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Getting a new Image
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Default what HAS NOT worked for you

we have seen where everyone has tried different things so to help us out what HAS NOT worked for you
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Oh wow. Let me see, I have 20 years of failed dieting to draw from.

1. At the most basic, starting any diet with the idea it would be "short term" and I would eventually stop and eat normally again.

2. Dexatrim.

3. Low fat diets - did an extremely low fat diet in college (it was all the rage). My goal was 10-15 grams of fat a day. I skipped a period for the ONLY time in my life (thanks happy fun pregnancy scare!) and I lost hair by the handfuls in the shower, literal - handfuls. Not fun.

4. Restrict/binge cycles. Eat too little, body revolts - eats a ton of food. Feel guilty, restrict, binge, restrict, binge. It really made me feel like an out of control, no willpower freak. I hated myself for eating, hated myself for NOT eating, very difficult to pull out of.
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Getting a new Image
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Lets see this is what I have tried

Green tea tablets
Fasting ( i would lose but by the first time i ate I gained it plus some)
Hydroxy cut
Extreme Trim
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Getting a new Image
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S/C/G: 230/225/160

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thats all that I tried that didnt work for me!
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What has not worked for me: Just trying to eat plan, no confining rules and restrictions....just me, being free and trying to make healthier choices.
The problem with is very very easy to eat too many healthy calories and still not lose weight. As a matter of fact, you can gain on healthy foods, too! Who would have imagined.

I've learned that I have to be accountable for the number of calories I consume each day....whether I track WW points, use an exchange program, or actually tally the number each day, I have to be accountable for how much I consume. I fought it in the beginning, but I finally saw the light.
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Onward and Downward
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Well . . . Hi there, MARIE . . . I'd say you've definitely proven that there are no magic pills and potions out there. My bottom line is to always remember that it was the tortoise that finally won that famous race. You just hve to keep putting one foot in front of the other and heading in the great downward direction just as much as you possible can. Good Luck on the journey.
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South Beach Diet did not work for me even though I followed it to a tee. In fact, anything that doesn't focus on calorie restriction/portion restriction doesn't work for me. My appetite is too big for those types of plans.
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Observer of Phenomena
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To put it in a nutshell, nothing with a trademark! If it costs money and/or comes in a package, I'm suspicious. A balanced diet managed with calorie counting is what worked for me, along with finding exercise routines that I enjoy.
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regular slim fast
slim quick
Alli... I actually gained weight on this plan.. Low fat is not for me.
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Ironman in Training
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What has NOT worked:

1) Keeping Low-cal junkfood in the house (100 calorie packs, skinny cows) they don't help if you eat the whole box.

2) Diet without exercise or exercise without diet. Too hard to keep up long-term I need the balance to create a deficit without feel like I'm starving.

4) Not tracking calories ("points" are ok too but I prefer to use calories)

5) Zone - OMG WAY too much work to follow good concept though

6) Shakes. Hello? I need food damnit.

7) VLC low-fat diets. Gallstones. Ow.

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It seems like the only thing that has been consistent (especially on my part) is good old calorie counting (while using and exercise.

Not for me, but tried:
medifast - which works if you're strict (which I couldn't do)
south beach (haven't really given it a good try)
atkins (boggled my mind and put the weight right back on)
weight watchers (god forbid that I try to understand the thinking behind food and how they equal points)
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Restrictive diets... I tried to be vegan and even eat raw foods and ended up with epic binges. In fact, I can't restrict anything. It always sets me up for a binge when something is off-limits. When I finally decided to diet with no restrictions, I actually lost. Knowing I could have something made me desire it less.
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Rubber Ducky
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This is a good one....

Let's see:
-Vegan (good moral eating, but not for me).
-Low carb
-low sugar
-eating about 1,000 calories a day and walking 6 miles. (I DID lose weight, but this was during the summer when I had loads of time to do so. School came and I gained it all back and then lots more.
-Any type of restrictive eating
-Not eating at all, all day. Mega binge in the evening.
-The vinegar and water. Veggie juice fast. Fruit juice fast. Water Fast. Etc.
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I was put on the Atkins diet when I was a teen, and just ended up with really high cholesterol. Also, alli didn't seem to have any effects.
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Here We Go Again
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Most of the things I've tried were really restrictive dieting - 1000 cals per day or less. I'd also binge then feel guilty, not eat, but then binge again.

I tried slim fast when I was younger with my mom, but it didn't work out too well. I also tried a simple 'fruitarian' diet. And I also tried being a vegeterian.

What HAS worked? Simple calorie counting. It's not a diet. I can still eat the things I love, I just have to work them in to my daily totals for the day, and eat them in moderation. I learned that I cannot tell myself I will never eat a food again, but I can, however, control how much of this food I put in my mouth.
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