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Newbie reviving this thread.

I have never been a skinny girl.. so I have had several turning points throughout the years, so I'll just stick to the things that gave me the final nudge in the right direction.

I had an interview for my dream job and didn't get hired because of my weight. Wake up call number one.. being overweight is affecting my finances.

I had the perfect boyfriend ,or so I thought. We broke up because he said he was not ready for a relationship as serious as ours was getting. We remained friends and eventually he admitted to me that my weight was the real issue. I had gained weight because I was so comfy and secure in our relationship. He told me that he just stopped being attracted to me... It may not be fair but.. it affected my love life.. Wake up call number 2.

Wake up call number 3... I stepped on the scale and it read 300+ WHOA!!! Not cute.

Had to get state ID renewed .. took new picture and cried when I saw it..I realized that my face has no shape, it is just a chubby blob.. A very pretty blob but a shapeless one non the less.
Wake up call #4. NOBODY should cry when they see a picture of themselves.

And the final call is difficulty TTC my first baby.. My heart aches and I am so ready to be a mommy..Doc says I need to trim down and see if that will regulate my cycles before trying alternative methods to get preggo. I agree, I need to be healthier anyway. I noticed that my cycles have been crazy since I passed the 250 mark so I KNOW my weight is the #1 issue.

I would post more but I don't wanna take up the entire thread. The point is
I am ready to do this thing . This is a permanent lifestyle change and without this support system I would be lost.
- From caterpillar to butterfly.

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I don't really have an inspirational story here like you gals do. My wake-up call per se was this past January. It's like all of sudden a light bulb went off inside of my being, and I just decided I want to be thin. I don't want to eat all this junk food, never fitting into my clothes, or always worrying about what others think of me because of my weight. I only have one life to live darn it, so I'm gonna make it count!
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karma thanks for reviving this thread

i am at a turning point now. my first came when i realised i was prediabetic. the blood tests frightened me silly and i lost some weight. but since then i have plateaud for several months and now i need to get weight moving again

thanks everyone for the inspiration
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I spent my whole life saying - I'll lose weight when.... (just fill in the blank. Mine were - when I feel safe, when I have a boyfriend who loves me just as I am)

My turning point came when I realised I had everything I wanted, every one of my blanks was fulfilled. What was stopping me now? I thought about it a bit and realised I really wanted someone else to 'save' me. Aint gonna happen so decided to 'save' myself. That's when I started and I'm not going to stop. My mind is made up now. Its like that quote 'If not now, when?' Well its now for me! I've put it off too long already.
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Red face

My turning point was when I went on a business trip and had a chance to meet up with some of my really "old" friends. One of them, who had a weight issue a couple of years before told me bluntly that I needed to lose weight. I was very angry with him at first. But when I got back home and really looked at the photos I took on this trip (Iíve stopped really looking at myself in the mirror), I realized I was heavier than I thought. Although I am not happy he told me I was fat, I guess I kind of have to thank him for it.
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I got to this point where I would never look at myself in the buff. Getting into and out of the shower or changing clothes was something I disliked. I realized that if I didn't want to see it (the excess weight), then who else would?
Oh, and the day that shopping became a "chore" that really helped me to get started.
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