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Thanks, ShowgirlAZ, this thread is great!

I have been married for 24 years. My DH is on this weight loss journey with me. He is using the alternative products and is very supportive. We have two children; our son is 21 and our daughter is 19. Both are currently away at college, so cooking at home is a breeze right now. We have an 8 year old 'puppy' - an Airedale Terrier. I enjoy reading, watching movies, shopping with my DD and going on cruises! I love Hawaii and the Caribbean! When I'm not cruising, I work as a computer programmer and analyst.

I can't remember a time when I wasn't dieting or concerned about my weight. I found an old diary from when I was 16 and mad because I weighed 110, I just had to get down to 105! Then, when I was 21, I found WW. I joined at a weight of 129 and lost 18 pounds (what I would give to weigh 129 now). I became a lifetime member and when I was 24, I went back ( I had gained everything back plus some), got down to 117 this time and began working as a WW weigher and then a receptionist. Then, I gained 51 pounds with a pregnancy; but, got down to 130 a few months after my son was born. I only gained about 20 with my daughter and was able to get down to 125 by the time she was 1. I can't begin to count the number of times I went back to WW since then and couldn't lose (at least 6). I have also tried Adkins, Curves (6 years), SouthBeach, and Insulin Resistance Diet. I even went to Curves 6 days a week and then a gym 5 nights a week. I lost 30 pounds my first year at Curves but gained it back and couldn't lose again no matter what I did. The first time on each of the diets I would lose but couldn't keep it off and the diet wouldn't work when I went back. My Dr. said that I was insulin resistant due to the PCOS so he had me try Metformin. It did nothing. Then he switched me to Byetta injections. The lower dose let me lose 1 pound the first month. That wasn't worth all of the shots in the stomach. He increased my dosage and I lost 6 lbs. the first week -never mind I couldn't keep anything down all week. So, I basically gave up. I was seeking treatments for migraines at one time and was on Topamax. I lost about 30 pounds and kept it off about a year, but then the weight came back and so did the headaches. So, I quit that. Since I have the PCOS, I kept thinking it would be so great if I could find a diet that was approved and supervised by a doctor's office. I looked on-line but didn't find anything. Then one day I was looking at my GYN's web site and found the Ideal Protein Diet. I got so excited reading about it because everything they mentioned (IR, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, border-line diabetic) fit me. So, my IP journey began.

I love this program. I do get discouraged, but it helps to have this wonderful group of people to chat with that can actually relate! After reading the posts, I get motivated again. Thanks for posting, everyone!
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Hi Carla what a great idea. Thank you everyone who has shared with all of us.
My name is Doreen. When my 20 y.o. niece was little she couldn’t say my name so she called me Do Do (pronounced like dough-dough) and the nickname stuck. I have 3 children, 14, 11, and 6. Hence the name DoDomommy. I am a stay at home mom, although all 3 are in school now, I am more like a stay at home chauffeur.

I have been married to my DH for 16 years. He is very supportive.

I haven’t always had weight issues, more like body-image issues. I was always tall and looked older than my peers. I was 5’8” when I entered 7th grade. No boy was taller than me and of course they liked all the small petite girls. I hated myself and internalized that for years!! By 16 I had reached my adult height of 5’10” and I weighed 150 pounds and was a size 10. I played sports and was in shape. But I hated myself, all my girlfriends were tiny I thought I was huge. And honestly people said things that just hit on those nerves, I can remember them to this day.

I started packing on the weight in my 20s after I got married and started having children. Then I really got huge in my 30s. I tried diet after diet after diet…sure I could lose 20 lbs but I couldn’t stay on plan after that and I’d gain it back. I hated myself, I was so depressed and saw no hope. This summer I was at a picnic and I saw my cousin whom 6 mos earlier was 70 lbs heavier. She looked great!! She told me about Ideal Protein. Next day dh was asking me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him about IP and the expense. He said, if this is what you want and you’ll do it, then go for it.

3 mos later I am 70 pounds lighter and wearing a size 12. I told my daughter to learn to love HER body and not compare it to others because when I was 18 and in the best shape of my life I was constantly comparing myself to others and I HATED my body. Now that I am almost 40 and have lost so much weight, I LOVE my imperfect, “deflated by 3 large babies” body. Thanks for listening

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Love this thread!

I am 52 years old, and happily married for 33 years. My husband loves what IP is doing for me! I am a family nurse practitioner and a certified nurse midwife. Currently I work as a nurse practitioner traveling about a week at a time (then a week off!) providing care in very rural clinics and emergency rooms in western Kansas, where there are very few health providers. My hobbies include doing hand needlework and trying to keep up with my reading list! Notice that both of these are sedentary.....I have always enjoyed less physical activities.

I have been on many diets over the years, and yo-yo'd from 140 to 196 pounds. For the past 20 years I have had hypertension, and for the past 10 years I have had Type II diabetes. Diabetes runs in both my mom's and dad's sides of the family.....all of their siblings have it, my sister does too, and her son is pre-diabetic. Unfortunately so does heart disease. And none of us were really severely obese, just bad genes.

My diabetes had ballooned my tummy over the years.....insulin resistance leads to higher levels of insulin which plants more fat on the abdomen which increases insulin resistance. Then my blood sugars made it necessary for me to take 5 insulin shots a that planted more fat on my belly. I have always tended to an apple shaped body, but this was getting ridiculous. But I really had basically given up and thought I was doomed to be that way.

Then I heard about IP from my hairdresser. She has lost about 60 pounds, and I begged her to tell me how....and bless her she did!! So I went home to research this diet, and knew immediately it was what I needed. So I started in mid-September, and have lost at least 21 pounds (WI tomorrow).

Perhaps most importantly....I am completely off insulin right now, and off 2 of my 3 blood pressures medications!!! And in my first 3 weeks my waist shrunk 4 inches!!

So here is the only down side.....I am realizing that I am VERY carb-sensitive. And I love carbs!! But it is obvious that I must change. What I love about IP is that there is a plan for maintenance......and if I over-indulge for a special occasion, I can go to Phase I for correction the next few days. I think I can live with that.

I mentioned I tend to be truth, that was part of IP's appeal for me. I hate sweating in a gym. But I do enjoy walking and swimming and I am just starting to walk on some evenings. Also have a gentle exercise DVD to start. I have fibromyalgia too, so any exercise has to factor that in.

I hope by writing all this I can encourage any lurking, curious Type II diabetics to give IP a try! Thanks to all on these boards, past and present, for this wonderful place where we can encourage each other!
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Default My turn

My name is Kim (ladyvrod). I live in western Washington, lived here all my life so far and I still hate the rain. haha I am a sign language interpreter and have been divorced, 11 years now he is a great guy and we get along now better than when we were married. Our son is 21 and a great young man and we have a great relationship. My granddaughter is 17 months old and sooo cute! As my you can see by my pic I love riding my Harley, I crochet dollies (fine thread) and love crafts. (yep biker chick by day, crocheting grandma by night)

I was tooooo skinny until I had my son at age 25. I had never had to watch what I ate before except when I was a bodybuilder. Lightweight division, 110 lbs and under. Yes, I was a bodybuilder before I was married, wouldn't guess that now. Bodybuilding is definately a lifestyle so I gave that up when I got married.

I lost weight from the stress of the divorce, down to 125lbs again. Kept it off for a couple of years and then the weight just started to add up. A few lbs a year until I was at 165, being only 5'3" and small boned that felt huge. I went on South Beach Diet and got back to 135..........for a while. Then back to 160+. Planned a week long sandy beach trip in 2007 so did WW on line got down to 150 for the vacation. Then back to 160+. The same pattern as many of you. In October of 2009 I found the Belly Fat Cure and hot yoga got down to 155. see the pattern.

My boyfriend is very sweet and very big compared to me so makes me feel small like I was most of my life. He is always telling me how small I am. He is 6'4" and 290lbs so yes comparatively I am small.........just not in reality. When buying clothes I still picked up size 8's wellll most 10's were tight and I refused to buy a size 12!!.

I am a crew captain for the Seattle 3-day for the cure the moto safety crew, which I love. There are many returning crew members, which I go 8 months without seeing. This year one of my crew members looked FANTASTIC of course I asked her how she did it..........of course she said IP so October 6, 2010 I started IP. 5 and half weeks and down 15 lbs!!. I and finally ready to take the weight off and keep it off. All my other attempts I have thought "when finish this diet I am going to eat......fill in the blank with pizza, pasta and the like" I have finally found the eating plan for me. Pasta, in lmited quantities, for dinner. The unbalanced diet in phase 4 is going to suit me just fine.

The biggest thing that IP has taught me ine 5+ weeks is that I don't have to have a glass of wine or a drink just because my friends are. I will join them on occasion once I get to phase 4 but for now I am happy with my club soda with lemon and lime. Giving up my wine approx 4 nites a week was the hurdle I figured would be the hardest. It has been a breeze!

Thank you ALL for being here. You are all awesome and I am so glad I found this website. You all keep me going that is for sure.
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Second time around
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Great idea for a thread Carla!

I often wonder what everyone's elses lives are like when I read their posts on this site. Hopefully this thread will make everyone a little closer. After all, we all have the same goal to lose weight.

My name is Julie and I am 51 years old. Married for 28 years, to a man who is not very supportive of me on this diet. That sounds cold, but I am okay with it. I am a very strong person and love my life and feel free to do what I choose with or without his approval. I in turn, don't always support his choices to be fair to him. We have two businesses that we own together and he manages one and I the other. We live out in the middle of no where and must travel ten miles to get to the closest town. I love it.

We have three children in which two are into law with one practicing and one in law school. The third will be a junior in college. It was very expensive to have three in college at once to say the least. I have raised my kids with the understanding that education is one thing that no one can take from you. We are all heavily into politics. You should hear some of our family dinner conversations. With two lawyers and the third heavily into history, four democrats and one republican, it gets very interesting. My poor husband.

I enjoy being outside gardening, walking my timber with my dog, and traveling. Always planning my next adventure. I am often found, sitting on the deck with my dog around a fire reading a book. I also enjoy redoing our historical 1865 home. As I type, the contractors are here painting the foyer.

I didn't gain any weight until after I was married like so many of us. It must be that relaxed feeling we get when we say I do. Or we just get lazy. I found out about IP from a secretary at our board office. She mentioned it to me but I didn't think it sounded like anything different that I had tried before. Several months later, I ran into a friend who had lost a lot of weight on this same program that the secretary had mentioned to me. Well, I decided to give it a try.

I walked out of that first meeting and thought to myself, this is never going to work. The next week at my first weigh in I was down 7 pounds! Never had I done that before. It was like I had found the fountain of youth. My goal is to be able to buy clothes of any style that I like. Not just the tent version to cover my fat. To be able to sit down with my stomach not in my lap. I had thought that by Christmas of this year I would be at goal. I soon realized that wasn't going to happen, but now I am hoping to be within ten pounds of my final goal by then and looking forward to taking the final 10 off before spring.

My self confidence is increasing everyday as more people comment on my weight lost. Before, I was always the quiet one in the corner. Wearing the loose clothes to cover my weight. Several people have not recognized me at first since seeing me thinner. That is an awesome feeling.

I really like reading everyone's post on this site. I don't always comment but please know I support each and everyone of you on this journey that we share.
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Great idea Carla!
My name is Nora (Kaarin is my middle name). I am 52, living on Vancouver Island and I'm a Financial Planner at a bank - the proverbial 'desk job'. I have been married 27 years tomorrow to a wonderful man and we have one 19 year old son (who is desperately hoping to move out on his on soon ). My passion is gardening and I spend every moment I can out in my yard.

I have always struggled with my weight to some degree. During my 20's I yoyo'd between 130 and 150 and then got to 200 when I was pregnant with my son. It took almost 3 years after that, but I did manage to get back down to 150 when I was 33, and that's the last time I was ever there! Since then I've been slowly putting on the pounds and got to my highest weight almost 3 years ago at 245.

I've been on all sorts of diets over the years as well - Atkins, Protein Power, cabbage soup diet, Isogenix, and Weight Watchers at least 4 different times. The last couple of years I was able to lose 15 lbs with a combination of Isogenix and Weight Watchers, so that when I started IP I was 231 lbs.

It was my hairdresser that told me about IP as well. At first I was skeptical, but when I saw her a month later and the results of 30 more pounds gone, I couldn't believe it! I still searched the internet, trying to find something negative, and that's how I found this wonderful forum and all of you!
That was enough, I signed up the next day and it's the BEST thing I've ever done! For the first time in a long time I actually believe I can be slim and HEALTHY! I have had moderately high blood pressure for several years. I can't wait to get to the doctors to see if I can finally get off my pills. I don't have high cholesteral or diabetes yet, but I was heading in that direction. I also have arthritis in my hip. Since being on IP my hip has hardly given me any grief at all!

I know it is controversial, but I will transition off IP for Christmas. Then back on for January 1st. My goal is to be down to 160 by March 5 when we go to Mexico for a vacation. I'm not sure if I will be done yet at that weight, it depends on how I look and feel and my BMI. I may do as Carla did and then continue the journey in the spring/early summer to take off another 10? pounds.

Thanks to all of you for being such a great inspiration!

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Default this!!! Here is mine....

I am 61 yrs old and have been married for 40 yrs to a great guy. We have a son and a daughter (who has lost her weight on IP this year!) and 5 wonderful grandchildren ( 1 granddaughter (14 yrs old) and 4 grandsons (ranging from 9 to 10 yrs!! 2 were born with in 2 months of each other and 2 are blessed additions through family blending!!)

I was raised on a small family farm in Western Manitoba and although I always said I would never marry a farmer we have also farmed for the past 39 yrs which have been wonderful. I am active in my church, our book club called Page Turners and love watching my grandson play hockey!!! I love to go to the city to visit my son and his family. I enjoy camping and for the last 10 years have had a camping trip with the grandkids, which is soo much fun!!

I worked in accounting before I was married and then after the kids were older I started working in the office of our local Livestock Auction Mart where I worked for 16 yrs until I retired.

My hobbies are varied: I love to read my very favorite thing to do, loved doing crafts, have done oil painting, woodburning and my latest is Swedish Weaving. I have given lessons and a couple of presentations on Swedish Weaving.

I started my weight lose journey 38 years ago after my son was born...weighing only 140...but my Dr. put me on diet pills and from then on it has been a battle (sure wish he had told me to go home and stop worrying), I have done Weight Minders, Tops, and lots more.
My daughter had done researching on IP last spring and had decided to join, so I went with her to her 1st consultation and ending up joining right then and there!!! So far I have lost 58lbs and 50.75 inches....still have another 20 lbs to go to where I think I will be healthier. I Love IP and know that with the knowledge that I have learned that I will never be heavy again. Thank the Dear Lord for this forum and all the great people here, I don't know if I would be as successful if I hadn't been able to come here for information, support and wonderful friends!!!
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Let's just say that on my next birthday I'm going to celebrate the 43rd anniversary of my 35th birthday...and if that doesn't give you a headache, you'll know how old I am right now. That being said, I've had a lifetime fight with the scale...starting when my mother passed away when I was twelve. I've had thinner periods, followed by fatter periods...Married when I was thinner only to become unhappy and ended up at 237 lbs but my husband didn't cheat on me until I lost 110 lbs on WW....go figure... Gained that weight back to lose it again on Medifast...more good times, till the weight was back...are you seeing a pattern...I do, I didn't learn a thing..followed those diets by the South Beach, Nutri-system, Jay Robb diet...Michael Thurmond...all to no avail...UNTIL June 4, 2010 when I went in a blinding rainstorm to my IP facility, weighing 221-3/4 lbs and unable to walk my dogs to the corner without being out of breath. I heard about the diet from a friend on the other side of Fl and once I saw him in person, there was no stopping me. The strange thing about IP is (for me) how much I don't have cravings for sweets, breads, has to be the amount of protein...and, of course, the water. They asked how much weight I'd like to lose and I said 60 lbs. thinking that was almost impossible....Well, it isn' I am at 158 lbs somewhere between a size 10-12 (63-3/4 lbs lost so far) and happy not to be thinking about cheating in any way over the holidays...I've started exercising at the Y and endurance is improving and looking forward to losing more weight till I phase out after the first of the year. Along the way, I've learned that the really happy times of my life are when I've been thin!!!!

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Love this thread - it's very therapeutic.

My name is Chris, I'm almost 43, married with 2 kids (12, 10) and 2 dogs. I work full time from home with some occasional travel thrown in - I'm very lucky.

I never had a problem with my weight until 5 years ago. My dad ended up in ICU for a full month before he died and during that month, I basically starved myself because I had literally no appetite. I lost 15 pounds and thought hey, great - I took off a few pounds and figured I would be able to keep them off. As soon as my dad died and the stress of having him in ICU was gone, my body decided to go in the opposite direction - I ate everything in sight and before I knew it I had put on 25 pounds. Plus, a year after my dad died, my grandmother died....then a week later, my dog died. And shortly after that my mom started a downward spiral with dementia. If dealing with my mom and various other stressful situations wasn't enough, I started having health issues of my own and after several months of testing it was determined that I have MS. So, after 5 years of nonstop stress, I had gained almost 50 pounds from where I was when my dad died. My excuse was the stress I had been under as well as knowing that I come from a long line of tall and hefty women - it was in my genes, or so I told myself.

This summer I finally decided enough was enough - it was time to get control of my life back. A neighbor introduced me to IP and after much research and thought and planning, I decided to do it. My family has been mostly supportive - my husband never dreamed that I would actually stick with it so it's kind of fun to see the weight fall off and know that I have stuck with it. My kids are the food ****s - every time I try to take a little nibble of anything that is off plan - BAM - they yank it out of my hands.

I can't wait to have pizza and fruit and a few other things but I know that my eating habits have been altered for ever. Working from home there is ALWAYS food nearby......but I have now learned that every time I get up from my desk I don't have to go to the kitchen and get something to eat. I also have learned that I don't have to eat in excess - I can be satisfied with a few bites of something and move on.

This board has been a tremendous help......whenever I feel a little down or tired of eating my salads and veggies I get on here and realize that I can do it. One week at a time.....that's my motto for the moment.
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Start date: August 19/10
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Nice to meet you all!

I am live in a small town in NW Ontario. I am married to a wonderfully supportive man for 18 1/2 years. We have 3 daughters (almost 16, 14 & 12)
and a dog. I am a dance teacher and student as well as an educational assistant and a relief worker for the Children's aid.

I was always the "skinny girl". I weighed 115 when my husband and I met. My lifestyle changed and I was 124 when we married then 144 when I got pregnant for the first time. Things kept climbing from there. I had 3 pregnancies in 3 1/2 years and breast-fed each child. In pre-natal classes they kept telling us that breast feeding is the best diet-WRONG! I lost all pregnancy weight immediately then gained 20 lbs while nursing...each time! I lost a bit and hung around 185ish for about 3 years. I started dancing during this time. I slowly gained about 10 more. 196 for another 3 years. During this last year and 1/2, I've gained 35 more pounds. That put me at 230. At 201 I gave up.

I've never really thought about dieting. I just assumed my body would "settle" and get back under control. I don't eat a lot. I'm not big on desserts. I excercise regularly. All the right stuff, right?

A friend of mine wrote me a letter in August of this year to tell me about IP and included a brochure. We see each other regularly but she didn't know how to talk to me about it so she felt a letter would do it better. I cried. She told me about her daughter being on IP and how well she had done. I had seen her lose weight but didn't know how. I read the letter, the brochure, researched it on-line on the IP website then started to search for testimonials and found 3FC. You guys convinced me!

I started IP August 19/10. 12 weeks later, I have lost almost 50 lbs and am feeling great about myself. My husband and children are very supportive and I know I have control of my body again.

BTW- that friend is still a great support!

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Smile So glad I found you all!

I am so excited that I found this thread! I have been on IP for 5 weeks and have lost 25.5lbs. I struggle getting all my water in! I had been thin basically my entire life up until and I had my 3rd child at 34, every pound I gained stayed on me, all 50lbs! Then at 38 I had my 4th child, gained more weight and it stayed on me, by this time my weight was up 75lbs. Over the last few years my weight had crept higher and higher, now I am to the point I have 100lbs to loose now minus 25.5lbs. I am now 50 and a new grandma, what a better time to get healthy! I had considered lap band surgery but my daughter who is a nurse really discouraged me from doing this. She said only has the last resort! I have a friend who was having great success on the IP diet so I decided to try it. I love it, I am happy with my results. Financially it is a little rough!! I have gone from a tight size 20 down to a 18 that is getting loose on me! I am looking forward to all the new ideas, support from people who are facing some of my same struggles!!
Thank you all for sharing!!
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This is a great idea! I'm new here and I really enjoy reading everyone's posts!

My name is Colleen and I'm 36. I am very happily married and have 2 beautiful daughter turns 11 today and my son is 5. We live in South Louisiana. I started gaining weight when I got pregnant for my daughter, of course, but was never able to get it off!! I've let myself go since my son was born. No self confidence, never felt good about myself! When I look at pictures from when I was thin, I was always smiling...always happy! I am on the road to be that wife and mother again!!!

I started IP on 10/25/2010 and am down 16lbs.
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I'll jump in here with my story, too. Thanks, Carla, for starting this.

I'm 61 years old, divorced (for longer than I was married). I have two grown children, and two beautiful granddaughters, ages 4 and 2. I also have a cat - even tho I was never a cat person. My daughter brought her home one day during a weekend visit from college - knowing full well that I wouldn't be able to resist keeping her. So, I guess I am a cat person afterall. I work as a tax accountant for a manufacturing firm. I love to read and do needlework. I recently started making jewelry - which I love!

I was always the skinny kid. I put on a few pounds during high school, but easily lost it when my sisters and I all did Stillman's diet. That was my introduction to low-carb diets, I guess, even though I didn't really understand the science back then. I gained 20 or 30 pounds with my pregnancies, but lost it all using Weight Watchers. It helped to have my neighbor as a WW buddy. I guess I've yo-yo'ed for most of my life, but about 8 years ago I found myself tipping the scale at my highest - 268! It didn't help that my life-style for the previous 10 years or so included a lot of restaurant dinners and a lot of weekends at the local pub drinking light beer and Irish whiskey. I was having fun, but my weight was steadily creeping up.

I joined eDiets and met some wonderful e-friends who joined a challenge team. I managed to lose 50 pounds -- that was about 5 years ago. I kept it off for about 2 years, but never lost any more, and of course, I ended up gaining 30 pounds back. (I actually met 2 of those e-friends in person a couple of years ago.)

I ran into my cousin and her husband this past summer. He was always a chubby person, but here he was - slim and trim. My cousin told me he was on some kind of protein diet that their friend, a chiropractor, was offering at his office. I really thought no more about it at the time. At the end of July, I had decided that I wanted to try chiropractic for a back problem and I wasn't sure who to see. I asked my sister for recommendations and she gave me some names and also mentioned this friend of my cousin's. I began treatment the next week, and of course, there was all the literature and signage about Ideal Protein. I actually swiped an IP brochure from the exam room, then did my own research.

I finally had this epiphany that part of my back problem and my feet problems - okay, probably a big part - was my weight. I was afraid that I was going to keep on gaining if I didn't do something soon. I signed up with IP mid-August and I've lost over 30 pounds so far. I really hate spending the money, so that is a big motivator. The accountability is what keeps me going. I know I'll be weighing in each week. Apparently, I can't be trusted, left to my own devices, but that will change. I'm growing more confident of that each week.
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Default New life!

Carla, thanks so much for doing this. You are one of my greatest sources of inspiration and motivation.

My husband and I are both on IP. I am now in Phase IV and he will be in Phase IV as of Wednesday. Between the two of us we have lost a whole ME!!! He has lost almost 80 lbs and I have lost 50. The first 10 lbs for each of us was on Weight Watchers and took 5 months. The rest has been on IP, with the bulk of it being in only 3 months. He has gone from a 48" waist to a 34" waist and is HOT! I have gone from a size 18 to a size 6, and yes, I am hot too!!! At the end of Phase I, I enrolled in a Fleet Feet No Boundaries 5K training program and recently did my first-ever 5K - my daughter Kristi ran it with me. She was so proud of me. She remembers that I could not even walk a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing! I am now smaller than I was when we got married, and after 17 years of not wearing my wedding ring because it was way too small, I wear it every day.

The weekend before we started, Michael's blood sugar was 314 and he was on 4 metformin a day. He would have been on insulin very soon, since the metformin was not controlling his blood sugar. Within two days it was 135 and within two weeks he was off his metformin. His blood sugar is totally under control. His pain level before he started was a 10. It is now an occasional 1. Before, he couldn't stand up to do any work for more than 10 minutes at a time. Now he can stand and do work (signs, banners, t-shirts) for 10-12 hours. He told me many times that if he had to live the rest of his life in pain and with the health problems he was having, he didn't want to live the rest of his life. He and I both believe that at the rate he was going, with all of his health problems, I would have been a widow within a couple of years.

I am 55 and Michael will be 59 on November 24th. Michael and I have been married almost 37 years and have two daughters (Tifani, 35; and Kristi, 31). We have five grandchildren (Tifani's are 9, 5 and 4; and Kristi's are 7 and 1-1/2 - Tifani has two daughters and her youngest is a son; Kristi's are both boys). We own a business and it's just the two of us all day long, together, and yes we're still married after doing this for almost 11 years! We have a precious "baby girl" - our 9 month old miniature chihuahua (ChiChi) who is totally spoiled and brings us incredible joy. I never understood those "crazy" people who doted over their pets like they were children...until we got ChiChi. She likes our diet, as we give her grilled chicken for lunch and supper and a scrambled egg for breakfast!
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This is fun!! I love reading everyones story.. Mine isnt very interesting but it is mine I have always been the bigger girl out of all my friends even my twin sister but really I was 5'5 and weighed 150 pounds!! I graduated high school in 2007 and during school I was a very active cheerleader on 2 squads. Once I graduated all of that stopped and on came college and sitting in the library or on the couch all the time doing work and eating whatever I could! I got engaged in the winter of 08 and everything was great eating out and not having a care in the world. feb of 09 only been engaged 2 months i found out that great fiance I had dated since I was a sophmore in high school was also a great liar and cheater! Onset the I'm sad give me something sweet or salty or chewy or ice cream!!! haha On came the new boyfriend 2 months later and we started out as friends going to the movies and dinner a hundred times a week eating all the popcorn and yummy things we could find we both gained about 30 pounds since we met each other almost 2 years ago! Hence my weight of 216. Ive always been a yo yo dieter weight watchers 3 times, cutting out bread,alli, and all other kinds of crazy things i could find. I started IP 3 weeks ago im down 12 pounds yay! have my 3rd weigh is wed! It was hard at first but i have absolute confidence in myself that I can do this and have amazing support from my boyfriend and my family! I CAN DO THIS!! and not to mention of course the boyfriend has lost 6 stinking pounds just from me not buying soda anymore!
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