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Joss - I hear you on the insomnia things, I have trouble falling asleep when my boyfriend first leaves and then when he first comes back..so basically like 1/2 the time I don't sleep well! Hope you get a better sleep tonight.

I think not weighing for a month would do you a lot of good, you look fantastic and are in WAY better shape then most people so if weighing is getting you down then I say take a break.

I took a "diet break" because I was having a really hard time body image time but in retrospect I should probably have just taken a "scale break"...the scale can F*#$ with your head.

Chickiechicks - Glad you were able to get a little break, your husband sounds lovely Good luck with the family photos!!

Lockitup - Yay for the scale moving down! And yeah when you get closer to your goal weight you really notice a difference (up or down). Like if I lose 2lbs (or gain 2 :P) I can totally feel it in my clothes.

Jessica - Thanks for the info! That's a pretty solid plan, I can never manage to stay at 1200 calories, thats probably my problem.


Ok so 3 dinner parties in a row this weekend!! Wish me luck ladies xo
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Staying the Same
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Hi Feathers,

Cakes for bf's birthday!

I'm still hung over as heck after having I think 3-4 drinks last night - we went to Dinosaur BBQ for dinner (In addition to appetizers of sausage/cheese/pickled onions on crackers, I had a half barbecue chicken, mac and cheese and applesauce and one chicken wing - YUM) and then headed to a German beer hall type bar where the bday boys could get their "boots" full of beer. It's funny because this place is an exact ripoff of a very successful German beer hall bar the next town over. They had a DJ and we all ended up dancing like crazy all night. Then I got sleepy and closed my eyes sitting in a chair outside and the bouncers told me I had to leave.

Today I slept a bunch of extra hours and polished off (along with my bf and friend, both big eaters) 7 plates of dumplings (each plate had 6-10 dumplings) and soup and beef at a Chinese restaurant. ANOTHER party tonight. Grant me the strength.......at least my arms are looking decent nowadays.

JossFit Thanks for the well wishes. It's not going to be relaxing that's for sure! Gearing up for storm #2 tonight. Did you avoid eating all the cookies and get some sleep? Have a blast this weekend!!!

LockItUp Nothing like coming to terms with the fact that you're not fat and get to worry about things like body composition and fitness instead of not being obese. Woohoo for the whoosh!

ChickieChicks I posted a pic of the cakes for your vicarious viewing pleasure. Random living room calisthenics or formal gym visit, movement is great when you find time to do it. I had a moment of inspiration today where i thought "I'll go the gym" but NAHHH.

LisaTcan Break from weighing sounds much needed. <3 Be well!
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krampus Nice! It's my life's motto that it's not a party without Will Smith.
Looking great too, hope you survived last nights fun.

Lisa Yeah the scale really does mess with my head some time. I hate that I'm letting it get to me so much.

LockItUp hooray! I remember that feeling too, and also clothes sizes come a lot faster now too. Congratulations on 80lbs though, that is amazing!

Joss It's funny when you're not used to sleeping beside somebody, everything they do is really weird and annoying haha.. hope you got some sleep in the end and had a great day yesterday.
And you're right, why weigh in if it's just going to upset you! You know what you have to do anyway and the mirror will tell you what you need to know.

Chickie The TOM gain is so frustrating, I usually seem to get my **** together in the last few days before TOM and start losing only to gain water weight, get pissed off and eat a lot. Stupid I know. I usually eat more during because I'm holding water weight anyway I can sneak a few things in .. ha.

I can only imagine your frustration with the headaches and now the cold, hugs to you! You'll be kicking *** when this goes away though. What kind of food are you eating normally? I mean for lowering your calories, have you tried IF or anything like that? I have no idea how many calories I'm consuming it goes from - not many - yeah doing good - bit too much - oh holy crap -

Turbo I hate those sudden high weigh ins that don't make sense.. dammit!! Hope you're having an awesome hike!

Jessica Happy Thanksgiving!


So I ate everything yesterday.. agh. We were having a fatty day anyway when I made enchiladas with nachos but then I got a bit carried away stuffing myself with other things. I looked pregnant when I went to bed and when I looked down at my belly it looked all distorted. The right side was sticking out more, it looked weird anyway and it freaked me out enough to have a talk with myself about this stupid over eating I'm not even enjoying.

I lowered the goal on my ticker to 135 because I really do want to keep losing but I seem to be stuck in a 'as long as I'm still under 140 it's ok' kind of thing. Noo. Also I think I'm seeing loose skin.. damn.

I did however pick up some 3/4 exercise compression leggings in a size S.. so I felt pretty good about that. Half the time I still think I'm massive so picking up small clothing sizes is ridiculous and everyone's looking at me funny.. I'm probably losing my mind though so no worries.
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Happy Sunday all! My hubby is sleeping off what is sure to be an epic hangover today (and lots of fun for me to deal with...) - based on what I woke up to this morning;

He had a couple of beers after I went to bed with my roommates evidently. LOL

Leila, Lisa, LockItUp - Thanks for weighing-in (hahaHA, I'M HILARIOUS!) on my scale conundrum. I have decided to do just that and not check again until the last Saturday in October. I felt all big and icky when I went to the gym yesterday, but then I saw some pictures that my husband took and it sort of weirded me out how small I looked! I have been saying for a long time I want to add mass to some areas of my body, and I AM, and it's a bit weird. My clothes fit tighter but it's a GOOD thing. Its just the lack of definition right now that I don't like, but that's what I'll be working on the next 6 weeks or so.

My husband brought me a t-shirt from his friend's supplement store that he owns in Colorado, Caliber Nutrition, so he took some pictures of me wearing it to post to Facebook for his friend. These are the pictures...

And then of course me checking out my pre-workout veins... haha

I asked my husband when I saw them "Do I look like that?!" because I thought it was a good camera angle from the back. No way do I look that small from behind! I don't know... mind f*ck!

Anyway, yesterday after the gym we hit my girlfriend's baby shower. I HATE baby showers, but this wasn't bad! LOL we drank a lot of wine! haha I of course had too many chips, crackers, cheeses, etc. and a big grilled chicken sandwich for lunch. I had a little piece of the cake but there was so much frosting on it (I really hate sugary store frosting) so I really only had a few bites of the actual cake part of it.

My roommate and I;

and of course, that gross game with the candy melted in the diapers... bleck!

After the shower we went home to change and relax for a bit. I made sure to change into a cute shirt to hide my growing food baby a bit! LOL. I have to say, here is one added benefit to weight lifting; training your arms to look super fit means you can put on a flowy tank top and still look fit, even if you're bloated. I LOVE this shirt for that very reason!

From there we headed to a movie (Taken 2) with another couple and met my roommate and another girlfriend out for dinner. We went to the hibachi grill, but I didn't eat a whole lot of my meal; I didn't like the soup or salad, and I wasn't all that hungry since I had pretzel M&Ms at the movie... but I did eat some rice and veggies, and all of my delicious lobster. I still ate a lot, but I hardly made a dent in the rediculous amount of food they served. I had to save room for my ice cream dessert! hahaha

So... today should be a rest day from the gym, but since my husband is still sleeping and I feel a bit bloated I'm debating going and getting in a light cardio session... jury is still out, but I imagine I'll decide in the next few minutes.

More importantly, TODAY IS THE DAY! I need to be back on track and looking forward, but it might be a bit of a challenge depending on what we end up doing today. If my husband wants to get together with some of his friends in the area that probably means dinner out somewhere. I will just do my best to order a healthy meal. Maybe I should get that cardio in for some extra insurance...

We'll see how it all plays out!

================================================== ====================

Leila - I didn't get into ALL the dirty details, but I ate everything yesterday too; ice cream, chocolates, cookies, chips and dip, crackers and cheese, dinner out, drinks, and more! My plan is to just pick up and keep going... I have a goal damnit! I think you changing your goal to 135 is a FANTASTIC idea... it gives you something to keep shooting for.

Krampus - I wish they had those cakes at the baby shower and not that nasty blue frosting covered crap! Haha, the cake was cute, but not delicious looking and decadent like what you did for your bf. It looks like you're having a fun weekend!
No, I didn't get any sleep, and last night was no better after my ice cream sugar sweats at night. Boo. My hubby slept on the couch, and so this morning I got up and made him go get in bed. Hopefully he doesn't feel awful today!

Lisa - Good luck with the dinner parties! It's not easy when you're trying to be on plan, is it?

LockItUp - Wow, 80 pounds... that is amazing, really! What sort of plan do you have to help the fine tuning physique project? Do you lift?

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Lisa - Hope you have fun at your parties!!!

Krampus - Those cakes look delish!

Leila - I have the same issue with clothes! I still take 16s into the dressing room because it looks like they'll fit, then they are like a tent. It's weird!

Joss - You look amazing! I especially love that blue flowy top! I also hate baby showers (almost didn't go to my own). And yes I do lift. I am starting the NROLFW in a week or so, but have been lifting all along the way (admittedly not 100% consistent the entire time), but more seriously the smaller I've gotten. YEARS ago I was a personal trainer (pre-getting-fat), that's how my husband and I met -- when we were getting our certifications. So I definitely have a love of lifting and exercise in general.


Do any of you get your recipes off of specific websites, or have any recommendations for recipe sites? I need some new ideas!
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Lockitup- 80 pounds is amazing!! And yes, my 20s self often "tsk tsks" my 30s self...lol.

Krampus- dang girl....that is exactly what I was picturing! Seeing the, only makes it worse! ;-) I'm with Joss about not liking frosting, especially that blue cake at the shower...but those cakes look scrumptious. Is that some sort of ganache frosting? Chocolate and raspberries are so yummy. Your bowling I'd is adorable. Reminds me that we haven't taken the kids in a while. It's a good excuse to lame my crappy score on "the kids distracting me".

Joss- look at you, not stuff! And YES, you definitely are that small! You've worked hard and earned it. What I love about your body shape, is that you re truly fit. You don't look scary skinny, ya know? I, too, love the flowy blue top, where is it from? Lol at hubby's night-o-beer! At least he made it all in the trash can! Whenever my husband has been away, it takes me at least a week to get used t him in my space again. A week leaving and a week coming back. That's why I'd just rather him be GONE, then in and out every few weeks. How was the course for getting out? The Navy calls it TAPS. My husband got out after four, then got right back in. He is just made for it and will be in forever.

Leila- yum, nachos! Not helping, right? ;-) we threw a last minute BBQ and bonfire last night, so I ate a million cookout goodies and desserts. Smeone brough Chessecake Factory Pumpkin Cheesecake...a whole one! I had about 2/3 of a slice, then out it down, trying to be good. By then I figured, what the hey, and went to finish it off. But my dog had started licking it. LOLOL thanks, Yomi! But....there is still one piece in the fridge.... When I get bloated, or eat too much, my lower right belly pokes out. It's like I can see and feel the massive poo, that's what it is, right?

So yeah...crazy fun BBQ and bonfire. So I spent about 12 hours cleaning, prep
Ing, cooking, baking and organizing. Then plaed hostess with the mostest and cleaned up everything afterwards. I had half a beer and a few sips of a marguerita. I struggle so much with dehydration, that I can barely drink anything anymore. it was fun, and we got to burn a ton of renovation junk in the process. Woo hoo for living in the country!

Today was great, but bad food choices. Our family pictures were scheduled for 2pm, but it rained all mrornjng, so they were cancelled about an hour beforehand. But then the storm blew over very quickly, so they were back on, but pushed back. W had just enough time to get ready and I think they will be great! Hopefully I'll have them is a couple of weeks. I haven't had professional pics taken since right before I started losing weight. Super happy about the pics, and the boys did wonderful. The humidity sucked, and despite massive amounts of hairspray and wearing curlers all the way there...my hair lasted about five minutes into it. Fingers crossed... I was not above bribing my children with McDonalds and a rental movie.

My throat is on FI-YAH! I can barely talk above my normal volume and I sound froggy. Just hoping to make it through Spanish tomorrow morning. That's A LOT of talking...five classes and 76 kiddos, all under six.
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Chickie- I'm excited to see the pictures from the shoot. I am sure you and your whole family will look fabulous. Why do you struggle with dehydration?

Krampus- cakes look amazing. I had to chuckle when you said you "got sleepy and closed your eyes". Been there done. Sounds like you had a great weekend.

Lisa- hope the parties went well. It is very hard to manage social life with dieting.

Lockitup- 80 lbs is awesome. What is NROLFW? I have never liked lifting although I am envious of the results. By now with my injured leg I think I might try it.

Leila- I totally understand about the stomach thing except my right side bulges out more. I used to think there was something wrong with me but I know it's just my food baby and not a tumor. Over eating does not feel good after, but it is so hard to stop in the moment. I love nachos-actually one of my favorite foods. Yup-really healthy food choice.

Joss- you look amazing and are definitely that tiny. We are the same height and I can't imagine being that small- or having that tight of a butt

__________________________________________________ _______

Thanks for all the well wishes. It is definitely going to be difficult taking it easy. It stinks wanting to be active and can't when all of September I would have been perfectly fine with the be less active order because I was already doing that, but October was going to be a new month *^?!$ it! Anyway....I went out Friday and so I was a bit hung over yesterday which made me just want to eat. I did OK until I noticed my roommate put out the Halloween candy right next to the couch-where I was camped out for the day nursing my headache. It's amazing how mindless I can eat and then all of a sudden there were like 15 orange wrappers on the table! I definitely got my Kit Kat/Reese's/Twix fix.
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everyone looks great.
keep up the good work!
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Fresh- I think we need a no-no food list on hefe. So instead of my reading your post and immediately thinkin, "I LOVE THAT EXACT CANDY, TOO! Me want!" I could say, "wow...15 candy wrappers from dog poo and children's vomit. Pass!" I swear I ate well until I joined this thread... Sorry about your headache! Was it just a fly-by-night bummer, or a migraine? I know exactly how you feel about WANTING to get moving, but not being ABLE to. I feel so trapped when that happens!
I'm not sure if I really suffer from chronic dehydration, but I drink at least 150-200 ounces of water every day. Plus one coffee and maybe one pop or tea. Always have as an adult. I am insulin resistant due to PCOS, and mine has always manifested by making me extremely thirsty and have an adverse reaction to overly sugary foods and drinks. I continually have my blood levels checked, and they have all been normal since I lost the weight, but none of my symptoms have changed. at all. So I have dry mouth all day and often feel awful, like dehydration. I have to have water with me at all times day and night. I literally cannot get into my car to go even the shortest distance without taking water. Otherwise I have to stop and buy some. I start to get extremely thirsty, dry mouth, flushed and lightheaded. And yet....my doctors aren't concerned at all. :/ I take medication daily which can add to the dry mouth feeling, but my symptoms predate that medication. Soooo...I can't drink anything (pop, tea, coffee) without large amounts of water in between sips. I never drink juice. It is almost debilitating, because I literally get ill if I don't have water for more than 45 minutes. That is a pretty long stretch. And so I pee a lot, and amazingly, my pee is still often yellow. I'm sure you didn't need that much detail, but just writing it down has cemented the fact that it is freaking ODD and a major pain in my butt. It's funny, though, when I run with my water bottle, and people think I am training for a marathon or something. I drink 16oz. easily on a 2 mile run. The worst is that I have to pee SO BADLY, and at the exact same time, I feel like I am so thirsty and could drink a gallon of water.
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Chickie Hmm.. I'm sure you've already looked everything up but it made me think of diabetes insipidus. It's not diabetes but a kidney condition.. I know it causes migraines. Although your Doctors definitely know a lot more about these things than I do hah :P

Also your diet friendly dog sounds good! I've caught my cat trying similar things, damn they're so sneaky.

Your BBQ sounds fun and crazy! I'm sure you burned off all of the cake calories with all of your hard work. That's my logic with these sorts of things. Who needs to crunch the numbers, I did the dishes I deserve cake dammit. Now I know why I got so fat..

Fresh15 I think mini anything are the worst because you have a few thinking 'they're only small' but then you eat lots of them. I know there have been studies done on people given the same amount of food with one group being told it was a medium portion and the other a large one and the medium group ate the most. Same with mini chocolate bars and stuff. I know I'm definitely guilty.

Food & poop baby.. oh how delightful.

Joss Wow you look tiny but totally kickass at the same time. I'm envious of your flowy top too, I can't wear anything like that because I look super fat. I'm really pear shaped so when I'm bloated I just pass out from sucking it in extra hard. Well...
Great pictures anyway, hope you had an awesome time with your hubby and you were on track yesterday.

Also you and all of your girlfriends match! Super cute.

LockItUp Yep, our brains are ridiculous. It's frustrating but I hope after getting to goal it'll eventually all click.
I usually just make up my own recipes or google things.. or http://www.whatthe****shouldimakefordinner.com/


Had a great cycle yesterday even though it was pretty damn chilly, so I had an epicly long hot shower when I came home. Super duper clean and soft! I cycle around small country roads by myself and there's sometimes not a lot of houses/traffic/people anywhere so when guy driving past is checking you out in a really creepy way it's extra creepy. Made me really self conscious about my new exercise leggings. What a dick. Right after that I inhaled something..alive.. shudder.

I managed to eat sensibly yesterday so here's to today, I really want to see 136 again this week as I'm going to be away next weekend and part of the week with some celebrations thrown in there. I need to figure out this moderation thing people keep talking about, I swear I was getting the hang of it for a while.
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Oh god oh god oh god, I skipped 48 hours and I'm so behiiiiind!

Lisa : I hope you had a nice Thankgiving weekend and some great time with your boyfriend

krampus : Look at you, awesome girlfriend and everything! That was so sweet of you to go and surprise your boyfriend at work with treats (I really do love to calendar with kittens). The kittens things remind me that last week, the boyfriend received in the mail a calendar of painting made by people in wheelchair (you know, painting with the feet and stuff) all filled with painting of flowers and bunnys. (''Did you order this!?'' -Yeah, you know, I was craving for some rabbits painted with feet... COME ON!'') It is now proudly on hour fridge LOL Love the dress at your bowling thing, btw!

Joss : Love the pictures What stick out to me is how the blue frosting look the exact same color of the liquid you put in the car to wash the window and that you spilled in the snow (...yummy...) I hate super sugary frosting ew ew ew. I SOOOO love your face during the ''change de diaper'' game hihihi!

Chickie : BBQ and bonfire... the kids were probably thrilled! I just love that you take time to have some great family time with your kids and family! Plus yay for burning junk of the renovations, because it's always cool to burn stuff out! LOL Is your throat feeling a bit better? It is kinda weird that your doctor is not concerned about the drinking situation. But if you pee is still yellow... That is weird..!

Lockitup : Okay, you convince me, I'm gonna try turkey meatloaf next weekend! For websites suggestions, ever tried Skinnytaste? I use it a lot

LeilaJey : Aw, yay, creeps on deserted roads, how much do we love them! How are the compression leggins feeling? Never tried one of those. Does it really make a difference when working out?

fresh: Halloween candies are the devil in small packages LOL Such a hard time staying away from them.


I'm back from New Hampshire and it was so much fuuuun. I am dead tired today though and I'm so happy to it's Canadian Thanksgiving, jeez. I was up to 139.4 this morning, but I havent pooped since Thursday (situation partly solved right now :P) and my calved and thights are BURNING sore so they might retain water and things. Plus because of the huge amount of energy used during the hike, I overate a bit (but nothing junky though) except for this morning when the boyfriend maked brunch breakfast with bacon eggs and things. It was so sweet of him though

So I picked my friend from the ride she shared on friday night, we ate, packed our stuffed and went to bed at 10h30. At 10h45, my stupid neighbors next door decided that they were having a beer outside and arguing on everything life could bring on (and talking loudly) At 1h30, the boyfriend step outside in jeans and bare chest to ask them to shuuuut up.

... we got up at 4AM after sleeping 2 hours. Perfect situation for a 1400 meters hike planned that day. :P

We left and drove all the way to NH (after being stopped 15 minutes at the lines, we think the guy was bored and asked us everything about us. He even checked my trunk and shook my hiking boots. he also judge me when I was no t able to tell him the altitude of the Adams Mountain is feet. :P)

We were able to start hiking by 8AM and IT.WAS.AMAZING. The foot behave SO WELL, no pain at ALL!!! Here's a few pictures :

At the parking at the start... Pretty, pretty coloooors!

On the way up, the view was just amazing, I was ''OOOOH!!'' and ''Aaaaah!'' All the way up.

Halfway there. We still have to get to the dark peak that is Adams on the right of the picture

View from the top, I think it's Madison Mountain

At the top! Yay! I have a pink thing saying princess on it, because my friend and I have been calling ourselved princess forever (we love tiaras). My friend was wearing a tiaras at the top and blowing bubbles from a bubble disney thingy by I forgot my tiara in the car sad moment.

There is not picture whatsoever on the way down because after 1 miles/4 it started raining (and by raining I mean POURING rain) so we were just focusing on not slipping on rocks and like dying there. It took us about 8 hours going all the way up and back down with a few pit stop to eat, take pictures and blow bubbles. We ate in the cutest bistro ever at night, got back to our hotel room to drink the bottle of wine we brought with us and fell asleep at 10PM while watching Project Runaway. SUCCESSSS.

On the way back, we passed in front of a Santa Claus village. It was expensive and full of kids screaming (too much for our wine drinking of the day before) but we had fun at the entrance. I really wanted to join the party :P Thanx for the charming angle of my legs, I look enormous on that But I don't care, I'm holding the hand of a pingouin. Fair enough.

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Super fast check in!

Man, I love my husband, but he KILLED my diet this weekend. Bad influence! Is it wrong I'm actually sort of glad he is gone??
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Hey guys, I thought I might join in. I've been calorie counting for two and half month, and I'm now trying to just watch portion sizing (which is harder than I thought it would be). I had a bad binge day yesterday, so I'm trying to be healthy today.
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Hi! My name is ChickieChicks, and I am addicted to Cheese it's. And I am sick. Perpetually.

Voila! I'm just going to copy and paste that from now on. Much easier. I way overdid it with my throat and feeling sick, fever in and off, this past weekend. But the BBQ and family pictures were great and I don't regret enjoying myself. Talked too much though, and combined with singing in Spanish this morning, I was just wrecked by noon. I staggered my fevered a$$ around the grocery store and came home to pass out. Thankfully hubby was him early today. I think he finally go the, "no really...I am really freaking sick" memo, so he took care f everything. Still feeling crappy, but I did manage to eat the last mini bag of cheeze it's...THANK GOD. That is definitely on my list of never buying again. Phew.

Turbo- love the pictures! I bet it ws super motivating to be surrounded by such beautiful views. I was chuckling at the last photo. I was like oh....cool sign...where is sh-..... HA HA HA. You fit right in!

Joss- it is not wrong and I know EXACTLY what you mean. Lol
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I THREW AWAY THE CHEEZE ITZ! Sweet niblets...I found another bag during my rifling for something to eat. So I actually took the to my recliner, where I have been practically living today, but I didn't open them. Tossed those babies and am mucng on fresh raspberries. So proud of myself! I tossed out some junk food that well-intentioned friends brought to the BBQ, too. Done. Gotta get back in track.
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