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Cafe976 09-09-2002 06:05 PM

I'm back in town! Still trying to catch up on posts... Maybe I'll have more to say tomorrow. I do not like to post until I'm caught up...


Tiffany123 09-09-2002 06:23 PM


Sooooooo glad to see you!

You were sorely missed here!

Dyanm1 09-09-2002 07:51 PM

JO ~ How could you do this to us?! But trust me, I totally understand about the :censored: smilies!

Cafe~ good to have you back!! How was the trip? Where'd ya go exactly?

Nosy aren't I ? :s:

Tiffany123 09-09-2002 09:21 PM

Well, I officially don't like Jo anymore and she is no longer among the top 10 of my "most admired women list". She is number 11 now. Hateful wench.

I did it. I joined WW tonight. Again. The meeting was fun. ****, I know as much or more about losing weight than the leader, so I feel like I can really contribute. And this might be the push I need to get me back on track. Although today was great. There is always tomorrow to worry about!

Talk to you all in the AM...

Dyanm1 09-10-2002 12:14 AM

Tiff ~ I'm so envious. wish I could join WW, but can't affford it, so I'm doing what I know works. Eat less, drink more, and I'm shaking my money maker :D , and there;s a whole lot a shakin goin on!

GeTtInG_ThErE2 09-10-2002 12:17 AM

Hellloooooo girls!!!!!

My goodness! i have been SOOOOO busy!!!!!

Cafe, I missed you SOOOOOOOO MUCH! im SOOO happy you are back!!!!:cp:

Jelloooooooo, if you loved me you would tell me all about this ring!!!!!! lol.......im DIEING to know!!!!!

Bright, Heloooo, how are you?? im doing good! ive been sooo busy and havent been able to get on for awhile but i ABSOLUTELY LOVE high school and im having a total blast!!!!

Nurse, WEll....i just wanted to say hello and...well goodnight cause im off to bed right away!!!!

SEMO, Hi hi!!!! hows it going??? guess what! i cleaned my room yesterday!!!!

Huntress, I miss you!!! i havent talked to you for awhile!!! you should send me e-mails so i can read them at school when i check my mail in the day.....

Tiffy, Hilo! now....good job on going back to WW....i kinda slipped out of the whole points thing..im thinking i should go back to that again though.... and since you are on here all the time i want you to send me an e-mail too ok??? YOU MUST OR ELSE!!!!! no im just kidding you dont HAVE to...but i would love it if you did.....

Oh yah..that goes for EVERYONE....send me e-mails k? no one writes me e-mails all the time and i cant really go on this site at school and thats usually when i have the most time to check my mail is in computers class! so everybody...send me an e-mail!!!!!!

luv you all!!!!


huntress 09-10-2002 06:13 AM

Good Morning!

OK, I'm gonna try to catch up with all of you............even missing a few hours during the day I feel really behind so here goes.

Tiffany - I thought he looked more like George Strait instead of Ben Stiller. You look like Christina Applegate to me. I am SO jealous you joined WW........I wanna go! I wanna go!

Kayla - I will send you an email from my work account, but I haven't been able to get online much lately so don't feel bad if I don't respond very quickly. I love getting email too, but mostly end up with a box full of spam.

Dyan - I hope you and your little ones are feeling better today. 15 years ago I got a Discover card, it was one of those pre-approved things and I used and paid for it for a few months and they decided to cancel on me while I was out of town. When I called to find out what the problem was they said the computer had mistakenly sent out a bunch of them and they had just caught it. Yea, uh huh right...........now I owe you money and you just happen to cancel it while I'm on vacation. Needless to say I was pissed, had a bad attitude and made them wait a while to get their money. I had bad credit at the time, so I figured what the heck.

Jello - HONEY! You're back! I can't wait to hear all about your trip. Shame on you for teasing us this way.

Cafe - how are ya girl..........I haven't had anyone to pick on lately.........well that's not entirely true. But I'm so glad to see you again!

Brighterdays - where are you today/yesterday?

Semo - I want a raise too! I have to pay for that new car!

Tigerlilly - I'm sure the pics of your little ones will be fine. When they are 30 years old and look back at them they will just think, HEY!, what possesed mom to get us those funky haircuts. No, really they probably won't even notice. I'm sure everyone will be looking at their adorable little faces.

Deadnurse - Hi! How are you? Carol Ann, every time I see your name I think of that little girl in the movie Poltergeist. She was so cute.........do you have long blonde hair?

OK, who am I forgetting? I need to update my buddy list. We have gotten so many new people lately that I can't keep up.

Things finally seem to be getting back to normal at home and work so hopefully I will get a chance to talk to you all a little more during the day. I have an old high school friend that emails me and I guess he thinks I ignoring him too.

Have a good day ladies...........later

Halloween Goal - 185

Dyanm1 09-10-2002 09:15 AM

Hello, hello, hello!

I'm feeling alot better today. It's official, Aunt Flo is here for her monthly visit, the trollup!

I am still half a sleep, but wanted to say good morning to everyone. I'll be back after I have my caffeine :hyper:

Jello 09-10-2002 09:36 AM

Another day, another buck or two. Gonna post here quick while boss is off annoying someone else for the moment.

Tiffany??? Um, Miss Tiffany..... Oh beloved queen of this here forum group. Can I come back into your good graces??? :sorry: Pleeeeaaasssseee....???? I'll be good, I promise.

OK, here we go. My last post that went kaboom went something like this.

Scotland was WONDERFUL!!! Fantastic. Beautiful. Amazing. Not enough good words in Websters dictionary to describe it. I took NINE rolls of film and stimulated their economy with many pounds and pence. Lots of green fields and baahhs and :moo: 's. Weather was around 60 degrees, sunny (one day of a little rain) and breezy. I cried when I had to come home.

On a shopping trip to Edinburgh with our English friends, we stopped in a jewelry store. I saw a ring. Blue-green topaz with baby diamonds on a gold band. Looked around. Came back and looked at the ring. Shopped some more. Went back to the ring..... Got "diverted" by my Gillian (my English friend) and when I went back to look at the pretty ring again, a certain someone :love: was standing there with the clerk looking very pleased with himself, ring in hand. Clerk made him put it on my finger and I joked that he should be down on one knee. (He didn't.) But I'll bet the clerk, our friends and all the other customers in the store are still talking about us to their friends.

What's it all mean? Beats me. No seriously, that is my left hand in the picture and that is "the finger". (No, not that "the finger" as in giving someone the finger, I mean.... Never mind.) What I mean is that Rich and I have been living together for years and I can picture us staying together for the rest of our lives but neither one of us is really thinking marriage. So it's not an engagement ring. What should I call it, do you think? Our friends had never heard the expression "significant other" before and were tickled by it. This is my significant other ring. :)

OK, enough rambling. I'm starting to sound like a certain other poster here going on about boys and camp and..... Just kidding Kayla! Love your posts. :D

Now on to other important things. 1. I MISSED YOU GUYS!!! 2. I was sooo bad food-wise. Some of it was so wonderful. Even the chinese restaurant we went to was great. (Chinese guy speaking english with a scottish accent. Too funny.) And since Ms. Tiff is already mad at me, I won't mention a certain something called banoffi pie. Toffee and BANANAS :sssh: and about 6 million calories per slice. 3. Water? What's that? 4. Plenty of exercise. We stayed on a 50 acre farm and tramped through the fields, checking the sheep and cows and chickens several times a day. And then there's the shopping along long, sometimes very steep roads.... 5. Did I mention I MISSED YOU GUYS!!!

I'd better go now. I have been trying desperately to catch up with you guys. How's it going for you, Cafe? Aren't they something!?! Going right along without us. :snooty:

BTW, welcome Nurse! You in NJ? Howdy, neighbor!

Better get back to work. Still trying to catch up here too. Keep getting interrupted while writing this. Mostly people trying to see the pretty sparkling rock on my finger :smug: and since I type so fast, it's just a blur..... NOT!

.... So Miss Tiffany .... you love me again???? Pretty please......

Tigerlily 09-10-2002 09:50 AM

Good Morning! Hectic this morning. Kicking myself in the butt for agreeing to babysit for this little girl. How stupid of me, giving up my only "kid free" time. I told the mother I would do it until she found something else. Better be quick.
Then, get up this morning and the house is hot. AC isn't working. There is some electrical issue. Clueless. DH is gonna try to sneak home from work to look at it today. Home ownership:headache:

Jello, your trip sounded wonderful and the ring....congratulations. :hat:

Tiff, I wanna join too! Maybe you can be our leader and tell us what to do. I've seen ww books at the library, but never checked them out.

Busy day today

Dyanm1 09-10-2002 10:22 AM

Jello~ Your trip sound absolutely wonderful! Add to it, that beautiful ring and I'm green w/ jealousy over here :p .

Tig ~ Sorry to hear that your morning is in the crapper. Will keep my fingers crossed that the mom finds something else real soon!

Huntress ~ Yikes! We just got a Discover card not too long ago! Double yikes!!! DH has had tht account for over a year. I shouldhave him call and ask them about the "annual fee" that they charged us last month! You know what I am, and you know why? because I'm just that type of person. Right about now I'm wishing my name was on that account too, because trust me, they would definitely get a earful from me :mad: :listen: . DH can be wishy-washy some times. But I on the other hand, when I get mad, I get loud and mean business. :lol: , Okay, don't get me wrong......I'm not some kind of raving lunatic or anything. I just want what I want :D .

Anyway....I hope you sweet ladies have grat day. Can you guys believe that tomorrow is the last day of our 30 day challenge? Man time sure is flying. I wish some of this fat would fly off my bod, that fast!

Tigerlily 09-10-2002 10:44 AM

I'm melting. Of all days to have a/c issues. It's HOT! DH "might" come home at lunch. I'll be a puddle by then. DH in the heat all day, so imagine he isn't feeling too sorry for me. Guess I'll be getting my water intake today. :p

The end of our 30day challenge and I lost a whopping 1.5pounds. :doh:

DNW 09-10-2002 10:47 AM

Hi everyone you all sound great and living life on life's terms...good or bad....i have had two good days of exercise and weights..also food has been reasonable.

For the record huntress there are no real blondes in north jersey anymore...you can count them on your fingers...i am short, fat, dark, and italian, and happy to be alive today..............because once again i am at least trying to love myself and take care of my health....i have to be satisified with that for today....Peace

Tiffany123 09-10-2002 10:49 AM

Oh crap Jo. You know I can't stay mad at you. You are forgiven. *HUG*

Ok, I can't post much. I was eating my Weight Watchers bar and it was chewy and it stuck to my teeth and BROKE OFF MY BACK TOOTH. Not a wisdom tooth, but one of the big ones, broke off the corner of it. Now I can feel it beginning to ache. God dang it.

Is that an omen or what? NO MORE WEIGHT WATCHERS. LOL, their food breaks off teeth.

Crap, and I only got one bite of it too. All of a sudden there was something REALLY crunchy in my mouth, and the WW bar was Chocolate Crisp, so I thought one of the crisps was just EXTRA crispy, and instead, it was my TOOTH I WAS EATING. Gross me out.

So, I may be trying to run to the dentist, without insurance, this should be a blast.


Tigerlily 09-10-2002 11:19 AM

Awww Tiff, that sucks. I broke a tooth a couple years ago ON A SNICKERS BAR!:devil:

This little girl that I'm watching is not shy at all. She's drag'n out every toy she can get her grubs on.:dizzy:

Cafe976 09-10-2002 12:21 PM

Thanks for the welcome back everyone. :)

Wow, lots going on here while I was gone. New cars, new challenges, school starting....... Um, yeah, what everyone else said. :p Okay I'm not going to attempt to recap but let's all have a big group hug. :grouphug:

Oops, boss just asked for a quick spreadsheet. I'll try to drop by later, but I'm finally caught up on all of you. :D

I'll try to post a picture....


Tigerlily 09-10-2002 12:24 PM

ok, tell more, what's the picture of?
i feel like the wicked witch of the midwest....help me, i'm melting....

Tiffany123 09-10-2002 12:36 PM

Illinois sucks. Armpit of America.

Your picture is very pretty Cafe, what and where is it?

Still no dentist appointment. I am NOT in good humor. They said I missed 2 appointments and didn't call them. Bull. I called them and left a message because I had found out I was pregnant and wasn't going to be able to do the bridge and other dental work I was planning, so I canceled the appointments, now they act like they don't want to squeeze me in. Well, BITE ME, you witches. Kiss my BIG, WHITE, BLUBBERY ***.

Ok, I feel better now.

I think.

Cafe976 09-10-2002 12:50 PM

Back for quick explanation and then I'm off to lunch. The outline is my nephew on the patio at my sister's new place near Seattle.

I had a great time with them - though not as great as Jo's trip to Scotland sounds... She got a ring with rawks (!) but I got a new pair of shoes. I was about to buy them at the Bon Marche but my sis slapped down her cc first - she said it was a thank you. They're nice shoes so I'm very pleased. But you know, Jo wins. :)

I did LOTs of unpacking and carrying full boxes up the stairs and empty ones back down. So I think I got a few points for the challenge but if I want to count them I'll have to sit down and figure it out. I wasn't particularly careful about food, but we were busy.

Tiffany123 09-10-2002 02:42 PM

Oh yeah, I officially hit 229 today. The ONLY bright spot in my sucky day.

Not only did I break my tooth off and can't get in anywhere, I did NOT win anything in a local writing contest. I entered something nice and did not get SQUAT. Not 1rst, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th. NOTHING.

Jeez, I suck today.

WHERE IS EVERYONE? No one brave enough to come around? LOL...

I'm fine, just kind of bummed. The 229 made me happy though. I was hovering around 233 for 2 weeks now, so this is good.

SEMO 09-10-2002 03:11 PM

Hi Everybody! I had my annual checkup this morning, glad to get that over with for another year. I see that this group is grathering steam, especially poor Tiger. Time to go walk around the mall and cool off a bit.

Nothing new to report just sort of a ho hum day, I'm really looking forward to my class tomorrow night. After my dr appt I stopped a Penneys and bought some of those capri stretchy pants and an long t-shirt, so I'm all set.

Tiff good for you gal, a downward direction in the scales always helps my moods. Sorry about your crappy day.....take a deep breath and repeat over and over....I am not going to let this ruin my day...I am not going to let this ruin my day...

Gotta run.

Tigerlily 09-10-2002 03:24 PM

:hot: I am definately steam'n. DH came home to look at the problem...couldn't figure it out in the short time he was here. Drats! It's an electrical problem, no a/c, no dishwasher! I have to wash dishes by hand and drip sweat! That sounds like exercise to me! :joker:

Tiff, I don't know about you, but I want a DO OVER for this day!:stress:

Tiffany123 09-10-2002 03:39 PM

I second that Sister!

Hugs to you Tig. EEEEEWWWWW. Tiger smells sweaty. LOL

Jello 09-10-2002 04:00 PM

No, no, no. This will not do. Ms. Tiffany in a bad mood. We simply cannot have this. :(

Seriously, Tiff. Sorry to hear about the tooth. I've never done that myself (knocking wood) but sounds very unpleasant. Congrats on the weight loss though! Movin' in the right direction! That's got to brighten your day a little. :?:

Thursday marks the 5 week mark in this new weight loss/exercise program. (I got to skip last week's session. Go figure.) Anyway, I'm supposed to get weighed and measured and compare it to where I started. After a week of wicked debauchery in Scotland!!!!! :o How the h*** am I going to pull this one off!?!? Oh it ain't gonna be pretty.

Semo, you got stretchy capri's at Penneys?? I've been looking for a pair or two! And the long Tshirt too. What dept. are they in?

I'm going to need new exercise wear for my renewed ambition and my vow to enter this Halloween challenge and WIN WIN WIN the battle of the bulge!

Whew! Now I'm exhausted. :^:

I forgot to check. Do we have a separate thread for a Halloween challenge? Can we, Ms. Tiffany, huh? Can we?

I'm flying all over the place here with nothing to say, did ya notice? I'll go now. A gal here just brought some photos from her vacation for me to look at. Some nice scenic stuff but not as nice as Cafe's!!! :p


Tigerlily 09-10-2002 04:08 PM

Sweat'n away the pounds! I'm hope'n anyway. Too hot to exercise. It's starting to cloud up, maybe it will rain. Bring on the rain! After the heat today, I'm officially ready for fall. I think I'm gonna go dig out the vinyl cling leaves to put on the patio door. Maybe it will make it feel cooler...hey wait, I think I have snow flake clings....
At least it's too hot to eat anything heavy. The heat has also slowed down DS. He's veg'n watching cartoons, unusually quiet.:p

Tiffany123 09-10-2002 04:46 PM

Yeah, yeah, yeah we can have a seperate thread for the Halloween Challenge.

Now, let me see if I remember correctly...the Halloween Challenge is simply picking a weight that we want to be at and then weighing once a week until Halloween and posting our progress?

The Halloween Challenge is not another 3 points per day challenge, correct?

This is all directed at Dyan, who is strangely silent today.

Once I hear from her, I will open a new thread. I believe our 3 point a day challenge ended today, or will tomorrow. And I'm sure it is no big surprise to anyone that Ms. DYAN is the weiner!!! WooHOO!!!!! Now, you said you didn't want to participate in the prize, but you ARE the winner. We won't make you buy a reward for the next 3 point a day challenge, but you did work hard and you did WIN! (Email me your address, if you are comortable with that) and I will send you your prize. $20 from Wally World!!! WooooHOOOOO!!!!!!!

Ok, enough with the WOO HOO's.

Thanks for the condolences on the loss of my tooth. Yes, we were very close and had been for many years. I will miss him. (please don't let it get out that I canibalized him) I will be holding a small private ceremony later this evening for friends and family.

Ok, gotta run.
Jo, I missed you more than words can say. But don't go getting a big head and all.

Cafe976 09-10-2002 04:51 PM

OMG this tooth thing is really freakin' me out!

STOP! STOP! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo!

Tiffany123 09-10-2002 05:02 PM

LOL...wanna touch my stump??

Ok, that was too much, even for me.

SEMO 09-10-2002 05:49 PM

Jello, my capries are more like leggings to exercise in - fit like a glove if you know what I mean, that's why I need the big t-shirt.:o They were in or about the coat section on a lonely little rack with about 10 other pair of long and short pants and a few pair of shorts. I told ya I'm from boone docks,USA. Heck we're lucky to even have a department store at all.:lol: and this is 20 miles from my house. Going home now.

EWeeeeee with the stump. Phew, nasty......

Tigerlily 09-10-2002 06:19 PM

touch your stump:lol:
DH came home from work early and got the electric problem fixed before he had to leave for football practice. My hero.:love: So, he's at ftball sweat'n and I'm in the a/c.:D I had visions of this problem not getting fixed until the weekend. Major ff brownie points for DH.

Ok, to go with our Halloween challenge...we should all pick out a reward we get ourself if we hit the goal.
My final goal is a wedding band wrap to go w/my diamond. I'm gonna think on the Halloween reward...maybe a new outfit...or new panties a size SMALLER...

huntress 09-10-2002 06:31 PM

So when does the Halloween challenge OFFICIALLY begin?

Man, rough day here, not as rough as Tiffany's, but I was running around that office all darn day, couldn't even get to the potty sometimes.

OMG........Tiffany, you poor thing, I HATE, HATE, HATE dentists. They have caused me immeasurable pain in my life, they will pay for this some day! Take care of that tooth, I feel for ya hun.

Gotta go.......DD has open house at school and needs the extra credit. Pretty sorry if you ask me, telling these kids if their parents come they will get something..............what is that teaching them.

Tata for now.

Halloween Goal - 195

Tigerlily 09-10-2002 06:35 PM

I'd say for the Halloween challenge, we want to reach our mini goal weight asap....so start yesterday:p

Tiffany123 09-10-2002 06:42 PM

I agree. I want sumphin nice too.

I changed my goal. It was 224, but since I am at 229 now, that isn't much of a challenge for 6 weeks. LOL...

So, I made it 219, which is 10 pounds in 6 weeks. Do-able.

Although Mike just called and wanted to know if I wanted Chinese food tonight. WAAAAH. I would gum the heck out of an eggroll right now. :lol:

I told him, I'll pass. I'm high on this weight loss thing!

Oh yeah, my nice thing....I will buy myself some new bras. Sexy ones. My boobs are shrinking. :s:

Tigerlily 09-10-2002 06:59 PM

Dont remind me about the shrinking boobs :( I'll need new bra's too, and they are hard to find in my "thin weight" size....before I gained weight....no laughing...I wore a 38A....poor DH. Oh well, I'd rather be thin.

brighterdays 09-10-2002 09:49 PM

Hey you guys......I had to take notes!!!!!

I feel like the lonely night owl....just gettin' on this evening and trying to catch up. The ISP problems are getting more frequent but I don't have time for a replacement sign up right now.

Okay....here goes....

SEMO---Howdee Missouri pardner!

Dyan---cute children's names! and sounds a little fishy on the credit card thing....I wouldn't trust em girl and be glad you don't have the account any more....stick with the older named ones or the well advertised ones like Capitol One or one with your bank....that's what I did and no problems like that! Shame on them for taking advantage of you all!

Tiger---hello, fellow scale hopper! Paper furniture...what a good idea! If my kids were still small I'd be hitting you up for a costume idea...

Tiff--Will Cruella have a stuffed spotted dog? 229! Way to go girl. Several friends wanting me to join WW here...can't make the times of the local meetings- don't get home from work that early---but I'm considering the meetings at lunch in my work town. You may want to try a good multivitamin to pick up your iron levels---it usually helps me to get just the right amount without the constipation problems.

Deadnurse---sorry you are having ISP problems, also, it's crappy isn't it?

Jello---Hello..welcome back and your ring is gorgeous. I don't wear much jewelry but that one sounds unique and sparkly. ( He must be a gem himself to buy it for you).

Cafe---that is a great picture! Are those Bonsai trees? How oriental! Nice to have you back.

Kayla---Hello, sweetie! Glad to hear school is going well. We are all secretly hoping you will keep us all feeling young again on here! :cb:

Huntress---Hi, my friend, I'm here and getting ready to try that website you wrote about. Glad to hear your life has settled down and you're climbing aboard the wagon! I'm sitting beside you....just walked another 11/4 mile on the track tonight and drank all my water....the food part is doing better too. What is this I hear about a man..????!!!! :love:

I hope I got everyone....it's so nice to have such a large group to talk to....so many wonderful personalities!

I'm afraid if I make this any longer I'll loose my connection, so gotta go!

Take care and have a great Wednesday, everybody---it's hump day, ya know!

:flow1: "Bright"

GeTtInG_ThErE2 09-10-2002 09:50 PM

Hey girls!!!

i gotta run......one of my friends (shes just starting collage about 2 hours away from where i live) called me tonight and she is TOTALLY stressed out and stuff so im going to play our "happy song" for her answering machine and leave her a little friendship poem i found on the net...just to cheer her up..but i gotta do it before she gets back home which will be in like...15 mintus!!! so imust jet!!!

later gaters!

[email protected]

TIff, sorry about your tooth...heres a hug....itll be all better now!!! lol

Dyanm1 09-11-2002 01:46 AM

I don't know what happened to the day. I guess I got saide tracked ladies....sorry :sorry:

Okay.... the Halloween Challenge ~ Started this past Sunday (the 8th) and will go until Nov. 2nd, which is the Last day of Halloween week. (Also, my weigh in day, Saturday.) So if you weigh in on Monday, then we will count your weight as of the Monday before (I think Halloween is on a Thursday). I don't have a calendar in front of me. We'll just track our weight once a week until then.

I think the whole gift for ourselves for meeting our mini goals, is way cool. I mean besides actually losing the weight :D .

As far as our current 30 day Challenge, I think we should save the prize for the next challenge. I just wanted to do it the first time for myself (Plus I would feel weird, since Jello was kicking tail and then went on Vacation), but for the 2nd 30 day challenge, I'm in!! I'm gonna win....neener neener neener :snooty: .

Tiff ~ I am so sorry to hear about your tooth and the whole insurance thing. If you were here I would put you on my insurance :D (Heck, I just add DSD ~ no problem. SO now she has double coverage since her mom is too stupid to do it!)

Bright :flow1: ~ Just wanted to thank you for always being supportive and friendly. So Thanks!

Okay, DH just walked in and I'm super tired :tired: , so I'm gonna sign off now and I'll chat w/ ya'll in the a.m.

huntress 09-11-2002 06:25 AM

Good morning!

Hey Brighterdays - you really latched on to that one didn't you.:lol: He's just an old friend from HS and we play email tag sometimes. Funny thing, I have a lot of male friends. I just haven't found one to hook up with.:?: Hope you get your ISP straightened out soon, I miss hearing from you.

Dyan - congrats on winning the challenge. You deserve the prize, you worked very hard. I have to admit I like the Halloween challenge better since it is in #'s. I don't always do everything that I know I should but the weight is coming off albeit very slowly.

Tiffany & Tigerlilly - Ugh......don't talk to me about shrinking boobs. Mine have always been small until I gained this weight, but hey, that's what Wonderbras are for. I got 4 new ones this summer, Foleys was having a deal buy 2 get 2 free. I got 2 in my current size and put 2 away for when I get smaller.

Oh, I forgot, congrats on the loss Tiffany........way to go!

OK, so I have messed around and now I'm running out of time. I've gotten up from here about 5 times already, anybody know a way to stop the morning piddle? I am the worlds worst. Instead of just getting up and getting ready, I play on the computer, do laundry, drink coffee, balance my checkbook, etc. The next thing I know I'm running late for work and have to drive like a maniac to get there on time. Geez...........I just need more hours in the day.

Good day all..............

Halloween Goal - 185

Dyanm1 09-11-2002 09:26 AM

Good Mooorrrnniinnggg Ladies!

First off, please excuse all my errors lately. I think I need to go the foot doc and have my brain checked!

On my way to work, EVERY radio station had a moment of silence, in memory Sept 11th. Can I just tell you how Freaky that is!! I get in the car and no music, I flip through every channel I know, and NO music....I was really starting to get freaked out. But then whew :stress: I heard voices! Not just in my head either :hypno2: . So In remeberance of this terrible day 1 year ago, I would like to have a group hug :grouphug: :grouphug: (okay 2 for good measure!)

Last night my mom came over and said that mny legs look smaller :D . Was she, talkin to me? :lol:

Tiff your doing so well. CoNgRaTs on the loss!! and for passing up chinese food :T

Hi there Huntress......You sly dog ya....I didn't catch it until Bright brought it up. still too bad about the hottie that got let go/laid off/fired, whatever. Bygones, let's find a new Man....YIPPEE!!! You know how I love a challenge. Hey, I went up and started talking to DH on a dare (at the bar of all places!) and look at us now.......7 years and 3 kids later :love: .

Speaking of boobs, I can't wait for these bad boys to shrink. I want to be a C cup again. I was at 220lbs and all during high school. But after having 3 kids, I'm gonna have to have these babies lifted! Otherwise they'll just be 2 empty sacks laying on my stomach pointing at my shoes! HA

Jello 09-11-2002 09:26 AM

OK so it's September 11 and the President just finished speaking on the radio and they're playing patriotic songs and I'm all weepy here. :cry: Our flag outside my window is at half-staff and waving in the sun. Puts that old lump in your throat, I tell ya.

But on to the future. I'm definitely in on the Halloween challenge. And contrary to what Ms. Dyan says, it is I who will win this one! :p After my vacation (I was in Scotland have ya heard!?!?!) I NEED this challenge. It's 7 weeks from tomorrow. Coincidentally, tomorrow is also my official weigh-in at the gym. Can I start from whatever that number is? From there, I think I'll say 10 lbs. in 7 weeks. If I put my mind to it, I can do that!

On the subject of boobs, I WANT THAT!!!!! Boy, these things certainly get in the way. I've been a 40D since high school. I've seriously considered plastic surgery but am too scared ... and too cheap. :rolleyes: Maybe I don't need to make them smaller, per se, maybe just defy the laws of gravity a little???

Ooh, Tiff! Turning down chinese food! Good for you! Now that's something I have NEVER done. Love the evil sodium-inflicted stuff!

Semo, thanks for the info. I must go shopping at Penney's. I need something to wear to the gym besides this same old pair of sweats that I have to wash every time I go.

So guys, how long have I been back from vacation? Coupla days? Well, then it's time to start planning for the next one! :idea: How does Christmas in Las Vegas sound? Trying to convince Rich it'd be a good idea. Yeah, sure we can afford this.... Hey, life's too short.

Gotta run now. Thinking of slipping some St. John's Wort into the boss's coffee cup in the mornings. He's in one of his "moods". Again. :mad:


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