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Height: 5'6"



My name is Karla, I'm 47, a mom to 3 boys and one girl, and owned by 3 cats. My dh is a minister/busdriver/emt and I am self-employed (party-plan) very part time plus I'm the one in charge of keeping all the balls in the air. Busy? Yeah, that's me.
I love my NLT Bible and read lots of non-fiction with a few light Christian romance books thrown in occasionally. Not a huge TV watcher - Without a Trace, NCIS and CSI: NY are about all I watch and those not regularly. Like rom/com movies and any that make me LOL. For years I listened to mostly Vineyard Worship and a few others like that, but recently I've developed a liking for Emmylou Harris and others like her. Who knows why.


Gestational Diabetes w/son #2 and didn't want to find out with #3 and #4, so I always timed my OB/GYN visits for early am, fasting 10 hrs or so beforehand. Talk about denial. (it worked)
Diagnosed pre-diabetic w/ A1c 4.7 because insulin levels were through the roof in July 2008. Metformin 500mg. per day. Due to severe asthma was put on steroids for several months in spring 2009. A1c shot to 6.3. Asthma got better, got off steroids, fasting bg dropped to 87-105, A1c currently 5.6. Official diagnosis: steroid-induced diabetes. So long as I stay off the steroids (and I intend to!), I remain pre-diabetic. Reality is though, unless I change my lifestyle, I will be full-blown type 2 soon.
Other health-related issues: anatomical defect in left kidney so have struggled with chronic kidney infections all my life, have had injury-related neuropathy in my legs for 12 years that comes and goes, mild hypertensive (hctz/cozaar treated). My latest lab test showed slightly decreased kidney function which is my wake-up call. On the good side - my total cholesterol is 143!


I have only truly dieted twice in my life and both ended dramatically. The first time was with friends and we all decided to break the diet together. On the way to pizza we were in a horrible car accident and the diet went out the window. The second time I tried Atkins and ended up in the hospital with a raging kidney infection. Turns out severly restricted carb diets are NOT compatible with kidney issues.
I find myself thinking about diabetes, food, eating, the whole thing constantly, but doing next to nothing about it. I can't continue this way. I must act NOW.
I walk regularly and volunteer in a food ministry which is physically demanding, but I really need to add some focused exercise so when school gets back in session I'm going to join the gym that's less than a mile away and start swimming.

Height/Weight Statistics.

My long-term goal is 172. While still overweight, that was when I last felt healthy, some 20 years ago. I don't think I could maintain lower than that. I would like to reach that by Sept., 2011 (my 50th birthday).
My first goal is 250 by Jan. 2010. I'm 5'6" and 277 currently. Highest known weight was 282.


Someday I hope to live and work in India, but must be healthy first. Shooting for 2018 when youngest child graduates hs.
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Height: 5'5"

Smile Colorado Dude

PERSONAL INFORMATION: Howdy, all. You may call me Z. I am 37, divorced, no kids, and currently live with my parents. Four years ago, I quit my job as an IT security analyst due to poor health and unmanageable stress. For about a year, I just became a couch potato and relished my new stress free life. I had saved up a sizable nest egg since all I did was work, eat, and sleep. Things changed when my parents were having some financial difficulty so I decided to move-in to help out. Both my parents are disabled and my dad is diabetic (type 2). I soon found out I had a new full-time job helping my parents out around the house, managing their rental properties, driving them to/from appointments, and anything else that needed doing. Things have greatly improved on the home front and even during these tough economic times, we are prospering. This summer, our beloved 15 year old cat, Philo, was eaten by foxes. He is sorely missed. Philo was a great mouser. Curiously, Lucy (our 1 1/2 year old American bulldog) has not tolerated the presence of any animals in our yard since Philo's death. She will chase off anything that sets foot in our backyard. We also have a very lovable cocker spaniel named Daisy. She is 8 years old. I am still a computer geek and serve as my family's IT support. I often make house calls for my sister and an uncle. My younger cousin, Nicos, and I will occasionally head to the local computer gaming center for an all night lock-in, where we will game for 12+ hours at a time. I read a lot of online forums, but only register with a few. The TV shows I regularly watch are all recorded on the Dish DVR so I can skip the commercials. I like crime dramas and anything to do with military history. I rarely go to the movie theater and will instead wait for the dvd/blue-ray release. Futbol (a.k.a. soccer) is near and dear to me. I love watching international matches and have season tickets for the Colorado Rapids. Besides technical manuals, the books I read are mainly military/tech thrillers, fantasy/science fiction, or military non-fiction.

DIABETES INFORMATION: I was diagnosed type 2 on 08/27/09. I was prescribed metformin (500mg) and began taking it on 08/31/09, one pill a day with my breakfast. Due to harsh side effects, I stopped taking my metformin as of yesterday. I was having severe diarrhea and became extremely concerned when I saw one of my potassium tablets floating in the toilet bowl. I will follow up with my dietitian and doctor about my metformin use on Tuesday, after the Labor Day weekend.

DIET / EXERCISE REGIMEN: I am 5'5". As of Tuesday, 09/01/09, my weight was 285 lbs and my BMI was 46. My dietitian weighs me at my weekly appointments. She asked that I don't weigh myself for awhile. I am on a highly restricted diet called Omnifast. All my meals are from protein packets. I drink a minimum of a gallon of water each day and take the following daily supplements: potassium chloride (3x), multivitamin (1x), calcium with vitamin D (1000mg, 1x), and omega-3 fish oil (1000mg, 2x). The day I started my diet I also started exercising. I take a 3 mile long walk every day. My doctor wants me to stay with my weight management center for at least 6 months. His desire is to see me at 200 lbs. I would be ecstatic with 200, but my dietitian would like to see me in one-derland. I see her again tomorrow and will find out what realistic goal I can set. Even though I am on a fasting diet, my weight loss plan spans months. I have never tried any form of structured diet before and "lived to eat", as opposed to "eat to live". The big D has changed my lifestyle. All for the better, I hope.

SPECIAL HOPES / ASPIRATIONS / ACHIEVMENTS: I hope to lose enough weight to be able to safely play soccer again and snowboard. The last time I played soccer was in 2001 with an adult coed indoor recreational team. Those days ended when I broke my left ankle during a match. I put away my snowboard in 2004 when I could no longer physically last an entire day on the slopes. My weight was just too much for my ankles to bear while boarding. What I have achieved so far with my new diet and exercise routine is an increased sense of energy and stamina. Not too long ago, walking to the mailbox was exhausting for me. This past week, on Friday, 09/04/09, I went to a pulmonary center and was told that I do not, and may never of had, asthma. For the past several years, I have been prescribed and treated for asthma. This may not count as an achievement, but it is a milestone nonetheless.
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Well my name is Laura and I reside in Burlington Ontario. I have 6 cats and two dogs not to mention all of the foster kittens I take in though out the year =) I love my fur babies =)
I am a foster parent and take very difficult teenagers on a long term basis thus my life is a bit stressful to say the least. But I love it. Presently I have two 14 year olds .. one girl and one boy.
I volunteer at the Royal Botanical Gardens Auxilery planting and caring for annual plants that we sell at our spring sale. I really enjoy this and encourage the kids to help out when they can.
I have been married for almost 20 years ... oh wow how time flies. My hubby works in the automotive industry.
I also have been diagnosed with PCO and PMDD which have not been treated as I am 45 and a smoker. So I am hormonally challenged also lol which puts me in at a higher risk of developing all those other nasty issues that will remain unnamed =) I battle with insomnia and rarely go to sleep before 3am and then Im up at 7 am ... so evening munchies are an issue that I have pretty much eliminated.

I am a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic so new that I have yet to meet with my dietician =) All I got was a phone call telling me and to pick up my glucometer at the pharmacy. I am trying to deal with making changes to my eating habits but I really have no clue what I am doing. That's a bit of a lie cuz being overweight all of my life .. I know I need to lose weight .. Ive always had to lose weight =) Right now I am just monitoring my BS levels and I have to say they appear to be pretty good. I don't eat alot of sweets with the exception of the sugar I use in my coffee .. 3 x 3 extra large Timmies ... I was contacted just before Christmas so I had a few issues over the holidays but I have cut my coffee back from 12 cups to one cup a day. Carbs and quick foods are my issue. I hate to cook so the quicker the meal the better.

I am 5' 8" tall and weigh 260 lbs as of yesterday =) I am always on the go but like my husband says "driving from point A to point B is not exercise" I must admit I find it hard to find time for me and when I do .. its on the computer or at the gardens. I did enjoy going to Curves and I think with the kids I have now that might be an option for me. I need to lose at least 80 lbs or more. I realized it took years to put it on and it will take years to take it off. Right now I am feeling very lost as to what to eat and not eat to maintain a healthy BS level and lose weight.
I have been on many diets in my life time .. I have done Optifast .. which I loved and lost a ton of weight on .. I don't think I am your typical over weight person .. I don't like food .. I don't like the texture of alot of foods I eat so the Optifast was wonderful. I might look into do that program again and following it to completion. McMaster Medical Center has a bariatric program that I would like to look into as it offers a wide array of diet counselling as well as surgery options. I don't think surgery is the way I would like to go but to have options would be nice =) Even to have a fat friendly doctor would be lovely =) My doctor seems to think that if I were to quit smoking while dieting that I would do well ... ummmmm Im not worried about myself just how to get rid of the bodies of those around me if I were to do both at one time =)
I also attended the Diet Center which was also great .. low carbs .. lots of protine ... and I lost 35 lbs in 3 months. I have to admit that I did have to time my 6 small meals a day so as to avoid getting really grumpy =)

I know I will lose weight .. I have to ... I really hope to develop a support system that is nonjudgemental who will help me pick myself up when I dont think I can keep going. Or give me a kick in the butt when I need it. I just want to be healthy and enjoy my life again.

In a nutshell thats me
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PERSONAL INFORMATION: I’m a Paralegal, 41 years old, married w/ 2 children. I enjoy scrapbooking, travel, and digital graphics. I design websites in my spare time as well as graphics for business cards, signs, etc.

DIABETES INFORMATION: I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes 8 years ago. I was so scared back then because my grandmother has just passed away from complications of this disease. I went strictly by the book and lost 35 pounds. Things in life happened causing me to gain that weight back. In the meantime I stopped eating the way I should. I’m currently on Metformin 500mg X 2.

DIET / EXERCISE REGIMEN: I'm 5'7. 194lbs. I’m back on to eating healthy as my dietitian 8 years ago told me to eat.
I’m also walking at the least 3 times a day. I hate exercise so I really don’t see it getting any better than my 3 mile Walk with Leslie so far I have lost 9 pounds. I wanna lose 50 more pounds.

SPECIAL HOPES / ASPIRATIONS / ACHIEVEMENTS: I wanna lose the excess weight and eat healthy for life. I also have back problems and it seems they got worse as I gained my weight. I want to be rid of the back pain.

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Height: 5'3.75"


PERSONAL INFORMATION: Hi, my name's Katlyn, I'm 18 and I love trying new things! I am the youngest of three girls, and neither of my sisters have diabetes (Both have horrible diet habits though). I have five cats, a puppy, two aquatic frogs, and a few fish. I'm a freshman in college, and in March I will be spending my spring break in Edinburgh Scotland! I've got the travel bug :P I love reading and writing, I'm an English major. I also love music and art and nature. I can walk for hours without getting tired! I love exploring

DIABETES INFORMATION:I was diagnosed in October2009 with type 2 diabetes, and promptly placed on metformin and sent to educational classes at the local hospital. Before my diagnosis, I had a horrible doctor who told my mother that she could go see another doctor (yet still wanted to keep me as a patient.) We switched doctors within a year, but also within that year I started coming home from school, sitting down on the couch and promptly waking up a few hours later by my mother frantically calling my cellphone because I hadn't called her to let her know I had gotten home from school. We began testing my sugars then (My mom has type 2), and when I would wake up my bg was around 450mg/dl.

DIET / EXERCISE REGIMEN:I'm currently 5'3 and weigh 204lbs. My goal for 2011 is to get down to 185lbs, a loss of 19lbs. If I go lower than that, then great, but if I don't, I'll still be happy. I just eat what I want to eat, taking in mind to keep the portions of carbs lower than what I used to eat. As for exercise I walk daily, and I hope to add in some dance classes, or videos seeing as how I'm split between college and home currently. I'm horrible at measuring my food and recording my carbs, so If I know I've been a bit to free with them, I make sure to be active within the next few hours.

SPECIAL HOPES / ASPIRATIONS / ACHIEVMENTS:A special hope of mine is that I'll be successful in my goal of getting off of my Metformin. So far I've been able to lower my A1C every time It has been recorded.(Whoo!) When I was diagnosed my A1C was at 9.7, and two visits ago I was down to 7.1. I know that it is a balancing game, but so far I feel I have been able to work to managing my diabetes!
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PERSONAL INFORMATION: Hey! Name's Alexis. I live in Louisville, Kentucky. I'm 19 and a sophomore in college, without a major sadly. I'm an artist and a musician- I play cello. I'm also a photographer and a gamer. I love to learn new languages! I speak decent Mandarin Chinese and am learning Japanese. I spent my entire summer in Beijing!

DIABETES INFORMATION: I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes four days after my 18th birthday, ( which would make the day i found out 9-15-09) Yeah... that kind of sucked. I found out by going into DKA, o'course. I'm now using an Animas insulin pump and it is great.

DIET / EXERCISE REGIMEN: 5'11"/315 lbs. My diet is diabetic and vegetarian friendly. I want to try and get down to 240 lbs. as a starting goal. With my height, I'm sure that will look alright for a beginning goal.

SPECIAL HOPES / ASPIRATIONS / ACHIEVMENTS: to open my own photography studio one day, and to over the rest of my life healthily with as few diabetic complications as possible.
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Hi I am very new to this name is Shirley but iI like Violet .Only 3 days ago I got the news that I am type 2 . I went through this scare 5 years ago that proved to be nothing (maybe pre dia ?) I live in Nth Qld Australia . Mother of 5 and grandma of 3 Iam hoping to learn lots of stuff from you ladies as at yet I have no dia medication and have to see the nutritionilist in Feb.
Am a single woman that likes craft movies and reading .. Would like to travelore but not until after I have lost enough weight to stop snoring .Last couple of trips I did skinny people stopped talking and dozed off only to start snoring Funny hows that work ?
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Height: 5' 4"

Smile Introduction - PampGal

I'll introduce myself on this thread - I've been on and off the 3C site for three years.

I'm a 54yo engineer in Houston for a gas pipeline company - a sedentary but low-stress job. I'm been married to a wonderful guy for 31 years (usually low stress). I have 3 beautiful daughters - at the start of the year all three were married. However, 2 of the SILs were caught cheating so 2 daughters moved in with us and brought along their 3 dogs and a cat. One DGS is living with us and my DGD is about 3 hours away (they are both 3 1/2 - born 1 week apart).

I love to cross stitch but little hands around, currently non-existant. I've taken up reading before bed again and find it far more peaceful than DH's late nite news shows. I'll be putting away the Christmas music on my MP3 player (greatest invention in the 21st century!) next week. Despite being born and raised in TX, I can't stand country/western music (my apologies to those that do) - more oldies for me. DH and I love action flix and go to the movie theater about 6-8 times a year. I meet with 4 other high school friends from far flung locations at least once a year (I'm the heaviest) - such fun!

About 2 years ago my blood work came back worse than normal - more tests and the dr called it pre-diabetic Type II. That really scared me but in typical fashion, I spent a year trying to ignore it although dr tested A1C every 6 months. However, in 2010 my resolution was to be healthier. I was so disappointed with my May A1C reading of 6.9! We upped my ER Metformin from 1000mg/day to 1500mg/day. My November A1C reading was down to 6.4 - I was excited! Somewhere along the way in 2010, I've lost over 10 pounds! Only side-effects I've had: tongue "blisters" when I eat excessive sweets (like Christmas) and brief (< 2 hours) localized numbness in either foot occassionally.

2 years ago, I weighed my heaviest 232 lbs; now I'm down to 209 lbs and I'm 5'4". For the last year, I've working on increasing fiber intake, and limiting some of my carbs. The carbs will be more of a focus for 2011. I've always put off consistent exercise "until tomorrow"; however, with a 3yo running around the house, I usually fall into bed exhaused.

Goal 1: Get the 2 daughters on their own feet and doing well. I'm watchign DGS while 1 daughter goes to college. They both work so we're not totally supporting them.
Goal 2: Lose about 15 pounds in 2011 and keep that A1C number down.
Goal 3: Do something more fun than read.

I probably won't post much, but know that I'm checking in from time to time. I appreciate all your input and information I've already gleaned from the fellow Type II's.
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Height: 5'3"


PERSONAL INFORMATION: Hello my name is Kelli. I am 41. I have been married 17 years,
but with my husband for almost 20 years. We raised his oldest daughter who is now 29.
We have 2 children of our own now- a son, 11and a daughter, 14.
Hobbies/Interests: computer graphics, web development, sewing, crosswords, music, computer games, art
I do not own a scale so I will be checking my weight once every two weeks when I go to a house I clean
DIABETES INFORMATION: Type 2 first diagnosed last year in February
I have not been able to stabilze my sugar levels. They spike or drop constantly.
I have gotten very discouraged about the whole thing. I am thinking if I get the weight off, the sugar issues will level out somewhat on their own.
DIET / EXERCISE REGIMEN: I am hoping to eat better, making better food choices, not diet per say.
I have done many diets and lost weight many times.
I have kept weight off many times, but now it will not budge, not that I have been doing alot to make it move this time..
I will be trying to walk as my exercise of choice. I cannot do much more at this point.
I will add to the regimine as I get more fit to do so.
01/07/2011 is my start date.
Starting Weight: 253, 5'3"
Goal Weight: 150
SPECIAL HOPES / ASPIRATIONS / ACHIEVMENTS: I want to breathe better, live better, be happier because I am more healthier.
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Height: 5'3"


Hi all!

I have been struggling with weight loss my whole life it seems and the past couple years have just gotten worse. I gained 20 lbs in a couple months just over a year ago and I have felt awful. Hair falling out, exhausted all the time, nails and skin dry as can be, moodiness, depression - I can make a list a mile long. Every year I have asked that my thyroid be tested and every year I was either denied or tested incorrectly and told I was "borderline:. Well, finally this year things spiraled down hill fast and I researched and researched, found another Dr and was finally without a doubt diagnosed with hypothyroidism, a pretty severe case for me. Along with that diagnosis I was told because my thyroid was ignored for so long I now have diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

For years I tried losing weight with no success, obviously, or I wouldn't be here. Almost a month ago I was put on synthroid, was told to walk about 3 miles a day at least 4-5 times a week ( which I had been doing anyway), and to eat no more than 1200 calories a day. Seems those of us who have hypothyroid automatically burn 500 or so calories less a day than the average person.

Been doing this for almost a month now and am down 9 pounds. I think a lot has to do with the synthroid but its a combination of all 3 ( synthroid, walking and calorie control).

I get my blood re-taken in a month and am hoping for better news.

Anyway, glad to be here.
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S/C/G: 280/278.4/140

Height: 5'2''


PERSONAL INFORMATION: Hi my name is Marilyn. I'm married and have a 25 year old son. I have a dog, cat, and seven horses. I like to read, sing, play farmville on facebook. I like to listen to gospel music mostly, but I do listen to all kinds of other music as long as it is fast and up beat. I really like doing line dancing.

DIABETES INFORMATION: I have type 2 diabetes. I've had it for more than 4 years. I really don't remember when I was diagnosed. I take 2 glucovance 5/500 tab twice a day. I was on byetta but i stopped myself but i think i need to get back on it. The only problem I have is my right ankle swells and i have to wear some very expense support hoses. And I think I suffer from depression.

DIET / EXERCISE REGIMEN: I'm 5'2"/276.8. I hope to lose 120 pounds. I don't have a time frame. I don't have an exercise regimen i'm just trying to getting moving, and stay focus. I started out at 280.

SPECIAL HOPES / ASPIRATIONS / ACHIEVMENTS: My special hopes are to be able to go in a store and not have to buy a size that has a 2 in it. I sick of having to purchase clothing that says 2(_). I don't even want to buy a size 12 one day. I would like to be able to not have to buy clothing that hides my body. I want to get rid of these ugly but necessary support hoses that they don't really make for my skin color (beige) is just not the end thing, and they look horrible with sandles and capri and dresses. My achievement is I haven't totally lost my mind yet. I can't believe I'm doing this but I need someone to talk to. This condition is really making me mad and depressed.
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S/C/G: 254/171/150

Height: 5'3"


Personal Information: Hi Everyone! I am 51 years old, happily single/divorced and the mother of two sons. I have two adorable grandsons. I am a competetive pool player and I love to fish and camp.

Diabetes Information: I was diagnosed with T2 on August 28, 2011. First A1C was 13.6 I started on metformin and glypizide. I was having too many lows so the glypizide was stopped and I started on Januvia. My second A1C was 5.9. I feel much more comfortable without the lows.

Diet Excercise Routine: I have lost at least 40 pounds.I try to limit carbs and to choose carbs with more fiber. (baked potato instead of mashed). I try to eat small portions of meat and carbs and large portions of green and leafy veggies. I try to excercise every day. My favorite are low impact aerobic tapes that I recorded myself. I enjoy Gilad and his sister Ada. I try to lift weights at least twice per week.

Hopes/aspirations: I would like to prevent complications. I would also like to lose about 50 more pounds but I am really believing that the weight will take care of itself if I just try to make the right choices each day. It is really nice to be able to have this forum
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Height: 5'5"


PERSONAL INFORMATION: Hi, all! I'm Dea. I've been lurking here at 3FC for a few weeks now, and I thought this might be the best starting point for me. I'm 34 years old living in Tennessee. I'm a middle school teacher, so while I have no kids of my own I do have 105 kiddos keeping me busy on a daily basis.

DIABETES INFORMATION: I was diagnosed Type II in June of 2008. My mother, who has been diabetic for 25 years, took the diagnosis harder than me. Given my family history and weight gain the last 10 years, it really wasn't a shock to me. I am currently managing my diabetes through diet and exercise. My first A1C was 6.8; my most recent was 5.7. I actually had lab work done today, so I'm hoping for an even lower number as I've worked hard the last 4 months…losing 25 lbs in the process. Yay, me!

DIET / EXERCISE REGIMEN: I discovered back in December that I lost 5 lbs without trying, so that motivated me to get myself in gear and really put forth an effort to lose more. I'm also hypothyroid, and for the last 10 years I've felt the weight loss possibility an impossibility. I joined Weight Watchers, bought myself an elliptical machine, and mustered as much discipline and strength I could in order to turn this effort into a successful one. I have a ways to go before I reach my goal, but I'm feeling extremely motivated at the moment. I've changed my eating habits considerably, and my exercise regimen has improved, as well. I try to walk with a coworker a few times a week, and I do interval training on my elliptical 5 days a week. It's a slow process, but I'm in it for the long haul.

SPECIAL HOPES / ASPIRATIONS / ACHIEVEMENTS: I love traveling but would like to be in better shape so I can do so comfortably…both physically and in the fit of my clothes. Most of all, I, of course, want to be healthy. I want to avoid meds/insulin dependency as long as I can. I.Can.Do.This.

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S/C/G: 279/ticker/200

Height: 5'7


PERSONAL INFORMATION: Hi! Im Crystal! Im 26 years old and engaged to the sweetest guy ever. We have 2 "Kids" Jack a 2 year old 17 pound tabby, and Trixie a 2 1/2 year old tuxedo rescue! I work as a printroom operator for a fulfillment company so its not super stressfull but it does have its days. Im sadly a big tv junkie. Shows like Deadliest Catch, Axe Men, Dog The Bounty Hunter, really get me lol. I also love to read though. Kim Harrison is one of my favorite authors just to list 1 out of way to many to even mention. Im a horror movie fan too. Oh and as for kids of course i love...but if i could keep a penguin in a freezer i would totaly have one they are awesome!

DIABETES INFORMATION: About a year ago my doctor said that i was pre diabetic and to get on the ball with exercise...needless to say i havent been back (yes i know stupid) mainly because hes rude...i mean any doctor who just looks at you and says "YOUR FAT AND YOU NEED TO QUIT SMOKING" is discouraging in my book. So im looking for a new doctor now. I have checked my bs frequently with a free meter i received and ordered test strips for. This morning (as an example) the meter read 284, now this afternoon (i havent eaten anything and only had half a soda) it is 151 so yea red flag is up and waving.
DIET / EXERCISE REGIMEN: Ive tried counting calories and got frustrated, ive tried slim fast and just got annoyed, ive tried those super fun diet pills...what a waste of time. The only thing i got results from was a stomach virus i had for a week when i lost 10 pounds! I just signed up for Weight Watchers though so im kind of excited about the fact that there is structure which i need to actually motivate myself.
SPECIAL HOPES / ASPIRATIONS / ACHIEVMENTS: My special hope...probably sounds silly...but my special hope is to be healthy. Ive lived a fairly unhealthy lifestyle and its time to kick some old habbits and turn this life around. I would love to eventually take some college courses for programming and or graphic design as i am a bit of a computer nerd. And the biggest thing of all. I want to look fantastic October 27, 2012 when i marry the love of my life
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Welcome Chase!

You can find my introduction on this thread if you care to look.

I don't think your goals are silly at all! Getting healthy is the best goal of all.

Having a compassionate Doctor it the most important thing. My Doc is so kind and supportive that it has made it much easier for me to make some lifestyle changes.

I also love Dog the Bounty Hunter and deadliest catch. I also love the food network. Ironically, it doesn't make me hungry. Go figure!

I wish you good luck on your journey and I look forward to your presence here.
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