Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Unhappy So confused...

I don't know what kinda of exercises to do. For the past few days I've been walking about 2.5 miles and thought that was good enough for now with little things in between like sit up and push ups. But then I read forums about weight training and lifting. I'm confused as what I need to do to lose the weight and keep it off plus not that extra skin hanging on. I'm a little over 200 lbs (just a guess because I don't want to weigh until I know I've lost some weight so I wont get depressed and then eat even more!) so I don't know exactly what I need to do. Is there a website out there that will tell me what to do and when? Help!!!
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If you're thinking about adding weight training to your exercise routine, I'd recommend buying a book with a fully developed program and lots of explanation of the current research. I highly recommend any of the books from the "New Rules" series: the New Rules of Lifting for Women is brilliant and people love the New Rules of Lifting for Abs (it's not just for abs). I've also got Rachel Cosgrove's Female Body Breakthrough which has some really annoying prose but some great looking workouts.

Have fun!
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First, congratulations on beginning your weight loss journey!!!! That is awesome!

In terms of exercise- I would say that walking 2.5 miles is an excellent start! Cardio is the best way to lose excess fat and weight training is the best way to tone and build up muscle that allow your body to continuously burn. They compliment each other.

Keep in mind though, as Jillian Michaels says, try not to strength train the same muscle group within the same 48 hours. Basically, after you focus on one muscle group during one workout, wait two days before you train it again. This will allow the muscle to heal and build.

I would suggest (as per something I heard Bob Harper once say), after a week or two of walking 2.5 miles, try a slow jog of the first mile. Do that for a week. The next week try beating your time for that mile. Then after you can comfortably run that first mile, try slow jogging two miles.

I don't really know about other websites that tell you what to do and when. I mean, I guess if you are looking for general strength exercises and want someone to show you how to do them, I would go to Self Magazine's website. I don't do a ton of strength training beyond a few exercises I found there. In terms of cardio, try to find something you love to do. If you find an activity you love, you will be more likely to stick with it and put more energy into it!

Good luck! You totally can do this!!!!
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I'll def check out those books. I just don't know if I should do weight training or not. And if so when to start. That's what I'm confused on. It's like I need something to tell me what to do. Like a chart or something for a weekly basis. I work at a grocery store in the office so I'm constantly walking. Is my walking when I'm not at work really going to work?
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Walking is exercise, just know that you're going to need to rev it up when the walking becomes too easy for you.

And yes, you should weight train. It's very good when you're losing weight but it is very beneficial for women in general. You will not bulk up from it! I weight train and I am not bulky at all (one of these days I will put up recent pictures of me in my workout clothes to prove to everyone that weight training can make you CURVY!).

New Rules seems like a good program (check out the thread in the weightlifting section of the forum). I didn't do it, I just have been taking a weight training class at my gym once a week, doing my own thing another day of the week and doing lighter weight training throughout the week.
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Is my walking when I'm not at work really going to work?
Yes, but you need to add intensity and sweat a lot more than you would at work... As someone mentioned increase your intensity weekly or bi-weekly this will increase your heart rate and burn more calories...

As for weight trainng, yes start now... Google: beginner workouts... You don't mention if you will be weight training at home or in a gym... if at home google beginner at home workouts... they also have charts or make up your own...The beginner rule of thumb is to workout 2-3x/week doing a full body workout to start... When your muscles and ligaments are strengthened a bit change your workout....

Oxygen, my favourite mag, has some great monthly workouts, check it out, I've done several of them and they are always good...

If you have access to a gym get a personal trainer or take a group weight training class....

Also, when I started eons ago I read a lot on-line and in books... It's not rocket science and nothing is written is stone so enjoy the process of learning all about a healthy lifestyle.
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Consider Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred! I am probably just as out of shape as someone who is 200 pounds to be honest but I am finding that this DVD makes me feel awesome and I am slowly seeing results. Walking a few days a week is a great way to lose too but you're going to need some strength training in there as well to tone things up.

I recommed to get 5p weights instead of 3p but that's up to you.

Good luck!!
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I recommend you start with a general workout to start to work a few general muscles. I think watching someone on youtube or dvd will help you understand form before diving into a book for instruction. There are many sites such as sparkpeople.com and there are lots of youtube videos from sparkpeople you can follow. This is a really good place for you to start.
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