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Originally Posted by Sunday115 View Post
True story: I love listening to German death metal when I work out, I don't speak any, so I can just pretend they're mad about whatever I'm mad about.
lmao I know what you mean! I feel that way whenever I tune into the spanish station on the radio! Those rappers sound so pissed off

Ian - yes, Music is a big tool to help me push myself harder. I plug on my ipod at the gym louder than the already blaring music from the gym speakers (sometimes they have slow music on n it just doesn't do the trick for me)

I have a playlist called GYM on my ipod that I keep updating n it's mostly club music or anything with good beats!! Gets me going real good
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Originally Posted by IanG View Post
I used to like industrial when I was in my 20s. Sheep on Drugs and Front 242 were my favorite bands. I still like a bit of Front 242.

Then I went industrial techno. And it stopped around there. Probably for the best really...
Front 242 waddup! *high fives* Front Line Assembly, Sisters of Mercy.... ahhhh the good old days of 80s industrial.

I go through music phases. Except jazz. NEVER EVER jazz. Depends on what I'm doing too.

When I listen to music at work while I do mindless computer stuff I have reggae or electronic indian on.

When I run on the treadmill I love electronic dance stuff. When I'm in a bad mood and running on the treadmill I listen to heavy metal remixes or AC/DC.

when I walk home from work I listen to audio workshops for dating (newly single, lol).

When I'm driving in traffic I listen to classical.

When I'm doing yoga at home I love to listen to 80s.

Originally Posted by nitrus29 View Post

I have a playlist called GYM on my ipod that I keep updating n it's mostly club music or anything with good beats!! Gets me going real good
You should see my gym playlist. it's broken down into categories of "warm up", "running", "stretch", "weights", etc., etc.

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Updating my software ;)
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I listen to music while I'm exercising. I was listening to rock and techno (sorry if my lack of knowledge offends!) and songs that have a beat that is near my jogging speed. Now I listen to love songs.

I know. It's shameful. I recently got heaps of albums and I'm working my way through the songs >_>

I listen to keep my mind on my exercise rather than on giving up or slowing down. My motivation song is 'Ain't No Way But The Hard Way' by Airbourne. It reminds me that I have to withstand the pain and hardship if I want to reach my goals in all areas of my life. I play this, like you do IanG, when I feel myself slipping.

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