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Come on Spring!
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Default The Cluck - Thursday, May 15

Whew! Taz and family are OK and Jiff has a great job! I can die happy! Harry teases me about being too much of a Mother Hen but....

Yesterday was a bit of a downer day but today will be better. I did not sew as much as I had planned - for no reason except my own lack of discipline - too many breaks for water, dog petting, nagging Harry (just kidding) and checking out the Net. Today HAS to be better as I need that dress and jacket for tomorrow night. Right now the dress is ready for fitting and hemming. It's right to the floor but I am debating about length. The jacket is definitely going to be focus today. Yes, I will take a picture when in full regalia. (Harry says I'd need to finish a dress for my own funeral. Well, I did get up at 3 a.m. to finish my wedding dress!)

Full moon and eclipse tonight. Maybe that accounts for the funk some of us are enduring. Mooz has a one pound a week challenge in the Journals which I am going to join. This WW/LC combo is NOT working for me.

Gotta go get dressed and work in some sewing before a 9:30 appointment to pick out a painting for a gift. There's always something!

Have a wonderful day, Chickies!
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Morning Ladies,

Rainy here, so I bet we will be missing the eclipse. My boss came in to my office inquiring if I will be here on friday to discuss how things are going for me in this time of turmoil. So it gave me the chivers, cried on the way home. You see Friday's are the days people are let go. They have what they call waves of termination. We have already had the first wave go through and lost 6 good people in our area. My boss just may want to talk, but it still gives me the creeps. Most of you know that I would love to become a sahm, but the thought of loosing my job is scary. I have never not had an income since I graduated from high school. I am not sure I want to depend on dh for money. Plus being here for 20 years has netted me 6 weeks of vacation (I buy 1 week), if I have to get another job, that will be difficult to start back at 2 weeks of vacation.

Well maybe my boss really does just want to talk. Hope so, I am not mentally ready to leave. Big companies can be so heartless. At least 600 people in our research area will be let go in the next 6 months.

Jif the job prospect sounds good for you. What a wonderful feeling to return to your old place in a new body. You must have been on cloud nine, or maybe ten.

Adrienne hope your interviews go well, I may be asking you for some pointers. I liked your comparison of weeding and wl

Pooky hope you are enjoying your free time. Bet you miss little M! What a sad story of the ten year old girl. My prayers and thoughts go to her family. It is unimaginable.

Taz hurry back, miss you!

Peachie, how are those boys of yours? Anxious for school to end?

Scooby, send some of that good weather up to Michigan.

Janice nice to read that your dd is getting married. She deserves happiness. Will the wedding be in Europe?

take care all and stay op
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Good Morning everyone!

Why is it that you go away and you get 2 days worth of work to catch up on when you left?

Jiff, way to go woman! Here you roar! You must have knocked some socks off yesterday all gussied up!

Jenny, crossing fingers, arms, legs, boobs, ears and nostrils if it means you get to keep your job!

Good Luck Adrienne!

Ruth, I'm sure you'll look divine in the dress

Gotta go pick up mail, an hour and a half or so at the drop in, grocery shop, laundry, and plant the rest of perennials. Swim leson at 4:30 and then I think I'm gonna drop!

Have a good one everyone!
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Well good morning all!
Today is still cleaning out day-I have like 6 trashbags full of yard sale stuff just from our bedroom and Tori's. Pretty sad. I even got rid of some of the clothes that I swore I would lose enough weight to wear again comfortably. I did keep a few Believe me the rate I am going, I will never get into any of those clothes!
Alyssa's room and bathroom will be my big project today, and also LAUNDRY. I have neglected it for a couple of days, and whew! is it ugly!

Jif--WTG on th job thing!!!! I hope it all works out.

Jenny-- Hope all goes well tomorrow

Adrienne--here's to you girl! Good Luck and knock 'em dead!

Well, I must go clean!
Miss D
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Jiff so glad everything went well. Would love to see a pic of you all dolled up. I know you looked wonderful!!!!!!!

jenny fingers crossed that he "only" wants to talk. Good vibes coming your way.

to everyone else
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Morning all! Just a quick fly-by, I'm "up to my A$$ in alligators" as our IT guy says.
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Just a quick Hi this morning
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Come on Spring!
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Just a quick Hi is nice, Robin and Dyan. have a good day
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YIPPEEEE for you, Jiff! We all know how you hate your present job so it's wonderful to hear that you'll finally be doing work you enjoy AND among old friends. So nice to be appreciated. Your outfit, hair and make-up sound wonderful. They must have been dazzled by your glamor.
Jenny, keeping fingers crossed for you too.
Not much to say today. I'm still OP and feeling pretty good. I've been browsing through a cheap copy of the Pro tein Power Lifetime book which doesn't say much about the diet but has lots of other medical-type info. I finally realize why I wasn't losing weight on Atkins while eating lots of bacon, butter and cream. LOL These low carb plans can help you burn body fat but ONLY if you're not giving your metabolism too much dietary fat for it to burn. Naturally, it's going to take the stuff that's easiest to use rather than digging into old fat cells for fuel. So, I'm still following Atkins/South Beach but trying to curb the fats and increase my activity level. We will see what happens...if anything.
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