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Losing To Live
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Jasmine: LOVE IT! Let's do it!
Sugar: Those are some pretty wonderful things to be thankful for My step-dad is doing alright. There were no major complications during his surgery, and they monitored his heart really closely. Now that his back is taken care of, they are going to start focusing on his heart.

I like the whole idea of not focusing 100% on weight loss. If we focus on nutrition, exercise, and healthy living, the weight should just come off as an added bonus, right?! And that way, even when we hit plateau's, have bad days, slip-ups, etc, there isn't the added guilt of "oh man, now I'm gonna gain x lbs!" Which we all know can be one of the worst downers!

Eek, I dunno if we're going to make it out of the city tomorrow. I woke up to a near blizzard, and the snow is really coming down hard, and piling fast! That's too bad, I was really looking forward to seeing my mom. There's always next weekend, or the weekend after. We just had such a good weekend planned, and I felt that this weekend was important because she was home all alone while John was in the city getting surgery. Pooooooo.

I feel all wired, can't focus at all today!
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Mardi Gras'07 New Orleans
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thank you for the welcome everyone
alittle about me....i have an 8month old daughter, married, my hubby just got out the military so we moved back to his hometown and trying to adjust to life without the military,i just started a new job as an orthodontist assistant....the strain of the long hours at work and moving to a new place away from all my family and trying to lose weight is so stressful, but i do not like to fail and i refuse to fail at trying to lose weight. I no longer set short term goals as far as x many pounds by ? month, i only become discouraged when i do not meet my target, so i know i would like to get to 170(first). Right now as long as long as i lose some weight instead of none is great to me, i also want this as a lifestyle change not just to lose weight and then go back to my old ways. So i want to focus on water 64+oz,exercise 4-5 days a week, and as far as diet i want to eat wisely while allowing myself to eat what i want maybe 2x a week to start then work my way to 1x and eventually to none. Im not sure if this plan will work for me but trying to cut everything out at once is not working at all. Do anyone have any ideas?

sorry so long the way i see it as long as im on the pc im not at the table
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I AM healthy!
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Cool! I am so glad everyone likes it! I thought it was a really upbeat name too, keeping with the flow of what we have already accomplishhed and maintaining the challenging spirit! Everyone quit posting in here and go sign in over there!!!

Hot & Healthy Challenge Chicks!!!
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Losing To Live
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Default Secret Santa

The following names are on our Secret Santa List. If you would like to join, please PM me!
Mande (MartiniForMe)
Jasmine (Jasmine31)
Melissa (Hun.e.B.)
Lori (loveandlaughalways)
My Ivy

Once again, if you want to join us, please PM me your name! If you do not know how to PM, just ask! The more, the merrier, and the more variety there is!

If some of you are curious as to how this will happen...
Basically, we will have an impartial party take all of our names, mix them up, and PM each one of us with our S.S. buddy. That way, none of us will know until the very end!

Some examples of what to do:
1. Write a poem or something really inspiring for your gift buddy
2. Make them an icon(s)
3. If you're in to digital art, you could always make a digital art piece they can print
4. Find a recipe that you think suits them, and send it to them for some low-cal goodies!
5. Find a poem that reminds you of them, or that you think will inspire them

The names will be picked on Friday, so make sure to get in on it!

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