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Originally Posted by purplebanana
My turning point was last year when a girl in one of my classes thought I was thirty-years-old (I was 23 at the time). I HAD it with being fat and now 30 lbs. later, people on campus mistake me for a freshman!
A great side-effect to weight loss. When I was in my 20's, I looked nearly 40. Now that I'm 40, people think NO WAY! LOL When someone found out I had a 20 yo daughter the other day, she asked if I got pregnant when I was 13.
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Isn't it great to look AND feel younger then you are after weight loss!?!?! I'm loving it as well...
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Hey, I had so much energy from it that I started going back to class at night for awhile. And I actually found a new hobby. Something I used to hate with a passion. Now I love it with just as much passion. Shopping! Course hubby hates it cause I actually keep buying things. LOL
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Hmmm, my turning point? I've had a couple and both times I lost weight. I had my second one when my 15/16 jeans became too tight to wear. I had lost twenty lbs a year before (gained back 7) and decided to lose the rest of the weight. Now, here I am 30 lbs later, looking and feeling much better!
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My weight came on so gradually that I never knew it was a problem until I was officially obese. One morning, in my early 20s, I stepped on the scale, and when I saw "192" staring back at me I nearly dropped to the floor. I weighed more than my dad. That was a slap in the face from my own hand. After that, I tried more diets than I can count, followed more magazine tips than can fill an encyclopedia. I lost a few pounds on the "Zone" diet, but found it wasn't structured enough for me to stick with it.

When a co-worker gently told me about her success with WW, it was another eye-opener. My co-workers saw that I needed help, too. At 185 lbs, almost 3 years ago, I bought a WW at home starter kit, and within 4 months, lost 20 lbs. I've plateaued quite a bit, but I never let myself gain it back. Since joining here, I've broken the longest plateau I'd ever gone through.

I am quite thankful for 3FC!
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my turning point was in october 2004. We had just gotten the pictures from my brother's wedding back, the wedding was in august. I was looking through them, and didn't recognize one of the bridesmaids, then it occured to me that it was me. I didn't recognize myself, i did a double take with it. That was enough to push me to start this crazy journey. Now what keeps me going, in March I saw pictures from my dad's birthday party and for the first time in a long time i actually saw me...the real me, the person that I see when I think of myself, not some overweight girl in my place. So something as simple as a picture made me make the best decision of my life. I only wished I had started this sooner...but i guess its better late then never
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A bunch of things led up to my turning point, with the last one being the most influential.

1. My overweight Father-in-law has had every health problem you can imagine associated with weight...stroke, diabetes, heart trouble, trouble walking...and so on. I thought to myself "I don't want to end up like that." But I didn't do anything.

2. Gradually, I was buying bigger and bigger clothes. I felt a pang when I had to buy a size that involved the letter "X".

3. My husband asked our doctor about weight loss, and doctor said to try WW. But I didn't want to pay that much $$ to lose weight.

4. I teach health and nutrition to high school students. I realized one day after a lesson on the perils of junk food and weight gain, that I didn't practice what I preached. Every day, I stand in front of kids who are at an age where they can be very critical, and fat me was standing there saying they should not eat too much junk food or they run the risk of getting fat. The whole point of my career is to make a good impression on young people so that they will be able to live healthy and fulfilling lives, and I realized that I was a hypocrite with my actions, and I became determined to turn this around. In the light of #1-3, I realized that I had to change NOW.

My hubby and I joined WW, and we are both doing very well with it!
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Thumbs up Wakeup Call

Actually, I had two events that happened within a month of each other that prompted me to take control over my weight.

First, I was driving home with my fiancee one night and a car pulled up beside us and started shooting into our car. When my fiancee slammed on the brakes, the car pulled ahead of us and the shooter got out of the car and started shooting into the front of our car. We were terrified! My fiancee was shot twice, but is fine now. I still freak a little when a car pulls up alongside me.

The detective told us that it was a gang initiation. There were actually two cars with seven kids total and they went to a nearby town and did the same thing. He said our bright yellow Tracker probably made us an easy target. Yeah, that's the kind of club I want to be in, the kind where you have to kill someone in order to join.

The second event happened just 25 days later. I woke up to my father's alarm going off. This was very unusual - he always got up way before the rest of us. I went in to him, tried to wake him and he was dead. I tried CPR, but it was no use. I had to tell my mother and my brother and sister-in-law. He had battled his weight for years and had become diabetic. They believe that it was the diabetes that killed him.

Those two things happening so close together slapped me in the face. At 284 pounds, I was killing myself. Why was I doing it? I was already showing signs of the early stages of diabetes, was on blood pressure meds and anti-depressants. Obviously there were complete strangers who would gladly take my life, as well as degenerative, genetically linked diseases, why was I helping things along by eating myself to death?

Funny how God answers prayers. I had prayed for over a year for God to help me lose the weight. He may not answer our prayers the way we expect or want Him to, but he does answer and I must say, He certainly got my attention!

Now I am considerable lighter, much smaller, off all meds (I take SAM-e for depression and I find it curbs my stressful eating too) and healthier than I have ever been. I am just glad I woke up before it was too late.
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I've fought this battle all my life, from being a chubby child, to being thin in high school but crash dieting constantly, to marriage and children and all the weight that comes along with that. I've yoyo'd for the 21 years that I've been married, and actually lost most of the weight when my youngest was a toddler (she's now 11). But when it came time October 2004 to have my hysterectomy, the next day the doctor came in to give me an update on the surgery, and told me he didn't like the way my liver looked, with all the fat around it. Now, my thinking is, how many times will you have someone poking around your insides, and just casually visit your liver??? It was very sobering, needless to say. I gave myself a few months to heal up and take it easy, and then on January 10th, I visited my family dr. for him to put me on a weight loss plan. I weighed in at 204 that day. I have not looked back. An additional motivation is that I turn 40 years old this year, and I am using that as a goal. Anyway, as of May 20th I have lost 44 lbs, and I have 15 more to go to reach my goal of 145. My secret? Replace all junk with fresh fruits and vegetables, cut out sugary soft drinks and replace with water, and do allow yourself some room for treats. If you (like me) have a weakness for ice cream, just replace the regular fatty kind with the low fat, low sugar, low whatever version. Keep a journal of everything that you eat, with the goal in mind that at a certain time in the future, you will have changed those bad habits and can trust yourself to self-moderate without the journal. One day turns into the next, time marches on, and any step in the right direction is great. Don't give up, even if you have overindulged, because tomorrow will be different. Use your frustration as a springboard for change. These are changes for life. Our bodies are a gift from our Creator, and how better to show our appreciation than to care for that gift. And don't forget to exercise, some kind of movement. And as a side note, last week I had two people on separate occasions tell me I looked like a teenager. Now, as I said, I TURN ****40*****IN A FEW MONTHS. How great is that?????
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Thanks for that... very motivational... good luck with your last 15 lbs!!
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Originally Posted by lele
And as a side note, last week I had two people on separate occasions tell me I looked like a teenager. Now, as I said, I TURN ****40*****IN A FEW MONTHS. How great is that?????
That's fun, isn't it? I went back home last September, when I was still 39 and while there, I stopped into my old office to visit my past co-workers. One of them was coming off the elevator as I was going on and I spoke to her. She couldn't figure out who I was at first, but when it hit her she was "OMG! You look like a teenager!"
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Thanks Lele I needed that.

My turning point was On Dec 26th 2004 I totaly told myself 5 weeks prior my life was going to change on that day. Allowing myself the last fling of holidays LOL. I realized it was not me to be big and I also did not like the fact of buying bigger clothes. I have had problems with my weight all my life and it is a challenge. Plus my hubby and I have not been intimate but mayble once a year in the last 4 due to my weight. However it is all getting better and Im determined to be where I was when we met 15 years ago. Im at a plateau and have been for over 2 months now. I need to get focused again and do it for ME. I feel better Im down a couple sizes and plan to be a hottie when I hit 40 in 4 years LOL. Baby steps is how it will go and I will patiently do so. THanks to all of you I can regain my self of focus on WHY Im doing this. I applaud you all.
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I am a success story in the making! My turning point came last December at my annual check up. My doctor wanted blood work. Boy was I shocked when the numbers came back. I didn't know what triglycerides were, but mine were out of the normal range. The doctor gave me three months to get the number down. Well, I procrastinated and didn't go back for the check up for six months. I did get my trygycerides well back into the normal range, and my overall cholesterol dropped, too. I've seen so many other positive changes from the weight loss, like having more energy and a brighter outlook on life. I want to continue until I reach a healthy, sustainable weight. I've lost weight, and regained it, several times since my late teens. I feel that this time is different because my expectations are different. I just want to be healthier. I have no time frame in mind, and if I hit a plateau, so what. I'm doing this for me, for the rest of my life.

Starting: 04/04/05: 172
Current: 06/05/05: 156
Mini Goal: 07/09/05: 150 (O.K., I do have a time frame for this. I want to look nice in my dress for my brother's wedding.)
Goal: ??? 125
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Turning point for me was finding out my brother, who is younger than me, had type 2 diabetes (which my mom and grandfather had, and I have been running from for years, seeing what it did to my mom). And I picked up a copy of Dr. Phil's diet book, and something clicked. I don't follow his diet plan, but some of the concepts were enough to get me going: dealing with the fact that I am insulin resistant, have about 2/3rds of the PCOS symptoms, an apple figure, and had been constantly sick and depressed with that, with a gall stone problem, and a troubled teenager. One day I sat down and cried for five hours. The things Dr. Phil had you go through and the advice clicked for me, although I had heard it all before.

I grabbed a journal, went on a high protein, low fat, restricted carb and low calorie diet, started recording every thing I eat, even when I go off the plan I have for myself, got on Welbutrin for my depression, and 10 weeks later, I have lost 30 lbs, feel better about myself, have gone from a size 26/28 to an 18/20, and have hope and some happiness again. Even with the teenager still being a nyah-nyah.
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Mine was realizing that at 25, I was already panting when climbing the meager 15-steps stairs to my bedroom... this, and the fact the lab people felt the need to point out in bold red letters on my latest (at the time) blood test that my LDL was increasing constantly. I realized that I could either let this go on for years, go on piling pounds, not exercising, being in a very flabby shape, ending up sick or whatever else, or take the matter into my hands right now, when the damage was still "minimal". I hadn't managed to do that with my work life, I was feeling lost and useless, but oddly enough, starting working on my weight problem sort of made me feel like I *was* worth something, and this feeling encouraged me to go on.
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