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Default The Cluck - Thursday, May 22

Good Thursday morning all!

I stayed up to watch American Idol last night to see what the fuss was about. What a good night to pick to look at TV. That Ruben is amazing! It is so nice to see a very overweight person succeed in something like that where looks really count. Pardon the cynic in me but I wonder if a "fluffy" woman with the same talent would have won. Of course all three contestants have it made after such exposure.

Harry and I off off for his operation at 11 today. Send prayers and good vibes our way that all goes well. Poor guy is going to be wearing a skullcap for a while as there will be a fair amount of bleeding. Other than that, he is still planning to BBQ tonight!

LindaBC, I don't know whether to hug you or swat your hand. I can totally relate - we ARE carb addicts. Back on track please, girlfriend.

RobinH, you had better check in today. I hope you are semi-MIA because the store is really busy.

Nasus, well you DID say no at first. That's a start. My kitchen gets to me too and is usually my priority tidying task.

Scooby, gee, 15 pounds is not too shabby. Now back on track.

Pooky, the spray collar does work. It's just that the one I have is not functioning properly. I will take it back to get it fixed today or tomorrow. By the way, they are $99 at the vet and $119 at Pet Valu - go figure! I hope today goes well for you.

Hi and a to all I've missed. A big slice of an OP day to everyone!
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Good morning,

Ruth, prayers and warm wishes to you and H today. You really and truly and not far from my thoughts.

Sad news for us, DH's 95 year old grandmother passed away. It is going to be a long few days. The funeral is tomorow and there I think will be a lot of people.

I am doing ok, the kids are sad and so is DH's sister. I am going with my MIL to the house today to do stuff like clean out the fridge.......

Little man has a play at school this morning, looking forward to the divertion.
OK off to get dressed.
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Morning Ruth and L and all to come.

Ruth good thoughts coming your and Harry's way.

L, so sorry about dh's grandmother. When my grandfather died (the man who raised me) I had great comfort in telling myself the circle of life continues. I tried to think of all the babies born during the hour that he passed away. Silly, I know, but it helped me.

Pooky and jenny hugs for both of you, as you continue to tackle lifes up and downs.

We leave tomorrow for Florida. Hubby, daughter and I (and one of daughter's friends) will be spending the Memorial Day weekend at my parents. We are leaving a little later than usual, around 1 PM......high school exams are getting in the way I'm sure we will run into lots and lots of traffic. I'm looking forward to seeing my parents, my Mom is just now starting to feel the side effects from her radiation treatments. Other than that, they are both doing well and loving life in Florida.

Oops! Sorry Ruth, I said the "F" word a couple of times. Off to wash my mouth out with soap.

A great day to all
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Angry Good morning LC friends

It has been a while since I lurked and even longer since I posted!

Anyhow just wanted to say hi and all the best today Ruth......I am not sure what is going on but if Harry has the meat out thawing for BBQ it shouldn't be too bad

Have a great day everyone!

L so sorry for your loss........take care today!

Bye for now gang!

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Good Morning Everyone

Its been a hectic couple days. Ive had company visit from out of town and she's the type that doesnt like to sit still. I didnt have time to post here in the am, and by bedtime, Im ready to crash. But it was nice having her here for a visit.

I read up as much as I could on whats happening,

Ruth, Im taking my film into walgreens today and warm thoughts are being sent for Harry today.

Pooky, Im so sorry to hear about whats happening with you. I hope your meds work for you, and all the work you did before to get off the meds, hopefully that will help you again. Was there an event that brought it all back or was it gradual?

Jenny, remember......everything happens for a reason. I know this seems like a tragedy, but Im sitting here wondering what wonderful things are in your future now that you are free from this place.

L, thoughts and prayers for your family

Deb, are you going to disneyland again? You must feel about disney land the way I feel about niagara falls. nothing special, its just there and its a place to go. Im going to get to disney land one of these days!!!

LindaBC, We've all been there......I was attacked by a woman giving away hot free Krispy Kremes the other day. I gave in and didnt fight her When its right for you, everthing will just click and there wont be any stopping you

I know I wanted to say alot more, but I cant remember everything I read

So, everyone have a great day, Ive got to get busy and make lunches and head to the store. Oh, and yes, business has picked up a bit....hubby and I are breathing a sigh of relief.

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Best wishes and healing vibes being sent your and Harry's way, Ruthie!

Hello and a wave to everyone else.

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Well, dagnabbit! I wish I'd read all your supportive comments before I stuffed six liqeur chocolates in my face just 5 minutes ago. I really had to hunt for them too. Finally found the box stuffed in a cabinet in the garage. How desperate is that? I'm doubly ashamed because I'd actually done very well OP since yesterday but for some reason I forced myself to eat two grilled cheese sandwiches (on white bread even) for lunch followed by the chocolates. Well, back to the old drawing board. I got a phone call today that my South Beach Diet book is finally in at the bookstore so I will pick that up tomorrow and I'm hopeful that it will inspire me.

Ruth, good luck to Harry. I hope he has come through the surgery just fine and is busily preparing your Alberta beef steaks for the bbq. I don't believe for one minute that our good beef is contaminated.

L...95 is a good long life and it sounds as if your dh's grandma was well loved and appreciated. What more can a person ask of a life? Plant a pretty shrub in your garden in her memory and keep her alive in stories to your children. I love to share my memories of my grandmother with my grown kids. They never met her but they feel as if they have due to my memories.

I took my friend to the garden center where I got such lovely hanging baskets yesterday and darned if I wasn't tempted into buying two more!! I don't usually grow fushias but when told that hummingbirds love them, I just had to have a couple to attract the little lovelies to my patio. They do occasionally visit my hummer feeder but not often enough. I now have five gorgeous hanging baskets surrounding my patio and they sure do dress the place up.

We are having another rainy day and the forecast is for rain right through the weekend, wouldn't ya know. It's not as if I don't have enough accumulated housework to keep me busy, but I do need to get my garden cleanup and planting finished.
Well, that's about all for me for now. Catch y'all tomorrow.
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Got to put in my well-wishing for Harry,'re both in my thoughts-
And one of those Alberta steaks sounds pretty good to me, Linda!

Hi to all the rest, I am just stopping by- the chinese food guy attacked me on my way home tonight! I better get shopping and get some OP food in the house! the frig is bare and I am very vulnerable to all kinds of carb monsters!

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