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Jillian stole my abs!
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WW has worked for me with one drawback.


Fruit does not work for me! I like fruit, but my body does not, so, I don't eat it anymore!
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Red face Not working....

Hi there

New to the forum and saw this thread so I thought I would add to the growing list of what hasn't worked.
So here goes....

-fat blaster
-fat magnet
-not eating

Now i have tried tony ferguson and this did help me lose some weight. Now im trying rapid loss. Figers crossed this will have some result.
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The Gazelle.

Biggest waste of money and time. I think I break more of a sweat sitting on the couch.
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Just Me
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Funny that you mention the gazelle because it worked well for my mother. She has a somewhat physical job but wanted exercise in the evenings. She uses it nearly every night while watching tv. She isn't huffing and puffing but it was either that or napping on the couch.
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Weight watchers! I just seem to maintain
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Default WW does NOT work for everyone...GF and other limits

I am gluten intolerant ( we have confirmed celiac disease in our family...and a lot of other significant food allergies) also...I am hypothyroid.
After trying WW twice and gaining or endocrinologist said WW would not be a good diet for me. In the past I was most sucessful with Atkins but found it restrictive and I love vegetables so I was hard. I love growing herbs and's hard not to be able to enjoy the tomatoes in the early part of that kind of diet!!! Now that I know I need to watch wheat and gluten, Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem are not options.

This time I'm doing The Ideal Protein Diet. I have seen the results of someone who used it this past year...and was WILDLY successful. I'm hoping for this to jump-start an initial loss that will help keep me motivated when the inevitable plateau happens. I am not too worried about "finding" recipes at the moment. I just want something that will help me lose and is prescribed.Actually, think I can choke down what ever it is...for me eating does NOT need be fun for a while. After 3 days on the plan..the packets are tolerable...and easy. Don't like one of the soups and had one drink that was too sweet so I'll just not get those again. They have a LARGE number of selections that are gluten free...which is unlike any other prescribed plan. By early summer I should be able to manage the phases with real protein food and lots of vegetables. This is a good time of year to do this initial part.

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I tried the Eat Clean diet. I did lose about 20 lbs in two months on it, but honestly, I was also 2 months away from running my first marathon and running 50 k a week. Not sure what Eat Clean did. Plus, I gained about 60 pounds after going off eat clean and post marathon (stupid running injury!), and when I tried to get back into it, it felt so rigid. I thought about food alllll the time and it didn't help. Also, I found i just ate 5 regular sized meals anyway, so no wonder I gained!!!

It taught me a lot about nutrition though, but that could have been anywhere, really.
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Trying for normal
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I've never gone down the pills and supplements route (except for basic vitamins) ....but


Low-carb, low-fat, calorie counting whatever....

***for a while***

Calorie counting - I go insane trying to eat fewer and fewer calories, eventually break after destroying my metabolism. Restrictive diets? I crave what I'm not allowed. I always gain back. Even when I've successfully lost to goal weight I slip back to old eating patterns.

This time I'm going for self-hypnosis/intuitive eating. So far so good. What I like best about it is that I don't THINK about food that much and don't crave it and don't eat out of boredom.

Oh - and what REALLY doesn't work. Smoking. Every time I start smoking again I gain. I have to exercise or I will gain. Exercising doesn't make me lose without calorie reduction, but if I don't do it I sure as heck will gain. When I smoke, I exercise less. When I quit smoking I lose weight. I've lost 15 pounds since quitting smoking on 19 December.
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Eating meat while trying to lose weight did not work for me. So, I had to cut the meat! Never tried any diet plans..
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Claim it ,Achieve it!
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What has 'nt work for me is making excuses that let me off the hook.
Not taking accountability for my weight
Refusing to start a diet because it's not a good time now..

What has worked ...being honest with myself and acknowledging Through Gluttony I have put my Health at risk!

Investigating all my options and Then Working The Plan
What works for me is not throwing myself a pity party
What works for me is not to indulge myself with negative things,people or thoughts that will derail my progress.
What works for me is to surround myself with positive people and experiences.
What works for is to acknowledge the power I have to make my dreams a reality.
What works for me is Ideal Protein
What works for me is my Positive way of looking at life
What works for me is refusing to allow myself to fail
What works for me is to realize you can't unring a bell and accept my shortcomings and strife each day to be better
What works for me is to acknowledge how lucky I am that everyday I get to choose behaviors and I have time to fix this
What works for me is seeing how far I've come
What works for is Rejoicing in life
What works for is Claiming what I want and striving to get there
What works for me Is My Awesome Ideal Protein Coach who does not sugarcoat the truth and tells me What I need to hear and has held me to my commitments!
What works for me is seeing my Goal in sight!
What works for me is having supportive family and friends!

What works for me is letting go of past mistakes.
What works for me Realizing I Deserve to put myself on the top of my to do list!
What works for me is being Gratiful for every Good or Bad experience that has shaped me into being Resilient.
What works for me is my faith.
What works for me is knowing I am truly blessed.
What works for me is knowing this is a small part of my life but it will have a lasting impact.
What works for me is acknowledging how life is so fragile and I should not take it for granted!
What works for me is knowing time and life is precious and not to waste it!
Good Luck,
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What doesn't work for me is listening to anyone else regarding my weight loss/maintenance journey or substituting anyone's expertise but myself and my medical provider.
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Anything that restricts what kind of food I can eat... I need it to be a lifestyle change not a strict diet and restricting food doesn't do it for me...
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Every time I tried to lose weight it didn't work so....

1. Trying to lose weight.

(ok, but I did lose 100+ when I began eating healthier combined with CC because I was sick of everything i was doing at the time. plus it made me feel like the cooler one in the family to eat a nice big salad while they ate bowls of grease. also I just eat when I'm hungry. forget forcing breakfast into my system if I don't want it. that didn't work two years ago and it still didn't work two days ago.)


2. Breakfast and listening to my doctors nag about it
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Dieting. All the counting, journaling, "good" & "bad foods, all the constant monitoring of myself, the whole enchilada. Makes my head hurt just thinking about it. Now, these are my "rules" (if you could call them that, I break them often enough):

Eat what I want, when I'm hungry, stop when satisfied. Exercise for fun. I just walk with my iPod on, and do weights & yoga occasionally in the house.

I feel totally relaxed, I'm losing weight, and I no longer idolise donuts.

Took me a while to get my head to a place where I could do this, though, and I had to initially cut down on sugar to get rid of my crazy hunger enough to listen to what my body is telling me.

2 months in, so far so good.

Oh and ps: Atkins? I may have been doing it wrong but coffee with cream and bacon & eggs for breakfast? Yeeeeugh. I constantly felt sick. I lost a stone in 2 weeks, but it came back and brought a friend with it.
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