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Talking Pamper yourself Thursday at the Beach DAILY 8/28

ME...what does this stand for?

In MY case it stands for Marcie Elaine!

I think that sometimes we forget about ME. We take care of others, children, significant others and forget that without ME there would be no THEM!

We keep the peace, see to needs and do EVERYTHING that we can to keep everyone happy, safe and now healthy.

When is the last time you thought about or had a ME day?

How about a nice long bath? An appointment with a good book? A chat with a friend who lives far from you? Sat down and wrote a letter to someone.....even a love note to your best friend, spouse, DD/DS etc?

How long has it been since you put YOU first? Bought something just for you because you deserve it?

How long has it been since you looked into the mirror and said something nice to yourself.

Franny is going to be giving us a challenge soon. Today, so I read, are you going to take her up on this and do something for you?

How long has it been since you organized an activity that YOU wanted to do.....alone, with friends or family?

Remember that YOU have to take care of YOU and be happy with YOU so thtat others can learn from example and know that you take pride in YOURSELF and can therefore do the same for them.

TODAY I am going to do ______for myself. Tell me tomorrow if you did.

Today I am gooing to write ME a note and read it before I go to sleep. It will be a note full of my accomplishments and the last thing it will say is ME, I am PROUD of YOU.

Have a great ME day.

Keep up your posutive thoughts and don't let the negative ones in.

Hugs to you all.

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Thumbs down

Good Morning, Marcie, Ruthie & later arriving Beachsters!

Just wanted to check in with my Beach sisters before going to the gym. (something I do for me ).

I've been lurking and missed actually posting - but that's another story!

Glad to see y'all doing so well - will check back with you later!

Have a great, rewarding day on the Beach.

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Good morning, ladies! I like Marcie's challenge for do something for ME! Prefect timing, actually, as I have a serger class to go to tonight!

A few years ago I wouldn't have done a class that was for ME. I felt like my family deserved all of my spare time. But now I realize that what my family deserves is a healthy, happy ME! So I take time to do things that are important to ME and things that make ME happy!

Hope you all have a great day!
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Good morning Beach Beauties!

Marcie, good post. I agree that it's so important to take time to do something just for ME. We are important, we deserve to be pampered, we deserve a little self-indulgence!

What am I going to do for ME? Hmmmmm......... Your post has made me think, and I've just decided something. I had originally planned on taking tomorrow (Friday) off from work to have a nice long weekend. Yesterday at work I was looking at how far behind I am, and had pretty much decided that I would go in to work on Friday after all to try to get some things caught up. But you've just helped me make my decision....I am going to take tomorrow off. I deserve a 4-day weekend, something that I have not had in a long time. Other supervisors take their time off and don't worry about it, so I certainly should be able to do that also. If I did work tomorrow, how much would I really accomplish? Would it really make a difference in how far behind I am? It will be better for me to take this long weekend and go back on Tuesday refreshed and ready to work. Wow, I feel better now! I am looking forward to my nice long weekend!

Have a beachy day all! And like Marcie said, do something nice for yourself.
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Good Morning all my cyber pals

Marcie your topic is very timely for me. Today the apraiser is coming to look at the house for our refinance. I was gonna just go in to work late, but lately I have been forgetting alot of stuff. Which is very unlike me. I am usually ontop of everything. Not sure if its age (perimenopause...I hope not) the new med my Dr. put me on (Welbutrin) or that I just have to much to do. Anyhoo, I decided to take the day for myself.

I have the house to myself which is something that I haven't had in a long time. Today is all me (after the apraiser leaves) no laundry, no cleaning, no cooking. I love my family to death but its nice to meet me again.

So today is do something nice for yourself day!
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I have decided that Wednesdays will be my ME days. I have my piano lesson at 10:30 and will come home to a lunch either pre-made or prepared by DH. In the afternoons, Hershey and I will do our "visit" and then go for a walk in the park in that village. Dinner on Wednesdays will be an easy one - either pre-made or done by DH. The lessons and the visits are ME things. The extra time on that day will be spent reading or sewing or just goofing off.

As for the ME thing today, I am going to give myself a facial before I walk the dogs. I have an appointment at the Doc. to have him take a boo at some skin tags on my collarbones and want my face to look good anyhow!

Tonight is the picture taking at the Fair Board meeting and we will have refreshments afterward. I got the United Church Ladies to do them so I would not be tempted. Besides, I'm sick of cooking and baking!

Have a wonderful day, Beach Beauties.
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Hey to all u BEACH BABES!! I am going to take a hot/long bubble bath w/my new book for ME!!,something I havnt had time to do lately..Thanks for the idea LADY MARCIE
  • FRANNYMAE~What ever "serger class" is,I hope it's kickass fun for u
  • 2DOGMOM ~U will NOT report for work tomorrow,4days on the BEACH wl curl ur toes w/happiness
  • OPERADOG~How do u go to the gym so early in the morning,my body snaps/crackle/pops when I get up early
  • ROCKSTAR~Were r u this morning,,did u sleep in aft all that junk food last night.. Dads r special,thanks!
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Good Morning!!!

I'm going to do better than a ME day, next week I'm having a ME week!!! I have the week off from work and I'm not going to do anything I don't want to do ... if I clean anything it's going to be because I am in the mood to clean (or cook or give teenagers rides, etc.). I might do laundry if someone begs me. I'm going to drop my son at school at 7:45 a.m. and come home and sleep til I wake up, then go to the gym. Maybe I'll spend Thursday at the Mall ...

I can get thru the next two days at work looking forward to 9 days off!!!

Have a wonderful day all!!!
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WOW! Are we allowed to have a me day? No laundry, no hauling the kids around or just saying, " Get up and get it yourself"

Hope you all don't mind me commenting here! I forget about myself alot! It's always about what the hubby, the kids and the animals want or need! You all have enlightened me today! Therefore, today I will do something for myself! There are so many choices. HMMMMMM, I will have to think about it. Maybe I will do several things for me today!

Such great, positive attitudes here....Thanks ladies!
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I love the thought of a "Me Day"

To be honest, almost everyday is a me day for me. I only work on weekends, my only son is grown and living out of state from me, and my DH and pets are not very demanding.

But Thursdays have tended to be the day that I get to relax the most. DH and I go out for dinner and then I get to spend the evening watching my favorite TV programs (Trauma:Life in the ER, Survivor, The Great American Race, CSI, ER..).

Today I'm going to do some shopping, exercise and then spend the afternoon finishing a book that I'm reading ( "Good Harbor" by Anita Diamont~~ It's a great story, BTW, of female friendship), out to dinner with the love of my life, then who knows...

Have a wonderful ME day
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Well the appraiser just left and I'm off to enjoy ME

Ellis~ You around? You ok today sweetie?

Have a great day everyone!
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Hi Chicks....I'm here!!!!

Lady....boy, do you have a way to start the day!!! Another great post....

What I will/have done for ME today:
I got up at 5:00 AM...and walked 2 miles with the puppy
I will be going to the gym during lunch

It's so funny that you posted this cuz I've been really trying lately to do things for ME...I used to get into an exercise program, like walking, WATP tapes..but whenever my BF said, "let's go to....." after dinner, I'd toss the exercise out the window.
I've recently told him that it's important for me to walk or do my tapes every night...and if we do something, I need to be home no later than 8:30PM....I've been learning to say "No" and not feel guilty about not going to the store, etc with him and he's completely understanding. I'm learning "ME time" and it's GREAT

Nikki...have a great "me" the teenagers how to do the laundry etc...

Gofishin.....ahhhhh...enjoy that bubble bath....light some candles and relax...

Ruth...enjoy your facial.....better yet, go and have someone else give you one...

Snflake...looks like you really need relaxing Me time....enjoy it!!

Twodog!!....good for you for taking Friday off...I am too!! Sometimes you need someone else to remind u to take time for yourself and I'm glad you are doing that...

Franny...have fun serging..I have a serger and LOVE it!!!

Opera dog....You are a gym machine!! I've been lurking alot too., due to work..augh...

To anyone I"ve missed.....Have a great ME Day!!!

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I really love this "ME" challenge!
"ME" stands for Sharon Lee for this SBD gal.
The challenge is super, and I won't have a bit of trouble doing something for little old me today. The problem is deciding exactly what I want.
First things first...I am going to the gym to take a Water Aerobics class. This is an hour that truly makes me feel "good-good-good!!!!
I think I will ask my DH to take care of dinner tonight while I read a good book.
I'm feeling thinner today (day 5 of SBD) so I'm going to try on my skinny pants hanging in the closet. Hopefully, this will give me the positive mental boost to make a great day for myself.
A positive attitude and love of "self" is most important of all.

Have a wonderful Thursday my SBD buddies!!
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Today, I will sew and try to finish my Harry Potter book. I also HAVE to go to the grocery!!!! I really hate to do that but, crowd coming this weekend and today is my only time to do it. Sometimes we have to take the good with the bad. Better go straighten the house so I can get that grocery shopping done...laters,
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'Me' stands for Ann Elizabeth. As a retired gal, I guess I have more 'me' time than some, but I know I don't always take it. But today my 'me' times is to go out to lunch with 5 friends. We call it the 'Ladies Monthly" since it is not longer a problem for us. :

My real 'me' enjoyment is a once a month hour long massage, but that sin't until next week. I highly recommend it to you all. Ann
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