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Come on Spring!
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Default The Cluck - Thursday, June 5

Good morning, sleepyheads! It's raining again here! So what else is new! I am trying rise above it! I really am!

The painters patched and sanded the bathroom yesterday and will be painting today. I was hoping to garden but it is raining - AGAIN! Whoops! I already said that! I may go over to Lurker Lorraine's and pick up tomato plants just to show there is hope. It has to stop again sometimes, doesn't it?

Coffee and nice farm fresh eggs coming up. I am doing eggs for The Girls this morning too so you may as well join us.

Enjoy your day.
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Trying to find my way.
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Morning Ruth. I should have been up and welcoming you but tried to sleep in for the few min before work.. but realized i forgot to make the coffee. so the pot is on and almost done.

getting ready for 2 long days and it looks like the weekend is going to be good so I will plan on a weekend of fun with the boy scouts.

Hope you all have a great day. it looks like I will be checking in tonight. BE GOOD!!

PS it is now officially 2 weeks that I have been faithful to PPWAV
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Come on Spring!
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Hey, Sue, who is this PPWAV guy? Is he related to Raoul?
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Hey, if he cooks breakfast I'd be faithful to him, too! Speaking of Raoul, have you noticed all the perky women on TV in the verrrry early mornings? Who feels like bouncing around all my flab at 5 a.m. while this muscle-bound silicone enhanced chick encourages me to "feel the burn"? I settle for sleeping in, myself!

My baby is off to Fort Sumter this morning, had to get her up unusually early, she hates that. Cross your fingers that they all come home safe and sound!

Have a great day, everyone, talk to you later!
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Ruth, I've got your rain! I got half the weeds pulledout of the perennial bed yesterday and Home Depot got a new shipment of Burning bushes in so bought two. One for the end of the perennial bed and one for the bed closest to the house to act as sort of a screen. So I feel your pain not being able to get in the garden!

Sorry to all my chickie friends that are having sh problems these days--must be in the water!

Off to drop in center on this very rainy day--have a good one everyone
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Default Morning All!

Well, allergies are acting up again today.

Last night I went to the Pre-school program and Tori got up and told everyone she was gonna be a Dr. when she grows up...I sure hope so Alyssa had a ballgame-a pretty big one that I absolutley hated to miss, and they lost by one run. I guess the other team's parents got entirely outta hand, and made our girls cry-come-on they are 7 and 8 year olds-why would you act like that? I have always made it a point to congratulate the other team on good plays and hits-why would you go out there and belittle kids? It is probably a good think I was not out there....I tend to get a little red when the situation arises.

Not much else going on here-it is Tori's first day of summer vacation-I hope I make it through I am gonna take her to the Dr. today and see if we can get something for this cold.

It is sunny here today Pooky and Ruth-wanna come over and work on my flower beds?? Please!!

have a great day all
miss d
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Lovin' Life
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Default Rainy here too

But they are calling for a glorious weekend!!

We found out yesterday that our neighbour from the store is going to close shop. We are going to miss her and her dog "cooper" She said she is going to be closing at the end of the month, or about 2 weeks into July if she still has alot of stuff she needs to get rid of by the end of the month. Getting people into our store during the avenue sidewalk sale is going to be difficult when there is a close out sale right next door. Any ideas on how to bring them in? Ive never had to deal with something like this before. I suppose if I just consider it fierce competition, and do it that way. I dont know.

On top of all this, Ive blown my woe, and I know why, and I just dont want to tell hubby. (he will lecture me) Ive got 3 weeks before I have to see my ex. 3 weeks, and Im stressing about it already. So what do I do? I eat..............everything in sight The last thing I want is to look like a bloated fat blimp when I see him. (which is how Im feeling right now) I know Im not, but it doesnt stop the feelings. Some words of encouragement would help ladies.

Ok, Im off to make my atkins lunch and snacks, and hopefully I'll stay op for the day.

Have a great day everyone
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robin... you've lost nearly half of your body weight!!! how could you POSSIBLY be a blimp????

more later... relax
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I think you look wonderful, and according to the weights you have at the bottom of your post you have come a long way baby!
Sooooo all I'm gonna say is that in 3 weeks it is not like your gonna drop like 50 pounds so feel good that you have came this far, and know that you are gonna go further, and a few bad days are not gonna count much in the long run!!

Miss D
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Robin, it sounds as if stress about the upcoming meeting with your ex is making you sabotage yourself. Try to chill out. Remind yourself why you are doing this woe. It certainly isn't for the ex or even to "show him" (although that would be a great side effect). You are doing this for yourself for the long term.
As for your neighbor's closing out sale, why don't you post a big sign "FIRE SALE" and beat her to the punch? LOL Nobody has to know that you didn't actually have a fire.
Today I went to a picnic (we each brought a bag lunch) with my women's club members. We were at a local farm that has a picnic area, a children's petting zoo, hay rides, etc. I'd never been there and it was quite lovely and very peaceful, even with all the kids around. The only trouble was that they had an ice cream bar where you could get cones with fresh made ice cream from their dairy. Well, I sure couldn't resist but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. One chocolate ice cream cone isn't going to kill me. Right back on track for dinner.
By the way, my morning blood glucose has been getting closer and closer to the safe zone. Last night I had half an Atkins Advantage bar just before going to bed and this morning my BG was up several points. I thought those things didn't have sugar!! Dagnabbit!!
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Just squeaking in to say hello. I am not supposed to be on here since I have to get up in 5 hours for work! Hello ladies, I miss posting, and am trying to start again TOMORROW.

Robin, I'm sorry - I have had an experience like this myself! Don't beat yourself up, you will be fine. Your inside is what counts, not the shell. Smile and share your beautiful attitude and hold your head up.
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