The Biggest Loser - Winning by Losing For discussion of the NBC tv show The Biggest Loser and the book Winning by Losing, by Jillian Michaels

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Default TBL Season 7 Show Discussion Thread Part 2 **SPOILERS**

Ya'll are so chatty that we need a new thread! Continue your discussion of Biggest Loser Season 7 here!
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I am not sure what will fly on this discussion, but I wished Helen would have gone home. I have just sort of been disgusted that she sent her daughter home instead of herself.
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How does Mike saying he's going to win make him any different than Ali Vincent walking out of the elimination room in Season 5, telling everybody she was going to "be the next Biggest loser"? Ali's been repeatedly interviewed saying how she visualized that she was going to win, she knew it. It's a game, everybody's shown bravado at some point, Kristin included. I thought her remarks to Mike at the end were uncalled for and hypocritical. She would have eliminated him in a heartbeat, using the same words Mike used and the same words she herself used when she got rid of Dane and Mandi weeks earlier...she would have to do what's best for herself. If Mike is a "coward" for voting her off, what does that make her for all the tougher competitors she voted off to save herself?

Ugh...I hate when the contestants get sanctimonious about someone else's gameplaying and conveniently forget or justify their own. Admittedly, Kristin as frequent commentator has not been one of my favorite things. I also don't buy into her as a motivational speaker for weight loss, because her words and actions don't gel:

1. She says "If I can do this anyone can." She didn't do it until she ended up on TBL with a trainer working out 6 hours a day in a controlled environment. Anybody want at-home-motivation, ask Nicole.
2. Her weight loss tanked when the routine of the show was disrupted (i.e., the week home, the makeover, etc.). What has she learned beyond being dependent on Bob Harper?
3. She was still pretty clueless 4 months later about nutrition.
4. She talks about being able to do it at home then claims she needs to stay on the ranch.
5. Her comments to Mike were the remarks of a sore loser. Saying stuff like "coward" and "be a man" is not motivational. She needs to get over herself.

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I too wish Helen would have gone home. I haven't been a fan of hers since she sent her daughter home. When she went home that week, they showed her daughter and she still looked fairly heavy. Very sad. I thought Kristen's remarks were directed at Mike, but the remarks after that were for Ron, his father. I think she knew he manipulated his son somewhat. I don't know. All my favorites have gone home......I need to find a new one I guess.
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i think helen is still there cause she is getting to the bottom of what she'll lose and isn't a threat to anyone there. although personally i think her true self shows every now and then like when she said she would kill filipe and then had to bite her tongue....she is trying to be everyones friend to stay in the game.
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Helen's daughter is an adult. It's not as if Helen's messing up a 10-year-old.
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Originally Posted by MariaMaria View Post
Helen's daughter is an adult. It's not as if Helen's messing up a 10-year-old.
No but she already messed her up as a 10-year old.
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Originally Posted by MariaMaria View Post
Helen's daughter is an adult. It's not as if Helen's messing up a 10-year-old.
AMEN!!! Thank you for pointing that out. I find it so funny that everyone is going on and on about how selfish and vain Helen is yet Tara is just so great. That girl is so arrogant and vain its disgusting. And I'm so glad that Jillian puts her in her place and calls her on her selfishness.

Helen needed to put herself first for once. The daughter didnt even want to be there, she wanted to go home.

Ron isnt in this for weightloss which is a shame because it seems like Mike is, I think Mike would be totally different if not for the influence of his father. I do really hope those 2 can help the younger brother though.
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Too bad I can't quote from the last thread. But it was mentioned that Kristin didn't lose bc she didn't eat enough. Funny that while we hear that alot, Jillian and BOb both freaked out a few weeks ago when some people used that as an excuse for not losing much - perhaps at home? Jillian flipped out and said that is all a bunch of crap - she said if you don't eat you will lose weight. You will also lose muscle, but yes, you will lose weight. You don't want to do it that way, it's self-destructive. It's straight math. If you worked too hard and didn't eat enough, it wouldn't make you stop losing weight. Otherwise - there would be no underweight people in Africa and other poor countries, right?
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I love Helen. She is a mature wife and Mom who is succeeding at losing a large amount of weight, getting healthy, becoming a runner and looking hot! I want to be like her when I grow up. And, I love Tara. That girl is just a powerhouse! Not only is she physically strong, but she is mentally strong as she doesn't lose her focus during the challenges. But, after last night, I realize that Kristen and I are so much alike. Some of the things she said last night are my exact thoughts. It was uncanny to me to hear what she was saying about being afraid to voice her dreams because they would then be snatched away from her. I fight this negative thinking constantly.

My husband was telling me about something he read concerning the Amazing Race and how the producers "label" the racers and edit the show so that you don't see the racers as anything other than what they want you to see. The fighting couple is nothing more than the fighting couple. The shallow pretty ladies are nothing more. The gay men are nothing more. I have to think that the same things go on with BL. Afterall,we see 60 minutes of 7 or more days. Helen may be a warm and loving Mom to all. Tara may be a loyal and uplifting friend to all. Who knows? Ron? I don't know. He did say one thing to Kristen then another totally different thing to Mike. That would be some excellent editing to produce tha one.

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It is true that we see whatever the producers want us to see, but that doesn't mean that everything is taken out of context. We do get to see, to an extent who people are, we just may not be seeing ALL of who they are.

What bothered me about Ron is that while he technically only promised he wouldn't vote her off, he did keep going on about how he told her mom he'd take care of her. He gave her a false sense of security. I wouldn't have seen this as so dubious if he hadn't starting pulling this crap so long ago.

All of my favorites have gone home now and it's down to Tara and Filipe for me. And that's just because I see them as the lesser evils. The vindictive part of me wants to see Ron and Mike go below the yellow line and see Mike go home. Not 'cause I want Mike to suffer, but because I want Ron to see what it really feels like to have people stab you in the back like that. If he would just be honest to everyone, tell them, "Hey, if you are in my son's way... screw you!" I would be much happier. And while he does that to a degree, he still has/had people who thought they could count on him, something he should have corrected them on.
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I like Tara. I didn't at first, but I'm definitely pulling for her. She just plays the game with everything she has. She's not very manipulative or much of a gameplayer because she doesn't have to be. She just knows how to give all she has to whatever she's faced with and I have to say, I wish I was more like that.
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Being a mom, I know that if my kid was heavy, I would put them there ahead of me no matter what. I think what Ron is doing for Mike is what I would do for my child. Helen totally put herself first before her child, and I don't think that there is ever a time in a parent's life when they should put themselves ahead of their child. It seems unnatural. As far as Mike confronting his father, sort of sounded like crap. It doesn't look like he had the best genes from either side as far as being "naturally thin." His mom had to work at it, and so does his father. My parents were both smokers and my mother was morbidly obese for most of my life. If anything, I have always leaned toward being healthy because of their bad habits.
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Originally Posted by beautybooty View Post
If he would just be honest to everyone, tell them, "Hey, if you are in my son's way... screw you!" I would be much happier. And while he does that to a degree, he still has/had people who thought they could count on him, something he should have corrected them on.
You nailed it right there....that's my whole problem with Ron. He sat and told Kristin that he had promised to make sure Mike and Kristin made it to the end. I even rewound it and listened again to that....then he went and plotted with Mike to get rid of her without getting any blood on his hands.

Mike was at least honest about his reasons for voting her out. That I can respect. I respect honesty...Ron's honesty is a little questionable.
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well, it's been a while since i've posted. too much going on, i guess.

1) i'm so ready for helen to leave {whine, whine, whine} {sniffle} please don't vote me off because I STILL NEED TO BE HERE {sniffle} really? you still need to be here - what are ya weighing now? in the 160's? you're all going home in another week!!! ugh. what a feeble, empty argument. Her only saving grace in my mind, is that she has no chance of being TBL.

2) yeah, i, too, wanted ron gone weeks ago. he is the ultimate game player and i have to give him a lot of credit for that. even he and mike going on separate teams was part of their strategy. if they both stayed blue with bob, then black would've gunned for one of them. by splitting up, mike became a black team member and thereby had protection from black members and his dad and other past blue team members still liked him. really, really smart move!

i also think there's a reality show in the making with his younger brother. ron and mike help younger brother lose the weight...especially if mike turns out to be this year's TBL.

3) kristen. i was A LITTLE bummed to see kristen below the yellow line - AND THEN SHE OPENED UP HER BIG MOUTH. i would've voted her butt outta there too. i mean, come on. two weeks in a row below the yellow line...she KNEW she dodged a bullet the first week and was so thrilled to have been kept in the game. and then she falls below the yellow line the second week in a row and she immediately starts this stuff about mike being a coward if he votes her off and he should face her head on - HELLO???? come out from under your rock. he has faced you head on for these last 16 weeks!!! you fell below the yellow line. helen is no threat to mike. kristen was the biggest threat - she's outta here. not even a tough decision. and the added mafiaoso (hushed) conversation between ron and mike only made for good TV.

i love, love, love seeing tara's before and after shots. i can't even see the same "after" person living in her "before" body. her face is so round, her body is so round. it's amazing!!!

i really hope mike's comments in the elimination room about becoming the next BL fuels tara. i want it to be a race between the two of them! i don't even care who wins.
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