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Wink Ephedrin In Diet Pills

I'm probably not posting this correctly, but I wanted to know if any of you know of any diet pills (that work) that don't contain caffiene or ephedrin. I am taking Metab-O-Lite now and it is working for me, but I get the worst jitters. Don't know how long I can take these. Please anyone, let me know. Thanks!
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Talking Yee haw! The end be near!!

First off - just a quick line to probably meant to post on "Fitness Scams" or Diet Plans in general rather than BFL. I can't name any diet pills THAT WORK that don't contain caffeine or ephedrine, or any else for that matter since none of them work anyway...the only way to do take weight off permanently is to eat right and work out. Check out Body for Life and skip those bogus pills - take it from me (and probably everyone else in the BFL board) they DON'T WORK.

Sil - with all the pitbill maulings happening around here recently in the San Francisco Bay Area (one woman killed a few months ago, one boy near death after being mauled a few weeks ago by three pitbulls - he will now require millions of dollars and years of reconstructive surgery - the boy's ears were torn off among other horrendous things) I would be terrified to have a pitbull living so close to me!! Why should YOU have to pay for the extra fence? Since it sounds like a common fence, your neighbor should pay at least half (since it's his dog, I think he should pay the whole thing if he decides to keep having dangerous dogs around). You may want to call the police and notify them of the new pitbull in your neighborhood - just a tip...

Anyway, I have been so busy with this meeting for the past couple of days, and there has been SO much food around (pretty typical for these meetings!) that I've been going nuts. I am in charge of all the logistics of the meeting so I told the caterers to CLEAR ALL THE FOOD OUT 30 minutes after lunch was served. Normally my mind would say "all that food is going to waste" and a great deal of it would end up...around my waist! We had a really nice night out yesterday though. I got to the restaurant (a four-star restaurant right near my house) so I was able to quiz the maitre'd about the menu. Turned out that most of the items were very much BFL-authorized. We had a delicious endive salad with a very light vinagrette and thin slices of Asian pears...the main course was pan-roasted seabass with lentils and shittake mushrooms. Yum! And of course since this was a very upscale restaurant, the portions were not huge.

I'm so excited about tomorrow! My plans are to do a LBWO (I did an UBWO this morning but will do a 20 min HIIT run on Friday in Yosemite) before we take off - I'm going to have Jim take my "official" 12 week pix before we high-tail it outta the Bay Area. As far as eating, I'm going to TRY to eat clean for the next day or two before starting my Free Week - not always easy in Yosemite though. We'll also be doing a lot of hiking, biking, rafting and...maybe...horseback riding...

I'll be back Sunday eve and will post my 12-week pix on L&S's Transformation Gallery as well as my website!
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