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Come on Spring!
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Default Cluck Awk! Thursday, December 20

Aaaawwwwwkkkkk! Panic in this section of the henhouse! Woke at 4 in a panic as I realized how close we are to the weekend and how much stuff is left to do. However, I am going to sit quietly with a coffee and list the tasks. Maybe I'll even prioritize them. Maybe I'll just go back to bed! Maybe Scotch in my coffee?

We are expecting snow off and on all day. I have to drive to Brockville for a haircut and then work a 4 p.m. Bingo. Won't be home until 7 so it will be a crockpot dinner tonight for sure. I do love that appliance. Now if this were AFTER Christmas, DH could do something on the GF Grill I got "him" for a gift. (I bought "me" a set of Christmas dishes - have wanted a set for years!)

Going to have my bacon and eggs on a Christmas plate this a.m. and then get with it. DH goes to the Doc for his regular check this a.m. and then will go bottle wine without me. I have the whole morning free and will get a good whack at the stuff that needs doing!

Have a great day, chickies.
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Oy vey! I woke up at 3:00 and sat up in the recliner chair, listing what still has to be done! Personally, I'll be happy when the Holidays are over with and we can get on with it! I'm not saying Idon't enjoy some parts of Christmas. I enjoy the church and family stuff, but it seems we are driven to do too much.
DH is off from Monday noon through Thursday so I have to figure out what to cook for meals . I was hoping we could get away for a day, but I can't find a good get-away idea. The weather is turning colder. Oh well!
Take care now and God bless!
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Morning Ladies!!!!

I am off today and I to have a list a mile long, however, I am taking my darling children to the aquarium in Gatlinburg this morning and not worrying about my list one bit!! I want them to get to do something special other than wtch me fret over things to do...........

On the way home we are going to stop and buy DH's last gift and something for the babysitter. I am getting a haircut this afternoon, tommorrow I am shopping and making baked goods for the neighbors. I have a teeny bit of last minute wrapping but otherwise I am done with that.

It will all be over too soon, we had our department dinner last night it was fun. Gave candles to all the girls that work for me they seemed to enjoy them...............Hope everyone has a happy productive day!!!
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Walking in a Winter Wonderland.....Oh, hi, just singing away because it is just SNOWING like you wouldn't believe! Here I was worried we'd have no snow for Christmas--NOT! Never fails here in the Great White North.

Gingerbread house making was lots of fun! I swear it is the funniest looking gingerbread house that I've ver seen and the girls had a blast together! That makes me so happy! Another piece of good news--they will be having a sing along at the daycare tomorrow at 11am and all the paretns are invited! I'm so thrilled, I can't wait to see my wee one up there giving it her all! Video camera will be in hand taping ever little moment!

As for me, well we all slept in this morning and I'm terribly behind in my baking and laundry duties--guess that's on the list this morning. Have a great one everyone!

Hey Ruth, I wanted a set of Christmas dishes too--did you see the ones at Canadian Tire? They have the holly around the outside of the plates--really nice.

Tippy, hope you get a better nights sleep soon. Christmas only comes once a year and it will be over with soon!

Scooby, you are doing EXACTLY what I have done--take mental health breaks throughout the whole process--good for you, hope you enjoy the aquarium!
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Default Good Morning Chickies!


Well after reading all of yall's posts I am now concerned that I am not concerned! hehe Should I be in a panic and nobody told me???

Normally I get in a tizzy about everything I have to do and trying to make everything perfect for everybody but I believe that the events in my life in the past year have changed my ability to panic. Well something good has come out of the challenges in my life!

We have dinner here at work tomorrow, and then a youth Christmas Party tomorrow nite, Christmas at my hubby's family house on Saturday night, which is about 75 people in a very small house (TIGHT), Sunday School and Church services on Sunday, Candlelight Service on Monday evening and then back home to do our gifts with my dear hubby and our 2 sons, and then Tuesday we will be at my mom's house frying turkeys and being with my brother and sister and their families! Why am I not in a panic???? I have just decided to show up wherever I have to be with a smile on my face (and nothing perfect in my hands) and just enjoy the moment and the treasure of being together!

Now with that said.....I will probably wake up in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow in a panic! hahahahahahahahaha

Academy (the best guy store in the whole wide world) finally opened up here in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and I think that we are all gonna try to run over there tonight and let the guys droll
as they frollick up and down the isles. Chuckie Cheese also opens up today but for some reason nobody at my house is interested in that (I have teenagers)!

I hope everybody has a great day and that everybody is already making great Christmas memories for this year!

hugs, cathy
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Angry Only 5 days till Christmas...

can't seem to get done here either. Last night we went out to dinner with friends of ours and then when we got home my DH invited a friend over for dinner tonight. Never mind that I have to run to the store today and try to find something for dinner.
My attitude has become what gets done gets done.I am not that worried about it. I am just going to relax and enjoy.
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Lots of busy chicks! Makes me glad not to be celebrating Christmas this year (other than in the religious sense). I'm going through a rough time right now and don't feel up to it. Maybe next year.

Have a great day!

aka Mrs. Scrooge and The Grinchette
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A millions holiday things to do ... and haven't started even ONE!!! No tree, no decorations, gifts from family tucked in corners, gifts for family hidden under the bed.

But, it all doesn't matter and I'll do it at the last minute, because today I'm a little occupied ... TODAY IS THE DAY DH COMES HOME!!!!

So, tomorrow we'll go to Home Depot and get the tree. Dig the decorations out from under all the other stuff I've piled in the garage and put the gifts under the tree. (Then we'll be ready, minus one gift for my dad.) But, at least DD (age almost 5) is not worried about the tree and such -- she, too, is more excited about her best friend getting home.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I probably won't post until Monday (I'll be busy and all )!

Remember to smile!
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Hi everyone. Please do not stress about the holidays. Treasure the time with your loved ones. I figure whatever does not get done was not Meant to get done.

Having a parent with cancer makes me realize that I need to think and appreciate the time I have now - not worry about what to make, who to buy for, etc. And if someone does not understand - TOUGH :-)

Well, that is just my vent for the day. I am learning that in the long run, certain stuff just means nothing.

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Exclamation OMG, 5 days!!

And still gifts to buy and gifts to wrap and groceries to buy for the dinner I have to cook and still have to learn how to cook (I forgot that part!!) and then. . . . . I can take 5 and have a breather and realize that my 4 year old will love Christmas even if the ham is overcooked and the tree is lopsided (unfortunately it is). Mama and I will enjoy watching her have fun and even though things are tight right now, Santa was very good to her. Of course we have a round of visiting to do and still having time to do our own thing will be difficult, but we shall overcome!

By the way, my baby nephew is just gorgeous and I love him to pieces! He's perfect, but aren't they all? I would have posted a picture, but my stupid scanner won't work (I realized after 30 minutes that I cannot fix it and then I felt like giving it a good swift kick!) so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Everyone, slow down and enjoy the holidays. Now, if I could take my own advice!
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Now you all have got me worried that I'm not worried.
Our Christmas is very quiet and event-free. No church to go to. No parties to attend. No large crowds coming over. I have three different kinds of cookies baked just in case a few friends drop by but other than that I'm not bothering much. We only have #1 daughter and her family on Christmas Eve and I think I'll do a roast beef with Yorkshire pudding. They all seem to like that and they'll be getting turkey the next day at her in-laws. I'm going to surprise DH on Christmas Day with his very own roast goose. I was finally able to scare up a frozen one at Safeway. Wish I could have found a local source for fresh home-raised geese (like we used to raise) but no such luck so this will have to do. I'm reconciled to having a grease spattered oven just to please him.
Today I went with some other delegates of my women's group to bring gifts to a senior's center. We fill decorated ice cream buckets with little essentials like toothpaste, washcloths, body lotion, etc, plus we collect new undergarments and nightgowns for those who don't have family to provide for them. The place was all decorated up for Christmas but many of the residents were down with the flu so they had to cancel their party. Got a tour of the place and, while the staff was very friendly and helpful, I don't think I ever want to end up in a place like that.
Still, some of them seem cheerful and chipper so I guess it can't be all bad. I think budget cuts have really made a difference to the level of care though.
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