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Originally Posted by JossFit View Post
I don't know... just food for thought.
Thanks so much for taking the time to write that, Joss!
It's definitely something I've considered before, so I'm really glad you mentioned it. To be honest, I would love to believe that it's doable like you said! And a lot of the time, like today for instance, it really does seem so. It was controlled and planned and enjoyable and I feel no guilt.

The only problem comes whenever the one planned day turns into two..turns into three... I guess, it's hard to just get right back on track after the first day, and so the next one tends to turn into the real out-of-control, non-planned binge. But if I can only beat that aspect, you're absolutely right that the occasional planned big treat days, I think, could be incorporated as a part of my overall plan.

Hmmmm....again, thanks for the thought!
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For everyone who has been waiting for a picture of my halloween costume my sister posted the picture she took so I can finally share it! I'm in the middle...

In other awesome news,woke up at 153lb today

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Hey everyone! Thanks for your concern!

Still no power here (lost it Monday night) but with 90% of Long Island without it I guess that's to be expected. Trees are down everywhere and one narrowly missed my Dad's car. Half of one fell on my garage but there's no damage to it. All in all I'm not complaining since I've got some friends who have no home anymore..

Thing is having nothing to do is very triggering for me since I was a big boredom eater. I've cut my calories to 1600 since I've been pretty sedentary except for a few body weight exercises (both gyms I go to have no power and thus are closed). I've not gone above that except for yesterday when I hit 1650, but it's been a struggle. I'll get through it though!

I hope everyone else dealing with the storm is doing ok!!
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Happy Halloween Feathers!

Indiana Jones & Short Round...

Highlight of the weekend was my roommate's Paula Deen costume. She made a fat suit with a pillow. Hilarious stuff. Fortunately no one at the parties we were at were fatter than she was...

I'm all heavy and stuff from chili and freezer-pizza. I think calories have been fine and I've been doing OK with workouts as well, so hmmph I'll deal. 5 days to my London trip and I am not at my weight goal, but I did fit comfortably into some size 2 pants the other day so I may be able to fit in UK 6 (probably not - eh!). My mom is giving me money even though I have plenty for my trip so I am going to go shopping and get some NICE clothes...!!! CANNOT WAIT, I had an amazing time shopping in the UK last time I was there so yay.

sontaikle Really glad to hear you're safe. The Island got it HARD - a lot of our board members are current in motels and a number of my friends had trees fall on their cars.

kakers Cute costume! That dress looks like it fits you well!

mottainai "Controlled," "planned" and "enjoyable" are not words typically used to describe binges - see how you are able to bounce back from this time, it could very well be a matter of refeeds!

JossFit I'm sure the Army boys are the same sh!t as the Navy boys when out and about at night - I certainly wouldn't want to deal with that either without my husband near.

pixellate Hey are you an elf or something? Lolololol, hope you aren't housebound soon!

Bayzee Glad the weekend bloat is falling off. How did cutting fruit work out?

TurboMammoth I dunno, I think you look good in those photos - but why baggy shorts? I can't run or exercise in anything other than short shorts or tights. Anything loose bothers me and I get distracted! I love where we live...gorgeous mountains. I couldn't live anywhere flat.

LeilaJey Don't let the scale drive you mad! I learned to like vegetables at age...23 or something ridiculous. It's good you grew up with a balanced diet.

ChickieChicks Forgot to mention before...your Oktoberfest photos were totally hot! Hope you are able to leave the house and not be stuck indoors with kids all day again. Are you taking them trick or treating?
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Just a quick check-in on my lunch. I ate only 700 calories yesterday, sort of following the RFL program. I didn't take the supplements, but I only ate lean protein and veggies yesterday with one ff greek yogurt...NO fruit! By mid-afternoon, I had a headache; drank another coffee because my energy was low. I don't workout on Tuesday's so I wasn't worried about energy. Woke-up with a headache, and 1lb weight loss...119.4.

Doing it again today, I don't feel food deprived, but I am craving a banana! Go figure! I work out tonight (kettlebells) so I'm worried about energy. Not sure how to handle that without breaking the "plan". If I feel OK, I will do it again on Thursday. I think it's worth it right now, although I know I could never do it straight for 2 weeks!

I'm still being very hard on myself over this 4lb weight gain. I must make sure it doesn't happen again this weekend!

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kakers - Love the costume!! And you look really great. (:

sontaikle - Wow, I'm glad to hear you're safe! It sounds like there's so much damage going on where you are. I can imagine how frustrating it must be having your exercise limited. I don't deal with upsets like that very well, lol, so great job staying on track!

krampus - Very cute costumes, love the idea.

bayzee - That sounds like a tough plan, but good job sticking with it and listening to your body carefully. Don't sweat those 4 lbs, they'll so be gone before you know it! Oh, and I just noticed, do you live in Canada as well?


Thanks to everyone for the supportive words! To be honest, my whole binge eating issue is very weird and I don't know quite how to think about it, lol. In a way, I do plan and control the binges, at least some of the time, and I have no trouble with wanting to binge spontaneously on like random foods EVER. BUT on the other hand, there is definitely a compulsion that drives the planning and doing. The planning starts only after I get to the point that I can no longer resist it... Also, if it were really a matter of a normal refeed, I feel like I should be able to dictate the amount I consume better; I would prefer to just eat around 2500 calories at most or something like that, but I feel like my binges have to be a certain quantity of certain foods, which always puts it around 5-6000 cals instead, and I can't stand doing it with any less. So IDK! /:

Anyway, I'm back on track today, not feeling too bad. Actually, no compulsion to binge whatsoever, and my wallet is still safely in my dresser, haha. I'm going to try and plan another binge/refeed/treat meal/whatever it is for next Tuesday, if I get there and feel I need it, so long as I stick to my plan for the days in-between.

Can I vent a little bit? I'm a little frustrated and stressed about my husband's job search. It really doesn't seem like he's trying very hard at all. When I hear about people looking for jobs usually, it sounds like it's a lot of work, going out and talking to people and contacting companies and sending resumes etc., but all my husband does is like at most one online resume submission a day. I don't want to nag him about it, but really.... And the thing is, he's the one that wants to live in Canada. I don't really like it here, at least in Vancouver, very much. It's his idea that we get permanent residency here, not mine, and yet I'm the one who is going to school to get a degree and making steps in that direction. He's acting like he doesn't care much about getting a job and settling here, and complains about lots of things here too, but every time I'm like "why don't you just move back to Japan already?!?" he says we've got to at least stick it out until we finish the plan to get residency....... Oh for the days when I got to do whatever the heck I wanted with my life! lol
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Bayzee : So if I understood correctly, you are doing the RFL 2 days a week? In any case, the 1 pounds drop overnight is awesome!

Joss : Ah computer freacking out... Always fun times, aren't day. You seem quite busy these days, don't forget to take time for yourself a relax a bit! I voted again today!

pixellate : Love the costum, and LOVE the dress! Getn out of the wayyy, Tinkerbell, pixellate is heeere!

Lockitup : oh, I hope you're kid is doing better (for the kid, but for you too, you probably need some rest!!) I'm stuck in one of those ''My body is happy at this weight'' thing... getting frustrating a bit!

Mottaini : Oh god! THE PROGRESS PIC! You can't deny that there isn't any progress! For the husband case, feel free to vent! It might be hard finding a job, and personnaly I got stuck by a lack of motivation really quickly. It's just sad that it is causing trouble in your relationship for the moment

Kakers : Awesome Halloween costum! Look at you, skinny thing! And jeez, you look so tall on this! Yay for 153!

Sontaikle : Glad to know you're okay. Stay safe!

Krampus : Okay, the Paula Deen costum is HILARIOUS! And you should definitely chose this picture of you and your boyfriend for this year Christmas card! For the ''Why the baggy shorts?'' I don,t really know AHAHA My long thights are more underwear than wearing just like that type and I'm not willing to let my giggly butt wave hello to everyone on the path for 10k, I guess. But I never realize those short looked so HUGE on me LOL And I love mountains too. They had so much to a scenery!


Woke up at +2 pounds this morning, 137.8. ...THE F***!?! I had an okay day yesterday... Don't get it. Oh well.

I went for a 5k run this morning and it felt great. I receivent the comments of one of my jury for my thesis and I'm working on that right now... booooring.

Heathing some homemade chicken pot pie tonight (NOT a healthy version :P) I have to watch the portion and go for a salad as a side. Might skip the muffin and go for some FF greek yogourt instead for dessert!

Have a great day everyone!
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FFFUUUU where is my passport? I have 5 days to find it...
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Krampus - Eeek! Yeah, you probably need that! I'm sure you'll find it in time.
Your costume idea was super cute! LOL your friend's costume was hilarious, but I now have a craving for all things baked and buttery for some reason... haha.

Turbo - I haven't had a chicken pot pie in probably 10-12 years... that sounds really good! Dang, more flaky crust buttery cravings for me! Thank you so much for voting again! It's helping... I seem to be moving up in the rankings!

Mottainai - You can always vent here... I sure do! Have you spoken to your husband about your concerns over his lack of forward momentum? Perhaps he is doing more networking than you think he is?

Bayzee - You are being a bit hard on yourself over the sudden gain, but that's easy to say as an outsider looking in. I know I've really been beating myself up over my recent gain but then again I know WHY I gained... eating too much! Yours seems to be a mystery!
Be careful with the RFL protocol... if you feel dizzy or any of that you should definitely stop! I only did it a few days before I felt like total crap, but doing it for 2 days a week seems to agree with me. Whatever ends up working for you, just don't do it as a 'punishment' for that sudden gain, especially if you don't feel well on it.

Sontaikle - Thanks for checking in! I'm glad to see that you are okay, and I can definitely sympathize with the boredom eating! Good luck!

Kakers - Love the costume, and congratulations on the new low!!


Okay, so... it's now officially Halloween... who is having candy/treats and who is staying away?

I *want* to have candy but I know I'll have way too much. I REALLY want to hit my weight goal on Saturday so I'm going to abstain. We had a catered lunch today of REALLY great deli sandwiches, gourmet chocolate cupcakes and all the trimmings (chips, candy bags, cookies, pasta salads, etc.) but I didn't even go in the room... I just had my lunch I packed and avoided the temptation all together. Somehow the fact that it's a 'holiday' makes it easier to justify and I didn't want to have that fight with myself!

Tomorrow is a RFL day for me (as is Friday) so I really don't want to make those days hard for myself by eating any goodies tonight and having those lingering sugar cravings for the next few days.
Besides, it's just candy. I can have that stuff any day of the year... it's not special.

But dang, why did my roommate have to buy THREE BAGS of just chocolate? Twix, Reeses, Kit Kats, Milky Way, Heath, Crunch, Snickers, 3 Musketeers... all the usual suspects! Gummy/fruity/sour/chewy stuff I have zero desire for, but the chocolate? Oh lordy...

I'm not even going to hand any out. I refuse to touch it!

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I survived another Halloween! It is my least favorite holiday. Not a scary movie/costume type gal. This morning was INSANE. The preschool my youngest goes to had their party, and each class had indiviual party in their classroom, plus a Trunk or Treat tailgate where each class decorated a car and had games at each station with prizes, plus face painting (by me!), tattoo station, carmel apple dipping and pony rides. I AM NOT KIDDING. I had to endure three hours before jetting to my first facial in ten years. I am really trying to get my skin under control now that I am an old woman. (31 on Monday!) We ordered pizza and ate with friends before heading out to trick or treat. I ate four pieces! I went to Zumba last night and killed it. I was like BAM...and then I was all BOOM CHICKA....and even some POW. I rocked it for the first time in a long time, so I was starving all day today. Still hungry at close to 2500 cals. Ugh! After we got back with the candy loot, I let each kiddo pick their 25 raves and then we had a contest to run and throw away the rest in the trash. It was awesome. No candy for me!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Love the costumes Kakers, Krampus and LockItUp!
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