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Default binge trigger

So I went through my diary for the past 12ish months today and I realised that all of my binges are happening on the same days that I get headaches. Now for most people this probably wouldn't be an issue, unfortunately for me I am very prone to headaches and if i manage to go 2 days headache free it is like a miracle.
So I'm curious, has anyone else managed to find their binge trigger?
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Just discovered that mine is sugar....once I eat high sugar things my appetite is off the hook. Trying to do sugar free things now. I have such a sweet tooth tho! But at least I am aware!
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Being constipated, sadness on Sunday about going home after a great weekend, and hitting new lows on the scale. These triggers don't account for every binge though. I am still trying to figure out why some of them happen.
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Anger, frustration, boredom, weight gains, having gone without sugar/processed foods for 3+ days.

I can wait out most of the above.

As for you, you must deal with the constant headaches. That must be really tough...can you find the source of the headaches? Pin point foods or emotional stresses that cause it? I find yoga and meditation to help me when I feel stressed out.
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Drinking alcohol always weakens my ability to resist the good but bad stuff. This is particularly dangerous at parties, when no one thinks to bring a healthy dish.
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Whenever I am feeling the worst about myself. I usually don't eat for 3 to 4 days then eat too much for 2 days.
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Hi there!
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I've fairly recently (last half a year) had a MUCH bigger issue with binges. Haven't gone 7 days (or 5) without a huge binge. I really, really hate it. It's the mental CRAVINGS that get me every time.

I've learned that usually, consuming caffeine or alcohol can trigger me (dammit...) and that boredom does it. I can be around any foods and not binge if I feel busy and happy, but if I get bored, I'll shovel the crap in. Ugh. Also, my TOM can ramp up the cravings hugely.

I've tried restricting the types and amounts of foods I eat, and a ton of other stuff. But when cravings hit, I have to eat. If I don't, I just binge bigger later. So, now I'm going to try eating when I feel a binge coming, but eating healthier stuff. That limits the calories, hopefully.

Good luck dealing with everything! Hopefully we can all overcome this.
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