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Talking CC Labor Day Challenge




LABOR DAY CHALLENGE~ Even if your not a calorie counter Your more than welcome to join

Can u believe It's time for a new Calorie Counters' Holiday Challenge?

Everybody did great on the 4th of July CHALLENGE!!!!
Some of us met our goals, some of us only got partway there,some went the wrong direction, but we all put in a great effort, learned some lessons, made new friends, and supported each other... and that's what these challenges are for. Now, we're ready to set our sights on a new challenge, new goals, and the next 2 months & 2 days of this journey!

Here's how it works... Set a goal or goals that you would like to reach before Labor Day (LABOR DAY IS September 6th) . Your goals can be anything: pounds you want to lose, a smaller clothing size or outfit you'd like to fit into, sports or fitness achievements, or just a goal of keeping food and exercise on track. Whatever gets you excited about working your plan over the next few weeks, is the right goal for this challenge. You can set as many or as few goals as you like.

All are welcome! If you're not sure what your goal will be yet, but would like to join up and find some weight loss buddies, get and give support, please jump in, and you can post a goal later, when you think of something. Our main purpose is to motivate each other to keep the food on plan, keep exercising, keep getting leaner, more fit, and healthy. REMEMBER Even if your not a calorie counter Your more than welcome to join!The more the merrier!

I may not be able to check in daily,Since I am a mom of 3~ But I will do my best too. HAVE A GREAT CHALLENGE EVERYONE

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S/C/G: 259.9/181.0/145.0

Height: 5'6"


~My goals for this challenge are~
To continue with my toning exercises for my tummy~my upper legs & my upper arms~And if I lose a few more pounds along the way thats No prob.I wanna healthy looking body to go with my weight loss~Not Wrestler looking but toned & some curves!So if takes losing a few more pounds then thats fine with me GOODLUCK EVERYONE! HAVE A SUPER & SAFE 4th Of JULY! & Hope this labor day challenge goes great for everyone!

Edited: to add a todays pic(july 4th 2010) so I can do a compare pic hopefully in the same outfit on september 6th (labor day) as long as it all still fits good.
~Hope thats ok~come up with these ideas before then forget to do them so I figured if I added the pic now I will remember!

Oh I Put up 2 pics of the same pic ~ the second one is just cropped for a closer up view ~U can see my tummy roll quite noticeably & My saggy upper arms Somewhat But my upper legs in back U will have to take my word on it~(I know there not that bad considering I lost 109.5 pounds But I wanna get toned up good!)~Anyways,thats the reason for 2 pics that are the same just wanted to show a closer view.~ANYWAYS,THATS WHAT I AM WORKING HARD AT~TO TONE THOSE AREAS! HUGS* Do not get me wrong I am happy to have got to goal But I wanna tone up~& look good naked for the hubby~hehehehe!
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Should I set a lofty goal? I would like to be in the TSP's by Labor Day.

That's it. It would make my year to be able to button up those bad boys and strut around. Longer challenge, bigger goal.

Let's do this!

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No more +sizes
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Go Shylah Go Shylah Go Go GO!!! Sounds like a fabulous goal.

Okay for me my goal will be to be in a size (should I say it???) 12. I know this will be hard work but I have to give myself something that will require me to be on my game each and every day. So in two months I have to push myself like I did in the beginning. I will be doing a lot of praying this go around. The eating and workouts will come in doing what it takes to get in that size 12. I do want to include at least ten 1 mile runs!! I'll include a running smiley for each mile so I can see when I get there.

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I like ponies... and you?
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After meeting one of my 4th of July challenges (got below 210), I'm going to try again.

1. Fit comfortably in a size 12.
2. Get below 190. (18 lbs)
3. Keep my calorie count between 1400 to 1500 for a month straight.
4. Complete past week 6 on C25K.
5. Finish at least three of my projects (not diet related).
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Hello Ladies,
Happy Independence Day Everyone and Happy Sunday to you all.

I made my challenge weight and some, I started out saying 4-5lbs but would like to lose 10. I was 195.4 when we started and my weight today was 182.6. So I'm proud of me. Today is day 34 of my journey and I am feeling pretty good about how things are going.

My goals for this challenge
~I'd like to be 170 by Labor Day
~I'd like to actually be able to jog a few laps by Labor Day (I've been walking, I tried to jog once with my son, not easy)
~I'd like to do some form of exercise daily to work on my mommy pouch, that's not going to have my back hurting everyday
~I'd also like to fit into a regular 14 before Labor Day

Best of Luck to us ALL!!
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OMG! I think I need this - I really hate "goals" but need something to help me move forward because I am just going around in circles not getting anywhere! Though of course intellectually I fully understand the value of goal! UGH! I am so frustrated this morning that my poor kids (boys 19, 19, and 15) are running for cover!
Anyway goals:

1. 10 pounds gone by Labor Day
2. Weigh in tomorrow morning and then only once a week until Labor Day! Been weighing in daily - okay several times a day and that is really messing with my mind!

Sorry for the added rant but there I feel better! Better go hug my sweet boys!
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Happy 4th Everyone,

My goals for this challenge:
1. To lose 25 lbs.
2. To fit comfortable in one of my favorite tops
3. To find 10 new healthy recipes for my recipe box

Good Luck Everybody!!
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Hey I'm here!

Welcome to Isabelle and WesternSouthern to a new CC challenge. You'll find lots of encouragement and motivation here!

Ok, for my goals:

1. By the end of this challenge I will be at or below my Wedding Weight of 174!!! This will put me into the realm of being "just" overweight instead of obese per my WiiFit.

2. Good sleep is my next goal - be asleep before 11:00 p.m. each night!

3. Continue drinking at least 72 oz of water; remembering to take my fish oil, B6, multi-vitamin and extra C; exercise at least 30 minutes per day 6 days a week.

4. Journal EVERYTHING I eat EVERY DAY. Even on splurge days (which are rare)

Ok, y'all I feel great things are ahead for us - we're just chopping away at these challenges!

I look forward to seeing old friends meet and surpass their goals and getting to know new friends!

Here we go!!!!

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keep on truckin' momma
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Yay, another challenge! Just love them

Goals for this challenge!

1)fit into a size 10 (or possble an 8,gasp)
2)get my workouts in even when im tired!
3)to NOT give in to any cravings at night!

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My goal is strictly weight - I'd like to be obese by Labor Day. That would be, as of this afternoon's weigh-in, exactly 12 pounds so it should be very doable but I've got a trip the end of this month and a friend visiting from London for much of August so staying strictly on plan will be a bit more of a challenge than the past couple months. But I think I can do it! I want to be (just) obese by Labor Day!!!!
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Vlad: You've got a great attitude! You'll definitely make it! You've already achieved so much!!

Your post reminded me that by making my goal of 174 I'll finally be overweight! Yay! I'll finally be out of the obese range on WiiFit.
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Ready for a smaller me.
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Okay, I'm ready for a challenge. Anything to keep me going!!

Right now I'm 210. I usually drop weight quite quickly in the beginning. I would like to lose at least 25 lbs by September 6.

By September 6, I would like to weigh 185. Really, I would like to get below that.

Oh heck, why not. Let's get a little wild and crazy. By Labor Day, I want to weigh 180.
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Time for me to join in the fun-
1. Current weight 200, so by September 6 I would like to weigh 185 which is a 15 pound weight loss.
2. I will journal everything that I eat-everything.
3. I will run a complete 5K. I have a feeling I am close but always find myself walking a few times.

5K everyday!
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WOW!!!! Just checking in for a quick sec~Welcome to those who have been in past challenges on returning & those who are new!! Hope we all have a super challenge!!! GOODLUCK TO ALL OF U!~on my way to edit my goal above & add a today pic(4th of July) & then try on the same outfit On Labor Day~ September 6th And see the results~If it still fits by then & I do not damage any of it by then LOL! I Hope I am toned up Good by then ~then I just have to maintain all of it! weight & toned body!~PLEASE GOD!(yes that was a prayer at the end~heheehe)

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