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This has been a really fun thread to read! Here's what I've tried.

Slim Fast/any similar "meal replacement" plan - there are tastier ways to get those calories that don't make you so cranky you want to snap the neck of the next person that looks at you funny

Low-fat/No-fat - I've been creating a fat deficit for the past few days because I'm planning to go out for a steak tomorrow, and I'm so glad that today is the final day because there is no way I could eat like this for the rest of my life.

I've never actually tried Atkins, but I think I'd be ready to shoot someone after three days on Atkins. My boyfriend is on Atkins and loves it, and I know there are several people here at 3fc that feel the samy way. There's just no way it would work for me.
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Daily weigh-ins. Weekly is better, for me.
Artificial sweeteners - I've found it so much easier to cut all added sugar and sweeteners out completely as it's killed my sweet tooth. Trying to find fake substitutes made me focus too much on the wrong things, I ended up thinking all day about fake junk instead of healthy food!
Meal replacements. "Meals" do not have to be replaced, lol. You just have to learn to make good ones!
Low-carb and low-fat - carbs and fat are fine in moderation for me and both help keep me happily going through the day on my calorie allowance.
Thinking "I'll just start Monday" or "if I have something bad now, I might as well forget the whole thing" - this is about my health for my whole life, not about reaching a number and then going back to eating rubbish.
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Wii fit + the Wii Fit board did NOT work for me. I'm mad that I spent my money on it cause it collects dust.
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1) Weight Watchers. I was nursing daughter at the time. The whole points thing made me crazy and the leader wasn't all that great for motivation and she was clueless about breastfeeding. I'd weigh in and leave, and then I thought it was lame to pay to weigh only and I quit going.

2) NOT calorie counting. This is my tried and true. When I think I've grown beyond it or try some other thing... so wrong. Best to stick to it and keep the food log alive.

3) Tae Bo. Ugh. Too much too soon for my fitness level at the time.

4) NOT checking in with an online community. I used to be here and at other boards at my peak fitness and then I faded thinking I'd learned maintaining. I came to realize I need to be present and participating to help keep this on the front burner. So I'm back.


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I tried the Green Tea pills and Alli in the past.
Green Tea didn't work
Alli seem to have worked a little, but I'm really bad at keeping up with the pills, I'm forgetful when it comes to remembering to take them.
Started doing Weight Watchers and that works for me so far...
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Let's see:

- slim fast
- hydroxycut
- starving/binging
- high fibre

Currently on Herbal Magic and love it!
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slim fast
la weight loss
six week body makeover
starvation diets
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When I was doing the low carb w/o any concern of amount of intake and a lack of exercise. It didn't do anything for me. When I do the low carb w/o overeating and exercise, I lose weight quite fast. I'm just an undisciplined person in the long run. While doing the low carb, I had my cholestorol checked and it was good. Infact, one part of it was excellent. I did best when big salads (with dressing yum!) were a staple.
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Oh...I've never found appetite suppressents (sp?) to work for me. Gave up on those years ago. A long time ago I tried Hydroxycut but that was also a bust for me. I believe exercise is the answer to health no matter what. (now if my belief would keep me consistent)
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I'm Defying Gravity!
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I've always been overweight, and my parents constantly bought different diet pills and diet plans for me to try when I was younger.

DIET green tea diet

Hydroxycut: however you spell it, crap didn't work

Hypnosis: Yep... lol

Stacker diet pills: It worked, but made me uncontrollably hyper and jittery. I was so shaky I actually ended up bumping a large glass bowl which fell at my feet and shattered. I remember actually stepping on some of the glass while trying to clean it up.

This 2 day Hollywood juice diet thing. Not sure if it would have worked. I was too flabbergasted about not being able to eat actual food for two days. lol.

This Vegetable soup fast where every day you eat only a certain type of food and all the soup you can shovel down. I lost 8 lbs, but gained it back almost immediately when I started eating normal again.

Slim Fast

Lean Pockets: XD No idea why I ever thought that would work.

Buying only fish, rice, and frozen veggies. Sure, it sounds like a decent idea, but after a few days my junk food cravings were making me so irritable that I just went next door and ate at my parents house instead.

Healthy choice frozen meals: Taste okay, but they're way too expensive for my budget ... not to mention, they're not very filling.

And a bunch of diet pills that my parents would find in the drug stores, kinds that didn't really have a commercial on TV or anything.

The only thing that really worked for me was exercising. For a while I was doing crunches and leg-raises, and I would do them in short intervals during the day. I ended up losing around 25 lbs, but then I plateaued, and didn't really know what to do and gained it all back.

Then for a while I would do Denise Austin's two morning programs that came on Lifetime. I'm not sure if I ever really lost anything, but people would tell me that I looked good and thinner. The bad thing was ... the shows got taken off!

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- just eating healthy whole foods and lots of vegetables and fruit
- low fat
- treat free
- not exercising
- cabbage soup diet
- ww, unsustainable with all the rules and point calculating and sweeteners etc..

I've never tried anything else trademarked
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WW start date: 6-14-10
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--Atkins (my body has never felt more miserable in my life. ever. I know it works wonders for some people... I am just NOT one of those people)
--Anything "temporary" (three day diets, 30 day diets, etc.)
--Liquid fasts (I have teeth. I NEED to chew.
--Raw fruit and veggie diet (I did it for two weeks, and admittedly, I felt better and lost, but the second I introduced other foods back, all the weight came back)

So far the only thing that has worked for me is tracking points with Weight Watchers, and ACTUALLY sticking to the recommended servings. (ex: 5 friuts/ veggies, 2 lean protein, 2 or 3 milk, whole grain, liquids.)I agree that weight watchers CAN be "too flexible" but only if you let it be, no you don't have to make 5 of your food items fruits and veggies... but you should. I only have a hard time with the amount of points I get. 28 points is a flipping TON of food when you're making healthy choices, I have a really hard time getting past 23 unless I eat some kind of junk. But, I'm losing.. so I can't complain. I don't go to meetings, and I don't pay for it at all, online or otherwise. I just have the books and do it at home.

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What doesn't work for me...
- Eating Carbs. (I have PCOS; It makes everything 110% time worse)
- Eating 3/to 6 meals a day. (I fare better skipping breakfast)
- Drinking ALOT of water. (I felt bloated and running to and fro to the bathroom, is not fun!)

What IS working for me
- Eating Meat and Fat plus the odd Chocolate now and again.
- Drinking water only when thirsty.
- Fasting during the day and eating during the evening

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- starving myself
- those green T diet pills
- laxatives
-just exercising

hm.. that's about all i've tried. what has worked for me is cc and exercise.
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slim fast
just exercising
cutting out certain foods (potatoes ect_)
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