEM RIGHT BACK! you go girl, you have done a marathon! you are empowered!!!!!

BOB- hope to see you coming up I-95 with debbie, i saw you at the golden globes sunday nite, i was dressed in red. hope you had a great time, i love to check out the outfits.

quilter and fillise- thanks for the encouraging words during my upset with the dreaded scale. as i get closer to fifty this year i have always said that age is just another number on my drivers license , i guess i should think of the numbers on the scale the same way!

thunder- congrats on the exciting news, heres to a healthy and happy pregnancy. you should hook up with zsuzsu (susan), she is due in august.

agave update- the little health food store where i get my ww pretzels with the pb(my special treat) ordered me a case of agave. i picked it up today and they only charged me $2.09 per 8oz. bottle! i was paying 2.99 at wild oats. so rosalie let me know and i could order you a case before you come to orlando in march. i guess this is a good price? oldtown outside orlando on 1-92 if i remember has a lot of cute little shoppes, you should all have a great time. weather in orlando is nice in march, nice time of the year to visit the mouse at disney. when we go we usually go in march or april, never in the summer too crowded and TOO hot!

will try to get to chat tuesday nite, we have a semi-mandatiry recovery room meeting (ugh) hope to get home in time to chat

bye girls,

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