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Originally Posted by kelly315 View Post
Also, alli didn't seem to have any effects.
Hee, based on what I've heard of the "effects" of Alli, maybe no effect at all is a positive?
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I personally love a vegan diet but I don't think its a diet plan, especially with the availability of such good vegan food

Only thing that has worked for me is watching what I eat and exercising.
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Atkins has worked beautifully for me...for almost 5 years now
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Atkins ...... I gained 5 pounds in the intro period.
Slim Fast
VLC diet .... I lost the weight, but totally bottomed out my metabolism, so when I started eating again, I gained it all back in a couple of months
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This is a great thread!
I have not tried a lot of the things mentioned here, but I've thought about doing them. I always try simple calorie counting / portion control, but I always fall off the wagon. I did try the grapefruit diet with my mom as a teenager, but of course you can't stick with that for long. Nothing works until you have the right motivation (from within) and realize that it has to be your life, not a "diet". I just had to change my mentality - instead of thinking of the diet as a punishment, I've started thinking of it as doing something good for myself. I still have bad days, but no all-out binges anymore (so far).
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Talking Many tried, few worked

Let's see, I've tried:

LA Weight Loss
Cabbage Soup

I agree with everyone who says that watching the total calories consumed is the key. The correct mentality doesn't hurt either.
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3 + years maintaining
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What has not worked for me?

Just "watching myself" and being "careful", cutting back on my portions. "Everything in moderation". Back when I was a teenager - low calorie.

The only thing that HAS worked for me is calorie counting with an emphasis on healthy, nutritious foods.

But honestly, that probably wouldn't have "worked" either if I wasn't WILLING to MAKE IT WORK. You really can only get out of it what you put into it.
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lean cuisine. I didn't get that you needed to count your calories
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I haven't really tried many commercial products.

I gained most of my weight eating primarily healthy foods. Even if I am trying to lose weight, I gain or at best maintain if I don't count calories.
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I gain weight under stress. Not a good diet.
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Wow so many

1. Phentermine - I thought it worked, I lost 98lbs. However once I got off all the weight came back on because I was so hungry.
2. Atkins - I hated every minute of this. I lost 10 and gained 18.
3. Alli - it worked no side effects but I learned to cheat. With a healthy lifestyle and exercise I could see this working.
4. anything with a name - it is just a gimick

Right now it has been 16 weeks and I am losing slowly, very slowly. I have lost 26lbs. I am happy with that and I have never wanted for anything. I love exercising and I love trying new healthy foods. It is life not a diet.
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Every "diet" I have tried has failed.

It wasn't until I learned that I had to change my lifestyle that I became successful.

All things in moderation works for me - but only because I count the calories in "all things". I quickly learned that whole foods are more satisfying, and that if I actually slow down and TASTE my food - they are delicious!
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what didn't work:

slim fast

what did work:

somersize (except that it was expensive and very restrictive and food combining as well so when I got back into college and didn't have the cash flow and had a crazy schedule, I gained it all back plus 100lbs)

Somersize did teach me the importance of good complex carbs over the crap, it got me to eat many veggies i didn't think i'd ever try (LOVE my brussel sprouts!) and many other things. I also learned a lot about keeping my blood sugar level especially since I have hypoglycemia and bi polar.

what I'm doin now:

calorie counting with emphasis on cutting out added sugars, eating complex carbs, lots of veggies, choosing lower GI fruits like berries and more lean meats.

it allows me to eat what i probably shouldnt have.. if a special occasion arises like a bday party or such.. as long as i've kept it in calorie range.
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The Zone.

Not because it's a bad diet, per se, but because it's a bit too complicated for me. I get brain freeze trying to figure it all out.
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Oh -- the Atkins diet worked for me prior to my pregnancy, but after I had my son, I just CANNOT do low carb. It makes me very ill. I am still nursing so that could be the "culprit", but I just can't do it.
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