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It's my Friday... 4 day weekend! Whoot!

Today has been decent; I had a good workout this morning and my foot feels okay after that little jog I did. Work has been creeping by but not horrible, and I managed to snag a seat in an otherwise full Transition Assistance Course. (The course is mandatory for those separating from the military, and it's a full week of briefings/training/etc. The slots were full but I managed to sweet-talk my way into one the week after next, which is good because they were full up through February and by law I have to do it 10-12 months from separation... which I am already under!)

Turbo - I have the appointment for the CT scan this evening, and I don't think I will get the results for a week or two (that's the average time). It feels decent though, so that's the important thing.

It sounds like you have a great weekend ahead of you... enjoy! I get to pick up my husband tomorrow from the airport and be a fat kid on Saturday, so that will be nice.

Kakers - It's super important to really watch what you eat as you continue to lose. Unfortunately, we just can't cut out soda and lose 2 pounds a week anymore once we're Feathers!

Jessica - I actually did just that; I hid the cookies in the back of the pantry. I actually forgot about them already! Out of sight, out of mind huh?

Fresh15Again - Yeah, I'm super excited to see my hubby! LOL, I usually DO resist the cookies with hardly a problem, but knowing that Saturday was going to be an 'off plan' day I grabbed them knowing I can have some then. They were taunting me a bit sitting in my car, but at home in the pantry I've not given them another thought!

Oh my goodness... I think you should seriously get the issue with your legs looked at a bit closer. I know it's not the 'right' mindset, but I can sympathize with being more concerned about the ramifications of not working out over the actual symptoms. It's a bit of a distorted mindset, but as a workout-addict I can relate. Ultimately though, you need to take responsibility for it and make sure you are okay. Turning a blind eye to it will not make it any better later down the road, and may in fact make it much worse.

Chickie - Well that's what I was thinking... FREE GS Cookies?! But, we are on a military installation so we get a lot of donations of things like that so it really isn't uncommon. At least I didn't scoff them down... yet.

I don't have kids but I can relate about being a bit of a controller when it comes to things around the house and such. My husband is SUPER laid back that it will be an easy transition to living with him versus my two roommates I have now. Anyway, I can understand feeling frustrated and stressed over it. You WANT to relax and let him help but you worry he won't get things done the way you want them to be.

Lisa - How often do you get to see your boyfriend? The last year I've seen my husband on average of once every 6 weeks, not including deployments. We only get to see each other for a few days at a time. It's pretty hard, but we make it work. I only have one more deployment and less than a year now! I'm so excited for us to make a home together.

*EDIT: I just came home and made dinner (shrimp with zuchinni, spinach, onion and parmesan cheese) and I put way too much dang salt on it! Blech! I am doing a WI tomorrow for the first time in a couple of weeks, so if I'm up 5 pounds I'll blame it on the salt.

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I freaking GIVE UP! My kids still have hacking coughs, sore throats and stuffy ears. My throat is killing me and I have a fever! I haven't had a fever in like, forever. After my summer of migraines, it is just WRONG that we have almost four weeks of fevers and sickness now. :-( I got no sleep last night. First big migraine in a while, plus being sick. I dragged myself to training at work today, so that I can start subbing at my son's preschool. (if I ever have a $,?{<\'a day without a headache or sickness!!) but I'm not bitter...

Hello to all.

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Turbo maybe he's made you a fan, but I trust that you haven't slept with half the players like my roommate did with her team rofl

JossFit I've had success losing weight eating crap before. I was down to 139 New Years Day this year, the biggest difference was I was exercising more. I know my body well enough that I know exercising consistently is critical to my losing weight but diet is less so. I've also always been a featherweight, 158 is the highest I have ever been, ever. My body does pretty good with the crap I feed it, which I realize isn't the case for most people.

Also there was this randomized clinical study in 2009 that I found posted on fitocracy http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/pmc2763382/ which shows that over the long term there's no difference in diets that stress different macronutrients. I realize this doesn't equate to being equally healthy, that's a whole different story, but as far as weight loss is concerned.

Chickie omigosh I hope you feel better soon! Rest, get fluids, get some vitamin D and all that!

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Chickie- sorry to hear things are still not better in your house. Being sick is horrible and I can't imagine having a migraine on top of it all. Hopefully, your family has a restful wknd planned.

kakers- I'm a little envious that for you exercise is more critical to loosing weight than diet. I look at what would be considered crap food and gain weight. I actually like working out which leads me to the news.

I have a tear in my calf muscle and have for the past six weeks. Yet, I didn't go to the doctor to find this out bc I thought it would go away. So I continued to run and Zumba and now it's really stressed. All the bumps and tender yet hard spots in my leg is fluid. I am supposed to not do any high impact cardio for 3-4 weeks or really doing anything that puts weight on my legs. So...now will be the perfect time to develop my upper body i guess
The pain was so bad yesterday I was literally doing arm Zumba. I looked like a complete idiot because moving my legs was sooo painful. So it's time I listen to my body.
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Originally Posted by kakers View Post
...but as far as weight loss is concerned...
Weight, yes. But composition? There is a difference. But, to each Feather her own! What's most important is what works for YOU to get to YOUR goals, so I say as long as someone continues to keep on keepin on, they're a rockstar.

Chickie - Aww, I'm so sorry you're so miserable right now! That does nothing to help, but just know I'm thinking about you.

Fresh15again - That sounds incredibly painful! I'm so sorry... any injury is just awful to have to deal with. I'm sure that if you take care of it properly it should heal up in no time, and you're right, maybe it's a good opportunity to train some other areas of your body a bit more!


I too feel like throwing up my hands today and saying "I give up" but for a different reason. I'm trying not to be in a horrid mood right now, considering my hubby is coming to town today and we're going to have fun this weekend...


5 pounds? Seriously? I gained 5 pounds since 8 September, so just under 4 weeks. I wanted to gain like, 2, since I was at a pretty scant 113.4 pounds. 118.4 today.

That does NOT make me feel like I should be going to this baby shower and to dinner on Saturday. Normally I'm totally okay taking a small step back because I know I'll take two forward but when I'm already starting off on a bad foot that's not something I do.

On the flip side, it also makes me feel like throwing in the towel today for some reason. I should have known better and just stayed off of the scale!

Ugh. Well, after Saturday I still have 6 weeks til the photo shoot, so if I can even budge .5 lbs per week that should put me back where I'd like to be.

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kakers If you've only been up for 2 days, without a reason that you can pinpoint, I'd just stick it out. That can easily be a normal fluctuation.

Turbo Have a great hike this weekend, hope your foot holds up for you

LockItUp A turkey and quinoa meatloaf sounds good! I've made a regular meatloaf for tonight, but maybe I'll try doing a turkey one sometime. I'm not sure if I'd be able to get my husband to embrace it.

Chickie I hope you feel better soon It's so tough being sick when there's other people to worry about aside from yourself.

fresh Good luck with modifying your workout routine. I know I'd feel anxious too if I had to keep off of my leg for a month. Hoping it goes well for you and you can find suitable modifications for your exercises.

Joss Sorry to hear about your weigh in. On the bright side, I wouldn't look at it as 5 pounds, but more like 3.4, since that's how much above your ideal weight it is. I know that probably doesn't help too much though.

I can relate, I'm still up 3 pounds from my birthday, and my family Thanksgiving dinner is tomorrow, and my husband's family's Thanksgiving is on Monday. I'm planning on enjoying it, but being reasonable, which is something that I normally don't do, so hopefully I succeed as well.


I won't be around until Tuesday due to the long weekend, but for the other Canadians in here, have a great Thanksgiving!!!
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LockItUp : Your Turkey Quinoa Meatloah gave me the urge to cook a meatloaf. The weird thing is that I never liked the one I used to ate when I was young LOL But a turkey one seems nice!

Joss : I am quoting you : ''I am doing a WI tomorrow for the first time in a couple of weeks, so if I'm up 5 pounds I'll blame it on the salt.'' Maybe you're really up from the episode a bit earlier this month, but some of it is probably from putting too much salt in your diner last night? Anyway, it is great that you focus on your photoshoot, but don't stress too much about it... We all know what stress can induce!

Chickie : Awwww so sorry to read this Are you feeling any better today? Hope you had a better sleep night

Kakers : AHAHAH, yeah, I admit that I might be a groopie but not a ''sl*t puck'', to use a well known expression over here LOL

fresh : So sorry to hear about your calf Love the attitude though, about focusing on your upper body You go girl!

Jessica : Happy Thanksgiving to you too!


Okay, I think some kind of Mother Nature heared my ''I don't even care about my weight right now'' and told herself ''Really?? WHAT ABOUT THIS!!!'' and made me go up to 137.2 this morning. Like, seriously, you weirdest nature thing, not funny, I get it :P I did not poop yesterday though and I'm probably still holding tons of salt of dinner with the brother.

Long weekend here starting tonight, yay! I'm leaving saturday in the night at 5AM (I refuse to call this hour MORNING) for NH. Foot is not so bad, not feeling too much pain. I'm going for a small run this afternoon, can't wait to be mooving!!
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Joss - I wouldn't worry so much about the 5 lbs, Jessica is right - you were below your ideal weight so you really only have 3.4 to lose. Also I bet a couple of those pounds are just residual bloat from the binging and the salty meal! It'll come off!

My boyfriend is hear for 2 weeks (working from home) and then in DC for 2-3 weeks, and it goes back and forth like that. We've been doing this for almost 2 years. We're trying to get a green card sorted out for him which would let me go down there are work. I'm so excited for you to be with your husband full time!! Don't let the 5 lbs bother you, have an awesome weekend with your husband

Jessica - I was being a creeper and I checked your daily weight ins - your weight loss has been soooo steady. What diet/exercise plan have you been doing?

I hear you! I have two thanksgiving dinners this weekend as well (and a going away party) I hope we can both keep it under wraps. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Turbo - so glad your foot is feeling better and you can get back to running! Happy Thanksgiving

Chickiechicks - Ugh, the flu and a migraine!! Thats terrible, I get migraines and they are the worst. I hope you and your boys feel better soon!

Fresh15 - Oh god hearing about that injury made me cringe! Ouch I hope it heals ok, have a restful weekend

Kakers - I'm pretty jealous of you, working out is like icing on the cake for me. I have to have a really clean, low cal diet to lose weight (hence why I haven't been losing much!).

I've been sick so I haven't gone to the gym and since I don't have a scale at home I'm not sure what my weight is. My boyfriend gets home tonight and I've got an action packed weekend with Canadian Thanksgiving so forgive me if I don't post over the weekend. Have a good weekend everyone!

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Lisa My weight loss hasn't really been steady. For one, the link to daily weigh ins goes back to August, I haven't done daily weigh ins since then. If you are looking at my ticker data, then it's a bit misleading, because I usually update it weekly. I used to always update it on Mondays, but when I've been bad on the weekend, I'll often wait until Fridays so that I don't have to move it up. I've gotten to the point where I can normally work off any weekend indulgences during the week, and USUALLY I can get to a low weight before my next big indulgence, and this keeps things moving downwards (although a little slowly). If I go all out for Thanksgiving though, this won't be the case.

I don't think there is anything particularly special about my diet and exercise plans. I do 3 days of strength training, and 3 days of cardio. Both usually take me about 1/2 hour, because that's all I can squeeze in before my daughter wakes up, but I normally try to aim for 45 mins (this past week I've been having trouble even getting the half hour in, as my daughter has been waking up really early). I do try to limit my grain intake, but get lots of carbs in the form of fruits / veggies. I do 3 meals a day + 2 snacks, and generally try to be somewhere around the 1200 cal range for a day. Though I only guestimate calories so chances are I could be way off on what I'm actually consuming.
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Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Canadians!!! Today is my boyfriend's 29th birthday and I surprised him at work with a pile of tiny cakes from the best bakery in town. All 3 of his secretaries are dieting so they didn't have any but it was SO funny to watch them try to convince the thinnest one to eat some. Jeeez I'm glad I work with one dude who eats Doritos all day so I can avoid that. The security guard in his building (state agency) was helpful too - success! I took the liberty since my boss is off paddling in the wilderness to go around town to pick up other gifts for bf's bday - a gift card for massage/spa and a book, plus a ummm smoking accessory and a calendar with kittens on it just 'cause. I totally went overboard but I love it!

I'm having a "feeling attractive" day today, weigh-in was 125.0 but I kinda don't care, my face doesn't feel bloated and I ate decently well all week. Tonight is birthday stuff for my bf and his bday twin. I don't think they look similar but people get them confused. Tomorrow is the birthday concert, my roommate and I have been practicing a lot. Her birthday is Tuesday and her gift arrived in the mail today - a melodica!

LisaTcan Sorry you've been ill but it sounds like you're getting better - I hope you have lots of fun with your guy and a happy Thanksgiving!

TurboMammoth Mother Nature can be a jerk. High Friday weigh-ins are awful but eh who cares! Good luck in NH over the weekend and getting up early!

JessicaB You must be really fit with all that exercise. That's about what I get, give or take, but I eat like 1800-2000 calories most days if not more.

JossFit OK here's where I remove my "anal weigher Featherweight" hat and put on my "normal human being" hat and say no matter how world-ending 5 lbs is, consider that the average woman in the US is shorter than you and weighs 50 lbs more than you do - that no one can tell if you gained 5 lbs except you, and that 5 lbs is not 5 lbs forever and ever and ever. HUGS to you, I hope you're able to enjoy time with your husband. Please don't think binging a week ago = you don't deserve to enjoy yourself now!

fresh15again That really sucks about the injury. Take care of yourself and rest up and heal!

kakers What about orange and yellow peppers?

LockItUp Quinoa meatloaf is just UNNNGGGHGHHHH, in the "humping the air wildly" way not the "ewwww" way.

ChickieChicks HUG, this illness/headaches/stress BS won't last forever. Hang in there!!!

LeilaJey Concert setlist:
-Whiskey in the Jar
-Drunken Sailor
-Mother (Danzig)
-Sweat (Inner Circle - you know the song Jez on Peep Show plays during every sex scene, "girl I'm gonna make you sweat...")
-Stand By Me
-Just the Two of Us (the Will Smith version)
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Quick check in! Just got back from the airport and my hubby is relaxing watching Fargo, so I have a few free minutes.

Jessica - You, my Dear, are a genius! You're so right, it's only 3.4 pounds above where I want to be, so thats not as bad. Thank you for giving me another way to think about it.

It sounds like you have some things coming up this weekend as well that can throw off the weight loss train... at least you planned for it! It makes me feel better to know that after this weekend you and I are both going to be trying to buckle down and get back on track.

Turbo - LOL I know I know, but somehow I wasn't thinking about stess or water retention or any of that this morning... I was thinking "Eff!! I've been back OP for like 9 days... how can ANY of that be water weight?! It's ME weight!"

I hope you have a good jog this afternoon and a good weekend!

Lisa - I *hope* some of it is water, but really, I'm going to be a fat kid tomorrow so I don't expect to see it come down much next week either. Damnit!

Anyway, more importantly... I'm hoping that you feel better and have a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend!!

Krampus - No, you're right... and we've all been there BUT it's so much easier to say these things to eachother than it is to really say them AND MEAN THEM to ourselves isn't it?

All I can do is my best, and we'll see where it all falls.

Whatever... in much more fun news, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR HUNNY! It sounds like a fun-filled weekend with your 'attractive' self, so enjoy it! I expect a full report after this weekend.

*EDIT: Major cravings just hit. I want to eat all the cookies!

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Just checking in quick - personals tomorrow!

TOM came and I managed to do an awesome workout anyway. Gonna make some muesli bars now, yum yum.. have a great weekend everyone!
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Turbo- LOLOL yep, mother nature is a mofo! But now I am brainwashed by marketing and can only think of her as some overly peppy women stalking people with her red package, cursing them with their period at inappropriate times. my scale is also the devil and I was 127.5 this morning. 129.5 actually, but since my surgery I refuse to count my boobs. Seriously. I know that is insane, but they certifiably weight 2.1 pounds together, and I'M NOT COUNTING IT! Have fun this weekend! Can't wait to hear about your hike! Be kind to your foot!

Joss- you can't give up, and I obviously know you won't. Hugs. Five pounds is crappy, but you are right that it can come off easily by your photo shoot. I've been dying to do a shoot like that forever, and definitely plan to do it before hubby deploys next year. Is it lingerie, provactive...or serious business? enjoy your weekend with your man!! And I think you definitely should go to the baby shower. Do not let food dictate your social life!

Kakers- you must have an iron constitution! Mc Ds makes me feel crappy if I eat too much. I can totally handle a cheeseburger or fish filet every once in a while, though. Those damn fish sandwiches were the death of me when I was pregnant! Never lost the craing I guess...boo! How was gymnastics? Is the cyst any better?

Jessica- that's a whole lotta Thanksgiving!!! Lol enjoy yourself and fill up on the healthy stuff first. And lots of water. You'll be fine.

Lisa- enjoy your festivities as well! I've been sick too, and it really affects the motivation for me. Especially the determination to make good food choices. I hope you feel better soon!

Krampus- what an awesome weekend ahead! Happy birthday to your boyfriend and his twin! Assure him that he will not grow moldy next year when he turns thirty. Jk the concert will be awesome! You picked some great gifts. Do you eat any of the cakes? Are they like petit fours or actual tiny cakes? Do describe the flavors so I can live vicariously through you. I'm so stoked that you feel purdy today! We all need those days. Even thoug we are JUST AS HOT the other days, our oft irrational brians don't accurately interpret the mirror...only for ourselves, of course! Post some pics hit mama!

Leila- yea for TOM! Boo hiss for TOM! I get mucho crazy before mine now, besides the normal hormones, because I start to see a gain on the scale and it majorly freaks me out. Great job for pushing through TOM's bullsh!t and working out.

I had a poppy day, but I'm feeling much better now. I have the ick, so I just feel so congested and hacking cough. You know when you just don't feel like you get as much oxygen? Blah! Still was crabby, because I was STILL saving the world (okay...MY world), so I handed over the reigns to hubby and took a long nap. That still didn't improve my whiny attitude and self-pity about not being able to do anything I want....it was seriously pathetic. Thank goodness he loves me... He took the boys to karate and I ate my frustration is several bags of cheeze it's (there are freaking 20 bags in that huge box! o.m.g) and just whatever appealed to me. Thankfully the rest of my shoveling was "healthy choices", but I sank like the Titanic for my calories today. Which brings me to..how much should I be eating? I want to lose more weight, but I seriously feel like I might die on less that 1700 calories. I obviously don't want it enough anymore...hmmm.

So the good thing was that after the kids went to bed, I randomly felt energized at like 9pm, so hubby and I did random calisthenics in our living room while watching HGTV. Living it up!! (Krampus...you can tell your bf that THIS is what he will become upon his 30th birthday. Very scary, no?) but I feel better. I could barely breathe, but I just needed that release of endorphins. No one except for my husband understand my deep need to work out, even just a little. I have no lack of motivation or even time! I was extra peeved this week, because I was getting back, baby! And then I got the crud. But I am trying to look at it positively, that I can, and will, be back to working out almost regularly after I can breathe again. Lol there is a definite end to a cold/cough. The never ending migraine was what was so depressing, because I did never know when I would end or why.

And...I am rambling! Yea endorphins!!! have a great weekend ladies! I have some spa stuff tomorrow and professional family pictures on Sunday. Pleas say a prayer to the Gods of Photography that my children cooperate!
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I have a wicked case of insomnia... I love my husband so much but I'm not used to him being in my bed! I can't sleep with him next to me, so I'm on the sofa in my living room. I don't mind, it's a comfy sofa.

Well, today is my "Free day" and then I'm on it like white on rice for the next 46 days until Thanksgiving.

I'm also thinking that I may not even weigh-in next week, considering what kind of mood it put me in yesterday. I was all self conscious of the way my clothes fit today, and it took a while for me to get comfortable and in the mood with my husband. It didn't help that he got my ring sized down for me, and now it's nearly too small AND he brought me a shirt that was a bit too tight! I'm not used to things fitting tightly on me anymore, so those things threw me for a loop. Silly, I know, but not great. I have been working on building more muscle and it's working, but I did gain a bit of fat too. Honestly I think if I just focus on the mirror for the next few weeks that might be better. I have no intentions of deviating from my plan after today, so it's not like I really need the scale to see how things are going.
I might just check at the end of the month... thoughts?

Chickie - I had to laugh at the idea of you suddenly jumping up to do a workout on the floor! Hey, when the urge hits you, you just have to go for it huh? I don't think my workout will be great tomorrow. A lack of sleep is never a good way to start out the day, and the fact that I just munched down a bunch of cookies while surfing the web (Hey, it IS 0200 so technically I'm on my free day) doesn't set me up for a great workout either. Blah.

What is the occasion for the family photos? Anything special? My photos you asked about are going to be boudior mostly, but with some nice ones of my BFF and I as well as some more "model-ish" type pictures of me. I just have to make sure I'm ready for it!
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Joss - I definitely think waiting to weigh until the end of the month would be good for you! You know how to stay on plan and don't need the scale to tell you whether or not it's working.

Chickie - HA! I can picture my DH and I exercising to HGTV on a Friday night. My 20 year old self would be sad for my 30 year old self. May the photo gods bless you with a wonderful hair day and no unflattering angles!

Fresh - That sounds really painful! Although I did kind of chuckle picturing you doing Zumba with just your arms kind of flailing about.

JessicaB - The first time I started introducing turkey into the meatloaf I did half turkey and half ground beef, hubby was none the wiser. I told him afterwards, and he was surprised. Chances are he would have eaten it anyway, but I didn't want him to have a prejudice against it before he tried it.

Turbo - The meatloaf I had growing up mainly tasted like just a loaf of hamburger, not very tasty at all. They really can be good!

Lisa - Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

Krampus - You are such a good girlfriend! And your "humping in the air wildly" comment made me LOL for real.

Hope I didn't miss anyone!


Not a whole heck of a lot going on here. Scale finally moved again, down to 156.2 ([email protected] .2 away from the 80 pound mark!). It's WEIRD how once I hit a certain weight I can notice a couple pounds lost, whereas before I could lose a good 10-12 pounds or more and barely notice (when I was over 200 especially). Seems like I drop a good 3 or 4 pounds and I can actually kind of see where it came from. It's kind of thrilling. I feel like I'm finally at the point where I'm not just trying "not to be fat" anymore, but I'm actually starting to kind of work on my actual physique. I know I still have a good 20 or more pounds (of fat) to go before I'll be happy, but man I'm really starting to see a normal shape and not just a body with way too much fat on it.
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