Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Aunty jam my butt was killing me lol i lost half lb this week the same one i put on last week lol
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Hi everyone, sorry i have been AWOL for a while my internet hub died and i had to wait for a replacement and they sent it bu post... WTF the UK postal system is a joke!

I am still ill the chest infect has turned in to so kind of funky virus i still feel like a S**t and i have lost my hearing in one ear i feel ROUGH!! its been 3 weeks now.
I cant have any pills to make me better as I am now a recovering addict i dont trust myself to have pills around even pain killers so i am suffering, but at least i cant OD right?

I have just read the whole tread I hope everyone is feeling better today

Chubs, well done on getting though the exams, hope things pick up for you soon the sound of the liquid diet dont sound appealing.

mom, every time i read about your foster kids my heart goes out to you i cant believe the people in charge wont let you call them, something is totally wrong in this world. Well done on getting back into your weightloss again the pics are amazing!!

Vermont, thank you but dont worry i am on the na programme now I wont be taking all my pills again, im scared going it solo without drugs but just for the 1st few months as long as bipolar doesnt rear up iv got to go med free
As for giving up my job the doctor can go and **** as its one of the only things that is keeping me sane at the moment i got a letter this morning saying i am getting a pay rise effective immediately so that puts a positive spin on things. Hope you are doing well hows the bike working out for you still loving it?

Aunty Jam, how you doing? any joy with the conformance call in the end? Canada day, you have the royals for the weekend hey, iv been watching it on the tv you gotta love kates dresses

Ems, glad you had a great time in london did you go to the hyde park festival, i went even though i was really ill i couldnt let me mum down she has been wanting to see bon jovi for years, it was a good day. when you down next?

Everyone else hello

Thank you everyone for the support over the last few months i have been a nightmare with the pill popping and general madness, i like to think i am getting better now so thank you again for just reading my rants

a little update my little sister is good now the baby is due any time now and she is happily back with her boyfriend, i am looking forward to seeing the new little addition to the family.

Take care everyone and have a great weekend xxx
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Ladies I'm sorry for not posting at all, hello to you all!! Marie, so glad you are feeling a little better, very exciting about the sister's baby almost here, but sorry for your virus and hearing loss, that sux! Yes I am doing great (because its summer!) and I am still loving my bike, have put on over 1000 miles since I bought it! Mom, oh that is sad about no phone balls...but congrats on your 32 POUNDS LOST! what great side-by-side pics. ems, hi there! Chubbykins, gosh sorry about you having to go to the hospital for your loss of appetite. Hey Aunty Jam, how was camping
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Hey everyone!
Vacations have started and I'm pretty much still sick, but happier.
At least now I have some time to focus on recovering.
I've been surviving on a diet of fatty liver-tasting liquid and joghurts and have realised that in need one can eat just about the most disgusting stuff within health limmits.
At least I am officially 150 pounds now and only need 18 more pounds to be normal weight again! Half way to normal for me
The docs still can't find why I don't have an appetite. It seems my digestive system and hormones are ok.
Anyways I'm going to my childhood home in 17 days and my parents will see me for the first time with 18 pounds lost (they remember me at my heaviest from december). I wonder if they will notice. You'd think anyone would, but well I don't get noticed a lot in general, being the least "eventful" of us four sisters.

Will you guys hit the beach? Do you allow yourselves some frozen joghurt treats? Where will you go for vacation?

Enjoy your summer everyone!
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Just popping in to say hello... have a wonderful week everyone.

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